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Kathy Korman Frey's presentation at the 2010 Grow Smart Business Conference in DC

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  • I have foregone my office at the George Washington University School of Business and am here in my pink fuzzy slippers, listening to Metallica, tallying the winners of the 2010 Hot Mommas Project Case Study Competition.  What a sight. Here is the communications metaphor: Don’t let a casual appearance, feeling, or vibe inappropriately impact your communications or…as the title states…you will look like a tool.
  • Grow smartbiz presentation

    1. 1. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz evolved company = successful company Kathy Korman Frey @ChiefHotMomma Founder, Hot Mommas Project & Sisterhood U GW School of Business, CFEE #GrowSmartBiz 11.5.10
    2. 2. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz “Oh, great, we’re going to talk about our feelings”
    3. 3. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz The evolved and successful company Is doing something…
    4. 4. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz ….as basic as 1 + 1 They value communication
    5. 5. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz TRENDS: Social, Social Skills Revolution
    6. 6. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz • Social media • Generations • WAH – Work at Home
    7. 7. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz “Don’t let a casual appearance, feeling, or vibe inappropriately impact your communications or… you will look like a tool.” How Not to Look Like A Tool in Business Communications Link
    8. 8. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz For every 10 minutes we are at work, between five and eight minutes are spent in some form of communication activity… E.T Klemmer, Journal of Communication –Study Link 1 –Study Link 2
    9. 9. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz “Businesses that communicate …are more successful at engaging employees and achieving desired business results.” Watson Wyatt Communication ROI Study –Study Link
    10. 10. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Companies that promote women are more profitable. Why is this relevant ? Dr. Ray Adler, “Women in the Executive Suite Correlates to High Profits” –Study Link
    11. 11. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz The female brain prizes communication and relationships above all other traits. Dr. Louann Brizendine, The Female Brain –Study Link
    12. 12. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz How to Capitalize
    13. 13. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz BEFORE
    14. 14. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Hire women
    15. 15. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz The RIGHT women
    16. 16. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz The RIGHT people Develop values statement, include communication But when, and how?....
    17. 17. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Values Statement “When” Small / solo biz • @ Two + successful hires Large business • @ NOW
    18. 18. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Values Statement “How” McPath (McccPath): Team Values Mind – A great mind. Addicted to learning new things. Communication - Good communication skills, including social media. Consistent - Has a personal “system” that works for them. Coachable – Open to being coached into peak performance. Passion - Passionate about project. Techy - Techy.or ability to learn fast. High Drive - Accustomed to and comfortable in high-drive, high-expectation environments. Not easily overwhelmed.
    19. 19. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz DURING
    20. 20. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Mentoring Formal mentoring program • Coffee Fridays • Use mentoring template Template (see page 1)
    21. 21. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Role Playing NOT this kind
    22. 22. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz • Back 20 of meeting • Start general • Get feedback • Get specific Role Playing
    23. 23. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz “Hey. C u ltr @ the mtg.” This is okay for __Boss __Client __Same age colleague __Same age friend __Direct report Role Playing
    24. 24. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz “Get this on my desk. Work Saturday if you have to.” This is okay for __Boss __Client __Same age colleague __Same age friend __Direct report Role Playing
    25. 25. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz Evolved companies are making more money Evolved companies prioritize communication You can too… Join the social, social skills revolution! Summary
    26. 26. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz You can too… • BEFORE: Diversity, specifically female • BEFORE: Values • DURING: Mentoring • DURING: Role modeling Summary
    27. 27. @ChiefHotMomma #GrowSmartBiz @ChiefHotMomma Find this presentation: