Spa Pricelist 2012 - Spa Hotel Bezau in Vorarlberg, Austria


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Information and price list for the Spa Bezau in Vorarlberg, Austria. The excellent spa and wellness offering at our hotel includes beauty treatments and traditional Chinese medicine. Our exclusive, organic Susanne Kaufmann Spa line products are produced by hotel owner Susanne Kaufmann herself. Enjoy your holidays by indulging yourself at our hotel spa in the Austrian Alps.

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Spa Pricelist 2012 - Spa Hotel Bezau in Vorarlberg, Austria

  1. 1. susanne kaufmann tmspa bezau
  2. 2. spa be z auWelcome to the susanne kaufmann spa bezau tmThe susanne kaufmann spa in the Hotel Post Bezau is a place tmof beauty, relaxation and holistic comfort. We offer you a largeselection of treatment, massages and rituals with focuses ontraditional Chinese medicine and natural anti-aging. You will becared for by a team of doctors, highly qualified therapists andbeauticians. Take the time for health, beauty and regeneration fora few restorative hours, a relaxing beauty day or an accompanyingprogram during your stay. We would be pleased to give you apersonal consultation before of your visit. You can reach the spausing the telephone number +43 (0)5514 2207-58.
  3. 3. c on t e n t c on t e n t Beauty Treatments 25 Treatments for her 26 Treatments for him 27 Beauty Basics 28 Treatments for body 31 Massages and treatments 32Healthy Living at the Hotel Post 7 Rituals for two 37 Bathes 38Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (TCM) 11 Packs 39TCM Doctor Services 12TCM Therapist Services 13 Treatments for pregnancy 40TCM Treatments 14Individual Treatments 15 Treatments für kids and teens 41Therapeutic Massages 16 Programmes 42Natural Anti-Ageing 19 Products 45Anti-Ageing Signature Treatments 20Asian Anti-Ageing 21 Information 46
  4. 4. he a lt hHealthy Living at the Hotel PostGet more from your time at the Hotel Post Bezau. Use the days at thisspecial location for a phase of deep relaxation and active regenera-tion from the susanne kaufmann line. This can be preventative if tmthere are acute signs of stress, exhaustion and overload or as anadditional boon during a vacation with the family. We individuallyoffer special focuses, such as active stress reduction, healthy sleep,burnout rehabilitation, pain relief and weight regulation. The holisticconcept from the susanne kaufmann line provides you with a tmdelightful opportunity to lastingly improve your lifestyle and can beeasily integrated into your everyday life afterwards with no problemsat all. 7
  5. 5. he a lt h he a lt hHealthy Living at the Hotel PostDeep Relaxation and Active Regeneration with susanne kaufmann tm Exercise Regular exercise is the best way to maintain health, promote self- healing and to build up new life energy. Therefore we offer daily Qigong. Yoga and Kneipp practice outside and tours to the places ofDiagnosis and Treatment spiritual energy in the Bregenzer Forest rounds off our offer. With theAt the beginning there is a syndrome diagnosis by our team of doctors techniques you learn with us, you will develop a source of strength andand therapists specialized in traditional Chinese medicine under the harmony which you can use later after returning home.leadership of Dr. Klett. An individual treatment plan will be developedfor you which, alongside nutrition, exercise and sleep, also includes Sleepacupuncture, Tui na massages and treatments from the susanne Sleep is one of the most important pillars for our wellbeing. Our doctorskaufmann line. An additional focus is the highly effective natural tm and therapists will help you to activate energy and physical resourcesanti-aging treatment from the susanne kaufmann line, which we tm and improve the quality of your sleep. Selected rooms in the Hotel Postoffer in individual applications or as a holistic beauty treatment. are equipped with the exclusive Samina sleeping system. It takes all biological, bioenergetic and orthopedic requirements for the highestNutrition possible sleep quality into consideration and is an invaluable source ofLet nutrition be your medicine – this is the guiding principle of tradi- deep regeneration. Shielded from electric smog and technologicaltional Chinese medicine (TCM). While staying at the Hotel Post, you energy fields, you will find truly restorative sleep in the healthy air of thecan discover the beneficial effect of targeted nutrition for yourself. Bregrenzer Forest.You do not have to refrain from indulgence as everything will be pre-pared individually for you according to the recommendations of the Healthy Living at the Hotel Post for youTCM doctors by our multiple award-winning kitchen team at the Post We would be happy to personally consult you in the individualPremium Guesthouse. The basis for this is our detox cuisine, which planning of your program and to reserve the corresponding dates withincludes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or stick to our classic evening our doctors and therapists for you in advance. To do so, please call ourmenu, which we always offer to you with a vegetarian variation. spa reception at +43 (0)5514 2207-58.8 9
  6. 6. he a lt hTraditional Chinese MedicineThe goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to preserve inner harmonyand health instead of merely healing illnesses. Its roots go back tothe personal physicians of the Chinese emperors who developed thisholistic treatment in order to awaken the body’s powers of self-healing. 10 years ago, Susanne Kaufmann began working withDr. Brigitte Klett, a doctor of general and Chinese medicine, toimplement the art of Chinese life-care in the Hotel Post. Today, TCMis the supporting pillar of the healthy living program at the Hotel Postand is applied in nearly all areas of the institution.After a comprehensive basis diagnosis, the treatment is speciallytailored to your needs. Special focuses are: Active stress reduction,healthy sleep, burnout rehabilitation, pain relief and weightregulation. 11
  7. 7. he a lt h he a lt hTCM Doctor Services TCM Therapist ServicesWe offer all TCM services in combination or as individual services. The most important foun- TCM Therapist Basis Diagnosis (65 min) 75dation for a holistic treatment is the basis diagnosis, which can be conducted by our TCM Includes diagnosis and treatment plan at the beginning of your stay as well asdoctors or our TCM therapists as desired. We ask that you make early reservations in advance a final discussion and follow-up supervision. In detail, the basic package includesof your visit. the following services: • Examination and diagnosis by TCM therapistsTCM Doctor Basis Diagnosis (60 min) 120 • Tongue and pulse diagnosis• Comprehensive examination and diagnosis by our TCM doctors • Treatment plan for the duration of your stay on the basis of the 5 treatment pillars• Tongue and pulse diagnosis of Chinese medicine, which include, based on the diagnosis: Nutrition, Chinese• Syndrome diagnosis teas, Tuina massage, cupping and Qi gong• Treatment plan for the duration of your stay on the basis of the 5 treatment • Final discussion pillars of Chinese medicine, which include, based on the diagnosis: Nutrition, • Treatment plan for continuation at home Chinese medications and teas, acupuncture, Tui na massage and acupressure, • Aftercare by telephone about 4 weeks after your stay Qi gong TCM Therapist ServicesTCM Individual Doctor Services Written individual nutrition plan 25Medical consultation in accordance with the Asian principles 46 Cupping 36• After completion of a syndrome diagnosis or• For follow-up examination or TCM General Services• As a medical final meeting including treatment plan for continuation at home Daily in-house tea treatment in accordance with the syndrome diagnosis, per day 7Generation of an individual Chinese medicine prescription 32Initial acupuncture treatment including tongue and pulse diagnosis 75Follow-up acupuncture and examination of the tongue and pulse 48Ear acupuncture, permanent needles, microsystem acupuncture 22Wrinkle acupuncture treatment including tongue and pulse diagnosis 75Individual medical nutrition consultation 60Written individual nutrition plan in accordance with medical findings 30Gua sha, Chinese massage technique 35Daily Chinese herbal medication during your stay, per day 9Individual treatment using medicinal Qigong with an individual conceptin accordance with the syndrome diagnosis 50Progressive individual treatment muscle relaxation in accordance withthe Jacobson method 4812 13
  8. 8. he a lt h he a lt hTCM Treatments Individual TreatmentsTuina massages according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine Our team consists of therapists experienced in physiotherapy, massage and cosmetics. AllRelaxing treatment according to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Special therapists are additionally specialized in TCM techniques and work under the leadership oftechniques activate meridians and acupuncture points to promote the circulation, metabo- Dr. Brigitte Klett. This allows a wide spectrum of individual services. Included in these are, forlism and general wellbeing. example, combinations of classic applications or beauty treatments and forms of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. This allows you to combine beneficial treatment elementsTuina back massage (25 min) 48 with each other based upon your current needs. Simply book the corresponding block ofTuina face and head massage (50 min) 89 time with your therapists beforehand.Tuina whole-body massage (55 min) 99Personalised Tuina massage (80 min) 149 An individual treatment always includes a brief diagnosis and thus also offers itself as an alternative to more comprehensive TCM treatments.Travel Treatment nach susanne kaufmann (50 min) tm 77• Invigorating, vitalising herbal footbath Individual Treatments• Tuina massage for the shoulders and feet 55 min 99 € 85 min 158 €Asian Relaxing (120 min) 240 115 min 198 €Discover how your entire body can be relaxed and vitalized according to the Chinese tea-chings of energy flow during a 2-hour treatment. We begin with an Asian foot massage topromote the energy flow, supported by a hot footbath, a salt rub and an individually selectedaromatherapy treatment with special massage oils. This is followed by an extensive full-bodyTui na massage. After this relaxing first part, we begin with the gentle facial treatment of theChinese empresses: A peel mask with shells of Chinese freshwater pearls removes dead, thisis followed by individual skin treatment in accordance with the principles of the Chinese tea-chings of energy flow.14 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm 15
  9. 9. he a lt h he a lt hTherapeutic Massages Lymph drainage by Dr. Vodder Accumulations of lymph fluid and toxins are transported away from the tissuesWe offer you a wide range of massages and supplementary treatments. These range from with gentle, circular motions over the skin and a special holding technique.classic massages to Asian techniques to lymphatic drainage. We are happy to consult youand provide assistance while your are choosing. Partial body treatment (40 min) 60 Whole-body treatment (80 min) 113Classic massageClassic back massage (25 min) 36 Thalodal – Ayurvedic sports massage (40 min) 64Classic whole-body massage (40 min) 54 Pleasantly dynamic, stimulating Ayurvedic sports massage for the power to perform andClassic whole-body massage (50 min) 70 fresh energy. Ayurvedic oils are massaged in with gentle pressure. The application pro-Surcharge for aromatic oil massage 4 vides for the fast, highly effective regeneration of body and mind, and helps with acute symptoms of stress.Foot reflex zone massage (40 min) 56Each part of the body is connected to corresponding energy zones in the soles of the Ear candle treatmentfeet. A targeted massage of these zones improves the flow of energy throughout the An old natural remedy for nervousness and stress symptoms.entire body. Leaves you with a fresh, free feeling throughout the head.Foot bath with foot reflex zone massage (55 min) 75 Ear candle treatment (20 min) 30Warming and invigorating footbath, followed by a foot reflex zone massage. Combination of ear candle treatment and head lymph drainage (55 min) 71Dorn Breuss massage (55 min) 97 Head treatment by susanne kaufmann (25 min) tm 36The Dorn Breuss massage is a gentle vertebrae and joint treatment. • arm sesame oil, applied and combed in parting by parting WWith simple movements, joint blocks, displaced vertebrae, pelvis or leg • xtended head and neck massage Elenght discrepancy levels can be balanced out. • ntensive absorption of ingredients, supported by a warm aroma turban IBreuss massage (25 min) 47 Footbath with foot massage (25 min) 36During the Breuss massage the spine is stretched with targeted massage Warming and invigorating footbath, followed by extended foot massage.techniques, the muscles of the spine will be relaxed and intervertebral discswill be stimulated by the St. John‘s Wort oil for regeneration.APM – Acupuncture massage by Penzel (50 min) 76This holistic form of massage influences the meridian system that characterises ourwellbeing. The treatment of specific points and energy lines achieves a beneficialbalancing of tension. Particularly recommended for neurological disorders, digestiveproblems and for scar tissue treatment.16 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm 17
  10. 10. a n t i-age i ngNatural Anti AgingThe susanne kaufmann Anti-Ageing concept combines manual tmtechniques of traditional Chinese medicine, such as massages toactivate selected acupuncture points and highly effective cosmeticpreparations made entirely from plants. The products used in thetreatments come from Anti-Ageing range A by susanne kaufmann . tmTheir intensive effect is based on a combination of highly activeindividual ingredients developed over many years of research. Theycontain a high proportion of pure bioflavonoid and precious ectoine, aswell as the intensively moisturising fermented flower extract of the YellowLupin.An innovative, entirely natural form of anti-ageing. Clear improvementsare visible even after the first application, with no need for scalpels orchemical procedures. Small wrinkles disappear, deeper ones are visiblyreduced and the skin appears refined. For a lasting effect, werecommend regular treatments in combination with the products of theanti-ageing range A. 19
  11. 11. a n t i-age i ng a n t i-age i ngAnti-Ageing Signature Treatments Asian Anti-Ageingsusanne kaufmann tm Anti-Ageing signature treatment (115 min) 205 Asian Anti-Aging (85 min) 135• Relaxation of the back to begin the treatment, and smoothing hand pack Especially effective anti-aging treatment with integrated elements of traditional Chinese me-• Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté dicine. The treatment begins with a liver wrap to strengthen the core and is followed by a Tuina• Vitalising fruit acid peel and eyebrow correction massage for the face, head, neck, feet and stomach. The facial mask that follows is made from• Nutrient concentrate with intensive nutrition to promote the creation of collagen grated pearl seashells and sesame oil according to the recipes of the ancient Chinese empres-• Relaxing face massage with activation of six acupuncture points ses and has been further developed into a nourishing peel compound which supplies the skin• Highly concentrated lifting mask for an immediate tightening effect with blood, relaxes and smoothes it. Finally, we give you a harmonizing and vitalizing elixir made• Relaxation phase with extended head and hand massage from Chinese herbal medicine in order to strengthen the effects.• Daily care with Anti-Ageing range A• Cocktail made from freshly pressed fruits to protect against free radicals Asian Anti-Aging with Wrinkle Acupuncture (115 min) *220 A combination of the especially effective anti-aging treatments and elements of traditionalLifting treatment for the face (40 min) 71 Chinese medicine including acupuncture. The treatment begins with an aroma footbath to• Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté create a relaxing mood, followed by a mild peel and then a session of wrinkle acupuncture.• Vitalising fruit acid peel The thin needles are removed after about 20 minutes and you receive a Tui na massage for• Nutrient concentrate with intensive nutrition to promote the creation of collagen the face and head, followed by a highly concentrated lifting mask which has an immediate• Manual activation of acupuncture points lifting effect. A nutrient concentrate with intense active substances to promote collagen• Highly concentrated lifting mask with immediate tightening effect formation an daily care from the susanne kaufmann anti-aging line form the end of this tm• Daily care package.Lifting treatment for the eyes (25 min) 45 7-Day Anti-Aging Program• Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté A series of acupuncture treatments for the face, anti-stress acupuncture, anti-aging facial• Massaging in of the nutrient concentrate with intensive nutrition treatments, lymphatic drainage for the face, hand poultices, foot poultices and massages. In• Highly concentrated lifting mask with immediate tightening effect addition, daily, individuall tailored facial masks, cleansing steam liver wrap, juicing to fight free• Gentle working in of the eye cream radicals and a beauty elixir made from a Chinese recipe. The applications are supported by a metabolism activating nutrition program and daily Qi gong exercises. Prices are available upon request and depending upon the extent and intensity of the treatment.20 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm *bookable on request 21
  12. 12. be au t yBeauty TreatmentsThe foundation of our nourishing and pampering facial treatments arethe highly effective herbs of the Alpine plant world. They have beenintegrated within an innovative spa concept. The products used comefrom the purely organic susanne kaufmann skin care line produced in tma small-scale operation in the Bregenzer Forest. The products provide abeneficial effect and are individually tailored to the needs of your skin.Special relaxation and massage techniques intensify the effect andensure a lasting result. 25
  13. 13. be au t y be au t yFacial treatments for her Facial treatments for himBasic facial treatment (55 min) 77 Basic facial treatment (55 min) 77• Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté • Careful cleansing of the face, neck and the top of the chest• Mild peeling for gentle removal of dead skin cells • Fruit acid peel, removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin• Thorough deep cleansing • Gentle massage of head and scalp• Eyebrow correction on request • Thorough deep cleansing (plus eyebrow correction on request)• Highly effective herbal pack • Caring ingredients pack and individual daily care • Individual daily care Basic Plus facial treatment (85 min) 112Basic Plus facial treatment (85 min) 112 • Basic facial treatment• Basic facial treatment • Extended, vitalising, relaxing facial massage • Extended, vitalising, relaxing facial massage Deluxe facial treatment (115 min) 152Deluxe facial treatment (115 min) 152 • Basic facial treatment• Basic facial treatment • Tuina massage for face and head. Eases tension and provides overall• Tuina massage for face and head. Eases tension and provides overall wellbeing through the targeted massage of acupuncture points wellbeing through the targeted massage of acupuncture points susanne kaufmann tm Signature Treatment for Men (85 min) 125Facial treatment with care advice (115 min) 152 Intensive care with a lifting and vitalizing effect. Provides immediately visible• Basic facial treatment smoothing of the skin and an invigorating kick of freshness.• Aroma footbath to relax you • Gentle cleansing of the face, throat and chest• Skin analysis and in-depth consultation • Vitalizing fruit acid peel and muscle-relaxing neck massage• Preparation of a personalised care concept based on • Gentle lymphatic drainage of the face to activate the metabolism of the skin susanne kaufmann products tm • Gentle application of the eye gel• Extended, vitalising, relaxing facial massage • Highly concentrated lifting mask for an immediate lifting effect • Relaxation phase with extended hand massageClarifying facial treatment (85 min) 112 • Individual daily care• Basic facial treatment using special, clarifying products• Gentle lymph drainage of the face to stimulate the skin’s metabolism Back care (55 min) 81 • Careful cleansing of the backBrief make-up application, which can only be booked in combination • Peel to remove dead skin cells; cools and smoothes the skinwith a facial treatment (15 min) 15 • Thorough deep cleansing • Healing earth pack, reduces inflammation and refines pores • Final care26 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm 27
  14. 14. be au t y be au t yEyelashes and eyebrows Sugaring for womenEyelash and eyebrow tinting (incl. sculpting) 38 Depilation, upper lip 8Eyelash tinting 23 Depilation, lower leg 45Eyelash tinting (combination with other application) 10 Depilation, whole leg 60Eyebrow tinting 17 Depilation, bikini zone 30Eyebrow tinting (combination with other application) 10 Depilation, axles 20Eyebrow sculpting 15 – 25 Depilation, arms 35Make-up Sugaring for menWe offer you a professional make-up session to follow our Depilation, whole leg 45 – 65treatments or for that special occasion. Depilation, back 40 – 55Helena Rubinstein daytime make-up (approx. 25 min) 26 ManicuresHelena Rubinstein evening make-up (approx. 40 min) 39 Classic manicure with hand massage (40 min) 41 Deluxe manicure (70 min) 71Make-up with consultation (approx. 55 min) 61 • Classic manicure with hand massageReceive personalised advice. Learn to apply make-up that matches your skin • Hand peeltype, step by step. You will be informed about all current colour trends. • Caring ingredient packHair removal for women (warm wax) Foot careDepilation, upper lip 8 Classic medical foot care with foot massage (55 min) 51Depilation, chin 8 Deluxe foot care (85 min) 83Depilation, lower leg 32 • Classic medical foot care with foot massageDepilation, whole leg 51 • Foot peelDepilation, bikini zone 16 – 26 • Caring ingredient packDepilation, axles 16 Also bookable in addition to manicure/foot careHair removal for men (warm wax) Nail polishing 4Depilation, back 29 – 48 Nail polishing (French) 7Depilation, chest 29 – 48Depilation, whole leg 51 Varnish only Nail polishing 11 Nail polishing (French) 1428 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm 29
  15. 15. bodyTreatments for the bodyBeauty is an expression of holistic wellbeing. Allow yourself time tocare for, invigorate and regenerate your body, mind and senses. Withour body treatments, plant ingredients, traditional applications andmassage techniques complement each other to produce intensive,lasting experiences. Some of the techniques have close, regionalaffiliations, such as herbal packs, wraps and baths. We also integratetraditional, natural forms of therapy from other cultures. 31
  16. 16. body bodysusanne kaufmann tm Signature Body Treatment (120 min) 205 Silk glove oil massage (50 min) 75Pure beauty, intensive care, wonderfully deep relaxation from head to toe. A silk glove is used to free the skin gently from dead skin cells. Next, you are massaged withLet yourself, your skin and your whole body be cleansed, nourished, invigorated precious oils. The treatment promotes the circulation, invigorates your metabolism, stimulatesand pampered for 120 minutes. the flow of lymph and leaves you with wonderfully delicate, silky-smooth skin.• Stimulating whole-body massage with soft brushes for the removal of dead skin cells• Fragrant aromatic bath with bergamot extract and juniper berry oil for silky soft skin Arkaya Deepa by susanne kaufmann tm (50 min) 75 and to improve detoxification Warm aromatic oils are spread across the whole body. The soft plant peel particles added• Caring whole-body pack with precious cuckoo oil flower to the oil stimulate the circulation, cleanse away impurities and improve the detoxification of• Intensive moisturising mask for the face the body. The treatment increases vitality and gives wonderful, regenerative feeling of deep• Relaxing deep massage for face and body to activate the flow of energy relaxation.• A cup of detox tea to finish with Lomi-Lomi-Nui body work (75 min) 126susanne kaufmann tm Deluxe body cult (90 min) 136 The traditional Hawaiian body work stimulates deep layers of the tissues, where physical and• Gentle whole-body peel with soft, plant peel particles spiritual tensions reside. The long massage strokes connect all areas of the body, ease blocka-• Relaxing, intensively moisturising witch-hazel bath with a cup of evening tea ges, harmonise and get positive energies flowing again. The muscles ease, the spirit begins to• Pampering whole-body massage with an aromatic oil of your choice relax and one begins to let go at all levels. Relaxation treatment (50 min) 72 Lulur beauty ritual (120 min) 195• Massage of the face, head, neck and hands to gently ease tension Dive into the sensual aromas of the Far Eastern nature of Indonesia. The treatment begins with and stimulate the circulation a traditional Pijat body massage. Next come a peel made from rice powder, sandalwood and spices, and a yoghurt mask. After a shower, enjoy a blossom-milk bath with a small tea cere-Deluxe relaxation treatment (85 min) 112 mony. To finish the treatment, your skin is wrapped with a body balm.• Caring oil bath in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub• Pampering rosemary-sage pack for stressed feet Body peel (40 min) 52• Massage of the face, head, neck and feet to gently ease tension Luxurious body peel with ingredients made from coneflower and St. John’s Wort. Followed by and stimulate the circulation a massage with a nourishing body lotion or moisturising gel. Bregenz Forest mountain herb ritual (75 min) 102 Rock salt body peel (40 min) 52• Herb and whey bath in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub Sensual body peel with rock salt and wild rose oil. Followed by a bath in the crystal coloured• Targeted treatment of the meridians, optionally with balancing or light magnetic field tub. stimulating hot Bregenz Forest herbal stamps• Gentle massaging in of the local herbal oils 32 particularly recommended by susanne kaufmann tm can also be booked for two people 33
  17. 17. bodyCooling leg wrap (25 min) 39Ingredients from horse chestnut, lavender and rosemary oil to invigoratetired legs. Blockages and water retention are released and vein problemssoothed. Your skin is refreshed and revitalised.Liver wrap (30 min) combination with other application 7 / individual application 15The liver wrap promotes the circulation and detoxification of the liver, supports liverfunction, calms and promotes good sleep. Also possible as an accompaniment toother spa treatments.Karkade pack for problem zonesKarkade serum, made from the highly active ingredient of the hibiscus flower,helps to effectively reduce cellulite and has a skin-tightening effect. It is appliedto the problem zones, allowed to work for ten minutes and then massaged in.The result: tightened body contours and skin that is soft to the touch.Karkade pack for problem zones (25 min) 393 x Karkade pack for problem zones 99Karkade pack with lymph drainage, partial treatment (40 min) 91Karkade pack with cupping (50 min) 68 35
  18. 18. bodyBody rituals for twoSpecial applications in your own small spa. The bright rooms are equipped with a steam bathor a double tub and 2 wellness loungers. The treatments are conducted by 2 therapists.Duo Oriental (80 min) Duo 153• Welcome tea to get you in the mood• Steam bath with an aetheric aroma of your choice• Arkaya Deepa by susanne kaufmann . Gentle stretching and covering of tm the whole body with hot aromatic oils increases vitality and leaves you with wonderful, regenerative deep relaxation.Duo Occidental (90 min) Duo 217• Welcome tea to get you in the mood• Steam bath with an aetheric aroma of your choice• Gentle body peel, removes dead skin cells, vitalises and promotes the circulation.• Relaxing whole-body massage from head to toe (50 min) Duo Herbal (105 min) Duo 253• Welcome tea to get you in the mood• Gentle body peel, removes dead skin cells, vitalises and promotes the circulation.• Bregenz Forest mountain herb ritual by susanne kaufmann , beginning tm with a herb and whey bath in the duo whirlpool tub. Followed by a beneficial treatment with hot Bregenz Forest herbal stamps and a gentle massage with local oils. 37
  19. 19. b ody bodyBaths in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub Packs in the softpack loungerThe crystal coloured light magnetic field tub offers the possibility to control and intensify the The pleasant warmth of the softpack lounger works to relax the muscles and takes the straineffect of baths through sound, colour and magnetic field therapies. Acoustic vibrations sti- of the spinal column, joints and bones. The ability of the skin to absorb caring ingredients ismulate cells and organs. Pleasant, atmospheric light intensifies the bathing experience. increased by up to 60%. We offer you the packs either with or without a preparatory body peel.Oil bath for the senses Solo 29 / Duo 47 Aromatic, relaxing and aphrodisiac aetheric oils made from lavender, ylang ylang and Preparatory body peel (15 min) 16patchouli put you in a positive mood, heighten the senses and leave you with velvety-feeling skin. Whey and horsetail pack (25 min) 44 Detoxifying, deacidifying and stimulating for the metabolism. Water retention and fatHerbal Whey Bath Solo 29 / Duo 47 deposits are broken down.The natural whey bath is one of the oldest ways to care for your beauty. For wonderfullysmooth and soft skin. Daisy pack (25 min) 44 Caring effect that stimulates the metabolism. The skin becomes velvety and smooth.St. John’s Wort bath Solo 29 / Duo 47 Please reserve well in advance.The relieving properties of St. John’s Wort care for the skin and have a balancing effect on negative factors such as stress, dry indoor air or sunburn. Cream pack with evening primrose oil (25 min) 44 Moisturising and re-oiling, can aid neurodermitis, psoriasis, inflamed skin and allergies.Marigold Balm Bubble Bath Solo 29 / Duo 47 An experience for the senses and a blessing for the body. Fine foam and relaxing aromas Lavender pack (25 min) 44care for and pamper the skin, without drying it out. Calms the nerves and restores balance in case of exhaustion, sleep disturbances, nervous gastrointestinal disorders.Witch-hazel bath Solo 29 / Duo 47 The healing herbal complex reduces inflammation and balances the moisture and oil content Rosemary pack (25 min) 44 Strengthens the nerves, inwardly rightening, stimulates the circulation.Rose petal bath and massage (60 min) 84 Relaxing, caring bath followed by whole-body massage with rose petal oil. Ginger pack (25 min) 44 Activates and vitalises, particularly recommended for incipient infections.Peppermint bath and massage (60 min) 84Liberating, vitalising bath followed by whole-body massage with peppermint oil. Peat pack, partial treatment (20 min) 24 Classic treatment for tension and rheumatic complaints, chronic female disorders and for the follow-up treatment of broken bones and sprains.38 39
  20. 20. mom m y s k i d s a n d t e e nsTreatments for pregnancy Treatments for kids and teensThe female body has to achieve the unbelievable during pregnancy. Take time to be cared for, Basic facial treatment for teens (40 min) 45pampered and beautified all round. We have developed special treatments for pregnancy. • Cleansing of the face, neck and décolletéThey provide relaxation, prevent fluid retention, care for the baby bump and give you the extra • Pampering face massage or deep cleansingdose of kindness and affection you simply deserve right now. • Caring or cleansing face mask • Protective daily careMommy Time (55 min) 85• Cooling leg wrap Facial Treatment of Blemished Skin for Teenagers 62• Extended shoulder and neck massage • Cleansing of the face, throat and chest• Skin nourishing poultice for the baby belly • Mild peel for the gentle removal of dead skin• Gentle lymphatic draining of the legs • Thorough deep cleaning • Cleansing facial maskDeluxe Mommy Time (115 min) 149 • Protective daily care• Welcome tea• Introductory discussion, medical history Foot treatment for teenagers (40 min) 36• Gentle back massage while seated • Footbath• Aroma footbath to relax you • Nail trimming• Classic pedicure • Pampering foot massage• Skincare pack for the baby bump • Nail varnishing and nail-art stickers• Foot and leg massage• Final breathing exercise Hand care for teenagers (25 min) 25 • Nail trimming and filing • Hand massage • Nail varnishing and nail-art stickers Children’s massage (25 min) 32 Massage individually tailored to the age of the child, with beneficial warm oils. From fine strokes for the very little ones to tension-easing massages for older children.40 41
  21. 21. p ro gr a m m e s pro gr a m m e sDay programmes 3-day programmesA whole day at the susanne kaufmann spa in Bezau with a themed focus of your choice. tm Enjoy all the amenities of the Hotel Post Bezau and accompanying treatments for three days.Give yourself this time out from everyday life, either regularly as a well-earned reward, as Ideal for a short break from everyday life or a long weekend with a good friend. For all of thepreparation for special occasion or just because you can. We are happy to advise you and packages listed below, enjoy a discount on the individual treatments.can also put together a personalised programme for you. 3 days of wellbeing 5751 day Active Regeneration 234 • 3 nights with Post Premium board• Relaxation treatment *194 • Either one Basic facial treatment or one Relaxation treatment• Whole-body massage with aromatic oil (40 min) • Whey bath in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub• Foot reflex zone massage • Whole-body massage (40 min) with a warming foot pack• Herb and whey bath in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub • 3 plus 1. Arrive on Sunday and we’ll give you an additional night• Whole-day use of the wellness area including Post Premium board (blackout periods apply) • Welcome cocktail, light lunch 3 days of Pure Beauty 6451 day All-round Healthy 179 • 3 nights with Post Premium board• Relaxing Tuina massage for face and head *139 • Basic facial treatment• Back massage • Classic manicure with hand massage• Herb and whey bath in the crystal coloured light magnetic field tub • Medical foot care with foot massage• Whole-day use of the wellness area • Gentle, regenerating and pore-refining body peel • Solarium session1 day Pure Beauty 239 • 3 plus 1. Arrive on Sunday and we’ll give you an additional night• Basic facial treatment *199 including Post Premium board (blackout periods apply)• Classic manicure with hand massage• Medical foot care with foot massage 3 days Anti-Ageing Initial by susanne kaufmann tm 795• Gentle, regenerating and pore-refining body peel • 3 nights with Anti-Ageing nutrition• Whole-day use of the wellness area • Daily juicing to fight against free radicals• Welcome cocktail, light lunch • One detoxifying liver wrap each day • Basic Anti-Ageing facial treatment with deep cleansing1 day Pure Man’s Business 188 • Deluxe Anti-Ageing facial treatment with acupuncture massage• Basic facial treatment *148 • Lifting treatment of the eye area• Witch-hazel bath • Tightening, whole-body karkade pack• Whole-body massage (40 min) • Cupping treatment for problem zones• Whole-day use of the wellness area • Personal trainer hour with one-on-one consultation• Welcome cocktail, light lunch42 *For hotel guests. Without cocktail and lunch. *Treatments in packages cannot be exchanged.. 43
  22. 22. produc t ssusanne kaufmann tm organic treatsThe ingredients for our applications come from the plants of theBregenz Forest. Their original powers have been worked into aninnovative, highly effective care system for the face, body andoverall wellbeing. The proportion of energy-rich active ingredientsis particularly high in all susanne kaufmann products. The tmstrictest ecological principles form the basis of everything we do:• All products are manufactured with the utmost care in a small factory in the Bregenz Forest.• The plant ingredients used come from our own ecological herb cultivation and wild collections.• Each product batch is personally checked by Susanne Kaufmann before being bottled by hand.• Instead of the oil-based products normally found in industrially manufactured cosmetics, we use local oils, herbal extracts and flower essences.• Our products do not contain any chemical preservatives, colourings or PEG compounds. We reject the use of animal testing. 45
  23. 23. i n f or m a t ionReservationPlease make all appointments as far in advance as possible. Unfortunately, short-noticebookings upon arrival can only be accepted in very limited circumstances. For advice, pleasecall tel. +43 (0)5514 2207-58. We would be pleased to compile a programme tailored toyour individual needs. Please inform us if you do not wish to be treated by a male therapist.DelaysPlease arrive at the spa few minutes ahead of your appointment so that you have time to drinka cup of tea in peace and quiet and prepare for your treatment. If you arrive late, we regretit will not be possible to extend the treatments beyond the agreed time. In this case, the treat-ment will unfortunately have to be shortened accordingly and finish at the schedule time.Cancellation termsIf you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance.Please note that same-day cancellations of appointments will be charged at 100% of thetreatment price.Spa etiquetteFor the sake of other guests, please turn off your mobile telephone while in the spa and speakquietly and discretely with other guests.PrivacyYou will enjoy most of the body applications unclothed. You can change in private, withoutbeing disturbed. Please also remove your jewelry. During the treatment, all parts of the bodythat are not included in the treatment will be covered with towels. Ladies decide for themselveswhether the chest area should be included in whole body treatments.HealthPlease tell us at the beginning of your visit to the spa about any current impediments, suchas high blood pressure, heart ailments, metabolic disorders and allergies, whether you arepregnant or have recently undergone an operation.46
  24. 24. susanne kaufmann tmspa bezauBrugg 35A-6870 BezauTo make an appointment, call tel. +43 (0)5514 22 07-58spa@susannekaufmann.comwww.susannekaufmann.comHotel PostFamilie KaufmannTel.: +43 (0)5514 22