My remain


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this is y real life story 1st paper

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My remain

  1. 1. Page 01Hi how r u? I am fine how about u? Very well so today have only 45 minute to chat. wecan start chatting yea sure. I am ready to chat, u? I am too. Ok, start so, u know wherewe stop last day chatting? Yes I am not sure, me be u stop still remained u mind theinnocent girl. She is gated hit from her mother for u? Yes u r correct. I have remind thatreally, the seen until knock my heart. U knows! The seen gone before 16nth year, until Ican’t forget the seen! N the girl actually I like her, look her mother. N for my featureshe is has smart body figure & white skein able nice looking beautiful girl. But I like herflow her mother, because her mother is best house wife. The modern world not availableother any woman likes her. U knows she is a woman who never out anything from herhouse before get permit ion from her husband. If come her brother/sister/father/mother/other any near religion. But when got permit ion from her husband she is never saysanything about that. Other wish she is a heart full & kind full mother. My thinking thegirl must flow her mother. If the girl going like her mother is so great, all ways Icarried the thinking on my head. This is my won dream in the time gone some days I will notsee her face. But I feel her deeply by my heart to get her to my life partner. Me be Iloved her. But I don’t know this time to until today she is loving me or not, n ever she hasloved me or not. But it sure until I loved her n ever I loving her and, going loving heruntil my last day before die. Because its’ my 1st innocent/ holy heart feeling love. N myheart said me be this is our both heart feeling able innocent/ holy love. I am sorry forthat in time I will go village to local city when I got permit ion to admission at shahbagpur government collage after pashed 1st certificate exam. When I will go our local cityfor study than me, be, I will forget my village everything look at modern city fashion.Also I forget the sweet village girl who come at 1st my life and try to get other moderna beauty fashionably girl in my life; she has a student at class seven at the city girlsschool. At 1st when I look her at school way, than I like her look her sweet and kind fullface, bodies figure also her good activity. The have my one side loves. She never love me,when she is understood I flow her than one day call me, at obda house by an other girland told me please look at me like a sister & brother eye this is my request I have notelder brother you like my elder brother. I have not said anything this moment to her. JustI thinking what can I will do this moment, and how can control my won self. Among gonetree four days after one day I heard early morning when I am won morning walk someone told me, the girl last night gone out away with them house electrical worker. I amso, sorry for women mind; I don’t know what is want a woman from a man, as son as Iwill go back to the village beauty queen girl. But I am sorry for my wrong, also womennegative mind and my bad luck. Actually until today not come any positive mind ablegirls won my life them love me, come many one love me by negative Way, that’s why me be I lost her. One day night I bring a nasty girl won our area. Andstay a native women house near our house and this night we live to gather, the full nightearly morning we leave from the house. The girl come my life from 12 June 1996 whendoing general election of in Bangladesh.Page 02This day I got permit ion to auditioning the general election from pema international pareelection audition group. When I run to voting camp way I see a young very ham samesmart body figural a beauty girl like collage student going this way and flow me deeply.I look her two three times after all I will go won my way to the voting camp. Prompt Ijoint won my duty; because I reach just 8 am when start vote. Some time I have busy wonduty. me be I forgotten the girl who flow me on the way. But no she is not forget me,until she is flow me, I look her on the voting line. After all I don’t take her seriouslywon my memory. I go back won my duty and have busy until finish vote. But she is notforget me, when I will finish my duty signet the vote counting paper, take my report fileand come back on the office way by bicycle, mid way I see stay the girl, and stop my runand request me to help her for stay this night. A young women request to a young man,Also she told me she is come from too per you don’t worry early morning I shall go backmy way, please help me only stay this night. (When get a real offer from a sweet fullyoung girl what can do17 years older a man?) It’s at 1st I get a girl who openly talkwith me, and request me to stay with me a night. I can’t return the emotionally offerfrom a girl. I take her back side won my bicycle move to my uncle house way, near beforeI know haven an empty garden house nobody live there.This is last evening I look our around coming little dark, than I request her please stayhere just I come back. She told me ok please come back quickly, prompt I will go my unclehouse keep my bicycle .good luck when I put bicycle than I get an our other reporter wonuncle house voting camp, than I send my report file with him to the office. I get free wonduty, but have tension where can we live this night. In time I get a friend he is given me alocation, at her sister house them gone one other house just now empty no problem feel
  2. 2. free u can live there. Really I get tension free to living this night. Quickly we run aboutto the house way. When we reach at the house I looking around the house, my friend notsaid lie with us. Its like a dream land house, front side road, back side garden, right sideopen land, left side long open cannel, mid place open mart, road side stay a nice smallhome, the enough for living a small family. Really its very nice house, before I can’tbelieved that like the nice house wait for us.When we reach the dream land house than the girl give me surprise as son as she is catchme, and start kissing here to there around my all face, also request me please love mekiss me or not kill me! I am upset and stand up like a chanceless man. Because it is my 1stidea to stay and live to gather with a young girl an empty house. I am new and at 1st Istay to live to gather with an unknowing girl, I get little worried see the girl acting.After all what can I do I will try to flow her, she is lessen me and I am learning fromher, actually I feel too happy the moment.Page 3But I am so sorry for that just when we are going last pleasure fighting, than come twoboys with a lamp and said who is in the room come out or we soundly crying and call thesociety people. All most they attract us. I will quickly take my pant shirt but my shoesgone them hand. They want black main us, thanks god right that time my friend he is getfree us from them hand. When we looking other place than going other hung, my cousinbrother come with take some food to us. And request to share him with us. Actually weare helpless this moment, than the girl say ok no problem I am agree. But our bad luckwhen we run the new place way than add my other cousin brother with other two peoplewant to share with us. Not make bad something, Now we thinking how able one girl withfive boys! The girl feels too helpless, than she is agreeing does with all people. We stayin mid garden, I and the girl, other 4person gone to decided where can live this night, thanin the gap we come out away from the garden to other garden. And living happily thisnight in the garden, really I don’t know how is going the night. Early morning when Iwalkup, than I look a young nice full woman come to the cannel border, near the gardenwhere we stay the night. the woman when come the cannel border and slowly come downby cannel ladder to in water some time swimming at in the cannel water with brush herBrest and vagina by hand. I will flow that be carefully and feel very happy look hersweet body part one by one when she is put off and put own her clothes. Its very exitinglook a village woman, open nicely body also I see too nice her both Brest, and bodyfigure, and under navel black hear around the vagina its too nice full looking. me be, sheis live to gather with her husband. She is not looking us. she is gone her won way whenfinish her body frees. Until so, so dark around us I take last chance from the girl. After(I will pay five hundred taka won my self for travel) she is gone her own way I am to myuncle house way. just when I reach them attract me the 4 person, they until wait for uscome back, them full night found us here to there not go to bed, they too angry with me,after all I deeply request them and tell lie the girl gone away I will try to flow her butI am sorry she go per away behind me. They not believe me also get free me but attractmy bicycle after all I got my bicycle take my uncle help and come back our house. In timegoing some days thinking about the election, sorry for that my bad luck the election goesdown our party BNP and wins our opposition party AWAMI LEAGUE. This is very sadnews for me. I start feeling that went down my life. Start grows up old enemy newlyaround me, they make hung for me, but I not take that carefully. I knowing andunderstand that. When I got second time the nasty girl and bring our won area, and stayone night the native women house. But before I don’t know about the native womennature.When we reach this house I told theme she is (the girl) my wife and until our family don’tknow about our married. I will request them we can stay one night at your home. Theysaid ok no problems if you can stay our poor house, it good luck for us. I will pay somemoney for arrange diner to us. Page 4They make age and hot red chilly pry, it is very testy food and I hear it’s to hot and goodmake for sex, this is make real sex. I practically feel that. When we take diner than thewomen get ready bed to sleep us. We come to bed for sleep around in 9-30 to 10 pm, I
  3. 3. take 1st chance me be after half an hour when we come to bed. And get ready for secondchance me be 12, 30 am when broken my 1st wake up, I see the girl gone deep sleep lookingvery nice her sleepy open Body. When I look the seen can’t miss it start catching, kissingand posing, I get feeling very happy among doing half an hour I can’t feel a little weakrunning my won duty. the girl start crying (I got pain, I feeling very bad, coming mybreath stopping, me be I am going die) and request me please get free me, I am sorry Ican’t put her request .me be, nobody can’t do it this moment. But I can’t running long timeand finish my won duty when got sound other side from the native women. She soundly toldme, stop it. What are you wanted? you want to kill the girl. I am not look before a boylike you! Are you want to see die this girl? Than I will stop, the girl goes out side withthe woman for fresh. I feel very bad after all what can I will do? When she has comeback after fresh won my bed many time I will try but she is not give me chance. Earlymorning we come out away. the girl gone her way I am at my home way. Just when Ireach at my home than I hear the native woman out the last night all story here tothere. Thanks god out it when I get free send the girl. Its right I get free but lost morethose never can found me back. At 1st my innocent heart feeling loving girl 2nd my Societyimage. If she can’t show any document against me, after all them shall try doing anything against me they are failed. If they are failed but they can’t give me living freelife, all ways stand against me. The meter issued makes a big tragedy in my life. The Ifeel when Third time the girl come my life one day on running car. I can’t return herrequest. She is request to tour revere area. we touring by car, baby taxi, rishka andsome time by foot. Full day we turning and get more to more pleasure. When taxi my bothhand in her both Brest, when we walking by foot than my hand her nick by in Brest thanwhen we alone take a kiss. Really going a fans tasting day, when we finish tour thancoming dark around us, the girl again request to stay at night with me, what can I willdo (when come any request from a young girl) I call my brother in low my cousinhusband, for help. he is gives me a good and fully freedom place, his brother in lowrunning chairman, that means he is also brother in low my lover. We go there and staythis night. Before I don’t cars and thinking about that the chairman my lover brother inlow, when he knows and look practically my corrector never be hand over his sister inlow won my hand. When early morning leave the girl than remind me that. After all Ilost her, me be this is my fault. Other wish one day I got a letter she is wrote that hercousin brother in low. She is mentioned in the letter I can’t forget you from that day, thehappy moment all ways nock me and remind me you. Page 5When I go study room than your face come won my front, when I take book for read thancome your face won my eye. All ways I look you, you my all I love you, come at my homeI want to meet with you, I love you, I love you. Here I have to say something about a girland what is girls thinking. What want a girl from a boy? My friend told me if you likeany girl at first you must take target touch her body, when you can touch her body thanshe never can for get and chit with you. This is a girl weakness side, if you can’t do thatyou can’t take sure you can get her or not. This is real women nature. Also he told mewhen you got free moment one second with your girl friend than not miss take one kiss herleap or other any place those your choice. I will try to flow and use my friend advicepractically some one really I am success my won mind test, but I want to say sorry myfriend why he has not give me the advice before, I lost my lover. If I got before when my1st innocent heart feeling lover won my control. You know I want to try keeping pure mylover that’s why I never try to touch her body. I thinking she is born only for me. Her allthinking takes by me like my thinking. But no my thinking is wrong. All is wrong justfrom now I understood. Now a day a girl mind a girl with a boy love means bodies playnothing more and love fore man women body play. I heard my sister in low, she is choiceher husband sweet fully cousin (she is my lover) fore her brother, at 1st she talk with herfamily to engage them but they not accept her offer. After other many way she is try tomeet them, when come her brother her husband house than she call her to meet with herbrother and take out to free place to talk them but nothing her target. After two treeyears One day she is takes a plant to go watching film with takes her husband cousin andtalk with the girl they go to film hall watching film, with she is call her brother andsent them a cabin to watch film. and before told her brother it is your last chance, whenhe get permeation from his sister than he take target to touch her body, they takes sitealone a cabin he and she, and wait for chance, they watching film, just when come anagged seen than emotionally he touch her body, left hand gone her arm right hand gonein her both Brest, lip catching her lip, he has got happy real feelings with get supportfrom her. He is successes won target .after watching film they go to hotel and stay thisnight at the hotel and take finish live together, when finish live together now he cantension free living, because now a days the girl self come to meet with him, and request
  4. 4. him to meet at night when gone sleep her parent. Also request to go away with him behindher family. I heard more about woman’s from the nasty girl come at 1st nagged way wonmy life. When I request to tell me why she is come to the nagged way, than she told me,when she is too young this time die her father. When her father die, after they livingthere village chairman house garden make a small home, her mother doing house wifeworking at chairman house, she is go with her mother, and play with chairman doter, herage around 16/17 years. She is bigger than her. Page 6One day she is look the chairman doter with her teacher doctor play open body game, inthe bed room at bed, the doter is down up teacher doctor catching any other also slowlycrying the doter and say please slowly, slowly. But until she has don’t know what is theman woman game play? I thinking the teacher hit the doter than she get ready with astick to hit the teacher. When I get ready to hit the teacher, than the doter look at meand say what you do, go out side with get ready them and as soon as go away theteaser . I feel worried and thinking why she is going angry. But thanks god the dotercome to me carry happy feelings at her face, and told me you knowing after some daythan touch my young small Brest nipple by her hand. When she touches my small Brestnipple, with catch me by her both hand and kiss me, than I feel any one nock my inside andfeel so happy, among going some days one day night when I wake up than I see thechairman play that game with my mother, this time I have sleepy mod still my eye. Afterall I soundly ask him who are you? Than he stop my mouth by his hand and don’t makeany sound. also I see slowly his hand come up my Brest he smooth my both small Brestand kiss my here to there around my pace and told me, wait after some days doing withyou this play, my mother is quite not say anything. When go out the chairman than I askmy mother why the chairman comes at our house? My mother told me you don’t know thatnow after some days you know why he is come. I wait and see the moment, among time oneday noon time I will go paddy field take some paddy for our chicken, back side at ourhome. I look here to there nobody alone me in the paddy land I take some paddy and getready to back at home, in time call my cousin come here, in side the long paddy land if I inthe paddy land no body can look me. I feel worry after all I thinking he is my cousin whyI feel worried. I will moving there when I reach front my cousin than as soon as he catchme, and sleep down in the paddy land and open my clothes and start pushing his panic inmy vagina. Stile I don’t know what he wants to doing with me, I feel pain in my vagina. Iwill try crying when got too pain, but no body can heard my crying sound. He stops mymouth by his right hand and go away, throw me in the land like a dad body, when finishhis work. I can’t do anything against his. After some time I come back at home, but feelvery bad ¾ days not going out from at home, among going some days in time one day nontime when my mother gone chairman house for working. Right this moment chairmancomes at our home. He is call me come here, when I come near his than he said me, you areso sweet, very nice girl I like you. I want to married you, you are agree? With I flow heis look at me nagged way , as soon as he catch me and throw down at bed quickly openmy clothes from my body and start play that open body game with me, before I knowinganything. He not heard my any word continue doing his game with me. when finish thanleave from our house and told me not say anybody about it. If I heard from any one yousay about it than you and your mother must go out from the house, what I will do thismoment I have quite.oment, in time I get sound from the baby, he told me, I don’t say anything my mother ifyou give chance play this game that played my father with you. I will say ok come and Istart my new life from the moment by him, really at first I feel very happy play withhim. They continue play with me in one month chairman, his son, and other tree youngworker, also other near tree four people, after one month I come out side from our houseand start pound new nice panic. Till today I got less than two hundred new panics andpounding new panic, tile die this is my promise with won my self. I am catch her hung anddown my file before I don’t knowing she is a hunger girl. When I know about her storythan I will try to save won my self from her hunger. But she is not want to catch freewon me, one day I will try to deeply thinking about the girl and get help from an olderman. He told me your have one way, if you can start rough use with her. One day whenhe comes, I call my three four friends and hand over her to them. Really I get free herhunger from next day till she is not come to disturb me, and until I not look her face. Iwant to say thanks the older man for his good advice. Actually a good advice canchange a real life. I got the advice when all ready gone too down my life. This is me besuch in deed in the ways of the world. Just when I get free from the girl hand, after somedays start our second certificate exam, our exam start from Thursday at shahbaj purgovernor degree collage lal Mohan thana.1st day English 1st part 2nd day at Saturday
  5. 5. stEnglish second part. We jo in t exam at Thursd ay com pl te English 1 part and Saturday ecoming exam hall for joint English second part, when we complete 50% answer thanstart fighting with magistrate to student by abseil and hit a student. Joint out sidepeople in fight fire three police pickup, two magistrate car and damage many exam halldoor, window, furniture, also die a police man in the fighting. After fight exam boardstop exam this subject and cancel the exam hall to transfer bola shadar governmenthigh school. We go there to joint exam and I will take a site for stay my cousin house,because the hall too per from my house. I stay there 21 days after exam I come back at stour home. In time 1 day after exam I reach near the house than look a nice full girl, shecome out from the house. When we come face to face than ask me the girl who are youand where you want go, I say my name and about my cousin than she said oh I c wellcome and gone away before I say anything. After lunch I come my study table n thinkingabout the girl than I got a girl sound can I come in, I say yea sure you welcome. I looklike a dream. The girl come in my study room and stays front side the study table. Whenwe come face to face than I see her eye is emotionally looking at me and knock my footby her foot finger down side in the table. When she knock my foot than I close my studybook and try to take the chance, I will try to knocking her body by foot finger. One timemy finger start run foot to leg in side her sallower than she told me nasty boy and tryto go away from the room. When she try to go away from the room than I call her,anything wrong she told me no, so why to leave from the room. I catch her hand and say,come here in my heart. When I catch her hand than she easily come with me at my bed.Only said if look us any one. Among lye going 8/9 days and night, when we got free timethan we joint play the game at room and out site at in garden. One day evening timewhen we joint the game in garden, than come my cousin doter in garden and going standup when look us in play the game, not say anything stand up like a doll. Her age me be in13/14 years. As soon as we get ready and save won self and try to thinking what can dothis moment. If the doter told any one about us, what can do us, and how can do manesher to support us, than said the girl just the moment have open only one way if you canplay this game with her at now. My thinking how is able when she is my cousin doter.After all knock a think in my head, man can do anything for live and save on self. Sowhy I can’t do for save won my self. I will go near her than she said uncle you! I say yeasorry Uncle fore give me! She told me no uncle I will provide my mother about it you arevery bad man. I never hope like this from you! Than I thinking what can I do this momentas soon as, I catch her hand and request to her please not say, anything about yourmother, you are a good girl, you are a nice girl, among unfortunately my hand going herhand to face. I catch her face by both hand and put two tree kiss at her face. When I puttwo tree kiss at her face than she told me what you do uncle, than I say nothing just Ilove you my darling, you are so sweet girl come my heart and tell me you not sayanything you mother and any other. I see when I will say like those than emotionally shesaid don’t worry my dear uncle about it. I never say anyone than catch me by her bothhand and say I love you too my dear uncle. In chance my both hand running and check upher full body. When unfortunately my left hand gone under her vagina than I feel outanything from her vagina like liquate, swimming around her vagina after I can’t controlwon my self. As soon as I put sleep down her and open her sallower from her body withworriedly if she say me anything, because I am her uncle. but thanks god, she is havequite and close her both eye only say if look any one us than I say don’t worry no one stcome this moment here. We going play that game, 1 pushing time she shall try to cry stafter come back normally feelings and support me from down. Actually at 1 time I getclear feelings play this game with her, I never can forget the moment. When open herclothes than come out her real sweets, some time I get looking her open sweet able bodylike a doll pin fish. The two girls come to meet & live together with me, when got freemoment until I live there. After exam I will come back at my won house. When I comeback this time I will promised with them I come back again meet them, but my bad luck intime I got danger accident to save our land from our against party hand 1997 this year.The accident gives like divide my right hand from my body. This time I have secondcertificate final exam student. I got accident when complete nine subjects. I can’tcomplete the exam for my accident. When I got accident as soon as I will come our localhospital with my religion & my supporter people, the duty in charge doctor told the localhospital can’t treatment it danger accident. The doctor transfers me to Barisalshowararddi hospital. We reach Barisal showararddi hospital at night, with me my eldersister and cousin. They gone away admit me to the hospital. This night my sister lostsomething for me, fore gives me I can’t display that here. Until next day morning eight amI can’t know what type of accident I will do and what wait fore my feature life by theaccident. At nine am when my sister comes at the hospital and contract with doctor. Iwill little under stud when the doctor said better to divide the right hand from the bodyor if you want to joint it must you shall invest less than two million taka. If you able topay this money we will do that or than my sister said no doctor you will do starttreatment to joint the hand with body. I will able to pay that money. The doctor said okyou shall go to arrange money after one week we will go to operation. My sister goneback at home put me alone a single bed at the small cabin in the hospital. At the cabinhave other two single sites one empty other one have an older patient with his wife and
  6. 6. young swee t ab le dote r. My sis te r be fore le aving to ld the cabin o the r sites peopl p le ase elooks m y b ro the r and takes care . When le ave m y sis te r from the cabin th an com e thedote r at m y site and re quest m e to say abou t m y accident and what type of care can shedoes. I will fee l fre e te ll he r all abou t accident and m y re al life and say th anks I te llyou when I need any type of he lp from you ok . S he to ld m e abou t he r life and fam ily. Intim e com e the cabins o the r a patient with his new wife and o the r two th ree peopl withethem at 1 2.30 pm . 1 pm com e ou r lunch afte r lunch I will wise to talk with them . I will goto the cabin m eetand talks with them al so knowing abou t the accident. I look the re s tayon ly the new wife at in the cabin. S he is crying s tay at bed also cove ring he r face by he r stboth hand . When I will in the cabin th an she ask m e, who are you? because at 1 she islooking me, that’s why I don’t mind. I will say sorry after show my address and ask herwhere her husband is also request knowing me about her husband accident. When I willask about her husband than she is start more soundly crying and told me he is in at theoperation theater me be he is did not live. He is too weak because he is lost his both legand panic by the car accident and said by her crying face tell me what I can do thismoment my brother. I will say quite please and try to control at won self. When I telllike that, than look me mindfully and helplessly the new wife by crying face, as soon asI will try to clean her faces water, but she can’t stop her crying. When I ask her whyyou cry sister like that, than she told me about her husband accident and her marriedlife, she is staying only one night with her husband after married. Now this situationwhat can do she is this time. She starts more soundly cry than I will try to quiet & stopher crying and clean her face and try to understood her got do any thing for good.Among going some days in time come beck my sister finish my operation, I feel little ok mysister go back at home, in st I can’t do contract with them. When go back my sister I timeget free than as soon as 1 go to meet new peasant with new wife cabin. When I reachthe cabin see alone new wife and still crying, I will try to stop her crying than shecatch my nick by her both hand with crying face and ask me brother there you goneleave me alone, and tell me, what can I will do and what is my feature? I don’t knowwhat is have my answer this moment. when her both hand catch my nick and her youngsweet sexy body set with my body like leech. I will try to thinking and feel about herwhen she catch my nick and nock me by her both Brest like nail than I feel her body is sohot in time change my feelings & mind. My panic going too hot grows up like stick and tryto nock her body. This time I see she is keep quiet and me be feel my panic nock than shecatch my panic and try to set her vagina than I can’t control won my self, I will catchher by my left hand and bring her in toilet after smooth her both Brest, socking her bothlips, both nipple, navel and keep up her sherries and start pushing her vagina by panic.She is keep quiet not said anything. I got full support won my work from her. After finishI will come back won my site and try to thinking again about the woman. Me, be, afterhalf an hour I see the new wife come at my site way carry smiling won her face and askme how you are nutty boy? You are a very bad man. I will kill you, I say ok kill me!Than she emotionally catches my body and put two three kiss won my face, with said Ilove you I want your company all ways. From this day continuo meet with me when gotfree time, among gone over two month one day she told me, me be I will go to mother yourson. Because my missing is stop from last month. In time after some days they leave frommedical. Before leaving the medical she is cry again catch my neck and promised with me,she will group my son by her real mother care and request me to meet with her to go athome. When I got relies from the medical. When she is leave from medical after threefour days going very badly my life. I deeply to feel her company because going last dayswe live to gather like husband wife. Here I want to say sorry fore human life andthinking. When they got new some thing than can forget last and old all thing me, besuch in deed in the ways of the world. Actually all ways I will try to get learning fromwon life. Here I flow about won my life. When the girl leave from medical I feel verybad some days other wise When I get other new girl than can forget her as soon as. Iwant to say sorry again for that I got many girls won my little life they love me, byshow them sweet body. But until not get a girl whose love me by her heart. Exam plywhen gone the new wife from the medical than I try to pound new one in time I get a sweetable too young nurse. st is immediately admitted to the medical for get practically Shenursing teaching. At 1 when I look the young sweetly nurse I feel her by my heart; seeher smart body figure sweet able and kind full face, mindfully looking at me. Also Iflow she is a graffiti cable girl, I know that when one day I call her to help me to fire acigarette by match. Because I can’t fire it by one hand my other hand is damage this timecan’t available the gas lighter. She is not allow me go away take turn look mindfullyshow me her sexually backside. The seen changed my mind. From the moment I will try tolook at her mindfully eyes and wait for chance. But I am sorry I can’t catch her. She isnot come at my cabin if come won duty time go away put medicine at table not sayanything me and not come cleaning time to clean my bed. One day when I will request toclean my bed than she sent other an older nurse, after all she is not come but I see she isstill flow me mindfully, also until I can’t guess what is her thinking and why she is flowme mindfully. One day I stand up with a cigarette at balcony out side the cabin this timethe nurse come at my cabin and looked here to there. This time I look at her face she isfeel too nervous when not see me at bed than I call her sister I am here out side at
  7. 7. balcony. This tim e las t e vening m e, be 5.30 pm . S he to ld m e from tom orrow change m yduty d ay to night. S o I have to fre e tom orrow 6 pm from now. If you wish I can give youcom pany fo r th is tim e. I te ll he r I can’t be lie ve it. Really you give m e com pany o r ju s tm ake jo king with m e? I don’t like jo king th an she hol m y hand and to ld m e no d arling you dcan be lie ve m e, I don’t m aking jo ke with you. Really I wan t you. ok not say anyth ingge ts re ad y to go watching film . You know th is week com e a new film at jonacki filmhall. I say ok we go to film hall by rishka. We take a rishka she is sited at m y le ft side Iam righ t side m y le ft hand put he r nick we sited se t bod y with any o the r, like husbandwife . The hand touch é he r nick to b re as t when ju nking the rishka, som e tim e I will touchwon m y se lf to te s t he r fe e lings, and look at he r face . What is he r fe e lings I look he rfe e lings is too we ll, m e be she is like it. Really rishka tou r is too fe ns tas ting tou r ifhave with a young girl. Afte r half an hour we re ach at film hall and take two ticke ts.We sited the las t two sites inside at in the hall. When s tart film th an com e ou t he r re alface she is s tart knocking m e, afte r all fu ll show tim e m y hand p lay take with he r bod y.Also the film has like two X. when we com e ou t from hall afte r finish film th an shere quest m e go to shopping m all. I th inking she will be pay m oney ju s t I he lp with he r, toshopping th an I say ok le ts go, bu t when we go to shopping m all and afte r shoppingchange m y m ind again, when he r shopping all m oney go from m y pass. I re quest he r littlewarily to s tay at hote l the nigh t th an she going agree . We happily live to gathe r at thhote l near the hospital. F rom the nigh t in 1 5 night after 12 pm come my bed and make mehappy. In time she is bringing her friend other a nurse nice figural girl. Actually the thsome days going too happily, after 15 days she is gone leave me alone in at hospitalcabin when change her duty. When she is gone the some days going very badly my days,also her friend weekly one night coming my cabin and live to gather with me. She has notcome every night because her weekly one day night duty also she is a married person herhave 2 kid. Before I don’t knowing she is a married also her have two kid. When I knowthat than try to thinking again about woman. One the women two kid mothers tell me if Iwish she has can go away with me leave her husband and kid. From the day I will try toavoid her company. But woman can’t give me live alone. Right this day coming a womanpatient at my side cabin with 10-11 years older a girl and an older man. The patientwoman age me, be, less than 40 years still body figure is very strong like fifteen yearsgirls. Her husband dies before five years. She is a mental patient no one wants to gonear her coz them wearied if hit them because she is a mental. After all I decided tomeet with her and knowing about a mental. When I will go to meet with her at cabin, sheis normally ask me who are you? And why you come here you don’t know I am mental. Isay yea I know also I know no body want to meet with you them worried, than she toldme you not worry me, I say no I am not worry and who said you are mental? I think youan assonantly a normal person. When I say like that than she is call me, come here tome, little worriedly I go near to her and sited at her bed. Again she is asking me now areyou worried, I say no she said you are danger man. I like you and kill you! with catch mynick by her both hand really I get worried but no nothing just she has make joking withme and test me actually I am worried or not. After some time she has told me doesn’tworry come here to talk with when you feel bored and when I call you ok. I say yes ok Icome back at my cabin among going one week she has coming little normally. In time oneday night around 12 pm she is call me to come my cabin, I feel very bad please help me.When I her cabin see she has alone in at cabin, I ask her where is your doter? She told meshe has gone at home I am alone and just from before ten minute I feel pain in belly, canyou check? I say that’s better call doctor. She said no need doctor; it’s not to much painjust you run your hand at my bally. I say ok those you wish I put my hand up navel ather bally than she told me little down please than I take little down my hand again shesaid little down, one time my hand come at her vagina than she has told me yes here.When put my hand at vagina, I feel the vagina is swimming by water as soon as I will setmy panic to her vagina and out my panic water by pushing her vagina. After open herall clothes from her body and the full night play take her open body and got live togather feeling with 40 years older woman. Really it’s better than 15nth year a younggirl. I got real pleasure live to gather with her. Among going ten/fifteen days, one daynight around 10.30 when we going live to gather game play in time come her 11 yearsolder doter from house and look us in joint the play. If the doter 11 years older but herbody figure look like 18 years older young girls. When she is look us than she has gonechange less before say anything us. When she is gone changeless than her mom as soonas go to fresh room for fresh uncompleted our game, when she has gone in chance I willstart play the game with her changeless doter. Because I don’t control won my self mybe no one can control won self this moment if he has a strong man by sexual. When finishmy play I go away before knowing anything the doter. Also when I will do play with herchangeless body she has not said anything but I got support from her after all I worried.If she told me anything also thinking if she has report the hospital authority against me,about her patient mother what can I will do. This day I will not go the cabin. But thedoter come my cabin with carry sweet smile at her face and broken my all worried. She iscome my cabin me be around 12/12-30 and ask me how are you nutty boy? I say fine sohow you are and how about your mom, she told come our cabin and see, my mom call youplease come with me don’t worry. When I go to the cabin the older woman tell me before I
  8. 8. said anything how are you young m an, you ge t worried . Why you not com e ou r cabintod ay. My dote r rem ains m e m any tim es abou t you. D on’t worry abou t he r if you wish youcan m ind fre e com e to our cabin. S o don’t worry abou t m y swee t dote r, righ t m y d arlingswee t he art. Jus t flo w he r ok I say yes I m ustflo w he r. F rom the d ay them continuose rvices with m e till I s tay the hospital. Bu t I can’t s tay m ore d ays with them becausedoctor re lie s m e from the hospital and trans fe r to D haka hart & skein surge ry hospital.The surge ry hospital docto r gives m e one m onth re s t fo r ope ration. I com e back at hom eand s tart doing norm ally life . In tim e m any peopl com e at m y hom e see and m eetwith m e eand knowing abou t m y accident. When som e one wan t to knowing about m y accident, Ite ll them the accident take som et hing from m y life bu t gives m e m ore to m ore those I canne ve r got if I can’t ge t like th at accident. When I say like th at them said th is is likem adm an wishes & th inking. Afte r all I can’t go to bargaining with them , ju s t try toth inking abou t life & le arning. Actu ally I ge t te aching at m y won life , I am satis fied toge t won life te aching. My life going too critically & s trate gically I got & los t too m uchat in a little life those ne ve r can fo rge ttab le . Also I looked m axim um peopl fee l ep le asure only when ge t som e th ing and when b ring jo y agonis t any o the r bu t ne ve r wan tto th inking about the lose r peopl situation ,I don’t know m e be such in deed in the ways of ethe world . Bu t m y th inking re al p le asure com es when peopl ge t som et e hing with los tsom ething. O the r wishes I ge t le arning from m y won se lf & life fe e l p le asure when I los t.Because when I los t m ustthe ge t o the r any one and fee l p le asure th an I fee l p le asuresee them p le asure . Actu ally it is m y re al th inking and usually around all sided I amsatis fied on ly one side I am too we ak th at re al hum an lo ve & affe ct. I don’t know thee ve r can com e m y life , so I wished m ustth at com e m y life . Anyhow afte r one m onth I com eback to D haka at fem a p rive t hospital fo r m y second ope ration. Jus t m y ope ration d ay Ihe ard som e one in fo rm mth by phone m y innocent he art fe e ling lo ve r ge t m arried with he r eo ld e r cousin (he r age 1 3 and her cousin age 41nth). When I heard that I can’t decidewhat I can will do this moment. After all try to control won self but my feeling notgoing well some days. The days going by only cigarette I start take cigarette one by onestay the hospital rope corner the have two chair and one table. I take the place foresmoking every evening time I stay there with a packet cigarette when finish than comeback in hospital among going three four days. one day evening time when I am get readyto go hospital rope than I see a young nurse her age me be 18/20 years she is flow me,after all I will not say anything her I will come at hospital rope and fire a cigarette.Just when I take cigarette than come the nurse who flow me and tell accuse me, can Isited the char and talk with you about your personal life, I flow you from some daysyour feeling is not well you feel too nervous right. Never mind I am a nurse you are apatient mind free you can tell me what is your problems? I say her you can solve that.She told me I am not sure can I solve it or not after I shall try to solve that you cantrust me, I tell her about my love story. When I tell her that, she told me o I see you arethose I thinking right that. Ok never mind I help you and my request you try to forget herwhen she can forget you! So, why you can’t forget her. Such in deed in the ways of theworld. When she has forgotten you and gets marriage other person than you forget herwith take other a sweet full girl than better to her. It is life also your life just startnow move ahead and see what wait fore you. I want to say you exam ply you know andunderstood about Dhaka city life and see evening time Dhaka Cities Park, garden, sangsad baboon area and other mirror place seen? I say no till I never gone there park,garden and sang sad baboon area how can I know about that other wish I have not anyknowing able relative them live at in Dhaka city so how can I know that. So you knowand you can help me to knowing about that, she told me sure why not you can go with meand practically see the seen & knowing so not today from tomorrow. After 5 pm I amfree if you wished you can tour and see Dhaka city life and park, garden, sang sadbaboon, other many sweet able place see won your self eye. So I want to say good byesee you tomorrow than take care. She has gone for this day and request me go to yourbed a not feel any tension about the mater. I say ok actually my all tension go out frommy head when talking with you! so I feel very happy to talk with you. Thank you sistergive me company and sorry to lose your beloved time. She said no it’s ok this is mypleasure to talking with you. When she has gone really I feel too happy I don’t knowwhat have in her. Me be she knows magic and clean my memory by the magic. She has outmy all tension made me a tension free normal person. Now I will thinking again about herwhat have behind her target& benefit. So no one can’t do anything behind without benefit stjust I wait to see, what is her target also she has come to meet with me at 1 by on self.Next day when come to joint her on duty at 6 am 1st come to my cabin and ask me aboutmy situation & how is my today feelings? I say very well. How about you? Thanmindfully look at me and said fine after go away. Also three four times come to meetwith me in duty time. Her duty hour 6am to 4pm, after 5 pm she has come to me and saidget ready this time I will look at to her really its looking so sweet, also sweet her lightyellow dresser clearly can look her sweet body. Some time I get flow her sweet body &changeable sweet mind. In time I will get ready and come out from hospital. When wecome out from hospital I see she has caught my hand and walking set her body with mybody among us walking to hospital boundary wall. After take rishka she is sited left sideI am right side set both body. When we stay really change my mind emotionally I ask her
  9. 9. whe re we go? S he to ld m e wait and see, the rishka d ire ct com e sang sad baboon are a m ebe at 5.30 pm . When we com e at in sang sad baboon, she has to ld m e com e with m e andsee the he re e vening seen but not said anything ok. I say yes. The sang sad baboon e vening stseen at 1 I see, I never believed that if any one told me about the seen before I come heresang sad baboon. Those I will see at here sang sad baboon I never can forget that. When stwe in sang sad baboon gate at 1 I see many sweet & sexy dresser deshi bidesi girls withsome boys them burgeoning with any one to rate live together at in hotel. The nurse toldme this is like night girls sale market, if you wish can buy a girl. After we go inside andsee many girls and boy couple talking them sited separate place a girl and a boy, Othersome girls and boy stay under tree and doing bad something . When I will look the seen, Itell her enough not want to see more seen. She told me Mr. It’s not enough come with meand see more to more Dhaka city seen. She is call a taxi cab and bring me botanicalgarden. When we coming botanical garden gate than she told me go in side and see, but becare full not said anything to any one. I ask to her not go in with me she told me no yougo alone is better to you. If I come with you, so you can’t control won your self look tothe seen. After all I bring her in garden with me, so really I can’t control won self whenlooking the direct play girl & boy open body game at under tree. They busy them won,won duty not look to any one and not say anything. some one talking with her partner,some one kissing and run hand to her body, some one sleep to catch anyone , some oneplay direct sort to with them partner. When look the seen than change my mindemotionally I look to her I think no one can control them won self, when I can’t controlmy won self. Emotionally I tell to her are you steel have in won self mind control, sorrysister I am out of control and feel very bad can you help me please? She has told surebut than I say not but anything come with me. We go a nice under tree and flow them.From the day continue she has served my all kind like a wife & kind full women .make mewell in one month by her hospitality when doctor said must stay tree month at thehospital under treatment. Also she has changed her duty day to night 7pm to morning 5pm but she has come at hospital 5 pm from that day. Every day she has brought me out pmside and us touring here to there 5pm to 7pm and every day night after 12 coming mycabin fore live together with me. But I don’t know what have behind her target, becauseshe has never want anything from me and not tell me buy & give something to her. Alsowhen I go to buy a three piece to her this time she stop me to buy that and told me enoughit, so next time never tries to do like that just I want your company not more anything.When she told like those I ask to her do you like marriage me? After I got answer fromto her no and never request me like that please. You my friend just only friend andreally I like you but I have! Than gone stop her mouth, after all one day I knowing herhave a nice full doter but she has not said me about her husband. When I ask her abouther husband than she told me it’s so important to knowing. I say not like that so just forknowing ok come with me at my home to see. When I in her house with her than come asweet girl near us and ask her mother who is this man, my father! She is quite not saidanything to the girl just look at me. But I can’t keep quite won self when the girlemotionally says her mother than I tell her yea I am your father. When I tell I am herfather as soon as she coming to me with soundly call me father! Father! Father! Whereare you gone, why not see you the long time, why you not come? Also more to morequestions, me be never can finish her question. One time her mother tell her to keep quite.After my eye go to look her house I see a small normal house mid way partition. Thepartition divided two ways this hose one side living she with her doter, other side liveanother family. Also she said me you want to know more about me, must stay one nightwith me you! You have time to stay with me? I say sure why not so your duty, She told mewhy this is not mater. Ok get ready loge days not go to watch file to film hall pleaseyou know today I feel very happy see my doter happens this is can able only for you. Mydear I promise with you tonight I make you happy by my all happiness and tell you my allabout my real life story after diner when go sleep my doter ok. I say yes. We go to filmhall and watching film like familiarly husband, wife, and doter. After watching film wego to hotel for take diner. When take finish diner I tell her what is you thinking got backat house or stay to live this night at hotel. She told me I think batter to hotel. We go tohotel and take a room one double bed with a single bed. Me be this time 10.30 pm wewatching TV in time she is start tell me her story its so pain able story. She is a bigdoter her family, they are one brother with six sister; her father an madrasa teasermother is house wife. When she is student of class nine just this time knowing a boy he isserviced at Dhaka city. Among doing our afire two tree years, When I passed SSC waitfore admit this time, he is request me to admit at Dhaka . But my family doesn’t like itafter all I come with him to at Dhaka and admit Dhaka collage some days stay collagehostel every day evening time we come out for tour here to there and doing too happylife. In time one day he is request me to go hotel and stay one night with him and getmarried. Also before many times he is offer me to get married, so I can’t ignore hisrequest we stay at hotel and live together. From the day we continue meet and going livetogether among going happily our life tree four month but the happy life not can bearlong lime. When I feel I am going mother and told him about the mater and as son as getmarried than start distant our relationship, many time he is request me and try to kill mycoming son. But I am going against him one time. From the time we gone divided till today
  10. 10. not m eetwith him and I don’t know whe re is now live him . You know when we going d ividedfrom any o the r th an I fe e l too he lp less no one com e to he lp m e, m any tim e try to sosaidbu t I can’t do th at at I got he lp from a nurse she is he lp m e, m any way at fas t m yde live r o the r nu rsing job and living house all I got by he r he lping m e be god send he r tohe lp m e. You know now a d ay I fee l I am too happy I have not m ore th inking ju s t likedoing re laxing living life until be fore d ie. O k com e to m e th an she is open he r all clo thesfrom he r bod y and to ld m e tonigh t I show you m y bod y you can use it by you r won wishes.Really th is nigh t she has m ake m e too happy the fu ll nigh t we not gone s leep the fu llnight going talking and open bod y figh ting. I take las t chance next d ay m orning 1 0.30 amwhen we go open bod y in wash room both toge the r and washing any one us bod y in tim etake wash room gam e p lay im age. Afte r wash we ge t re ad y and com e ou t from hote l tohospital. This is m y las t m eetwith he r because th is d ay e vening I ge t re lies from thehospital and com e back m y village house. Also I will try to m eetwith he r when com e inat D haka city bu t not found he r. In tim e I we ll try to com e back m y norm al life , one tim eI can do th at. Again I s tart s tud y but god not gives m e chance to s tud y, because when Ige t p reparation fo r next ye ar second ce rtificate exam . Bu t exam tim e ou r p rincipal to ldm e you r adm it card not com e from exam board to ou r hand you can’t jo in t the runningexam . S om e tim e bu rgeoning with the p rincipal one tim e I will th row chair to the p rincipalhe ad and as soon as go ou t away from co llage boundary to bus s tand to ou r capital stm ega city D haka way, close s tud y life to try to job . th is is at 1 to alone travelingout side from our house area and behind my family eye, don’t know any one my familiarabout this traveling. I don’t say them about this travel. If I say anything them aboutmy traveling they never can permit ion me to travel, and I have not to enough time getpermit ion from them. Because when I will come out from collage than flow me police forhit the principal. When I reach bus to ship cabin I look a nice full girl my side cabin withan older women. I come out put my traveling bag in side cabin sited a chair and I look thegirl flow me, than nock me, my friend advice. I call the girl come here but she has gone inside the cabin, I feel little worried me be my looking is wrong she is not flow me, I thinkingthat if have any man with them and ask me why I call her what can I say him, till staythe ship on border I can’t flow to her. When start moving the ship Dhaka way and reachover cannel to river around coming little dark I slowly looking them and feel littletension free feeling when see no body with them, only she stay out side the cabin andolder women in side the cabin. Slowly I go near the girl where she sited a chair haveempty other chair I say her excuse me, can I talk with you. She told me sure why not sthave a chair please. I say thank you, she you welcome, at 1 I ask her where is you wantto go and who is the older women. She told me she is my grand mother and we want to goDhaka lalbag at our home. She asks me where you want to going. my answer sameDhaka. Again she ask me Dhaka where my answer I don’t know. She asks me again whyyou don’t so you can tell me what are problems you feel. I said her about my story whenshe heard my story, she said so sad. Also request me to go with her in time I request hertake tea or cold anything she said tea is ok, with Offer me to take diner with them I sayok. Cabin boy bring three tea for us we take tea in time unfortunately my hand touch herBrest, as soon as I say sorry but she said no problems its ok. When finish tea we going inside the cabin and talking with her grand mother, she is an jockey women, I talking withher she easily told me you come talk with me or feeling with my naïf, and ask me what isyour name, where are you live? I answer her question among time come our diner we takediner and talking about many side, finish diner after some moment I come out side fromcabin for smoking. I sited a chair and take a cigarette than the girl catch my hand andsaid I don’t like it and throw the cigarette to in river. I ask her what you like sheemotionally told me I don’t know what is my choice me be I guess her feeling in time Itake a chance put a kiss her lip, when I put kiss at her lip she told me what is nonce sing?Than I start kissing here to there around her full face to nick, one time she is caught mybody by her both hand and said slowly I love you. I will say I love you too, and run myhand her full body in the chance. I feel very happy feelings and when I ask her how isfeel your feelings, she told very well, also I feel very happy my dear, kiss me more, loveme, love me, or kill me, I request her come in my cabin and quite please, if heard any bodydoing big problems. She is put my request and promise with me when sleeping her grandmother than she coming in my cabin. I thinking she told me lie, not come back from themcabin. But no she is not said lie with me, she come back from them cabin and stand frontme before I in my cabin and told me my grand mother gone sleep. When she come than wein the cabin and happily gone live together full night early morning we go to fresh room,I wash her body and she wash my body, I take last kiss after fresh, she in them cabin Ialong come back my cabin and try to sleep because full night not going bed. When I wakeup I see nobody in the ship, the girl and her grand mother is gone, as soon as I leave fromthe ship some time stay ship terminal looking here to there but not pound them, than Imove away and thinking where can I stay any religion house or hotel, I come in Dhakacity for work, if stay hotel need more money. I get decision stay my brother in low house,take some fruit and move the way. When I reach the house them feel very happy andpleasurably them want to know how is me, what time I will come in Dhaka, how is myfamily and request me live long time with them. Also they are living a normal life, notcapacity to keep some one with them. Because the living more family in one small home,
  11. 11. pu t by partition, the y d isplay a norm al doubl bed , with a singl bed m id way little gap e eon ly can one pe rson com e and back. O ne d ay nigh t m y cousin b ro the r in low go citagongfo r b rings som e riksha parts because he is a riksha m echanic. When he is le ave from thehouse th is tim e he to ld m e two th ree d ays can s tay in citagong not going any we re until Icom e back. I will say to him ok b ro the r, no p rob lem you can trave l fee l fre e until I s tayat you r house. When his gone I am alone with his wife and m e at hom e,his le ave fromhouse at nigh t 1 0-30 pm . We go bed I am at singl bed and she is at doubl bed , when we e egone bed fo r s leep th an I heard a wom en crying sound from ou r side room , oh no, no, youwan t to kill m e, owho, aha, s lowly, s lowly am ong afte r som e tim e, s top crying soundnow the wom en em otional talking with the m an, th an I ask m y sis te r in low you he ardany wom en crying sound and why she is crying? S he said yes I heard and why you wan tknow th at and you don’t know why she is cry? C om e m y bed I to ld you why she is crying.Actu ally I fee l ve ry bad when heard cry the wom en, when she calls m e as soon as I gohe r bed. When I re ach he r bed, she em otionally asks m e you don’t know why she is cry,th an she catches m e and se t m y bod y with he r bod y. I fee l ve ry happy when touch he rbod y with m y bod y, in tim e I run m y hand he r fu ll bod y. When I run m y hand to he r bod y Ife e l by m y hand is fu lly open he r bod y not has little clo thes he r bod y. U nfortunate ly m yhand going Bres t to nave l to in vagina, when m y hand to rches he r vagina I fe e l he rvagina is swim m ing by wate r. I can’t wait as soon as s tart p lay the gam e, from them om entcontinue run ou r gam e until com e back m y cousin b ro the r in low. Le aving tim e heto ld m e two th re e d ays also he is s tay the re m ore one week, when he com e back afte r wem eetand p lay the gam e when got a little gap. O ne d ay non tim e m y cousin b ro the r in lowgoes to new m arke t in gap we jo in the gam e p lay but not looking he re to the re have anybod y o r not. S o when we s tart p lay th is tim e flo w us a young girl from ou r side room . S heis a garm ents worke r s tay he re with he r cousin b ro the r. When finish ou r p lay she is com eou r room and to ld us I looked all those you doing. I ge t we aried when she to ld like th atbu t m y cousin wife don’t care to he r also she to ld don’t worry if you wish can you p laythe gam e with to he r. I can’t be lie ve th at I said re ally th an she call to he r som ki com e tohe re as soon as she is com e to ou r bed. When she has com e at our bed I see m y cousin askto he r what you see sexy! O the r way s tarts open he r clo thes from he r bod y and to ld m ecan you s tart you p lay I am to go ou t. When she has gone ou t som e tim e I take flo w theyoung girl swee t sexy open bod y. Really it so swee t m edium tail sim sum bod y figu re whiteskin ab le beautifu l face likes a d isplay doll. If it e atab le I m uste at it. Afte r all I stwill try e at it lip to foo t and going ou r open bod y gam e p lay also 1 time she has try tocry mid way going well last time she has not can bear at last stop the play before stcomplete our game. I feel very happy to play with her if I can’t fill my hungry. When 1time plays with the young girl than I feel hungrier to play with her, this night I can’tsleep because all time display her face to my eye. Next day morning I get a plant tobring her at any sweet able hotel where don’t hear any one her crying sound. Morningtime when she has get ready to go garments right this time I call her and request to gowatching film than she going agree and told After 5 pm when she has get free fromgarments job. This day morning 8am to 5pm going very badly after 5 pm I well get readyand wait out side of the garments for her when finish her duty. When she come out from stgarments than as soon as we move to film hall way by a taxi at 1 we go at hotel andtake some soft drink in time start film we in hall. This day the have little free we taketwo site won our choice last line at wall side. When start film than start my play takeher body full time my hand not get a moment rest. When finish watching film we takediner a hotel near the hall. After diner I ask her where we can go now than she told meas your wishes I got little bare from her I said really ok we stay a hostel to night.When I said stay at hostel than she has going quite for some time and look at me aftertell me its ok but my cousin I said that is not mater you told him you go you’re an friendhouse is enough. She is thinking some time after told me nutty boy I know at now why youbring me to watching film. We go to hostel at 11 pm and contract a doublestbed room. Onehour we passing watching TV after 12pm we start our play the game at 1 open her allclothes from her body and bring her at fresh room for wash her body I wash her body andshe is wash my body. After fresh some time take looking and socking her head to foot. ndAlso first touch as soon as out my water 2 time who is hears her crying sound. Here Ifeel some thing when she has cry this time got more sex power that’s why I can’t controlmy won self one time I see she has going quite. I get worried and stop pushing. When I stopafter some time she nock me and catch by her both hand than start pushing again. I amnot sure the play duration less than one hour. After this play we have quite half anhour because we feel too weak play this game. Really this night I get satisfied to playwith her also feel too happy when after wakeup we go in wash room and joint play thein wash. After wash we come out from hostel and full day tours here to there eveningtime come back at home. This night I take rest not go to any other bed and bring any onewon my bed, because I feel too weak for last night play the game with her, after diner Iwill go to my bed for sleep. Morning time when I wakeup and go to wash room than lookme the garments worker cousin wife. She calls me at her room and asks me last nightwhere we live? I get worry and feel too nerves when she has ask me like that. She isflow me and told me don’t worry today my husband go to his village house one week staythere, so you can feel free give me the answer also I hear all my husband cousin sister. I
  12. 12. te ll he r what you hear from you husband cousin sis te r? Than she to ld m e why you don’tte ll m e like th at you s tay at hote l and p lays the fu ll nigh t take he r young bod y so youge t m arried with he r. I have quite th an she to ld m e again don’t worry dear he has o the rchoice so tonigh t you s tay at m y room and p lay with m e th at gam e ok. If you said no Ito ld abou t m y entire husband so ge t re ad y we go to m arke t. What can I do th is m om entIge t re ad y to go with he r when we com e ou t from house to m arke t way by rishka th is tim eshe to ld m e you know whe re we go at firs t we go to film hall afte r at hote l and th isnight we s tay at hote l ok. I said ok if little worry afte r all fee l happy got the newface . If she has a m arried pe rson afte r all she is new fo r m e o the r wish now a d aym arried unm arried is sam e because all is useabl . Also I be lie ve th at now a d ay no one ecan’t find ou t a pure girl (who not use he r vagina by boy frie nd & to y) he r age gone ove rfifte en ye ars. S o th is d ay I got a new idea, all ways I he ar girls he art open but not openthem m outh, also I see when we go at hoste l in ou r bed room as soon as she open he rclo thes one by one from he r bod y and to ld p le ase com e and s tart p lay I can’t wait. Thefu ll nigh t she has not give m e take re s t a m om entam ong going one week afte r all whenhe r husband com e back from them village house th is tim e she is call m e to p lay with he rwhen he r husband go to ou t side from the house. In tim e he r husband cousin sis te r go ou taway with he r boy frie nd and I fee l to talk with he r husband & m y cousin b ro the r look m edoubt fu lly about them wife th an I com e ou t from the house and take decision go ou t fromD haka city behind wom en face . Bu t I wan t to say sorry fo r th at wom an ne ve r catchesfre e m e. I re ach railway s tation to go chitagong city at 9.30 pm . when s tart rail le avefrom the s tation as soon as I in the rail but not found any site . What can do s tand uphung a cabin window, be fore I can’t flo w in cabin a swee t fu ll girl alone re ad a book.When le ss th an 1 1 .30pm a cabin boy com e to se rve co ld d rink with cake and to ld m e goou t from the window. Jus t the m om entI look at in the cabin and see a nice fu ll girl re ada book. When I look at in cabin th an the cabin boy te ll m e why you look in the cabin goou t from the window. When the cabin boy to ld m e go ou t from the window I take aim togo away from the window also th is is m y firs t rail way jou rne y I don’t know what is therail way ru le . Afte r wall I not say anyth ing to the cabin boy so I don’t why again heasks m e you know the m adam when I take aim go away from the cabin window. When heask m e you know he r I have quit som e tim e and th inking what can I say to him afte r I gota idea use the chance I say ye a she is m y re lative . Those I talking with the cabin boy allhe ard the cabin swee t girl. When I said she is m y re lative th an the cabin girl call m ecom e in and orde r the cabin boy b ring to te a in m y cabin. When I go in cabin she ask m eangrily e ve r you knowing m e be fore look he re the re and what type o f m y re lative you? stWhat you wan t. 1 time I am going worry and keep quit won self just when stop hertalking I normally show my id and tell her forgive me you are so sweet girl also tellher my little story . When show my id and told my story she has looked me normally andask me where you want to go I say her cittagong. She again told me where you want go stin cittagong. I tell her 1 target rich cittagong rail station after I don’t know where Iwill go. She again told me you joking with me, I said sorry madam really I don’t knowwhere I want to go and this is first time tour my cittagong city. She told me again so whyyou want to go cittagong for tour or meet you any relative I said sorry madam not tourand meet to relative I want to there for searching a job. O I c she said again really youwant a job I say yea and request her to help me for arrange a job. She told me surewhy not so what type of job you know. I said sorry madam I have not idea any type ofjob. I will try to do any type of job and I am sure I will do that. When I said like thatshe told me ok I test you tonight if you do successes you can sure confirm your job. I saidadvance thank you very much really I never forget you generosity. In time come ourdiner we take diner after diner the cabin boy bring two coca cola for us. We drink cocacola and talking in time I flow my watch 11.30 pm and take permition for a cigarette.She said ok you well do with give me a magazine front side many open picture and tell metake preparation for test. When I got the magazine that I guest some thing what type oftest she has want. This time 12 pm I look she open clothes from her body one by one aftergo in wash room in time I flow the magazine. When I go flow the magazine I look inmagazine all is sex story about boy friend with girl friend, sister with brother, doterwith father, mother with son also too sex story the can’t bearable & control won self.When I read story I am going like crazy in time come out the girl from wash room fullyopen body I can’t control won self look that as soon as I bring her at bed and start playwith her before knowing anything. Also this time I can’t win play with her because assoon as out my power. After play I go to wash room and wash my body take rest sometime start again the play with her. I don’t know this time where I got the sex power lessthan one hour duration our play after all I not feel little weak. Also she is many timetry to cry but can’t cry because I will stop her mouth by my hand. When stop our play Ilook to her like chance less she can’t talk with me after half an house she told me whencome back her chance you are successes I am fell. Also told me please live me alone Ifeel too weak I want sleep if you wish can sleep with me, also if you can promise me younot disturb me again I said ok you can believe me I never disturb you if you not wishesthat controlian power I have so give me permition to catching you she told me ok I like it.We gone deep sleep catching anyone when I wakeup this time I see I am alone at in thecabin the girl has gone. I don’t know where is she gone and why she has gone anything
  13. 13. wrong also m ore to m ore th inking add m y m em ory. When I th inking about the girl th is tim ecom e a rail s trap and to ld m e whe re you wan t to go the rail go back to D haka p le asele ave from the rail. As soon as I com e ou t from the rail to rail s tation som e tim e s tandup and flo w the cittagong city open sky. Really it’s so swee t the cittagong city aroundbig, big hill s tand up with green tre e cove ring the hill. Any new one if flo w the cittagongcity from little pe r him is th inking it’s a hill & green tre e city .Because hill & tre e stcove ring the city. 1 I thinking like that when come out from rail. It is my first cittagongstcome when I go in city after I knowing about it. Anyhow when I come at in city at 1 goto a restaurant take break fast after break fast fire a cigarette and thinking wherecan I go & what can I do this moment. Try to found job here to there come out from therestaurant but no one look at me by them kind full eye. When not found job find out arelative house and stay there some says with charging job here to there one tell myrelative arrange me a job. But not benefit my relative told me you can’t bear here hartwork job so batter you stay with me how many days you wishes and tour here to there& get looking here nice full seen after go back at to home not charging job. I can’tsupport his talk I will leave from his house road and thinking where can I go & stay the nd2 mega city of Bangladesh. Here hotel charge too high if I take site at hotel can’t staymore days at in the city. So I will church job with relative addressee if not get any jobat last evening time got a little per relative addressee with my cousin brother he is comeout same like me. They one time stay my cousin house before long years they leave thehouse. In time we don’t knowing where is they are living my cousin brother here from someone they are living in cittagong city near cittagong big cow market. We start churchingaround the cow market from morning 9 am to evening 5pm but not get them location weask many one no one knowing them. Also how knowing this is city many person live hereand they are busy one, one work live to life. After all we take decision comes back notpound them thanks god right this time when we call a rishka driver to come back thedriver knowing us. Also know them our relative location he is reaching us by his rickshawand request us to stay one day his house. We stay more one week this house but not getany job we pound any type of job at last try to for agriculture job sorry to say godnot pepper us. So what can do and how many days can stay a relative house other wishthey are not like wealthier man them like take hand to mouth. We take decision leavefrom the house and take rent two site a mach house in time I get a naïve location he isstay a big empty six Flore plat house like a caretaker. When I go there and request himto stay with him at in this house. He said no problems but the house wait for rent afterrent you can’t live here this house. I say ok some day stay with you when got any type ofjob I will go. He said ok I bring my bag from my cousin relative house with divided us twoway my cousin stay March take a single site I come to my naïve who stay a big houselike caretaker. I got an empty plate house to live but not get a job where not pound megarments, iron factory, shoes factory, shopping mal, agriculture filed at village areabut they told me I can’t do the agriculture job, at last go to do construction work theresystem every day peasant salary 80 taka to 160 take per day also there have a likelabor sealing market. One morning 6 o’clock I will go there sale my won self for one daythank god I am going sale for this day 80 taka with 4/5 person there project sidecontractor bring us by rishka to project. When we come the project I see there have stother many worker I am labor there my duty help the rod cutting with a technician at 1he told me hold a rod to cutting when I hold the rod un presently the touch my finger andout little blood. The flow there side contractor than he call me at restaurant and tellme take break fast after break fast give me five hundred take and told me today workat three Flore you can’t carry out concrete there and this work not for you so, youshall try to find out any market or other any place which day I have normal work I willcall you. Also he told me the five hundred take I give you self free if you have able topay this time you can pay me or not no problems you can feel free spans the money. Sometime I will think about the money can take or not at last return back the money to theside contractor after I come away find out other work also this time I have no moneytake something for eat. Next day go to brick broken bade luck same problems there theytold me I can’t Brock the brick. When every one says I can’t do this heard job and theheard job not for me so where got normal job and who give me like the job after whatcan I will do come back at home carry many question won head. From the day not got outfor churching job. Also two tree days only take water I have no money for buy food.Among going 3/4 days after come an electrician for replace and maintenanceelectricity two days I work with him also not give me one taka and not ask me I takemeal or not but told me he is give me my work money when he got the work bill. Whenfinish the work and gone the electrician after I will clean the hole house thank godcleaning time I got tree small vale. After five days take food sale the valve amonggoing again 3/4 days without food, after 3/4 days open my luck me be god flow at me.One morning time ringing cooling bell as soon as I go to get and look a nice full women ifshe has mid ages white skin smart body figure like foreigner, she is ask me you are caretaker this house? I said no my friend is care taker at this house, he is go out side you cantell me if you want any type of help and have any message to him. She said no just Iwant a helper who can clean this house because we take rent this house and tomorrowwe want to sift our house. I say ok I will do this you don’t worry just you tell me what
  14. 14. can I will do? S he to ld m e b ring ou t the house whol fu rnitu re at up of rope fo r d ray and ecle an all afte r cle an re p lace the fu rnitu re . I will s tart do like th at noon tim e she iscom e to see when I b ring ou t all fu rnitu re and cle an two floo r. S he is looking all andfe e l too happy see m y work give m e five hund red taka fo re lunch. This is m y at firs tincom e won m y life also I got the m oney when I th ree / fou r d ays hungry not can takefood fo r m oney. When got the m oney re ally I fe e l too happy as soon as cle an all afte rgo hote l take lunch afte r lunch com e back at house by rickshaw. When com e back athom e th an I ou t m y change am ong going two tre e hours I don’t know nothing abou t them om ent. When com e back m y change I look at watch e vening 4pm as soon as I go back m ywon duty re p lace the fu rnitu re in one hour com pl te m y work. Afte r 5pm com e the wom an etou rs with look fu ll house. Afte r tou r to ld m e who is he lp with you do the work? I say nobod y I do th is by won se lf. S he said again re ally do you alone th is work I said ye ah soyou can be lie ved th at. S he said ok th anks and give m e m ore 2,500 (two thousand and fivehund red taka). When I ask he r about the m oney she is to ld the m oney fo r you r work.Really I can’t be lie ve won se lf the m oney got by won work. Going th is d ay next d ay com ethem som e goods from o ld house I he lp with them to in the goods. This d ay I got m ore twothousand taka fo r the he lp. Third s d ay when com pl te shifting m orning tim e com e the re ehouse hole worke r I look in them a girl so swee t looking also m ake swee t he r d resse r stbod y fitting d ress . At 1 I thinking she is foreigner after I knowing she is out countriesgirl. Anyhow when complete shifting now come our leaving time the house madam give useone thousand one thousand taka. Madam when give use money this the care taker requestto her put continue his job but madam said we have already government security personand ask me where are I am going I said at home because no one give me job. When I saylike that no one give me job than she said why I say her I don’t know why they thinking Ican’t do work you know I am in three month at cittagong city no one give me a job. Alsoyou know before three days I have not money to go back at home or eat. You know last¾ days I live without food, now I have enough money to go back at my won home so whatcan I do when no one give me job than madam said don’t worry I give you job. From todayyou stay here your duty just give me company when I go fore tour here to there ok. I sayyeas madam thank you very much really I wishes like that. Start my duty from the day Iam second commander at the guest house. My duty receive new guest with enter dairy andgoing tour with madam. Also have more duty every night check guest room every thing isok or not. Here I have to say some thing humans never can’t save won self if god notsaves them. It’s my practical knowledge I can’t know about other person I can’t savewon self from woman body! One time I will promise won self I never meet again anynative woman but I am fall here I can’t put my won self promise. One night when I go tocheck a Chinese woman guest room I look inside the room nobody in the room I am won dutychecked all is ok when I open the wash room door for check I see the Chinese guest standup open body in wash room ahead at mirror. She is looking her open body figure by mirrorreally its so sweet looking .when I see the seen as soon as I take aim to come out from stthe room. But I can’t do that before she is call me and ask me why I come in her room, 1I feel worried when she ask me why I come in her room I say to her madam send to checkthis room. So you need anything more tell me I will bring you ok she said yeas now I wantsome one you can bring me I say sure why not. But I don’t know what are some one meanswhen she said again ok bring now one boy less than 20 years older body figure like you!When she told me like that I tell her sorry madam I can’t understood what you want to stsay me than she told ok your checking finish all room I say no at 1 come your room shesaid ok check other room. When checking and finish your duty come back my room ok I sayyeas madam. I leave from the room and check other room after checking I go office roomtake permission to go bed madam said ok you can go just check three Flore madam roomshe has call you. What I can do this is my duty I go at three Flore in Chinese madamroom. When I reach in the room I see the madam still have open body and told so latyoung boy close the door I can’t wait. Tonight you sleep with me at my bed and made mehappy the permission I get from your madam don’t worry coming soon I am ready to playwith you than she is open my shirt pant and start kissing here to there around my fullbody. One time I am forget all my promising start kissing her and joint play the openbody game. This night going very happily after all I got Girl Company after long days stless than tree month also she is foreigner girl. It’s my 1 game with foreign girl other stwish I am 1 foreign boy for the girl. I feel happier when told me the girl she is meeting atfirst any foreign boy and really feel very happy for that those never got from anyother. Also she is request me weekly Thursday & Friday give company with her likehusband wife. She is stay there three month in the three month we continue going weeklytwo days live together. When she is leave from the guest house this time request me to gochina with her or get marriage her if I get marry to her she has not go back herhomeland of china. But I can’t put her request because this time I have not enough moneyto get marriage & maintenance a family also I have not enough age to get marriage.But I can’t understand that to her she is going angry and go back. When she is gone somedays my feeling going very bad for her, after some days I come back normal feelingswhen got other many girls at my bed. I stay six month at in the guest house in time I gotless than ten girls won my bed they continue joint play the open body games. I got inthem two Hindus three christen other Muslims girls I am also Muslim. In them two christen
  15. 15. stone china o the r Kore an one H indu Bangladeshi re quests m e to ge t m arried . 1 come chinathe relation stay three month until she has live in of Bangladesh at in the guest house.When she is go back china after some days going very badly and I feel too nervous intime one day noon time I thinking about the china girl stay at the guest house third floorbalcony. This time come the balcony a Hindu girl and ask me what is thinking me and whylook like nervous able my face I say no nothing she is a cocker at the guest house. She isagain request me to say what is my problems than I say her about my china girl. Whenshe has heard all about her she told me o I c nothing you’re thinking no benefit when shehas gone. So why you going to make relationship with foreign bard you don’t look anychoice full dashy girl to make relationship, I yea I look many one but no one look at me!She said really no it wrong actually you not looking clearly if you look must you seeand feel than she has gone away. After some moment I hear crying sound from her bedroom. As soon as I go there in at her bed room and ask her what is problems she told me, Idon’t know before some moment I feel pain in my down belly under navel. I request her tocheck what is problems she said yea please I put my hand her under navel bally andamusing her bally navel to vagina space. When I run my hand around her navel than shehas going quit, after some moment she told me why you put your hand in my under ballyyou my husband! So you get marriage me? Stop my mouth some moment I have quite andthinking. But this time I can’t get real decision because I have bear the mirror momentover control won self st that’s why I say yea I will get marriage you and joint the sexplay game. This is my 1 meeting & plays with any Hindusstgirls really its too cool thanother girls. I have practical experience about the play 1 time I can’t duration more themfifteen minutes joint the open body game play with any girls. Also it sts 1 time duration my play less than thirty minutes joints the open body game with the ndHindu girl. 2 time less than one hour among going some days our relationship one dayafter noon look us a mid age girl when we play. Her age me, be less than twenty eight.When she looks us as soon as I say sorry to her with catch her both leg and say forgiveus not said madam about it. But she told all about the madam. Nothing at all madamcall us and say not good it and how other person looked also you Muslim she is Hindu sodo anything be carefully. After some time more than half an hour madam call me at herbed room and told me to night after eleven pm come at my room not forget I will checkyour power. When she has told me like that I get worried after all she is madam also sheis owner I will go at 11.30 in at her room carry little worry won behind. When I rich herroom I see she has make ready red soft drink with some food just wait for me. We takedrink in time I flow to her really looks able sweet looking today her look like HindusDavie. One time I tell to her you are so sweet madam when I say like that she is feel toohappy and told me what you see own me than she start open her clothes with startdancing and call me come joint with me really its very happy moment. Some time wedancing like mad, after go wash room for washing after wash we come back at in bed stand start our play. 1 play time go out my all worry when start crying the madam also ndI don’t know from where got the super sex power me be for soft drink. 2 play time shehas gone chance less but I am sorry I can’t control own my self I doing play by herchance less body one time I gone sleet at her body put my panic in her vagina. From theday we meet like husband wife. Also I got a site her side room if her husband don’t likethat after all her husband come to meet with her monthly one more than two time andstay more than two/three days. The two/three days I sleep out side but not stop ourplay when got a free moment we use the time. Every day we wakeup morning 6 am bosswakeup 9.30 to 10 am in time we take chance fore play the game. In time boss mindmadam but thank god not mind me he is mind madam with security man and too bargainingwith him and riles him from the job, come new security so we care full from the moment.Two three days we not meet live together I feel too nervous and feel hungry to meet herbut can’t do that in time one noon time I am ready to go in wash room. When I go open thewash room door than come a girl sound who are you? Please wait some moment I say ok.When I say ok than she open the door and call me come in, me be she is under stood mysound. I go in the wash room and those I see that never hope able I never hopping look likeher openly, because every one call her big sister practically she is big like a babyelephant. When I go in wash room I see fully open her body she is wash her body withtalk with me, but I look her sweet open body with talking one time I say to her very niceyour body big sister than she look at won her body and as soon as try to covering heropen body. But she has not enough time before I catch her body embossing her Brest, bodywith knocking her vagina in wash nd room also I am fail first time I can’t rep her vaginahole because its have too tight. 2 time I am successes rep her tight vagina hole but can’tfully drive before the house big sister start crying. This day I got a new idea with comeback my brave drive about fat girl. Before drive the house big sister I have worried sexdrive with fat girls my think they carried heavy sex power. Go out the worry drive thefat girl also I see the fat girls too weak bear the drive they can’t bear loge time likeother normal girls. The fat girl made me very happy also I can meet with too freelybecause no one mined us. Every one owner the house big girl, I meet to with her day nightwhen I feel her. But our relation not duration long days more than fifteen days fromstart our relation she is go to her house after not come back until I stay there. But not
  16. 16. m iss m y targe t I gu tted one by one when she is gone th an com e o the r one am ong going m ycittagong se rvices life , and at las t lose m y the good se rvices fo r the girls . O ne tim e com ethe m adam dote r & son from Ind ia fo r s tay with them m othe r sum m ervacation tim e. Theys tay o f Ind ia fo r s tud y the son age m e be fifte en ye ars and dote r age e le ven ye ar m oreth an the y got th ree m onth vacation tim e and them take decision the th ree m onth s tay ofin Banglad esh. Mad am to ld m e re ce ive them from Zia in te r national airpo rt. When I go stre ce ive them le se th an fifte en m inute I have s tand up like a doll look the dote r m e be 1time I look any foreign beauty full girl. I bring them from airport to house by themprivate car the boy (miron) doter (miren) miron sited left side at in car miren mid place Iam right side in care. My left side miren I sited put little gape between us after all she ismy madam doter if she is min it no one time we come too near she is sleep put her head atmy arm. I can’t explain the moment happiness really I am very happy man by my minduntil not miss my any target if some time take long time. When she has put her head atmy arm than change my mind slowly, slowly I will try to run my hand behind carrylittle wary. I get her body image by my hand so soft her body till now she is not sayingany thing than I got braver slowly; slowly I put my hand at her Brest. When I put myhand at her Brest than little jacking her body as soon as out my hand after somemoment again in my hand at her Brest so soft her Brest but in side hard like apple me bestile no one touch I put my both hand at her Brest with try to make soft her Brest in timestop the car. Unpresently I ask to Driver why stop car he told me sir, we come at home.As soon as control my hand from her under frock and call her miren no she has quiteafter call miron hurry up we reach at home he is go out from the car but miren untilsleeping put her head at my arm. In time boss come down from up and told me please don’tdisturb her sleeping also he is request me can please carry her down to up than I saysure why not you don’t worry with say my mind I will see like that. When I carry her bymy arm this time I feel her soft body fully image so soft her body like I feel I will carrya cotton bag also feel very happy when feel her soft Brest knocking at my body reallythat is extra image extra happiness moment. The extra happy moment I can’t keep longtime just down to up after put her at in her bed than finish. Me, be happy moment notcomes fore long time and the happier can’t keep long time her happiness. Anyhow when Iput her at bed this time I will flow to her she has not sleepy mod she is normally told methank you also show little emotional mod. After all I go my won way evening time bosscall me again reserve three domestic line air ticket Dhaka to Cittagong I will dotomorrow morning 10 am. Till morning 9 am I am not sure who is third person go withthem Dhaka to Cittagong in time many time miren ask me you not going with us cittagongbecause last one day she is come too near at me all ways she call me when want go outside than call me among one time she is call me in wash room to help wash her open body.I don’t know what is her target and what she is want from to me after all I am a tooyoung boy just I over 17nth years old I feel start worry look her situation if look andknowing boss /madam what are them thinking other wish still she has carried baby agethat is big problems if she has come over adult age nothing care them because they arebelieve free sex. When she has call me in wash room less than five minute I have stand uplike doll look her young sweet able body up to down is same steel level not growingunder hair clearly. If her age under eleven years look like her body figure eighteenyears adult girl, I run my hand to her full body make by shop when my hand going herunder vagina than push a finger in her vagina hole but she is not say anything just I feellittle jacking her body after all I will control my self look my job. But at last I can’tcontrol my self and hold my job. When boss told go to cittagong with miron and mirendriver reach us airport we take boding card my bad luck I got boding card with miren andmiron got another site. When we take our site miren told me I am very happy to gotboding card with you! I tell her why she told me really I feel very happy when got younear, also you know when I look you than start knocking my inside still I can’t guess thefeelings, for what knocking my inside me, be I love you behind my mind. Please tell me I amdoing right you love me! I have quite some moment with thinking about the girl, also stthinking about my won life because the 1 time I hear this word “I love you “openly froma girl and I hear the word from a foreign girl. After I say sister its wrong because youare Korean / I am Bangladeshi other way I am poor man you are Reich girl and ourdistance I am servant your mom you her doter. After all she told me I don’t want toknow that just I want you. From the moment change my mind I will try to love st and herstart openly meeting. This day when we arrived Dhaka to Cittagong house at 1 we go in stwash room and start playing open body fighting game play this is st my life I got full 1image first time play with any girls. I can’t believed won my self 1 time I will drive less stthan half an hour, before 1 time I can’t drive more than 10 minutes. Now I have questionthe power come from where what have behind it also I feel very happy the driving momentthe full driving time I feel I will rap a wall like drill machine fore make a hole. The playmakes me like crazy person all ways I feel hungry do the play but I can’t do thatbecause madam keeping her won lap and tour here to there bring her together. Amonggoing three four days I can’t meet with her and not got talking chance thanks god afterfour days god look us boss call to madam for urgent go to Dhaka in chance miren toldher mother she is stay here at the house. Until her mother don’t know about ourrelationship when request miren to her mother fore stay her than her mother say ok she