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8 tips for a budget trip to amsterdam


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How to save on your next trip to Amsterdam

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8 tips for a budget trip to amsterdam

  1. 1. 8 Tips for a Budget Trip to Amsterdam Amsterdam's location on rings of romantic canals is both a blessing and a curse for your budget. The canals of Amsterdam provide plenty of free entertainment, but they are so famous that on any given day there are thousands of people there to see them with you, so prices invariably get driven upwards. Luckily, there are some great ways to see the canals and culture of Amsterdam without completely emptying your wallet and here are some of the best budget-friendly and free things things to do in Amsterdam. 1. Take a Seat Everyone knows that the UNESCO World Heritage Canal Belt of Amsterdam is lined by hundreds of historic humpback bridges and skinny canal homes. What you might not notice though, is that there are scores of benches along the canals too, and they are perfect places for putting your feet up and watching the canals come to life - for free. One particular bench has recently become a star of its own as it was featured in one of the most memorable scenes in the hit movie The Fault In Our Stars, and its location is # 4 Leidsegracht. 2. Ride the Ferry to the Noord Hiding right behind Central Station is a whole another district of Amsterdam that many don't even know exists: The Noord. The Noord District is worth a few hours' exploring and the ferry to get over is absolutely free. Home to several creative and beachy cafe hangouts, the Noord is well worth adding to your Amsterdam must-see list, especially if the weather is nice. But even if the clouds are out, remember that there aren't many other phrases in life as good as "free boat ride".
  2. 2. 3. Munch Lunch at a Street Market Amsterdam is home to several daily street markets, and in addition to being the places where locals-in-the- know refill their refrigerators, they are hopping with cheap street eat options. The famous Albert Cuypmarkt is your best bet, as it overflows with vendors selling fresh fried frites, Vietnamese spring rolls, and the most delicious Dutch specialty of fried fish nuggets called kibbeling. Typically finished with a dusting of flavorful seasoning, an order of kibbeling will keep you full until dinner for just a few Euros. 4. Park Yourself at the Vondelpark Walking through the Vondelpark's gilded gates takes you into a world of calm in the otherwise busy center of Amsterdam. If the sun is out, stop by a supermarket on your way, and then enjoy a lunch on the grass like the locals do at half the price of a cafe. Don't worry if it isn't warm out, picnics happen at any temperature here. Tip: the further you go back into the park, the quieter and calmer it gets. 5. See Seven Countries on One Street Located right next to the aforementioned Vondelpark, the street Roemer Visscherstreet is home to a unique architecture feature: seven houses in the style of seven different European countries. Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia, Spain, and of course The Netherlands, are all represented on this unique and quirky street.
  3. 3. 6. Strike a Pose at the Iamsterdam Sign Only introduced a few years ago, this sign has taken on iconic status in Amsterdam, and seeing it is atop many people's to-do list. Climbing on the sign is one of the funnest free things to do in Amsterdam, just be careful getting down as it is a little taller than most think. There are several Iamsterdam signs around town, but the most famous is right outside of the majestic Rijksmusem on the Museumplein. 7. Think Twice About Renting a Bike According to many, you can't see Amsterdam without a bike, but the truth is that the city's bike lanes can be crowded and stressful places. In addition, bike rentals aren't cheap, so why not just see the city on your feet? The center of Amsterdam is small and can easily be covered on foot, just make sure you steer clear of those bike paths or you will find out the hard way why Amsterdammers are experts at using the bell on their bikes. 8. See the Skinny Bridge at Night Amsterdam is home to hundreds of bridges, but the old-fashioned wooden Magere Brug, or as locals call it, the "Skinny Bridge" just might be the prettiest of them all, especially at night. It's completely free to visit 24/7, and when its thousand-plus bulbs light up after darkness falls, it becomes a beautiful beacon over the mighty Amstel river. Tip: one of the best views of the bridge is from the dock of the Hermitage Museum, which is free to use. Now after a day of discovering the wonderful city of Amsterdam, we are sure you'd like to get some good night sleep and rest at one of the coolest hostels in town. For more info on cheap hostels and budget hotels feel free to check here!