Pull marketing and social marketing the new paradigm in b2 b marketing - hotprospect.com


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Pull marketing and social marketing the new paradigm in b2 b marketing - hotprospect.com

  1. 1. Originally posted on the HotProspect.com blog April 24, 2012Pull Marketing and Social Marketing: The New Paradigm in B2BMarketingOne of the most important elements in B2B marketing and sales is timing. How a prospect receivesyour proposal ranges from 0 percent (no matter what, I am not buying your product or service) to100 percent (where have you people been, this is a perfect solution! Let me issue a PO now.) andevery point between. In B2B selling, the best tactic is selling to those ready to buy, cultivate clientswho are between zero and one hundred and keep your name in front of those who are notinterested at present but might be later.Cultivating and keeping your name out front are situations that are ideal for pull marketing. Pullmarketing gives you the time to establish a relationship and build trust. It is not an overnightsolution, but when done correctly it is a an amazing way of gaining new business. Pull marketing isan online strategy that makes use of social media such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other mediathat you can use in your pull marketing campaign. When your prospect is ready to buy the goods orservices you sell, pull marketing gets you invited to the party. That makes for a successful marketingstrategy!Using pull marketing makes sense. The prospect is in control of when the sale takes place; it isinefficient to fight this as is normally done with push marketing, a technique that encouragesprospects to purchase in the vendor’s timeframe. Push marketing does not allow for factors such asbudget, other projects or other priorities. Pull marketing does.Turning to pull marketing does not mean abandoning all push market efforts at once. You may havelead sources that you cannot back burner at present. However, complementing your pushmarketing with pull marketing, especially with your present client base is a good beginning.Following are five methods of communicating with B2B prospects until the right time to begin theselling process: 1. Use social media to stay in touch with prospects. Each LinkedIn, Twitter or blog connection you make with leads provides you with opportunities to provide relevant education to them and have them in your niche. 2. Keep content current and relevant. Your website and blog should attract those (especially prospects) who want more information product or services. This content should not be sales material. It should be highly relevant content about what your company does and the benefits of its type of services or goods. This establishes you as a credible expert and associates that credibility with your company. This is
  2. 2. branding at its best. 3. Be sure your site is Search Engine Optimized. This requires that you research key words that are used by prospects when searching for material related to your business. This specialized process should be given to a specialist. Once you know the search terms incorporating them judiciously into fresh and relevant content is easy. Having a high ranking (page 1) in search returns is where you want to be. 4. Public relations is an inexpensive and effective way of getting your message out. Along with targeting press releases, submit articles to pertinent industry magazines, journals and blogs and take part in media interviews. 5. The new paradigm in marketing is to provide less sales information and more general information. When sending information to prospects and existing clients, no matter what the media, strive for a ratio of 80 percent information and 20 percent sales pitch.Using online relationship bridging tactics, you will establish a cadre of faithful contacts. As timegoes on many will turn into prospects and ultimately some will become buyers. The process is along-term strategy that will reward persistence and patience with an efficient and powerful B2Bmarketing campaign.###Brought to you by: