Where you can find best and affordable dedicated server hosting?


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Do you want to know about dedicated server hosting Or looking for an affordable and managed dedicated server hosting in India? HostRightnow.in - a web hosting company in india mainly deals in dedicated server and VPS servers can help you to get managed and affordable dedicated server in India.

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Where you can find best and affordable dedicated server hosting?

  1. 1.  What are dedicated servers?  Who can benefit?  Why It is highly recommended?
  2. 2.  It is a type of internet hosting in which client lease a entire server from a web hosting company and that server is not shared with any other to use.  In this server, Entire resources of the server are at the disposal of one client only.
  3. 3.  If you are running a heavy website with the use of images, videos, audios etc. or run a game, education portal, e-commerce type of website then you need large web space and large bandwidth that all requirements are fulfilled by dedicated server hosting.
  4. 4.  Free to Customize – As you are the sole user of your server you can customize its all the resources (Hardware + Software) in the way you want.  Security – These is no fear of losing your website data by viruses, malware or other attacks from other websites present on your server as you are not sharing your server.
  5. 5.  Server Uptime – As all the server resources are solely dedicated to you then it makes your higher uptime and website performs well.  Stability and Reliability – Users no need to make unnecessary efforts to reach to website as server provides more stability and more reliable.
  6. 6.  Choice of Applications – As you have full control over server, you can make a choice in the selection of software applications as per your website needs.  Cost Effectiveness – Dedicated server is a very affordable option for your heavy business website with large number of traffic.  Flexibility – You can upgrade your server configurations in future as per requirements.
  7. 7.  We are a leading web hosting company in India, known for best quality and affordable servers.  Our Services –  Domain Name Registration, Resell and Transfer  Dedicated Servers  VPS Servers  Shared Hosting  Reseller Hosting and more!
  8. 8.  Dedicated server just in Rs. 7500/mo with best configurations.  You can check this offer here: http://www.hostright now.in/dedicated- servers-india
  9. 9. ADDRESS: HostRightNow Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 372, Shri Gopal Nagar, Gopal Pura Bypass Jaipur – 302018 (Raj.), India. Ph. No. : 0141- 3000000, 9829151699 Email Id : sales@hostrightnow.in Website : www.hostrightnow.in