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Hostels go sailing!


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Have you ever slept on a hostelboat/houseboat? Check these out in Amsterdam, Budapest, Stockholm, berlin and Bergen!

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Hostels go sailing!

  1. 1. When hostels go sailing! Houseboats, floating hostels, ship-hotels… discover the charm of unique accommodations on the sea or on a river! When you imagine a hostel, you usually picture a building, maybe a nice old red-bricks house in Amsterdam, a loft in Paris, a brand-new design house in London… but there are also hostels that float! Europe is scattered with boat-hostels, perfect to enjoy your trip form a different point of view: let’s start a boat trip to discover them! Let’s start from Northern Europe, precisely from Sweden: homeland to great thriller writers, two handed backhands and build-it-yourself furniture, but not only. Stockholm has all of hostels in boats, or actually ships, both docked at Södermälarstrand, a very central area within walking distance from all the top spots in town. The first one has been with HostelsClub for many years - we are talking about the Rygerfjord Hotel & Hostel, located on a ship built in 1950 in Bergen, that after almost 50 years of service, sailing the icy Norwegian seas, was turned into a hostel in 1995. The size of the ship guarantees a good night’s sleep even when the water in the bay is a little rough. The hostel offers all the facilities of a traditional bricks and mortar building: from a restaurant to a meeting room, to the bar on the top deck with a view of Stockholm. The newcomer among HostelsClub’s boat hostels, The Red Boat, is on a much older ship, dating back to the Titanic era (ok, I guess we could have found a better reference, here), and is moored in Södermälarstrand as well, only a few meters away from the Rygerfjord. The wooden interiors, the dominance of red, almost a 100 years of history (which, just like any lady, the ship does not show) make this ship-hostel one of the prides of our website. The ship has 36 rooms among private and shared, to satisfy (almost) everyone. Also thee Red Boat offers all the comforts of a hostel on the mainland, including wi-fi coveringmost of the common areas.
  2. 2. Let’s sail a bit South towards Germany. I bet you do not know the name of the river of Berlin! That’s right, Berlin is crossed by a pretty big river, the Spree. In the heart of the city, near the Oberbaum Bridge, you will find the two boats of Eastern Comfort & Western Comfort Hostels. These boats used to be on the opposite banks of the river, but due to renovation works on the West Bank, they are now both on the East side. These hostels offer a great view of the city and, thanks to their central position, they allow you to walk to the most interesting places in Berlin. The two twin boats have a very high standard, but each offers a slightly different service. The Eastern Comfort caters for backpackers, with shared rooms with 5 or 6 beds, and also camping places (yes, you can camp on a boat!) on the top deck, with a views of the Oberbaum Bridge. The Western Comfort is for those who seek a little more privacy, with private rooms with 2 or 3 beds. Nothing beats sleeping while being gently rocked by a river, in the center of Berlin, in sight of the remains of the Wall and only a few steps form the hip areas of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. If you sail west, you’ll reach Amsterdam – a more traditional and expected destination for boat accommodations. Amsterdam hotelboats, however, are very different form the ones of Berlin and Stockholm: they are usually small and family-run, with a staff living on board all year round. offers quite a big range of these accommodations, but we are particularly fond of a couple of them.Hotelboat Amsterdam is an old 40-meter barge, turned into hostel. The crew, a couple, is made of a captain and a chef, who live on board. The Hotelboat offers 17 double rooms, with bunk beds, with shared bathrooms. Thanks to the ideal position (only 10 minutes by foot from the Central Station, and only 5 minutes from the Red Light District) and to its range of services (Breakfast, WiFi, sheets and towels), Hotelboat Amsterdam is one of the best choices for those looking for a cheap, fun and different accommodation in Amsterdam.
  3. 3. The other hotelboat we really like is Hotelboat Angeline, moored in the city centre, at Oosterdok. Its size is similar to Hotelboat Amsterdam, but all rooms have a private bathroom here. On the main deck you’ll find couches and armchairs and, since smoking inside is forbidden, a dedicated smokers’ area. Breakfast and WiFi are free and included in the price and so is the magnificent view of Amsterdam’s harbour: something that traditional hostels can’t really offer! Let’s not forget one of the most famous and long rivers in Europe, the Danube, and all the city it crosses. Among them, the most evocative one is probably Budapest, where the river divides the two cities of Buda and Pest. offers you a boat accommodation in Budapest as well: the Boathotel Fortuna is not exactly a hostel, but it gives you a great occasion to see a fascinating European capital from a different point of view. It is moored in Pest, near the Margaret bridge, in front of the island of the same name. Fortuna offers you 3-star service and comforts. The price is a tad higher than in other accommodations in Budapest (but still around a very reasonable 12€), but sleeping on the Danube is an experience well worth the money! So, if you are looking for a new, one-of-a-kind holiday… use this list to start your sailing, and may the winds always be at your back! For more details contact us at Book your hostel on a boat on