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Hotel Ilio Island of Elba


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Boutique Hotel Ilio on the Island of Elba is the place to come; this jewel of a hotel is set in the natural beauty of Capo Sant'Andrea; beaches of tormenting beauty, high cliffs polished by the waves, thousand upon thousand, the shades of green and the bright colours of the scented fluorescence. With mountains behind and the sea before you. Sports on land or on water to your heart's content! There is just one drawback, you might get too used to it!

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Hotel Ilio Island of Elba

  1. 1. Boutique Hotel
  2. 2. Natural beauty
  3. 3. Clear blue
  4. 4. Welcoming
  5. 5. Fine selection
  6. 6. Good for the soul
  7. 7. Pleasure
  8. 8. Relaxing
  9. 9. Bou tiqu eH otel for information and bookings: HOTEL ILIO - Via Sant’Andrea, 5 - S.Andrea 57030 Marciana - Isola d’Elba (Tuscany, Italy) ph. +39 0565.908018 - fax +39 0565.908087 - web: - email: