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HCT Approved Force Protection Training & Manpower Staffing Solutions


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Company Narrative, Government Registrations, Certifications and Past Performance History

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HCT Approved Force Protection Training & Manpower Staffing Solutions

  1. 1. HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS® Capabilities Narrative Hostile Control Tactics is a veteran-owned, private military consulting firm with expertise in counter-terrorism / anti-terrorism force protection training and physical security services. Since 1996, HCT has partnered with clients to enhance security operations and processes, with the aim of improving a company’s bottom-line. Executive Management Company principals are experienced subject matter experts from varied backgrounds that include human resources management, corporate law, military combat arms, sworn law enforcement and most possess advanced degrees. Our tactical instructor cadre is drawn from domestic and foreign military, former FBI, ATF, US Marshals Services, and practical martial arts. Core Competencies HCT is best known for its “reality-based” tactical training courses that not only educate, but go further to assess and validate an operator’s real world tactical readiness.  Anti-terrorism Force Protection (ATFP)  Critical Incident Response  Threat Assessment Vulnerability Analysis  Maritime Security (USCG/IMO & ISPS Code Compliant Training)  High Threat Operations Diplomatic Security Services (HTO-DSS)  Firearms: Tactical Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Carbine  MIL/LE Small Unit Movement & Tactical Communications  High Risk Entry / Close Quarters Battle  Canine Explosive Detection (MWD)  Explosive Ordinance Disposal  Tactical EMT / Paramedics  Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS, LLC Office 804.491.9860 Fax 509.472.6520 Government Registrations DUNS Number: 190570916 NCage Code: 37LF5 Year of Incorporation: 1996 SBA Status: VMOB NAICS Codes 561611 - Investigative Services 561612 - Security Guard and Patrol Services 561613 - Armored Car Services 561621 - Security Systems Services (except locksmiths) 611519 - Police Training 541611 - General Management / Consulting 541612 - Human Resources Consulting GSA MOBIS SIN: 874 - 1 Consulting SIN: 874 - 2 Facilitation SIN: 874 - 3 Training Constituent Member Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC); Dept. of State United Nations Vendor ID: 140980 Certifications & Licenses Security Training and Services  State of New York  State of New Jersey  Commonwealth of Virginia  District of Columbia (DC)  State of North Carolina  State of Nevada  State of California
  2. 2. HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS® PAST PERFORMANCE Since the onset of 2003, US-led operation Iraqi Freedom, Hostile Control Tactics has supported the manpower staffing and pre-deployment training needs of nearly a dozen US and British defense contractors. As a subcon- tractor to primes, we have trained and deployed over 2,000 qualified force protection guards into Iraq, Afghanistan and regions of Africa. Agency: U.S. Department of State (DS) Location: Camp Shiefflin, Monrovia Liberia West Africa Contract Number: SAQMPD-05F-465 / Liberia Security Sector Reform Project Sub-contractor: (Sub-contractor to DynCorp International) Scope of Work: Provided government compliant static guard force protection training, pre-deployment vetting, mobilized and assisted in the deployment of personnel into theater. Additional Tasks: A second component of the LSSR Task Order required providing basic combat military drill instructors. HCT certified instructors successfully trained over 500 Republic of Liberia Army soldiers. Agency: Joint Contracting Command - Iraq (JCCI) Multinational Forces Iraq, Camp Victory Location: Camp Victory, Baghdad Iraq Contract Number: W91GER-06-R-0013 Scope of Work: Train, certify, mobilize and deploy a civilian contractor guard force to provide Convoy Escort Transportation (CET) and Base Camp Internal Entry Control Point, Tower Guards and Close Protection Security . Agency: U.S. Army Joint Contracting Command - Iraq Subcontractor to three Prime defense contractors. Location: Various Forward Operating Base (FOB) locations throughout Iraq Contract Number: RFI-07-0004 Scope of Work: Reconstruction Security Support Services. Specific tasks required acquisition of qualified security personnel, delivery SOW compliant training, certification and mobilization of Convoy Escort Transportation (CET) teams into FOB locations throughout Iraq. Agency: Multi-National Forces Iraq, Joint Contracting Command Iraq Location: Camp Victory, Baghdad Iraq Contract Number: W91GY0-07-R-0015 Scope of Work: Provide Convoy Escort Transportation (CET) security services in support of two Prime contractors engaged in force protection missions at Camp Victory, Iraq. Due Diligence Vetting Our security teams are comprised of expats, Local Nationals (LNs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) . Prior to hire and deployment, all personnel undergo a comprehensive background check, mission specific training, and a tactical skill assessment and selection process. Kennel Masters & K9 Handlers All dogs selected and deployed meet and exceed certification standards established the North American Police Work Dog Association. The spectrum of training is in full compliance with AR 190-12 and the US Army Manual for EOD Services. Dignitary Protective Services Executive Protection Officer (EPO) and Protective Security Specialist (PSS) Certification standards meets and exceeds security guard licensing requirements established by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) of the United Kingdom, City & Guilds and multiple US state regulatory agencies. HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS, LLC Office 804.491.9860 Fax 509.472.6520
  3. 3. HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS® RECRUITMENT PROCESSES OUTSOURCING In many instances an organization can save substantial financial resources, improve speed, efficiency and accuracy in pursuit of meeting manpower staffing goals by outsourcing certain tasks to an independent third-party. This practice is referred to as — recruitment processes outsourcing. Drawing on years of manpower staffing experience in the private sector, HCT understands how to attract, hire and retain the right people . We begin by clarifying the client’s need, properly interpreting a Task Order, and understanding vetting requirements. We then tap into our talent pools. HCT recruiters handle the work of collecting, reviewing and verifying new hire candidate documents for accuracy. We perform background checks, secure medical vaccinations, secure travel visas, and if necessary train or brief personnel before actual deployment. MANPOWER DATABASE We own and maintain a secure online database of consisting of over 15,000 qualified professionals drawn from a variety of occupational specialties. All new hire paperwork, CV-resumes, travel passports, medical and training records are uploaded to our secure online project manage- ment portal. These items are available for review by Project Managers and government Contracting Officers—anytime, 24/7/365.  Operations and Administrative Managers  Technical Professionals  Civil Engineers, Architects, Designers & Builders  Journeymen, Electricians  Automobile, Diesel & Truck Mechanics  Physicians, RNs, Certified EMT’s & Paramedics  Special Operations Military Advisors  Protective Security Specialist  K9 Dog Handlers  Weapons Armorers  Foreign Language Linguists/ Translators Mobilization Capabilities Prior to deployment, all personnel must undergo a comprehensive background check, tactical skill assessment and selection process. After screening, candidates are required to pass scope of work compliant, mission specific training. Timetables / Milestones (10) day advance notice - 400 screened, fully vetted, medically cleared guards. (20) day advance notice - 800 ATFP/ PSD trained, certified, medically cleared guards. (30) day advance notice - 1,200 guards; including delivery of 40 up to 60 hours of security training. HOSTILE CONTROL TACTICS, LLC Office 804.491.9860 Fax 509.472.6520