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Wellness holiday in Austria: Revitalise body, spirit & soul
The thermal spring water at the Thermal world Hotel Pulverer is your partner in ensuring your wellbeing. Discover the lightness of being within the thermal water of the 5-star wellness hotel and find new strength and energy from Bad Kleinkirchheim’s mineral spring. The mineral spring originates from the Church of St. Kathrein – a true fountain of youth! Immerse yourself into the noble 5-star ambience of wellness and spa and get to know the Hotel Pulverer from its revitalizing and cosy side.

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Wellness holiday in Austria - Hotel Pulverer

  1. 1. Introducing our Vital-Oasis Team …• MEDICAL SUPERVISION Dr. Eckart Waidmann His profession is general practitioner. Further education: degree for sports medicine and degree for manual medicine Dr. Eckart Waidmann is available for our guests every day from Monday to Friday at 08.00 (in the hotel medical surgery) or by arrangement.• SPA MANAGEMENT Mr. Vladimir Nemcic MA Physiotherapist Further training: sports physiotherapy, golf physiotherapy, MFT diagnosis and training, Kinesio Taping therapy, various manual techniques• Mr Rainer His profession is qualified masseur with master craftsman’s diploma acupuncture massage therapist. Further education: Reiki, Prana, vertebral correction according to Dorn-Breuss, Trigger points, sciantica special treatments, reflexology – feet massage, BGM-massage, electrotherapy, segmental massage, lymph drainage• Ms Tina Her profession is qualified masseur with national degree. Further education: Ayurveda and La Stone therapy• Ms Emina Her profession is beautician, pedicurist and qualified masseur. Further education: classical massages, reflexology – feet massage, body packs, La Stone therapy, La Stone, Ayurveda and lymph drainage• Ms Simone - cosmetician Her profession is beautician and pedicurist. Further education: body compress therapy and body packs
  2. 2. PULVERER’S SPA Classic around the massage Floating on our soft-pack bed Baths Sensual partner treatments – umgliederung? Kiddy – Spa – umgliederung? Energy IslandAROUND THE GLOBE Ayurvedian treatments Exotic treatments & massages Soap lather massagePOWER OF ALPINE HERBS Alpienne treatments Soap lather massage Feel good combination treatmentsGENTLEMAN’s SPA For men onlyCLASSICS AROUND COSMETIC Hands-Feet-Face-Depilation EQUAVIE organic-facial-treatment !QMS facial and body treatments PHYTOMER facial treatments Ägyptos wrap and “Wiener Kosmetik” -beauty wrapsTHERMALWATER Informations about our healing thermalwater Pulverer’s water world Sauna landscapeOpening hours for our wellness centre “Vitaloasis” daily from 8.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
  3. 3. PULVERER’s SPA CLASSICS around massageCLASSICAL MASSAGEFeel how your muscular tensions are relieving. The classic massage deepens your breathing,harmonises your well being and helps you to get a physic and psychic balance…ANTICELLULITE MASSAGEA gentle massage to drain the lymphatic system and to disperse lymphatic congestions.FOOT REFLEX MASSAGEThe foot reflects our whole body….a complimentary therapy which works on the feetto help heal the whole person.HEAD MASSAGE… increases the blood circulation of your scalp – relieves stress and bad thoughts, relaxes –you will be filled up with energy afterwards.classical full body massage approx. 45 min € 49tautening anticellulite massage approx. 45 min € 49relaxing partial body massage approx. 20 min € 29stimulating reflexology–feet massage approx. 20 min € 30 approx. 45 min € 57draining lymph drainage approx. 20 min € 30 approx. 45 min € 57harmonising combined massage approx. 45 min € 57beneficial head massage approx. 20 min € 29activating sportsmassage approx. 20 min € 30 approx. 45 min € 57
  4. 4. „Float away” on our SOFT-PACK-BED all € 38 Duration: 20 minutes In complete relaxation you will enjoy 20 minutes of weightlessness on the water bed. Due to the constant temperature and being wrapped in a film, the soft-pack system supports the perfect incorporation of active agents in the skin … Float with your body, mind and soul to new states of relaxation and let go. Choose between skin-caring, skin- cleansing and detoxifying body packs!CLEOPATRA PACKit is the secret of beauty for a silky skin, for which the Egyptian queen was famous. With theCleopatra-pack a mixture of different oils is used for the 5 penetration zones of your skin, to reachselectively different layer-depths of your skin and balance your PH-value.EVENING PRIMROSE CREAM PACKvery greasing back, cell activating, stimulating and moisturising. Recommended fordry and sensitive skin.HAY FLOWER PACKis a type of thermal warmth treatment – the whole body will be embedded in fresh mountain hay andgently heated up. During this treatment you feel your muscles relax, your immune-system isstrengthened and your body is purged.AROMA PACK „MAGIC SCENT”this pack activates all senses. The scents and active substances of fine essential oils are assimilatedthrough skin and sense of smell and have a stimulating, regenerating, encouraging, refreshing effect -it is simply pleasant. Select your own fragrance and salutary scents. In this delightful way spoilyourself.MUD PACK € 38 / MUD PACK PARTIAL BODY € 30is mainly applied to joints- for muscles problems , skin care; ph-value regulating with an additional softpeeling-effect. The ideal treatment before a massage!SALT-MUD- BODY PACK € 38 / PARTIAL BODY € 30This salt-mud-pack is a saline fango. Saline sludge treatments are applied for psoriasis and chronicalsynovitis. The high salt content has a dehydrating and desinfecting effect.THALASSO-ALGAE-PACKthe outgoing and draining characteristics of algae as well as the purifying effect of the healing earthensure a profound cleansing and detoxifying result.VOLCANO-FANGO PACKpowderised volcanic stone is applied to the affected areas to treat rheumatic and vegetative disorders.The pack has pain-relieving properties and also stimulates circulation.
  5. 5. BLISSFULL BATHING … BATHS with healing thermal water all € 27 duration: 20 minutesTHALASSO-ALGAE BATHHas a detoxifying and skin-caring effect – for a really good feeling!LAVENDER BATHIs pleasantly relaxing and soothing for mental strain!NOCKALM AROMA HAY BATHThe hay from our Nockalm pasture has a detoxifying effect, stimulates the circulation and,depending on the aroma essence added, has a stimulating or relaxing effect.DEAD SEA SALT AROMA BATHThe combination of natural salt from the Dead Sea and bath additives such as lavender, rose,green apple and jasmine has a soothing and detoxifying effect on the whole body.SWISS STONE PINE–HONEY BATHWonderful, fragrant relaxation bath for body and mind!BEAUTY WHEY-HONEY BATHThe combination of whey and honey is beneficial and caring for dry and sensitive skin; a bathof a special kind.
  6. 6. SENSUAL PARTNER TREATMENTSROMANTIC BATH FOR TWO approx. 30 min (excluding resting time) € 75The romantic bath experience for two begins with a journey of perfumes,where you together choose your individual bathing fragrance. Enjoya sensual perfume bath by candle light …OUR DUET approx. 70 min (excluding resting time) € 139„FOR YOU AND ME“Experience your sensual passion in a shared bath in our „champagne tub“with an essence of fruity-sweet orange. Your skin feels softly fresh andradiantly young. The foot reflex massage and has a stimulating effectand with the shoulder- and neck massage you gain pure energy.MAGIC ROSE FOR TWO approx. 70 min (excluding resting time) € 139Take the bath together in our “champagne bath tub” in rose blossomsand be enchanted by fragrance. Enjoy the deeply soothing effect ofa rose oil massage (there are two therapists!)and let your flow of energy be stimulated … And after the partner treatments our cosy bed with canopy invites you for a rest! The bed is reserved for you for half an hour! With all partner treatments we serve you a glass of champagne per person …
  7. 7. ENERGY ISLAND enjoy with all senses … gain energy Duration: 25 min € 24The secret is the cooperation of established methods of treatment which are simply relaxing, vitalizingand regenerating. Your body is simultaneously effected by colour- and phototherapy, long-wavewarmth, precious fragrances and relaxing music. After this treatment you feel completely well andbeam with new energy … KIDS – PRETTY GREAT For kids up to 14 years What is good for grown-ups, cannot be bad for our kids … We offer for your kids relaxation in an exceptional manner with our Wellness-specialsPICCOLO – Clear skin approx. 40 min € 39The cleansing and peeling of pores makes this treatment unique(very recommendable with acne therapy). The following ampouleand mask calm and relax the skin!SO COSY – Full body massage for kiddies approx. 30 min € 35The massages are carried out with soft and slow movements - harmonizing,vitalizing or concentration supporting …AROMA FULL BODY MASSAGE „Dufti“ approx. 30 min € 35The whole body is treated with caring almond oil and essential oils.The magic of the fragrances relaxes, balances and has a calming effect.
  8. 8. AROUND THE GLOBE AYURVEDAAyurveda comes from India and means “knowledge of life“The aim of Ayurveda is to correct any existing imbalance of life energy. It is based on the five bigelements ether/space (Akasha), air (Vayu), fire (Tejas), water (Jala) and earth (Prthivi). Making out ofthese 5 elements particular pairs, you get 3 types of life energy: VATA, PITTA and KAPHA, that, inAyurveda, is called Dosha’s. These Dosha’s appear however in mixture, though one is predominating.ABYANGAFull body massage approx. 90 min € 110Abyanga is a gentle whole-body oil massage that includes the head and face.The massage oil is heated and the treatment is adapted to the individualdosha type. This whole-body massage has a soothing, revitalising and cleansing effect and is ideal for people suffering from stress,lack of energy and sleeping problems.…continue with SVEDAKARMA.ABYANGA should always be followed by heat therapy to stimulate the metabolism.This process serves to cleanse the entire body from the outside, a processsupported by warm tea. Relaxation in its most aesthetic form!SHIROABYANGAHead massage approx. 20 min € 32SHIROBYANGA is a gentle head massage using heated, harmonising oil thatstimulates the blood flow to the skin of the head, thus helping the whole body torelax completely. Ideal for those wishing to switch off and restore their inner balance.
  9. 9. MUKABYANGAFace massage approx. 20 min € 32MUKABYANGA is a gentle stimulation of energy points and a simultaneously relaxation of your facialmuscles. By sensitive stroking, your face has better circulation and your skin becomes rosier,tightened and younger looking.SHIRODHARAWarm oil flow on the fore head„Feel like heaven!“ approx. 30 min € 60The stimulation of the third eye. A stream of warm oil is poured very slowly onto the centre of theforehead (the location of the "third eye"). The effect is indescribable .You will loose tension, stress,inner turmoil and nervousness.GARSHAN approx. 45 min € 75A gentle whole-body massage using silk gloves,specially designed to stimulate the lymphatic systemand the circulation. Highly effective as an anti-cellulite treatment.
  10. 10. EXOTIC TREATMENTS & MASSAGES:BELL THERAPY MASSAGE (Nepal / Tibet) approx. 45 min € 57meditative relaxationTibetan singing bowls, to be laid down on your body are going to be vibratedwith a special clapper. You listen to grateful tones and you feel pleasant tinglesinside of your body.ACUPUNCTURE-MASSAGE (Japan) approx. 20 min € 30Energetic treatment – traditional chinese medicineSimilar to the acupuncture the meridians and meridian-points (acupuncture-points)are going to be stimulated – energy is going to be circulated.DORN-BREUSS-MASSAGE (Germany) approx. 45 min € 57A gentle back massage with mobilisation of joints and spinal column.There are mental and emotional blockades to be resolved and the regenerationin case of „Ischias-Lumbago“ can be started.LA STONE-MASSAGE (Hawaii / Pacific) approx. 45 min € 57Empire of sensesIn order to bring your body and your mind in balance the hot stones areplaced on your energy centres. With hot and oily stones the therapist massagesyour body in pleasant movements. Between the hot stones cold stonesare placed in order to stimulate your blood circulation. A wonderful feelingwith tingly relaxation is spread throughout your whole body and your mindbecomes peaceful …EAR CANDLE TREATMENT (North- and Central-America) approx. 20 min € 35Turning off, relaxing, letting go …Based on traditional Indian medicine, used to clear and harmonizevarious energy centers. The application of warm ear candles improvesblood circulation and clears the head region and the ears givinga relaxing effect. Recommend to counteract insomnia, migraine and sinusitis.
  11. 11. REIKI (Japan) approx. 20 min/ approx. 45 min € 30 / € 57Reiki is an energetic therapy that serves to restore the balance between body,mind and soul (emotions). During the treatment you can let go of “straining” issuesand indulge in the Reiki flow of energy.PRANA (India) approx. 45 min € 57Prana means energy of life; it is a contact-free Far Eastern type of energetichealing. Your quality of life and physical well-being are supported. SOAP LATHER MASSAGE (Turkey)„SNIFFING THE MIDDLE EAST “ approx. 20 min € 45You start with an extensive shower – on your wet skin you produce a lot of foam.With a fine brush the meridians are “brushed out”, through this you receive energyand drive for every day life.„MIDDLE EASTERN TOUCHED“ approx. 50 min € 75The lather massage is followed by a relaxing cream-body packon the soft pack couch – a weightless floating …„SOAK UP THE MIDDLE EAST“ approx. 70 min € 97You start with a full body peeling and a shower and afterwards there is aspecial honey-lemon-shower gel the meridians are “brushed out”.Afterwords you are going to be spoiled with a 40 min. massage with bestAlpienne-oils.
  12. 12. POWER OFALPINE HERBSEnjoy ALPIENNE with all senses:ALPIENNE HERBAL STAMPS-MASSAGE approx. 50 min € 58with steam heated herbal stampsALPIENNE HONEY TREATMENT approx. 50 min € 58honey stone pine bath followed by a honey-peeling massageALPIENNE SUN MAGIC approx. 25 min € 37A massage of the head, neck and shoulder area usingSt. John’s Wort oil – for that sense of holiday relaxation!ALPIENNE VITAL approx. 50 min € 58Vitality from head to toe: hay flower foot bath and foot massagecombined with head and face massage.ALPIENNE SKIN VITAL approx. 40 min € 49Calendula salt bath with a relaxing propolis emulsion rub.Perfect for skin regeneration!ALPIENNE RELAX TOTAL approx. 50 min € 52Body peeling followed by a whole-body massage with a relaxing oilof your choice.ALPIENNE ACTIVE approx. 60 min. € 66Starts out with a CO2 bath that stimulates the metabolismand prepares the skin for the subsequent whole-bodyaroma massage – perfect for stimulation/activation!ALPIENNE SPORT RELAX partial approx. 45 min € 49 / full body approx. 60 min € 66Bath using alpine herbs, followed by a partial or whole-body massagewith Arnika-milk. A robust treatment for athletes, with anti-inflammatoryand pain-relieving properties.ALPIENNE – MOMENTS OF DECELERATION approx. 85 min € 98Perfect for 2 days… one lavender bath, one honey-milk pack „Cleopatra“on our soft pack bed. All treatments are combined with a partial bodyand foot reflex zone massage.ALPIENNE – A HEAVENLY DAY JUST FOR YOU approx. 110 min € 125Brush massage, head massage with eye shaping, aroma pack in oursoft-pack lounger, followed by an aroma full-body massage – for all womenyearning for that sense of total relaxation!
  13. 13. FEELGOOD COMBINATION TREATMENTS for stays of at least 2 nights ore more …ideal for guests wishing to enjoy sensual moments in our Vital Oasis.SENSUAL RELAXATION € 180ideal for stays of at least 2 nights1 small cosmetic treatment approx. 50 min (basic-facial massage, mask)1 La stone-Massage approx. 45 min1 manicure with paraffin1 cleopatra pack on our soft-pack-bed approx. 20 minSPECIAL VITAL PACK FOR DRY SKIN € 186for stays of at least 2 nights1 moisturising power treatment for the face approx. 80 min1 full body massage with propolis massage milk approx. 45 min1 relaxation massage approx. 20 min1 goats butter pack on our soft pack bed approx. 20 minDETOXIFICATON ANDANTI-CELLULITE - PAMPERING DAYS JUST FOR WOMEN € 265for stays of at least 3 nights1 !QMS Body Effect Treatment approx. 90 min1 Phytomer treatment for the face approx. 80 min1 stomach massage approx. 20 min2 thalasso-detoxifying body packs each 20 min1 lymphdrainage massage approx. 45 min
  14. 14. GENTLEMAN SPA A man’s job Men should also relax and be cared for … – for stressed and strained men’s skinFACIAL approx. 50 min € 57The best choice for a well-groomed look …Cleansing, peeling, serum, pleasant facial massage, active agent serumand a toning mask to finishTASTER PACKAGE FOR HIM approx. 90 min € 105The best choice for undecided men…Starting with Nockalm aroma hay bath, followed by a relaxingpartial body massage approx. 20 min and a facial approx. 50 min to finishGOLD FINGER perfect for 2 nights or more € 195The best choice for men who look after themselves …1 special man-facial approx. 50 min1 manicure approx. 40 min1 pedicure approx. 40 min1 La Stone-massage approx. 45 min1 Vodka Martini from our hotel bar (shaken, not stirred!)PAMPERING DAYS FOR HIM perfect for 3 nights or more € 185The best choice for men who look after their bodies… from head to toe!1 partial body massage approx. 20 min1 reflexology feet massage approx. 20 min1 hay flower pack on our soft pack bed approx. 20 min1 medical pedicure approx. 40 min1 special man-facial approx. 50 min
  15. 15. CLASSICS around cosmeticHANDSManicure without nail polish approx. 50 min € 33 with nail polish approx. 60 min € 36Paraffin pack for hands approx. 20 min € 18Special treatment for the hands – approx. 80 min € 79VELVETY PAWS:Peeling, manicure, paraffin pack, hand massageFEETPedicure (medical) without nail polish approx. 50 min € 45 with nail polish approx. 60 min € 48Special treatment for the feet – approx. 80 min € 79GEH WOHL :Peeling, pedicure, foot pack, foot massageFACEFace massage approx. 20 min € 23Eylash tinting € 16Eyebrow tinting € 9Eyebrow plucking € 5Eyebrow and eyelash tinting € 21Day-Make-Up approx. 20 min € 20Evening-Make-Up approx. 20 min € 25DEPILATION USING HOT WAXEyebrow approx. 15 min € 17Upper lip approx. 10 min € 12Upper lip and chin approx. 15 min € 17Underarm and bikini area approx. 30 min € 35Underarm approx. 15 min € 17Bikini area approx. 15 min € 17Legs up to knee approx. 30 min € 35Legs approx. 30 min € 42
  16. 16. PURELY ORGANIC COSMETICS LINE If you would like to continue your beauty regime back home, you have the opportunity of purchasing all skincare products at our facility.Try out this innovative skincare line that combines the expertise of the beauty industry with 100%natural products, seductive-sensual pleasure and the utmost respect for the environment. … for normal and dehydrated skin “jardin méditerranéen – Mediterranean garden” … gives the skin a youthful radiance “gourmandise de fruits – fruit cocktail” … for sensitive to very dry skin “moisson de douceur – cereal, honey and cotton” … balancing treatment for combination skin with a tendency to impurities “fraîcheur végétale – herbal freshness”Professional ORGANIC FACIAL SKINCARE for moisturisation and detoxificationpeeling, deep cleanse OR facial massage, serum, mask, finishing treatment approx. 50 min € 55
  17. 17. !QMSMEDICOSMETICS Quick Magic Skin Formula Cosmetic treatments that cross over into the realm of medicine If you would like to continue your beauty regime back home, you have the opportunity of purchasing all skincare products at our facility. With these revolutionary products: • the ageing process of the skin can be stopped • reversed within only a short period of time • they also help to remove age-related skin problems • have a balancing, soothing and matte-finishing effect for acne • help the skin to absorb and retain moisture.!QMS Facial Classic Treatment approx. 120 min € 125Slip into a new skin with this sensational beauty treatment that stimulates cell formationand supplies the deep layers of the skin with precious collagens, leaving your skin smooth,radiant and toned.The effect of this exclusive treatment is visible immediately!!QMS Neo Tissudermie Treatment approx. 90 min € 119This crowning glory of !QMS treatments is this absolute luxury lifting treatment,supplying your skin with energy and firmness from the inside out and stabilising it in all itsfunctions. The result: taut, peachy skin.!QMS Body Effect Treatment approx. 90 min € 125If you are looking for a quick way to tone and smooth your stomach, legs, buttocks andupper arms, the Effect Treatment could be the answer. The treatment works in three ways:by getting rid of toxins + by increasing the blood flow to the area + by tightening andsmoothing the skin.The intense detox effect of this treatment can be felt straightaway and results in tightenedconnective tissue and smoother body contours!!QMS Wonderbra Treatment approx. 60 min € 65For a flawless neck, cleavage and chest.The chest tautening programme with the immediate results commonly associated with !QMS.!QMS SK-Alpha Treatment approx. € 60 min € 79A treatment that is bound to get under your skin – in the true sense of the word!Sallow skin with poor blood circulation that has been damaged by nicotine, sun exposureand other environmental factors is particularly responsive to this treatment.The treatment has a strong vitalising and detoxifying effect as well as refining andsmoothing the skin (not recommended for couperose or cinnamon allergy sufferers).
  18. 18. SKIN-CARE LINE The specialists for ocean-based skincare products If you would like to continue your beauty regime back home, you have the opportunity of purchasing all skincare products at our facility. Only seawater contains all 104 trace elements that are indispensable for our life and well-being. These are particularly important for a beautiful, glowing skin and a slim, firm figure.SPECIAL TREATMENTS FOR SOPHISTICATED SKIN:Moisturising power treatment for the face approx. 80 min € 95for dehydrate or mature skinMarine mud for the back (detoxifying effect during treatment)Deep cleanse with eyebrow pluckingStamp massage using seawater pearlsFinishing treatment with short back massageOxygen treatment for the face approx. 80 min € 95Marine mud for the back (detoxifying effect during treatment)Deep cleanse with eyebrow pluckingDetoxification/oxygen supplyFacial massageSerum with special maskFinishing treatment with short back massageEye treatment approx. 30 min € 35For brilliant moments – against dark rings under the eyes, swellings and wrinklesCLASSICAL TREATMENTS adjusted to your skin type:Before each facial treatment our beautician will control your skin type and decides for the perfectproduct line (Hydratant / Apaisant / Accept / Purifiant / Jeunesse)approx. 50 min:with deep cleanse OR facial massage, mask, finishing treatment € 59approx. 80 min € 79self-warming marine mud is applied along the spine, with deep cleanseAND facial massage, mask, eybrow plucking, finishing treatment
  19. 19. ÄGYPTOS – WRAP follow in Cleopatra’s tracks … 1 bodycompress with peeling approx. 90 min € 125 Wrap trilogy: € 325 1x body wrap with peeling 90 min., 2x body wraps without peeling (approx. 80 min. each)Even in the Ancient World human beings made use of the healing powers of the Dead Ocean. Thisknowledge about the Middle Eastern fountain of youth has been taken up and with the help of thenewest findings further developed. The result is the Ägyptos-vital pack out of finest vital earth, salt andminerals of the Dead Ocean – a pure wellness treatment with exceptional results • rejuvenates and tightens your skin even with the first treatment • detoxifying and purifying • strengthens resistance and health • works exactly on your problem zones • shapes your figure • new energy and well-feeling to stressed individuals
  20. 20. BEAUTY-WRAPAroma wrap without peelingEnriched with eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, horse chestnut, lemon balmHighly effective, thermoactive slimming treatment to combat cellulite and reducemeasurements.Stone oil wrap without peelingEnriched with eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, peppermint, stone oil, horse chestnutSuitable for haematomas, vein problems, tendency to swellings – The purification anddetoxification created by this treatment are the strongest of their kind. The active ingredientstone oil, which is only found in Tyrol, is known for its neutralising and detoxifying effects.Firming wrap without peelingEnriched with ginkgo, ginseng and echinaceaReduces minor stomach rolls and firms slack tissue on the inside of the thighs andin the knee area. The upper arms can also be included in the treatment.Ice wrap soft / extra cool without peelingEnriched with eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, horse chestnut and dandelionFor the treatment of pronounced vein problems and spider veins.Strongly decongesting, cooling and reduces swelling.1 body wrap of choice approx. 60 min € 65Wrap trilogy (3 wraps of your choice for one person) € 180
  21. 21. OUR HEALING THERMALWATER in 1 litter water of source water 1/74 are contained in a dissolved manner Milligramme Millival Millival-%Kations Millival- (mg) (mval) (mval-%) Milligramme Millival Anions % (mval-Sodium 5,1 0,2218 6,28 (mg) (mval) %)Potassium 1,65 0,0422 1,20Magnesium 15,96 1,230 34,84 Fluoride 0,60 0,0316 0,90Calcium 40,68 2,030 57,51 Chloride 4,10 0,1156 3,29Iron 0,053 0,0019 0,05 Iodide 0,06 0,00047 0,01Copper 0,0114 0,00036 0,01 Nitrate 0,62 0,0100 0,29Zinc 0,0165 0,00050 0,01 Nitrite 0,18 0,0039 0,11Lead 0,00415 0,00004 0,00 Sulphate 52,95 1,1024 31,37Cadmium 0,00011 0,0000 0,00 Hydrogenphosphate 0,012 0,00025 0,01Mercury 0,000016 0,0000 0,00 Hydrogenarsenate 0,0052 0,00007 0,00Aluminium 0,032 0,00356 0,10 Hydrogencarbonate 137,3 2,250 64,02Sum Total sum of 62,5 3,530 100,00% 195,8 3,514 100,00%Kations: Anions: AKRATO-SPRING • Rich in important minerals (such as magnesium, sodium and potassium) • Low radon content • Brings a sense of joy and well-being • Like a fountain of youth – anti-ageing effect • Relaxes you after a busy day • Perfect for all ages – even for infants, pregnant women and the young at heart ADVANTAGES OF OUR THERMAL WATER • Strengthen the circulation system • Improve the immune system • Soothe allergic reactions • Strengthen the blood vessels and connective tissue • Encourage agility and flexibilty • Ease pain
  22. 22. PULVERER’S WATER WORLD 2.100 m² healing thermal landscape OPENING HOURS THERMAL SPA: 7:00 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. Our thermal landscape is a relaxing area for body and soul to forget about daily routines. We kindly ask you to respect our rules for using the pool. Take a chance and give YOURSELF and others a relaxing time.• 8 m x 16 m indoor pool – 32 degrees• 8 m x 12 m outdoor pool – 27 degrees• Indoor and outdoor whirlpools with underwater massage jets – 36 degrees• Under water massage beds• Water fall Our thermal spa and sauna landscape are relaxing areas. Your mobile phone has a right for a holiday also. Just leave it in your hotel room – the phone will like to have your room for itself ☺!
  23. 23. SAUNA LANDSCAPE OPENING HOURS SAUNA: 2:00 p.m. till 7:30 p.m. Children under 16 years are not allowed to enter the sauna landscape and relaxing area!• Finnish sauna – approx. 80 degrees• Herbal sauna – approx. 60 degrees• Steam bath – approx. 45 to 50 degrees• Aroma and herbal grotto – each approx ca. 45 degrees• Outdoor Troadkast’n sauna – approx. 90 degrees• Infrared cabin• Rock crystal tepidarium – approx. 38 degrees• Salarium – sea salt steam bath (40 – 50° and tibe tan salt stone tepidarium (35 – 38° ) ) RELAXING ROOMS• Panoramic relaxing room in the sauna area• Relaxing room Carpe Diem opposite of the salarium