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  1. 1. A Grey Worldwide Presentation Eastown & Westown Egypt Conceived and Managed by Solidere/Lebanon Built by SODIC/Egypt
  2. 2. Tasks • Emphasize on the OPENING END 2010 date for the first phase of the 2 projects. • Introduce Eastown & Westown as The 2 Major Mixed-Use Commercial, Residential, Business, Retail and leisure Central Districts destinations in the East and the West Cairo. • Portray Eastown and Westown as the major development projects in the Solidere /Sodic Partnership. • Promote its uniqueness (Quality infrastructures, design, location, business opportunity, quality residential and retail, unique landscape and streetscape, high quality after-sale Property Management to maintain standards…) • Promote delivery of fully finished, turn-key, high quality Class “A” products, from retail, offices to residential units. • Emphasize on its diversity. • Claim the role of Eastown and Westown as the Meeting Places for all and not as gated communities. • Capture the interest of investors, residents, businesses, retailers and end- users. • Blend the projects to the surrounding areas to transform Eastown and Westown into a major traffic generator.
  3. 3. Implementation • Preparation of an overall coherent Communication Strategy • Preparation of a One year Communication Plan • Immediate implementation of a National and Regional positioning PR campaign of the Solidere/Sodic Partnership and the development of these 2 major projects, their scale, names and offerings. • Starting January 2008, a One year focused, business oriented, Advertising campaign in local and Pan-Arab Magazines and Publications • Starting January 2008, a One year Outdoor Ad campaign covering outdoor, billboards as well as site hording. • Immediate production of the brochures. • Press Pack Design • Signage design to indicate directions to destinations. • Website Design. • One year Consultancy on the Communication plan.
  4. 4. Eastown & Westown Egypt Egypt Real Estate market: Overview Implications Competitive Review: Developments Implications Eastown & Westown projects analysis: Eastown Westown Communication: Strategy Targets Positioning Phases Guidelines Concepts Calendar Estimated Budget Grey Global team Appendix: other projects
  5. 5. Eastown & Westown Egypt Conceived and Managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt
  6. 6. Egypt Real Estate market overview • 10 year history of the Real Estate market • Real Estate market becoming speculative • Fear of dlow down or a correction/ • Real Estate market outlook • Real estate overview : Implications Sources: Global Property Guide and Beltone Financials
  7. 7. 10 Year History of the Real Estate Market • After years of only state-built housing, in the early 1990s the government allowed private housing projects. Inexperienced companies jumped in. Soon there was massive oversupply. Egypt was suddenly full of empty housing blocks. Developers went bankrupt, and from 1997 on there was a massive housing oversupply crisis. • The government initiated a managed float of the Egyptian Pound in January 2003, leading to a sharp drop in its value (though it has somewhat recovered). The lower currency has encouraged expatriate Egyptians and GCC nationals to buy, boosting the market. • Economic and legislative reforms in last 3 years has given further support to Real Estate market and encouraged wider participation by local population
  8. 8. Real Estate Market Becoming Speculative • The recent auction of eight land plots by the government in New Cairo and Sixth of October City has culminated in the highest of the sharp rise in land prices in Egypt’s real estate sector, which began towards the middle of 2006. • Land prices have increased around 15-20% a year on average over the last three years since the economic slump earlier in the decade, and the current bids imply a 70-80% year on year increase over prices in 2006.
  9. 9. Fear of Slow Down or a Correction • When land prices reach a certain level, the rate of annual increase will slow down, and then a portion of property holders, the speculative buyers of today, may panic and sell. Demand will turn into supply as property becomes offered abundantly on the market and prices will start to fall. • It is estimated that currently around 30 – 40% of property purchases are by speculative buyers. If and when these buyers start to sell off their property on fears of diminishing returns, we believe the real estate market could see a 20 – 25% downward correction. This will not happen suddenly, given the normal lag between demand and supply of real estate, but this should start to happen by 2008.
  10. 10. Real Estate Market Outlook Despite fears of a correction, the expected rise in real demand keeps the long term outlook positive due to: The Gulf is now exploding with new oil money, and sees Egypt as less risky than Lebanon or Jordan (private liquidity in GCC is a staggering US$1.5 trillion) Improving legislative environment and Egypt’s strong economic growth, resulting in substantial rises in salaries especially in new industries such as finance, oil and gas, and business process outsourcing and information technology (IT) industries.
  11. 11. Real Estate Market Outlook, cont. – Booming Tourism, supports demand for both short-term rental accommodation and second properties. Today Egypt Offers best Rental Yields in the region at 11.4%, followed by Jordan AT 9.6% – Favorable Demographics of large and growing young population . Egypt needs 2.5m housing units just to meet existing demand and a further 350,000 annually to keep pace with its burgeoning population growth.
  12. 12. Real Estate Overview - Implications In order to avoid being affected by a Real Estate correction we need to: 1. Speed up marketing of Eastown & Westown before market before slows down/corrects 2. Need to market projects outside Egypt 3. Consider arrangements with mortgage companies to provide long term payment plans
  13. 13. Competitive Review • Katameya (New Cairo) • Cairo/Alex Strip(6th Oct/Sheikh Zayed) • Mukatam
  14. 14. Madinaty • Launched in 2006, was Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG)’s second mega-project, following the success of the group’s Rehab City, located in the extension to New Cairo at kilometer 33 on the Cairo- Suez road. • TMG acquired 8,000 feddans adjacent to Rehab for the Madinaty project. The new community, which has been designed by three American urban-planning firms, will include residential villas, townhouses and apartments, as well as recreational and commercial areas, schools, medical facilities and hotels. A city in itself, Madinaty will accommodate 80,000 residential units, supporting an estimated population of 600,000. • Madinaty’s extensive media and marketing campaign, which began in 2006, estimated at $18mil to-date Katameya
  15. 15. Al Futtaim – Cairo Festival City • Dubai-based Al Futtaim Group has revealed plans for its $3.5bn Cairo Festival City development. The mixed use project will include a residential component as well as commercial, hospitality and retail businesses. • Officials say it will feature Egypt's first indoor-outdoor retail and entertainment complex. It will come up in New Cairo City, which is 22km to the east of Cairo. • The development, in New Cairo City, will include a 1.5m sqft retail park, two hotels, an office park and a 1,500 villa residential complex Katameya
  16. 16. Emaar – New Cairo City • Another landmark initiative by Emaar Misr is an upscale residential community, near the new campus of the American University in Cairo. • This new development of around 5,000 luxury homes unfolds on nearly 3.8 million square meters of gently rolling landscape. It will be a self-contained location of several unique neighbourhoods containing every imaginable choice of lifestyle, from villas and town homes to high-rise apartments. • The project fulfils Emaar’s vision to create sustainable development by also providing community centres, hotels, office space and recreation opportunities. Come, live the dream of the perfect blend of work and play in one of the most exclusive residential environments. • Project theme ”Relive the glory of Cairo in modern times” Katameya
  17. 17. Barwa - Katameya • Barwa Real Estate, the Qatari property unveiled plan to build a city in the Katameya area in Egypt in cooperation with Egyptian and Gulf investors. • Company purchased 80 million square feet of land at a cost of 5bn Egyptian Pounds for the purpose, to build a city in the katameya area costing around $1.4 billion. • Barwa revealed it will build malls and residential units on part of the plot and sell the rest for a profit. Katameya
  18. 18. Damac - New Cairo • DAMAC has plans underway for another exciting project in New Cairo. • Taking place on a massive area covering 1500 feddans, it is foreseen to epitomize residential and commercial exclusivity. Katameya
  19. 19. DAMAC – Park Avenue • Located in the 6 October City, a unique development design, conceived to serve as an icon for the city. Park Avenue's unique shape and design will provide a striking, sculptural addition to the skyline during the day and a glowing white beacon at night. A full- fledged development with a unique mix of office, retail and downtown living. This project is expected to be worth US$300 million upon completion • State-of-the-art facilities: – Swipe access – High speed internet – High speed elevators – Luxurious entrance lobby and foyers on all floors – Reception desk with 24-hour security – Security surveillance cameras – Luxury boutiques – Fine dining restaurants – Cafes – High-end retail outlets – Adequate parking within the building Cai/Alex Strip
  20. 20. Emaar - Cairo Gate • Emaar will build a major retail, entertainment and hotel complex in Egypt. The Cairo Gate project will take up over 6.7m sq ft at Emaar's $700m Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road residential and commercial development. • Cairo Gate opens the doors to a distinguished address shared by stylish neighbors – the world’s finest luxury brands – at Cairo’s most upscale retail address. A mixed-use development that covers over 160 acres of prime real estate, Cairo Gate will not just cater to discerning shoppers from the world over, but also those who appreciate a trendy lifestyle that has come of age. While a mega shopping mall will be centrifugal to its appeal, it will be complemented by an office park with world-class facilities, apart from a luxury hotel and residences ranging from townhouses to villas and apartments. • It will include all the amenities of an upscale destination while providing for day-to-day needs – from schools and places of worship to medical facilities. Cai/Alex Strip
  21. 21. Allegria • SODIC's Allegria 4 million square meter development comprises modern residential and commercial facilities set within acres of parkland and designed with young families and children in mind. • Situated within close proximity to the centre of Cairo, the Greg Norman course will provide a stunning backdrop for the villas and townhouses flanking it. • Facilities at the course include a state-of-the-art, clubhouse, golf academy and a driving range, which sits at the centre of the four million square meter Allegria development. A luxury five-star boutique hotel and spa add to the bouquet of amenities at Allegria. Cai/Alex Strip
  22. 22. Royal Meadows • Sheikh Zayed itself, the area where the compound is set, is an ideal location. It is very well connected to the heart of the city with clear well constructed roads, far from the traffic nightmare. The Ring Road being near by, you are pretty much connected to all of Cairo. The air is fresher, and cooler with magnificent evening breezes swaying in from the distant desert. Cherished silence and peace sink into your nerves like very welcomed relief. Float away amidst the mists of fruitful essences. Breathe in the air that will clear the channels of your mind and lift you into the peaceful existence you so painfully crave to lay back and sink into. Let yourself go, the fruitful mists will carry you and lay you gently into the peaceful Royal Meadows. Cai/Alex Strip
  23. 23. Meadows Park • The name is well chosen. Meadows Park compound nestles in open, rolling parkland, a patchwork quilt of verdant meadows. Meadows Park has redefined the meaning of home. It is a place where you can relax, feel safe, enjoy the cozy familiarity of favorite furniture and objects d'art; where you are at one with self and surroundings; a place where you can entertain with complete confidence. • Imaginative planning, rigorous standards, and high quality materials have ensured that all buildings combine inherent integrity with exquisite features. • Meadows Park was designed and built by Egypt's finest engineering companies. Cai/Alex Strip
  24. 24. Emaar - Uptown Cairo • Stylish living in the heart of Cairo, standing tall at the highest point of Downtown Cairo, this four million square meter development by Emaar Misr will bring new meaning to living, working, relaxing and reveling in the city. • Uptown Cairo will reflect the hallmark luxury and style that Emaar’s world-class developments are known for. Stretching over the Mukatam suburb, it will attract the capital’s trendsetters with its vibrant town centre, private clubs, hotels, Golf course, restaurants, cafes and much more. Uptown Cairo’s eleven villages, ranging from low-rise on the hillside to medium-rise (three to 22 storey) further down the slope, will offer panoramic views of the city, making it an address most looked up to. • Loop roads will define each neighborhood, internal roads and pedestrian walkways will provide easy access to schools, swimming pools, healthcare facilities, offices, retail centers and places of worship. Inviting the upwardly mobile to a lifestyle that is complete in every aspect, in one central location. Mukatam
  25. 25. Competitive Review - Implications • Intense competitions. • Mixed development/Quality/location/life style are common across almost all projects. • Need for new angles as USP: – Emotional/Image Driven. – Long Payment Terms. • Significant marketing support needed to stand out.
  26. 26. Eastown & Westown Project Analysis
  27. 27. Project Features - General • Leveraging Solidere’s success in Lebanon. • Harmonious Integration of Residential, Commercial, office, retail, tourist and entertainment. • New Standard of Living (Quality, Maintenance). • Finished Turn Key A class standard. • World Leading Architects, planners.
  28. 28. Project Features - Eastown • 858,900 m2(204.5 feddan) • Lively City Center catering to the Young • Adjacent to AUC and Katameya Dunes • Design: 1. Commercial sector (Mall) serving AUC and Area 2. Green sector serving residential area 3. Business Park serving New Cairo • New Cairo: – 37 educational institutions – Close to Airport and Suez and Ismailia Roads
  29. 29. Project Features - Westown • 1.2 mil m2 (285 feddan) • City Center Serving Area • Adjacent to Beverly Hills (new mehwar?) • Design: 1. Office Park 2. Residential Neighbourhood (Apts and Townhouses) 3. Mall 4. Entertainment + Hotel • Shiekh Zayed: Clean Bahary Air of Area
  30. 30. SWOT Strength • Solidere’s Lebanese Heritage • Eastown Location Weakness • Late Entry • Mixed development offends A+ Opportunity • Marketing Abroad / GCC • LT Payment Scheme • Lebanese Entities early on Threats • Competition • Slowing RE Market
  31. 31. Communication Strategy
  32. 32. 32 3 Investors Corporate 2 Egyptians 1 GCC Egyptians Abroad Segment Overlap = Opportunity Target Groups
  33. 33. Target Groups & Tools 1. GCC : Investors Tools: ATL/BTL PR Individual buyers ATL/BTL Egyptian ex-pats ATL/BTL 2. Egyptians : Future Home builders ATL/BTL PR Upward mobile individuals ATL/BTL PR 3. Investors PR Corporate buyers/movers PR
  34. 34. Positioning • USP (Emotional): Eastown and Westown offer their residents and investors opportunity to be ahead of the pack, and enjoy life as it is conceived by Solidere of Lebanon. No other real estate project in Egypt can offer that spirit. They are part of the Exclusive Solidere/Sodic’s development, and will be the first members of their Exclusive Club. • Support: Conceived and Managed by Solidere/Lebanon, Built by SODIC/Egypt Eastown and Weston are high quality developments, offering vibrant life style, in prime locations within new suburbs of Cairo. They are brought to you by Solidere the premiere developer who created the magnificent Lebanese new Downtown, and SODIC the solid Egyptian developer who brought to you the beautiful Beverly Hills.
  35. 35. Objectives: targets at large to reach • Real Estate investors and developers • Operators and tenants of main anchors • Retailers and Retail tenants • Offices and Business tenants. • “A” Class Residents • High Tech Companies • International Media and Ad Companies • Attract new local, regional and multinational clients, as per above groups, to relocate in Eastown and Westown and profit from the unique mixed-use environment, high quality infrastructure and services including Fiber-Optic Broadband and WiFi services covering the 2 districts. • Consumers
  36. 36. Communication Guidelines • Message: Solidere/Quality/Life Style/Luxury/Location • Tools: Local Media Press/Mags/Radio/TV Regional Media Targeted Media PR Trade Shows Road Shows Events Website Direct Mail / Press Pack Printed Material : Brochure / Flyers DVD Outdoor + Out Of Home
  37. 37. Tone and Character • Up-market (Tad Arrogant) • Confident • Intelligent • Lively • Modern/High Tech spirit • People not Concrete • Touch of Lebanon
  38. 38. Communication Phases Need for 2 Phased Campaign: 1. Phase 1: PR (see separate GCI presentation): Corporate - Establish Solidere/SODIC » introduce Solidere’s aspirational unique projects in Lebanon. » Re-establish SODIC following recent negative history. » People buy into developer before property. 2. Phase 2: ATL/BTL + Launch Event + PR Communicate projects of two cities. » Eastown more distinctive with less competition, but more developed. » Westown location remote (today) and needs more time for commercial property and Investors. » Anticipate Real Estate market signs of softening. Above all, stand up to Emaar/Damac/TMG/MAF/Barwa/Deyar who have a history of overspending.
  39. 39. Concepts 5 concepts are devised to convey the main message: A. Sophistication B. Lifestyle C. Civilizations D. Suns E. Compass
  40. 40. Concept A: “Sophistication” Creative Platform: • Solidere comes to Egypt with a reputation of a unique and sophisticated vision of urbanism. • Solidere Downtown Beirut and Saifi Village have become references in originality, luxury and savoir-vivre, the Lebanese way. A much valued reference in Egypt and the Arab World. Concept A : Solidere is to urbanism, what Haute Couture is to Prêt-à-porter: Signé Solidere Solidere Solidere Westown Eastown 2 new cities conceived and managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt.
  41. 41. Concept A: “Sophistication” Body Copy: Starting end of 2010, 6th of October and Katemiya will never be the same. Westown and Eastown, the two new cities, will become the beating heart of these two sectors and will naturally attract a mix of various refined crowds. World famous urban urbanists, architects and interior designers have conceived a unique vision of how sophisticated life will be in the ungated cities of the future.
  42. 42. Concept B: ‘Lifestyle” Creative Platform: • Solidere comes to Egypt with a reputation of a unique and sophisticated vision of urbanism. • Solidere Downtown Beirut and Saifi Village have become references in originality, luxury and savoir-vivre, the Lebanese way. A much valued reference in Egypt and the Arab World. Concept B : Live life in a new way, the Solidere way. My Life, The Solidere way. Solidere Solidere Westown Eastown 2 new cities conceived and managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt.
  43. 43. Concept B: ‘Lifestyle” Body Copy: Starting end of 2010, 6th of October and Katemiya will never be the same. Westown and Eastown, the two new cities will become the beating heart of these two sectors and will naturally attract a mix of various refined crowds. World famous urban urbanists, architects and interior designers have conceived a unique vision of how sophisticated life will be in the un- gated cities of the future.
  44. 44. Concept C: “Civilizations” Creative Platform: • History is made when two civilizations meet: • The Phoenicians, inventors of “good life” join forces with • The Pharaohs, “Builders of wonders” to create two new cities in Egypt. Concept C : ‫الحضارات‬ ‫لقاء‬ Civilizations meet When civilizations meet, wonders are created to build two new cities near Cairo: Solidere Solidere Westown Eastown Conceived and managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt.
  45. 45. Concept C: “Civilizations” Body Copy: 2010 is the year when these two civilizations will take urbanism in Egypt to new heights. Westown in 6th of October and Eastown in Katemiya will become the new ungated mega cities, that will change the meaning of good life and master building for generations to come.
  46. 46. Concept D: “Suns” Creative Platform: • From East to West, the sun never sets on the two new capitals of Cairo. Westown, capital of the West, and Eastown capital of the East. Concept D : ‫أبدا‬ ‫تغرب‬ ‫ل‬ ‫الشمس‬ The sun never sets Two new suns in the sky of Cairo. Solidere Solidere Westown Eastown Conceived and managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt.
  47. 47. Concept D: “Suns” Body Copy: 2010 will be the year when you will see two new suns over Cairo. One over Westown in 6th of October And another over Eastown in Katemiya, the new ungated mega cities where the sun never sets.
  48. 48. Concept E: “Compass” Creative Platform: • 2010 is the decisive year. • Go East or go West ? That is the question. Concept D : ‫؟‬ ‫الغرب‬ ‫أو‬ ‫الشرق‬ EAST OR WEST ? Let the Solidere Compass guide you. Solidere Solidere Westown Eastown 2 new mega cities Conceived and managed by Solidere/Lebanon. Built by SODIC/Egypt.
  49. 49. Concept E: “Compass” Body Copy: In 2010 the Solidere compass will guide you to the East and to the West at the same time, To Westown in 6th of October And to Eastown in Katemiya, the new ungated mega cities of Cairo.
  50. 50. Communication Calendar 2008 January 2008: Launch Event Preparing Artworks PR first wave OOH February: Press/Mags/OOH Catalogue/BTL + PR second wave Production March/April: Local TV/OOH PR third wave May/October: ATL PR fourth wave Trade Fairs/Shows, according to their pre-set dates, in Egypt and GCC.
  51. 51. Year One Budget Estimate
  52. 52. Year one budget Preliminary budget cost-estimate: Public Relations/Events: Basic Monthly Retainer: $10.000 Annual: $120.000 • To be handled by GCI in the Middle-East (Beirut/Dubai/Doha/Jeddah…) and directly out of our Cairo office for Egypt market, under the direction of the GM Greg Wixted. • This covers all your needs in PR coverage across the line: Launch, Maintenance, Special Events, Road Shows, Specialized Exhibitions, etc.
  53. 53. Year one budget Total Launch: $ 710.000 Launch Media: Egypt Press: $210.000 Egypt Local TV: $250.000 Egypt Radio: $100.000 Launch Event: (Including major star entertainment): $150.000
  54. 54. Year one budget Total Production: $ 250.000 Printed material: Print material/Brochures/Flyers/Catalogues: Annual: $ 100.000 TV Production: 30” Basic x 2 Annual: $ 120.000 Photography/Artworks: For print material/press ads, etc… Annual: $ 30.000
  55. 55. Year one budget Total extra activities: $ 950.000 OOH: Billboards/panels, etc… Annual: $ 600.000 Road Shows: Road shows allocations: Annual: $ 150.000 Sponsoring: Special TV programs/Magazines/Radio: Annual: $ 100.000
  56. 56. Year one budget Recap: Total Year One : $ 2.000.000 Egypt Press/Local TV/Radio: Launch: $ 560.000 Event: $ 150.000 Public Relations/Events: Annual: $ 120.000 Print: $ 100.000 TV Production: $ 120.000 OOH: Billboards/panels, etc… $ 600.000 Photography/Artworks: $ 30.000 Road Shows: $ 150.000 Sponsoring: $ 100.000 Unforeseen: $ 70.000
  57. 57. Solidere/Sodic Grey Global Team Grey Cairo: Gerard Avedissian heading a team of 3 Client service and PR Hosam Bary with team of 3 creative Grey Beirut: Consultancy GCI:Cairo/GCC: Greg Wixted and team of PR experts MediaCom:Cairo/GCC: Hesham Siam and team of media planners/buyers
  58. 58. THANK YOU Eastown & Westown Egypt Conceived and Managed by Solidere/Lebanon Built by SODIC/Egypt
  59. 59. Appendix
  60. 60. Other Projects in New Cairo/Katameya
  61. 61. Arabia district • Owner name: Arabia GP • Location: beside AUC • General planning: 50 fedans, 36 building( 4 floors ) compound, built on about 30% of total area • Project elements: shopping mall, club house, swimming pool, 52 shops, 2 hospitals, 2 pharmacies, the current situation: only 1 pharmacy, 1super market, that works
  62. 62. Zezenia • Owner name: Ardic Co • Location: beside AUC • Project elements: mall, shops, and club house • General planning: 78 fedans, 79 buildings, 25 town houses, 39 villas
  63. 63. Maxim Country Club • Owner name: Krar group • Location: beside AUC • General planning: 78 fedans, 300 villas compound, built on 16% of total area • Project elements: – 4.5 fedans elite sporting club, restaurant, tennis club, squash, swimming pools, billiard, soccer, and social building – Also, it includes a 6 fedans shopping mall which contains 5 luxury cinemas, bowling center, billiards, and restaurants
  64. 64. Royal Maxim • Owner name: Karar group • Location: behind JW Marriot • General planning: 18 fedans, 44 palaces compound • Project elements: it includes a grand hotel may be managed by Grand Hayat group, it provides all services that residents need
  65. 65. Seasons Residence • Owner name: Hassan Allam sons group • Location: near to Al-Rehab, and beside AUC • General planning: 50 fedans, 92 Spanish villas compound, standing on 10% of the land • Project elements: club house (swimming pool, gym, tennis courts), and lakes
  66. 66. Moon Valley • Owner name: Arabia group • Location: By AUC • General planning: 50 fedans, 82 villas resort, built on 12.5% from total area • Project elements: – club area on 2200 m² which includes; tennis court, health club, swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, and coffee shops – Also, it includes public gardens and lakes, shopping center, and mosque
  67. 67. Mountain View • Location: beside AUC • General planning: 2 projects; The first is a 36 fedans, villas compound and it is sold out, the second is a 50 fedans,140units, villas compound, built on 15% from total area • Project elements: – Club House: which includes; Business center, In-door swimming pool, Restaurant, Café, mini-market, Billiards, Nursery, Laundry, Hair dresser, Clinic, Library, GYM – Sport Facilities: foot ball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, jogging tracks, swimming pool, and beach volley
  68. 68. VillaR • Owner name: Dorra • Location: in front of Future University and beside new campus of AUC. • General planning: 84 fedan, 140 villas compound, built on 25 % of total area • Project elements: services area, club house.
  69. 69. Lake View • Owner name: United company for touristic and real estate development • Location: right on Al Tese’n St. beside the air force hospital • General planning: 320 fedans, 520 villas, built on 10%, It contains from 5 phases, 1st , 2nd , 3rd phases is completely sold out, and there hand over after 1 year • Project elements: 5 star hotel, spa, club house
  70. 70. Katamya Dunes • Owner name: New Cairo company for real estate investment, Previous projects: Katamya heights • Location: Beside AUC • General planning: 450 fedans, 370 villas compound • Project elements: golf courts, hotel, club, swimming pools, and tennis courts
  71. 71. Al Diar • Owner name: Al-Ahly for real estate development & Husain Sabor. • Location: beside AUC • General planning: 114 fedans villas compound, built on 30% of total land area, and the rest is green area • Project elements: club house, and service area (about 5 fedans).