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Slides from EdgeTalks 8 September – Radical redesign and disruption – the next frontier for social prescribing


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Slides from EdgeTalks 8 September – Radical redesign and disruption – the next frontier for social prescribing

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Slides from EdgeTalks 8 September – Radical redesign and disruption – the next frontier for social prescribing

  1. 1. Radical redesign and disruption – the next frontier for social prescribing Bev Taylor September 8, 2017
  2. 2. The Team Today Session Chair Janet Wildman @jwildman1 Twitter Monitor Leigh Kendall @leighakendall Chat Room and Technical Support Paul Woodley @PaulWoodley4 Insert photo here Insert photo here
  3. 3. Joining in today and beyond • Please use the chat box to contribute continuously during the web seminar • Please tweet using hashtag #EdgeTalks and the handle @HorizonsNHS
  4. 4. Our Presenter Bev Taylor Social Prescribing Development Manager, NHS England @bevtayloryork
  5. 5. Why we are here? • To share thinking about social prescribing • To hear about practices on the ground and the difference it makes • To consider how we build the social prescribing movement across health and care • To hear your views on what works and why
  6. 6. Social Prescribing is about ‘connecting people for wellbeing’… • Giving people time - what matters to you? • Power shift – people in control of their own health and wellbeing • Towards community, away from traditional services • Co-produced support plan, going together to community groups Referral Agency: GP, Integrated Care team, Library staff, self referral Connectors: Community Navigator or ‘link worker’, employed in the VCSE sector Prescribed: ‘Health Creating’ Community Groups - gardening, singing, dance, peer support – funded
  7. 7. Key ingredients • An asset-based approach – what do you already have ? • No one size fits all – different models • Shared local leadership – don’t worry about hierarchies • Build it together, all partners are important • Can’t expect the voluntary sector to do everything for free! • Collaboration and generosity, in spades – what offer can you make? • Willingness to learn and share with others
  8. 8. Introducing Debs Taylor, Creative Minds Peer Project Development Worker
  9. 9. Debs Taylor My mental health journey
  10. 10. Invisible • Do you see me?
  11. 11. Bipolar – living with the extremes
  12. 12. Friends are important!
  13. 13. Make time for people
  14. 14. Buckingham Palace
  15. 15. Meeting Prince Charles
  16. 16. Silver Lining I still live with the rough turbulent sea of life, but I have learnt to deal with it in a creative way.
  17. 17. @The_Debs_effect
  18. 18. Introducing Sarah Armstrong
  19. 19. Taking Social Prescribing to the Next Level By making it easier to refer, connect, support, measure, track and report
  20. 20. Who Are We? Community Health and Regeneration Workers
  21. 21. What We’ve Learned
  22. 22. Our Partners Housing Associations, CCGs, Local Authorities & Community Voluntary Social Enterprises
  23. 23. The Future ● Integration with GP systems ● Launch of Return on Investment tool ● More social prescribing programmes beyond the GP surgery ● Enhanced reporting module rolled out ● App version for social prescription reminders ● Continue the mission towards mainstreaming social prescribing
  24. 24. “ We will work collaboratively with the voluntary sector and primary care to design a common approach to self-care and social prescribing, including how to make it systematic and equitable” (p.45 Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View) NHS England Commitment:
  25. 25. What have we done so far? • We’re building a ‘social prescribing movement’ • Provided support to local commissioners • We’re working across government – broader than NHS – DH Social Prescribing Fund is open - Life Chances Fund about to close
  26. 26. Priorities for the future: • Develop the regional social prescribing networks • Support to CCGs, STPs and Accountable Care Organisations • Support for ‘link workers’ • Build the Evidence Base
  27. 27. Call to action! • We’re all leaders – let’s build the movement together • Work from strengths – look at our assets, support them, build on them • We’re developing the social model of health, recognising that the wider determinants matters as much as the bio- medical aspects of health • We need to establish one-stop community connector schemes in every locality, as the systematic connectors • We need to build in support for community organisations and not assume they will always be there, without our support.
  28. 28. About the Social Prescribing Network Join the National Network and get on the mailing list – Attend regional social prescribing network events  Contact me for connections to others: