What you can learn about social crm from the dmv


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Best practices in social CRM on Twitter from the California DMV.

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What you can learn about social crm from the dmv

  1. 1.   HotProspect.com 398 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94105   hello@hotprospect.com   What You Can Learn About Social CRM From the DMV“God giveth, and the DMV taketh away.” – Miss Hellberg, License to DriveEarlier this year I found myself with an expired driver’s license; it had actuallybeen expired for a few months by the time I realized it. Sometimes running astartup gets in the way of the basics. So, I took an early morning trip to the SanFrancisco DMV office, filled out my paperwork, waited in line, paid my fees, andtook a picture. I left with a temporary paper license and the promise that a brandnew and valid CDL would arrive in the mail within the next few weeks.Fast-forward four months and my wife asked me if I had ever received mylicense. I realized that I hadn’t, and even worse, my temporary license had beenexpired for about two months.I called the DMV and was told that there had been a “glitch”. ”Don’t worry,” saidthe operator, “this happens all the time”. Frustrated by their failure to convey vitalinformation, I turned to Twitter and saw that the California DMV had a verifiedaccount which looked pretty active so, I sent this Tweet:@CA_DMV requested CDL 4 mos ago. Was just told there was a system glitch & wasnever issued. Wont receive for wks. Any way to expedite?And voila, three minutes later something totally unexpected happened, theyTweeted me back.@JoeF We would like to help. Please follow DMV & DM us your name, DL number &phone number so we can contact you.ow.ly/432m7I followed the account back and DM’d all the details they had requested.No less than 10 mins later a call with a Sacramento area code came through. Itwas the DMV! The rep let me know that she had found my account, cleared upthe issue, and would be in touch before the end of the day for with a new ETA formy license. She came across as informed, empowered, and totallypleasant. Then, as promised, I got a follow up call letting me know that theissues had been cleared up and that my license was en route. Awesome!
  2. 2.   HotProspect.com 398 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94105   hello@hotprospect.com  The California DMV is not known for its stellar customer support, so to have thisawesomely efficient experience through Twitter completely blew me away. Thiswas the best customer support experience I’ve ever had relative to myexpectations.From my perspective, the DMV did several things right. First, they werediscoverable and active on Twitter. The California DMV account was verified andhad several Tweets and @replies per day in it’s timeline. This gave me hopethat the Twitter account could be a viable customer support channel.Second, they were listening. A three minute response time on a support inquirythrough a social channel is astonishing, regardless of who you are. But aresponse time of that speed from a government agency that traditionally has notbeen associated with world class customer support, had my headspinning. Clearly, there is some infrastructure in place for dealing with customerson Twitter, which is great to see.Third, they empowered employees to take action. I wasn’t shuffled around tomultiple points of contact or pushed to an alternate channel. The response camequickly and proactively from a single employee who was qualified to guide methrough, until my issue was resolved.As illustrated above, if your business is going to have a presence in social media,then you must expect support inquiries. Having a standard process for dealingwith support requests is critical to both maintaining positive relationships withyour users, and keeping your business processes as efficient as possible. Inwords that I never thought I would say: Be more like the DMV!###