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#ProjectA Tweet chat 1: 17th July 2018


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#ProjectA Tweet chat 1: 17th July 2018

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#ProjectA Tweet chat 1: 17th July 2018

  1. 1. Compiled by: Bev Matthews @BevMatthews and Catherine Murrey @CatherineMurre2 of the NHS Horizons team, David Morgan @djmtees of North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and Dan Ralevic @__DanR of East of England Ambulance Service Trust. We acknowledge the extensive analytical support that Graham MacKenzie @gmacscotland gave us in compiling this report. #ProjectA Tweet chat summary 17th July 2018
  2. 2. Contents Slide What is #ProjectA? 3 Crowdsourcing the ideas? 4 What happened in the tweet chat? 5 What were the outputs? 6 The themes that emerged: 7 - 15 • Listening to patient stories • Education for all • Being a community asset • Working differently • Right access, right time • Sharing and data • System leadership Data sources 16 Dates of tweet chats 17 The #ProjectA Ideas Platform 18
  3. 3. What happened in the tweet chat? On 17th July at 7pm a tweet chat was hosted for one hour for #ProjectA seeking responses to the following questions: 1. Why is the partnership between ambulance staff, patients and the public important? 2. How could ambulance staff play a bigger role in educating the public to prevent people getting into emergency situations with their health? 3. How can the public (including volunteers) play a bigger role in emergency care, supported by ambulance services? 4. What’s your ‘big idea’ to improve ambulance services through partnerships with patients and the public? 537 people participated with a total audience of 1,239,175 generating 1,409 tweets and 77 new ideas! This analysis shows a high level of engagement with the community and strong connections between key influencers. Source: NodeXL Source: FollowtheHashtag People took part in the tweet chat from across the world Source: FollowtheHashtag
  4. 4. What were the outputs? The #ProjectA team evaluated the 1,400 tweets* from the tweet chat and identified 77 as specific ideas that could be added to the ideas platform. Some will be new posts and others may add support or breadth to existing ideas. We fitted the ideas that were identified into the following themes: • Listening to patient stories • Education for all • Being a community asset • Sharing and data • Working differently • Right access, right time • System leadership Each person who initiated the tweet has been invited onto the ideas platform to post their idea. *Please note that this curation includes only those tweets that included the hashtag #ProjectA
  5. 5. Theme 1: Listening to patient stories
  6. 6. Theme 2: Education for all
  7. 7. Theme 3: Being a community asset
  8. 8. Theme 4: Working differently
  9. 9. Theme 5: Right access, right time
  10. 10. Theme 6: Sharing and data
  11. 11. Theme 7: System leadership
  12. 12. What is #ProjectA? #ProjectA (for ambulance) is a twelve month project to mobilise frontline ambulance staff and patients to identify and implement ideas that will contribute to improvements in urgent and emergency services. The project was initiated by Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England, after he spent time with ambulance crews in London and the Midlands. Simon identified the potential for frontline ambulance staff to play a much bigger role in innovation, service redesign and problem solving. He has asked the NHS Horizons team to work with the Association of Ambulance Chief Officers (AACE) to develop a year-long initiative that supports and builds on the excellent work that is underway in many parts of the system and builds on the ideas and energy of frontline ambulance staff. The ambition is to identify at least 4 major change ideas that can be developed, prototyped and implemented by frontline staff across all ten ambulance trusts, in time to start making a difference in winter 2018/19. The whole ethos and approach of #ProjectA is one of co-production and collaborative decision making.
  13. 13. Crowdsourcing the ideas The #ProjectA Ideas Platform has been designed around five specific challenges that emerged from the work at the launch event on 28th June. These are: • The partnership with the public challenge • The patient pathways challenge • The roles, practices, wellbeing and career progression challenge • The working with partners challenge • The thinking the unthinkable and current “rules” and perceptions challenge The #ProjectA Ideas platform will remain live until September 2018 and is being underpinned by five tweet chats, each focused on one of the five challenges. “Tweet chats are just one of many possible methods of genuine engagement and co- production in healthcare, by which patients and staff can work together to create change. A benefit of tweet chats is that they provide a huge avenue for participation.” Leigh Kendall, Communications Lead, NHS Horizons How to run a successful twitter chat
  14. 14. Data sources for this analysis 1. Twitter binder: • Advanced version: • Infographic version: 2. NodeXL: • • TAGS: (in the 'archive' tab) 3. Follow The Hashtag: •!/archive/projecta-dashboard-v1- 2018-07-18-15?id=dashboard 4. Symplur healthcare hashtag project: • hashtags/ProjectA/analytics/?hashtag=ProjectA&fdate=7%2F8%2F2018&shour =6&smin=30&tdate=7%2F18%2F2018&thour=6&tmin=30
  15. 15. Dates of future tweet chats Partnership with the public Tues 17 July 7-8pm #ProjectA Patient pathways Thurs 26 July 7-8pm #ProjectA Roles, practices, our wellbeing and progression Wed 8 August 7-8pm #ProjectA Working with partners Wed 15 August 7-8pm #ProjectA Thinking the unthinkable, current “rules” and perceptions Tues 21 August 7-8pm #ProjectA Join us on the tweet chats:
  16. 16. Continuing the conversation: