The hospitality register how we work


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How The Hospitality Register works!

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The hospitality register how we work

  1. 1. The Hospitality Register How we work !
  2. 2. The Hospitality Register Did you know?We are currently being used by some of the UK’s biggest hospitalitycompanies, including Atmosphere Bars and Clubs, Harbour Hotels, Intertain, ULG,Roadchef and Moto Hospitality, to name a few.We can have your entire recruitment process handled with no extra costs orhidden fees.We now offer 3 different packages to suit the individual requirements of yourbusiness and recruitment needs.We advertise your vacancies on our jobs board, as well as over 15 other UK jobsites to ensure a wide flow of candidates for you to choose from.You get your own dedicated team, who handle your account and deal with all ofyour needs.
  3. 3. The Hospitality Register Job Ads PackageWe can give you 5 job adverts, which you can use at any time within 2 months.Each of these ads lasts for 30 days.We will design your ads for you and advertise them on our jobs board, as wellas over 15 other job sites across the UK.All applicants are sent directly to your inbox daily for you to view.
  4. 4. The Hospitality Register Unlimited Pre-Screen Package (UPS)We advertise, pre-screen and interview candidates as well as building profiles,including a photo, for each candidate. This is for a 30 day period.We send you these profiles, along with all other applicants, to your inbox ona daily basis.We will design your ads for you and advertise them on our jobs board, as wellas over 15 other job sites across the UK.We can arrange interviews for you with the candidates and you can hire asmany as you like within the 30 days with NO placement fee !
  5. 5. The Hospitality Register Access to The Hospitality RegisterThis includes 3 months trial access to The Hospitality Register, giving youeverything included in our UPS package.PLUS – You will receive access to your very own recruitment system througha username and password entry.Once again you can view all candidates on the register (all of which have beenpre-screened and are actively looking for work) The team will arrange interviews on your behalf, send you recommendationsto your recommendations area.You can communicate with your own personal team through Live Chat andmessaging, PLUS you get the latest up to date hospitality news
  6. 6. The Hospitality Register How The Hospitality Register WorksThe Hospitality Register is a fully interactive, online recruitmenttool, specialising in finding hospitality professionals to make up your perfect team. You have access to pre-screened and You will receive your own company interviewed hospitality professionals talent bank and recommended areas Our database is live and updated You can have your entire recruitment constantly to ensure all candidates are handled from as little as £11 a day with available and looking for work. no hidden or extra costs.
  7. 7. The Hospitality Register Your Homepage
  8. 8. The Hospitality RegisterThe Candidate Search facility allows you to search through the database by job title,keyword, location and even distance from your site.Your Recommended Area allows you to see which candidates we think will bebeneficial to your business, based on the criteria you have given us.The New Additions section, is where all our latest candidates are shown, so youcan see the constant stream of new candidates to the system.You can send us messages through the system to ask us any questions or tosend us your latest vacancies. You also have your inbox displayed on yourhomepage for all the messages we send to you.You can choose to add candidates to your Talent Bank, so you can come back tothem at any time you like.We regularly send out Announcements to all our clients, which you can see onyour homepage when you login.
  9. 9. The Hospitality RegisterAn Example Candidate Profile
  10. 10. The Hospitality RegisterOn all our candidate profiles, we include an overview of their occupation, location,salary expectations as well as the date they were listed and even their phone number.As all of our candidates are pre-screened and interviewed, we use theinformation we acquire from this to write a short summary of their skills andexperience, so you can decide whether you want to view the candidate in full.If you like the look of a candidate, you then have the option to download theirCV, email their details to your inbox, ask your personal recruitment team toarrange an interview or add them to your Talent Bank to view at a later date.On every candidate profile, there is also the option to Contact Team. This will giveyou the option to send your personal team an e-mail in order to ask any morequestions or request anymore information.
  11. 11. The Hospitality Register There are NO What Ifs at The Hospitality Register, nogimmicks, no ridiculous claims, no irrelevant or outdated CV’s and most importantly, NO stupid placement fees !If you would like to request a Free Trial* or ask us any more questions, you can contact us on the details listed below.