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Module 2 slides - School for Change Agents


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The golden rule for change activists is: ‘You can’t be a rebel on your own’ and will be presented by Kathryn Perera. This module gives us an understanding of the power of working together by exploring communities of practice and social movements. We identify techniques for connecting with our own and others’ values and emotions to create a call for action.

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Module 2 slides - School for Change Agents

  1. 1. @Sch4Change #S4CA team Brought to you by the Module 2: From Me To We
  2. 2. @Sch4Change #S4CA School Lead: Helen Bevan @HelenBevan Olly Benson @OllyBenson Leigh Kendall @LeighAKendall Kate Pound @KateSlater2 Lead facilitator: Pip Hardy @PilgrimPip Chat Room Monitors Twitter Monitors Louis Warner @LouisWHorizons Technical Support Joanna Hemming @JoannaHemming Paul Woodley @PaulWoodley4 Session Lead: Kathryn Perera @Kathrynperera
  3. 3. @Sch4Change #S4CA • Please use the chat box to contribute continuously during the talk • Please tweet using hashtag #S4CA and the handle @Sch4Change • Send a request to join our Facebook group School for Change Agents Joining in today…and beyond
  4. 4. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  5. 5. @Sch4Change #S4CA 16th February: Being a change agent: change begins with me 23rd February: From me to we: making connections and building communities 2nd March: Rolling with resistance 9th March: Making change happen 16th March: Moving beyond the edge Each week we’ll cover different change agent capabilities
  6. 6. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  7. 7. @Sch4Change #S4CA Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals Use the school experience as part of your CPD reflective account for revalidation Doctors We have applied for CPD credits for the school Everyone If you watch all five of the talks and demonstrate you have applied the learning, you can apply to become a certificated change agent (and it’s free) Certification and Continuing Professional Development
  8. 8. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  9. 9. @Sch4Change #S4CA Randomised Coffee Trial
  10. 10. @Sch4Change #S4CA • Email to join the RCT • We will randomly match you with another participant in the School for Change Agents from anywhere in the world • At some time in the next four weeks, arrange to have a conversation over Skype (or other communication system) with a cup of coffee! Image source: Pinterest
  11. 11. @Sch4Change #S4CA There’s a big difference between a rebel and a troublemaker
  12. 12. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  13. 13. @Sch4Change #S4CA What is the issue here? “permission” ? (externally generated) or Self efficacy ? (internally generated)
  14. 14. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  15. 15. @Sch4Change #S4CA “Knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all others.” Alexis de Tocqueville Image Source: Wikipedia
  16. 16. @Sch4Change #S4CA Image source:
  17. 17. @Sch4Change #S4CA If I am not for myself who will be for me? If I am for myself alone, what am I? If not now when? Rabbi Hillel the Elder Image source:
  18. 18. @Sch4Change #S4CA …accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty Marshall Ganz Image source: Tanveer Naseer Leadership is…
  19. 19. @Sch4Change #S4CA Only by falling off do we come to learn what balance feels like
  20. 20. @Sch4Change #S4CA Lone Wolves, Mobilisers, Organisers Concepts referenced from: Hahrie Han LONE WOLVES MOBILISERS ORGANISERS
  21. 21. @Sch4Change #S4CA Models for Action Advocacy Act on behalf of others Mobilising Means to articulate voice Organising develops the capacity of people to act on their own behalf, developing their voice in relationship with others
  22. 22. @Sch4Change #S4CA “People who have ideas and drive are on every street, in every project, every workplace and school, waiting in the wings, ready to be discovered. Someone has to reach them and recognize them. Someone has to ask them to step out, not to be consumers or props or spectators but to be players in the unfolding drama of public life. And that someone is what we call a leader or organiser.” Michael Gecan, Going PublicImage via
  23. 23. @Sch4Change #S4CA “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Image via Margaret Wheatley
  24. 24. @Sch4Change #S4CA • As a change agent, my centrality in the informal network is more important than my position in the formal hierarchy • If you want to create small scale change, work through a cohesive network • If you want to create big change, create bridge networks between disconnected groups The Power of Networks
  25. 25. @Sch4Change #S4CA • In your role: through relationships and social networks • Through virtual communities such as “We” communities, Twitter and LinkedIn • Through communities of practice and learning groups Who are your communities?
  26. 26. @Sch4Change #S4CA “I do not think you can really deal with change without a person asking real questions about who they are and how they belong in the world.” David Whyte, The Heart Aroused 1994
  27. 27. @Sch4Change #S4CA stories-with-data?sf3881865=1
  28. 28. @Sch4Change #S4CA Stories are the emotional resource that helps us meet uncertainty. Dive deep. Think intentionally about your stories. Practise them. Turn your experience into a resource that helps you inspire, connect and organise with others. Image source:
  29. 29. Why Stories Matter What we do Why we do it Action Head Analysis Strategy Heart Narrative Motivation Source of image: Dr. Christina Winsey AT Mind-Body Connection
  30. 30. @Sch4Change #S4CA Image source: Story of Self
  31. 31. @Sch4Change #S4CA Story of Self “Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let's face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin- roof shack. His father, my grandfather, was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son…” Source of image:
  32. 32. @Sch4Change #S4CA Image source: Story of Us
  33. 33. @Sch4Change #S4CA “The fierce urgency of now”
  34. 34. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  35. 35. @Sch4Change #S4CA
  36. 36. @Sch4Change #S4CA • Keep it simple • Know the facts (and how to use them) • Who influences whom? The Smallest Things
  37. 37. @Sch4Change #S4CA • Did we accomplish the goal we were trying to accomplish? • Did our community grow stronger? (create capacity; new power – power we didn’t have before) • Did individuals involve in the whole effort learn, grow and develop their capacity to organise with others? What is success?
  38. 38. @Sch4Change #S4CA Commitment Image source:
  39. 39. #S4CA @sch4change What Happens Next • If you pre-registered with your Break Out room number, you will be transferred there • If you haven’t registered with a room, you will be left in the main room where Pip and Kate will lead a discussion
  40. 40. #S4CA @sch4change If you want to join a breakout group • You can not join break out groups if you are a dial-in user or using certain devices such as iPads and other tablets. • If you were previously assigned to a group and want to join it, then find the Breakout Session below the chat box, expand it, click on the group you want to join and press the join button at the bottom right of the screen.
  41. 41. #S4CA @sch4change In the breakout room • If you get stuck ask for help here • Your facilitator will be in the room. They can be identified with the presenter ball next to them. • You can mute and unmute yourself using the Mute button • We’ve occasionally seen instances where screenshare appears. We therefore strongly recommend you close other windows you have open on your computer.
  42. 42. @Sch4Change #S4CA Time for Tea!
  43. 43. #S4CA @sch4change In the main room • In order to facilitate a proper discussion in the main room, we will unmute everyone. • Please help us by muting yourself on your own device.