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Module 2 chat box - School for Change Agents


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The golden rule for change activists is: ‘You can’t be a rebel on your own’ and will be presented by Kathryn Perera. This module gives us an understanding of the power of working together by exploring communities of practice and social movements. We identify techniques for connecting with our own and others’ values and emotions to create a call for action.

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Module 2 chat box - School for Change Agents

  1. 1. 1 Module 2 Chat box contents – 23 February 2017 fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: Hi everyone.I'mgoingtobe a participantthisweekasKathrynwill be leadingthe session.I'm lookingforwardtoparticipatinginlotsof chat frommy diningroominCoventry fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: The music isperfect fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: I am mutedand will staymutedunlessanyone wants fromLouisWarner to All Participants: Furthertechhelphere: fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: afternoonall fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: Hi Tony.Where are youthisafternoonandwhatis happeningthatisinteresting? fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: Hi Helen,thisafternooni'mpitchedupinmysonsbedroominWolverhampton fromKathrynPererato All Participants: Good afternooneveryone andwelcome! fromAngelaShimadatoAll Participants: helloall! fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: Hi Everyone :) fromNageetaPaul to All Participants: Hello:) fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: Heloeveryone. Greattosee somanyof youlive withthe school,nice andearly.Where are youand howis the weather?
  2. 2. 2 fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: :) nice to meetyouall fromCheryl Mudge to All Participants: Good morningfromCalgary,Alberta,Canada.Weatherissnowyand -7C. fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: @Pip- It iscalledBroke For Free byPetal fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: _08_Feel_Good__Instrumental_ fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: brrr thats cold! fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: Downloaditandlistentoit all day long! fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: Its veryverywindyhere inWalsall,WestMidlands,England fromElaine BaylisstoAll Participants: Hi Helenandeveryone,I'minStafffordshire andisveryverywindyhere too.Fence panelscurrently blowingall overthe place!! fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: gardenfencesblownovertoohere Elaine fromMike JonestoAll Participants: Anyone seenmyshed? fromClare IbbesontoAll Participants: Hellotoeveryone fromwindyWigan! fromElaine BaylisstoAll Participants: Your shedhas probablyhookedupwithmyfence panelsMike :) frompramod kumarto All Participants:
  3. 3. 3 Good afternoon.I am PramodKumar , consultantliaisonpsychiatrist. fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Leftwindowopenlastnight. Plant + soil etcall overdeskthismorning! fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants: It isnot so windyinmyneckof the woods,butit isveryFOGGY. Can't hardlysee downthe road! fromAngelaShimadatoAll Panelists: Grey andwindyfromlovelyLincolnshire. Kidswendyhouse hasjustbeenovrturned! fromKate PoundtoAll Participants: Hi all,feelingexcitedabouttodaysschool.We youall readytochange the world:-) fromEmilyLatourell toAll Participants: Good morning.It'sEmilyLatourell fromLondon,Canada.It'sa bit cloudy,but13 degreeshere today. Feelslike spring:) fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: ;itt;e bitblusteryhere inthge blackcountrybutdorishas onlyborrowedthe one panel sofar fromHollyDagnall to All Participants: Hi - tuninginwith2 of mycolleagues - lookingforwardtotoday'ssession fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: 'little'- strange keyboard fromPeterClaytontoAll Participants: Hi Mike fromEmilyLau to All Participants: Hi everyone fromMonica KeenantoAll Participants: hi everyone monicafromfife coldandsnowinghere todaykindof daytocosy infrontfire fromDavidDeans to All Participants: Hi fromDavid,Amanda,Sula,Marie and Jackie inAyrshire
  4. 4. 4 fromVictoriaHewitttoAll Participants: Hi Everyone - We are seemtobe havingquite arelaxedvisitfromDorishere inNEEngland. Lotsof rain butnot much wind fromrianne edinboroughtoAll Panelists: hello,fromwindyliverpool fromMaya PajevictoAll Participants: hi from Canada! fromVictoriaHowellstoAll Participants: Southof Englandhere andequallyaswindy!Doesn't looklikeI'll be able togetthe train home,all delayedorcancelled! fromJohn KolodnytoAll Participants: JohnKolodnyfroUnitedStates- CoalitionOf KaiserUnions - connectedandreadytolisten,share and learn fromDeb ThompsontoAll Participants: Hi Everyone,Iamin VancouverBC,Canadawaitingforthe sun to rise andI thinkit's goingto be sunnyand cold, There'sfroston the rooftopsinmy neighborhood.Excitedtomake connections today!! fromZoe Lord to All Participants: Superwindyhere inStaffordshire fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: HelloEveryone,fromaverybreezySuffolk,hope the roof holds...... fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: Hi Everyone,LeighfromStaffordshirePolice here.Lookingforwardtoreceivingmy RCTpartner. fromLeighKendall toAll Participants: Hi everyone!Dorisisveryactive inBedford! fromgeorginaritchie toAll Participants: findinglotsof youontwitterto follow fromLeighKendall toAll Participants:
  5. 5. 5 If you're onTwitter,doget in touch - please remembertouse #S4CA fromFionaMac to All Participants: Helloeveryone,fromthe blusterybordersof Wales!(onBRCstandby forany trouble fromDoris) fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: It's kindastrange forme notto be leadingthe sessionbutI'mlookingforwardtoitimmenselyandI knowit will be fantastic fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: I wouldwelcome afollow fromall of you.@PoliceNAWG. fromSue Hatton to All Participants: Hi everyone Sue here.Dorishashitthe Midlandswithfierce windsall day!Notasbad as others though! fromangelagulayto All Participants: Doesthisnot start at 0800? fromDavidGrier to All Participants: DavidGrier inNorthernIrelandconnected. fromLeighKendall toAll Participants: HI @angelait startsat 1500 GMT fromTanya Burchell toAll Participants: Hi froma veryblusteryGloucester! fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: Hi everyone,Alisonhere. fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi everyone. fromangelagulay to All Participants: :) fromDarlene bowmantoAll Participants: HellofromKingston,OntarioCanada,wouldloveafollow aswell @makeiteasy2017
  6. 6. 6 fromKate Emeryto All Participants: HellofromWindyNorfolk:) fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: Hi Leigh@AnthonyLongbone andalwayswelcome afollow to fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Wouldlove a follow@lawilk fromangelagulayto All Participants: Good morningfromCanada fromKate PoundtoAll Participants: Hi all :-) fromanshu guptato All Participants: Good morning,Ican't hear the speaker fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: Will do@AnthonyLongbone fromZayna Khayatto All Participants: Zayna fromCanada,on loanto Netherlandshere! fromAngie McClarrento All Participants: HellofromSouthampton fromSharon KiddtoAll Participants: hi,sharonfrom Linconshire :) fromSarah Bradleyto All Participants: Hi fromSomerset,listenonlymode I'mafraid... fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: Hi,Lucy fromDunedin:) fromRachel VollandtoAll Participants: Hi All fromnotso sunnySalford,Manchester!
  7. 7. 7 fromKate Emeryto All Participants: helloJoanPLaplana here!! fromChrysta Mayhewto All Participants: AnotherhellofromCanada! fromNardiaLloyd-AshtontoAll Participants: Hello- NardiafromManchester fromLorri Zagar to All Participants: Hi fromCaledonOntarioCanada,justoutside of Toronto fromMelissaFlemingtoAll Participants: HellofromEdinburgh!!! fromKimWright to All Participants: Hi fromWeston-super-Mare,I'mKim fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: AfternoonfromCoventry- justbattled#stormdoristowalkhome anddo this! fromRuth Doyle toAll Participants: Hi Nottinghamhere - lookingforwardtoanothergreatsession fromBonnyJohnsonto All Participants: Canada too!not receivingaudio fromPipHardy to All Participants: Greetingsfromjustnorthof Cambridge (UK) where it'sbeenprettywindy! fromPaulaWard to All Participants: Helloeveryone fromLe Palaire Lyne toAll Participants: Hellocouldn'tdownloadthe module handout.Isitnormal ? fromKarenReidto All Participants: Hi everyone,watchingfromGlasgow
  8. 8. 8 fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: @anusha- couldyou hearthe music? fromLiz Rumpto All Participants: Hi everyone - fromwindyNorwich.Justlisteninghere I'mafraid... fromSusan Macaulayto All Participants: BonjourfromQuebec,Canada:) fromLisa BradleytoAll Participants: Blowingupa gail here inNottingham,UK:-) fromEmma Hill to All Participants: hi everyone fromCaryl Hessto All Panelists: I cannot hearKathryn....myspeakers/audiotestwasfine. fromAmy AnslowtoAll Participants: Hi fromDublin!Justtryingtoget connectedtothe audio fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: @anushayou can checkyour audiousingthe audiotesttool fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Watchingfrom Wirral,merseyside fromHazel Runyararo Murwisi toAll Participants: Helloeveryone,can't getany audio fromKenJansonto All Participants: G'day from SydneyAustralia fromMandy RudczenkotoAll Panelists: howdo we jointhe SLACKgroup fromBarry VerdintoAll Participants: I cant hear anythingeither!
  9. 9. 9 fromFreya Burnsto All Participants: I don't have audioeither.I've testedmyspeakersandthe testworks! fromGemma Inghamto All Participants: WindyWarrington! fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: If you wantto followthe slidesalongonSlideShare,downloadthemhere fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Helloeveryone,audiohassavedme once again fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: @helenthanks fromSyedaAkhtarto All Participants: Hi all.Lookingforwardtotoday's session.Keepingoutof the way fromDoris today fromYvonne NewboldtoAll Participants: I can't hear anythingeither! fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Hi Dorisis notstoppings4hc today fromBonnyJohnsonto All Participants: audiotestok butno audio fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Oh look, I gota mention! Avril inLondon! fromanshu guptato All Participants: My computer'sspeakersare fine itsaysthatCiscowebex isnot on fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: No audioI'maffraid so followingthe slides fromDavidGrier to All Participants:
  10. 10. 10 HandoutlinkisblockedbymyTrust. That didn'thappenwithModule 1. Isthere a linkto a pdf? fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Hi everyone.The audiodidn'tplayforme until I had got rid of the audio/mictestoptions. fromSue Hatton to All Participants: No audioonan iPad - I usedthe detailstojointhe sessionbyphone onlytogetthe audio. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: OohJean Dipple helloneighbour(Coventryhere) fromFionaMontgomeryto All Participants: Hi there.I'mnowusingthe phone as I couldn'thearwhentryingto use headphonesfrommylaptop. fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: AUDIO: youneedtoclose the audiotestbefore youcan hearthe session fromEmilyBeardall toAll Participants: Hi everyone,apharmacistinBradfordhere *waves* fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: STUDY GUIDE: You can downloaditfromSlideshareandDropbox here: fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: Hi JeanDipple,greattohave youhere fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: Mangaed to getaudiobyclickingonAudiotab at top of screen fromJoanna HemmingtoAll Participants: If you are havingaudioproblems,pleaserefer tothe audiotabthat shouldbe at the top of your screens fromChrysta Mayhewto All Participants: Hi to myfellowSanofi Pasteurfriends! fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: STUDY GUIDE: Availablehere:
  11. 11. 11 fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Thisis myfirstwebinar,Iwas unable tomake lastweek'sbutdidrewatchthe recording.Iwork for the NHS LeadershipAcademyinLeeds,UK. I am a Programme Coordinator. fromVictoriaHewitttoAll Participants: Nowyou're makingme emotional AGAIN!! fromDominicCushnanto All Participants: piece of art fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: sorry imlate fromKate Emeryto All Participants: I'm sittingnexttoMr I Ama Rebel rightnow :) fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: The GOLDEN THREAD of relationships fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Lookingforwardto meetingmynewrandomfriend fromRachel VollandtoAll Participants: Cant waitfor coffee toconnectwhendowe start?? fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Hi Tony,excitedtojoinin,have wantedtoattendjustneededtogetonboard fromDeirdre Munro to All Participants: Hi everyone - lIlove the randomisedcoffee - metfantastictweeps fromRichard Bessell toAll Participants: signedupforRCT.....Can'twaitto talkwithlike mindedpeople fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Had an RCT inmy Trust. Recommendit fromFionaMontgomeryto All Participants:
  12. 12. 12 Thanks,nowlinkedin fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Can't waitto be part of the RCT! fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Lookingforwardto myRCT fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: alreadydone - lookingforwardtoit! fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Wouldbe amazingto do thison an organisationlevel fromDeirdre Munro to All Participants: Tony I metyouat school fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Excitingwhoitwill be.Lastyear hadone incosta overFaceTime fromAngie McClarrento All Participants: Ran RCT at UHS was brill :) fromDeirdre Munro to All Participants: and Jane Andyandso SO MANY MORE REBELS frompauline heatontoAll Participants: windy,rainingandsnowy fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: My goal isto run an RCT in my trust fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: love this.Wonderhowwe couldsupporteachotherto enable thistohappen? fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants: Oh man! I missedthe lastpartof the email address! Will someone plesae repostit? fromTony Longbone toAll Participants:
  13. 13. 13 Thinkyourright Deidre,the School hasconnectedme withsomanywonderful peoplethathave helpedkeepme above water fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: Pam:,net fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants: Thanks! fromSharon Brownto All Participants: If anyone has suggestionsonhowtheyrana RCT intheirTrust I wouldwelcomeyouradvice. fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Me too! fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: If you wantto run a RandomisedCoffeeTrial inyourownorganisation,here isaninstructionpack fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: ooh greatthankshelen fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Anyone atSt George'sTooting? Please be fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: i usedtosay to my developingteams we're notgettingitwrongwe're learninghow togetitright! fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: thanks fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Thank you! fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: That great HelenlookforwardtoRCT
  14. 14. 14 fromSharon Brown to All Participants: ThanksHelen fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: Thank youfor havingthe courage to share your story fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: I wishall storieswere like this - we have tostrive forthis fromPipHardy to All Participants: Wonderful storyKathryn - verybrave. fromLe Palaire Lyne toAll Participants: HelloChrysta:-) fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: can I have a coldciderinstead?;) fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: That's a wondereful storyandsotrue of myexperince of hospices,thankyouforsharing fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: For tailored,bespoke care - forrespectingindividualsandmakingtheirdaysandnightsasbestthey can be fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: So powerful Katherine,thankyousomuchfor sharing fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: Thankskathrynfor such a movingstory fromJoanna HemmingtoAll Participants: Such a touchingstory,thankyoufor sharingKathryn fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Lovelystory,beautifullytold,thanksKathryn fromDominicCushnanto All Participants:
  15. 15. 15 Thank youKathryn fromDee Leonardto All Participants: How verytrue Kathryn fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Thank youKathrynfor sharingyourstory.Verybrave fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: We feel the same aboutchangingthingsforabusedchildren fromKarenReidto All Participants: verymoving,andcompletelyagree,feelingsopassionateandmotivated fromPaulaWard to All Participants: Thank youKathrynfor sharingsucha powerful storyaboutaveryspecial gentleman fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: I say againthe GOLDEN THREAD of relationships fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Strawberrymilkshakemoments...yeswe all needthose fromChrisChambersto All Participants: Kathryn,I will tryto be as brave as you are in becomingachange agent;thank you. Enjoythat milkshake later fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: a self care question fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Authenticityisvital fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: You cannot love yourneighbouras yourself if youdon'tlove yourself fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: absolutelyJean,youneedtobe true to yourself inordertobe true forothers
  16. 16. 16 fromHazel Murgatroyd to All Participants: Who am I? Who am I that'smore thanthat? Superbdeepfoundationsforchange andaction fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: We all have a sharedpurpose.Togetherwe are changing fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Givingmyself permissiontobe myself wasalibertaingthing! fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: liberating* fromPeterClaytontoAll Participants: leadershipisnotapositionattainedbut aninfluence excercised fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: ExactlyPeter.We can all be leaders. fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Agree,donot waitforthe planetstoalignforchange to happen fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: workedwithabrilliantengineerwholovesfailure - saiditwasthe onlywayyou learnanything important fromKimWright to All Participants: No andyesto the leadershipquestion fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Agree,freedomtofail,noblame,issuchanempoweringplace tobe fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: My experienceiscertainlymixedrecleadership fromKate Emeryto All Participants: People have verydifferentperceptionsof whatbeingaleadermeans... fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants:
  17. 17. 17 Fail Fast,Learn Fast,DevelopFast. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Hi everyone.touchingstoryhoweverreallyputsthingsintoperspective fromMandy RudczenkotoAll Panelists: I have alwaysbeenafraidof leadershipbecasue myideaof itwasnegative fromSi ChunLam to All Participants: There'sdefinitelypeople whohave "leader"intheirtitle;andthenthere are the people whoactually lead.Sometimesthey're the same people,sometimestheyaren't! fromDeirdre Munro to All Participants: summarisinf 'let'sactionoursharedpurpose fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: Its the classicEinstein"Ididntfail 10000 timestomake a light,Ifound10000 ways notto" fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Work withall gradesof nursesHCSWs oftenhave bestleadershipskills fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: Had a Fail Wall forall staff to record errorsto be sharedwithwhole department. Embrace failures - use as an opportunitytolearn andspreadthat learningfarand wide fromMel Smithto All Participants: to knowourselveswe needtoknowourwhy fromDawn Lawsonto All Participants: Interestingpoint - howoftendowe thinkaboutself?Itisnotselfishtodothis fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: self care is soimportantinorder to move thingsforward.How dowe rock the boatand stay sane?? fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: I have a question,howdo we getpeople we workwithtoengage??? fromCatherine Fleetwoodto All Participants: True Dawnbut i feel society/upbringingsometimesenablesthatsortof negative thinkingaroundself
  18. 18. 18 fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: love the ideaof a fail wall...sharinglearningwithapurpose andgivingpermission...thanksfor sharing fromRichard Bessell toAll Participants: anybodyelse fromdorsetccgon thiswebinar? fromAngel ChristiantoAll Participants: employeeengagementis hardworkAmira fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: @naomi bestadvice isto stay connectyedtowidernetworkswhenthe watergetschoppy fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: PatriciaBrooks - It workedinitiallybutthe overarchinguse wasto getpeople toshare nothide errors. Hiding= Danger,Sharing= Opportunity fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Amira- start/be part of a twowayconversation,notjustengagingwhenyouneedto fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: failings=learningopportunities:) fromChrisChambersto All Participants: Catherine F,we needtofinda connectioninordertoget people onboard. Youcannot make someone engage,onlyencourage andmotivate fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: thanksguys,itshard to persuade some peoplethatchange can be good fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: be generouswithyourtime/skills fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Engagementissometimesamarmite word... Staff eitherlove itorhate it fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants:
  19. 19. 19 Thisis a lotabout showingyourvulnerability,isn'tit?Openinguptoself andothers fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: FAIL= first,attempt,at,learning fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: love marmite wordJean fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Anybodyrockingarock is vulnerable fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: To leadyouneedone follower.The restwill come fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: FirstAttemptI'mLearningFAIL fromKarenReidto All Participants: for me,i am connectingwitha fewlone wolfswhoare passionateinaworkplace whofearchange, itshow we connecttogethertomove forwardthat iskey. fromWendyJohnsontoAll Participants: Agree totallywithLaura'scomment- showingvulnerability.Absolutely - partof beingreal and honest. fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Thisis tellingme thatwhenIthinkIam the onlyone,Iam not, youall seemto be facingsimilar issues fromJane Wilsonto All Participants: It's OK to showyourvulnerabilityasaleader.Itletsothersknow youdon'thave to have all the answerstolead fromAnn-Marie Caunce to All Participants: leadersdon'tcreate followers,theycreate new leaders fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: jane,i agree
  20. 20. 20 fromPipHardy to All Participants: Vulnerabilityandcourage are reallyl twosidesof acoin - Brene Browntalksalot aboutthis. fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: I thinkpeople respp0ndtoauthenticity,openness,vulnerability,whichisfarfromweakness fromVIcki Nashto All Participants: I love thatpointAnn-Marie - leaderscreate new leaders! fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: i thoughtthe same,i am so gladi joinedthe group fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: ooklike thatann-marie fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: *ooh fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: love thisidea- youcan completelyrethinkyourorganisation fromKarenReidto All Participants: absolutelyLaura,Ihave for solongfeltalone inwhati try andachieve inwork,I feel soempowered, like somuchmore ispossible nowandabove all,notalone anymore fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Love Brene Brown.See herTEDtalk andread herbook DaringGreatly fromDawn Lawsonto All Participants: Authenticityisreallyinteresting - whatdoisauthenticitymean? fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Hi Pip fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Yes,its all aboutinterconnectionandseeingthingsastheyreallyare we are not alone if we connect fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants:
  21. 21. 21 to me Dawn itis beingme - genuine me- honestyaboutmyvalues,myfeelingsatanygivenmoment, whatmatters tome fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: I'm using - anyone have anyexperiencesof this? fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: the webisvisuallymore inclusive andimpliessharedpower fromFionaMontgomeryto All Participants: My networkiswide andvaried:) fromPipHardy to All Participants: Hi Amira- greatto see youhere! fromMel Smithto All Participants: relational 1:1'sand sharingyour whyallowsyoutoconnectat that valueslevel fromtom houstonto All Participants: doingitis tough... fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: relational 1:1walkand talks! fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: have some greatexperiencesof building professionalnetworksbyemail lists - overcame feelingsof isolation fromKate Emeryto All Participants: I've foundthat the keyto building bridgesistotry andoffersomethinginreturnforwhatyouare asking. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Glad to be here :-) fromDawn Lawsonto All Participants: Thankscatherine - that isreallypowerful fromVictoriaHewitttoAll Participants:
  22. 22. 22 My mapis onlyhowI see the world. Iwant to learnhow otherssee ittoo fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: DementiainterestgroupwithDementiaChampionsHCSWworkingtogether fromBonnyJohnsonto All Participants: Wprkingwithdementai navigationandtryingtoconnectdiverse HSP's,caregivers fromMel Smithto All Participants: we give thema bitof ourselves fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: At ACRa formal InnovationLabprogramhas broughtlike-mindedcollaboratorstogether;e.g.,Coffee Chats as a formal programat ACR fromMel Smithto All Participants: Love thisquote fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: startingtop thinkaboutmappingmycurrentcommunitysothat thiscan be passedontothose i have foundwithsame passiontocreate change fromNigel MillartoAll Participants: draw yournetworkas a sportsteam - pick yourfavourite sport - thenfill inall the positionsandhow theyconnect- thenstart fillinginthepeople inthe positions fromDavidDeans to All Participants: Usingsocial mediato connectour QI Alumni inAyrshireandArran. fromVIcki Nashto All Participants: the mappingof stakeholders(internallyandexternally) issomethingwe doquite abit froma VCS perspective.Howdowe influencethe NHSfrominside andout,whoare our allies,whodisagrees withus andhow dowe influence them.Itreallyisall aboutpeople,farmore thanmanypeople realise. fromLeighMorgan-JonestoAll Participants: A StakeholderAssessmentisaboutME not WE. Needto reverse assessmentthenanalyse common groundmaybe.... fromRob Cockburmto All Participants:
  23. 23. 23 creatednetworkonyammeracross healthandcare systemsforlearningdisabilities fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Love gettinginvolvedinforums Connectingwithinmypeergroupisvital asa staff governor fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: love thatideaNigel - i'll gowithrugbyleague,i get13 then! fromKarenReidto All Participants: I have found1 verylike mindedconnectioninmyworkplace andthe difference isamazing,like anotherislandinan oceanof negativityandIfeel like somuchmore ispossible justforthis1 connection fromteresaspilsburytoAll Participants: Don't everforgetthe geographical communities,therewillalwaysbe mobilisers - anditisfantastic whentheyare mobilisingforyounotagainstyou,eitherwaytheyare a force to be reckonedwith fromMel Smithto All Participants: yousharedyour why fromYvonne Newbold toAll Participants: Online hasbeenaverypowerful mediumtofindandconnectwith"mytribe".Some fabulouspeople have become close friendssharingsame passionsanddrive fromVictoriaHewitttoAll Participants: Don't over-simplifyyoumap - if it's neatand tidyitsprobablynotaccurate fromStuart Cloughto All Participants: Networkingandbuildiingrelationshipsispivotal intryingtobringHealthandSocial Care together... thoughthisisnot simple! fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Yammer,TwitterFacebookall connectus fromVIcki Nashto All Participants: Yes itis somuch aboutstorytelling!! fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants:
  24. 24. 24 Kathryn,yourstory to start thissessionwasverypowerful - livingproof! fromMel Smithto All Participants: Smiling- stories- can move people intoaction fromGemma Inghamto All Participants: newinorg findingotherlone wolves!lookingforrebel glintinthe eye wheni speakof chage andthe edge! fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Gr8 inUSradiology fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: haha yesmel,let'sgetpeople movingphysicallytoo,right?? fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Storiesillustratethe why fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: similarideaincultural genograph(google if interested) - storiesof self are alsostoriesof familyand culture fromRainerGolombektoAll Participants: I findthatI usuallyneedsome listeningtounderstandwhattype of storyandframingisappropriate. fromMel Smithto All Participants: some people finditdifficulttoknowtheirstory - theyneedtounveal theirwhy fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Beckythankyou, love toreadpowerful storiesfromoutside of the UKtoo fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: accessingstoriesisa challenge- andinnotpresentingasfullyrepresentaive fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: I don't live the whyworditsalwaysseemstobigforme,I prefer the wordthe purpose fordoing fromRob Cockburmto All Participants:
  25. 25. 25 videoonthe use of storytellingorpublicnarrative fromCormacRussell Watch the Cormac Russell videohere fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: fromMel Smithto All Participants: yesNaomi!Let'sget physical! fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: :) fromYvonne NewboldtoAll Participants: I'm lovingthis - findingI'mnoddingall the waythrough.Storiesandexperiencesare oftenhow we connectand whywe care about eachother fromKarenReidto All Participants: findingthe commonconnectionandbuildingonthat,exactly fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Totallyagree aboutcommoncauses:I don't know whatit's like to retire buttalkingtosome people whoare goingthroughthat, itreallyresonatedwithhow gettingdivorcedfelt fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: *commonvalues fromSharon KiddtoAll Participants: we are doing1 story 2 voices - one epxerience andseeingitfromeyesof apatientandthenfrom the staff view fromVIcki Nashto All Participants: Notsure if people have come acrossthe CommonCause workaroundvaluesandframes: fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: same here,Yvonne made me thinkabouthow i've come to be where i am fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: sharedvalues
  26. 26. 26 fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Its become a"need" to act i think fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: It iswonderful tobe here inthisspace,at thistime,withall of people fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: whoi have nevermet fromPipHardy to All Participants: @SharonKidd - and we are happyto be workingwithyouto hearthe storiesof patientsand staff. fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: I have a dream fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Yes ned fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Warm blanketfeelingonawindyday fromMel Smithto All Participants: create the perfectmoment fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: yep,don'twaitfor it! fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: lol @KatePoundstrugglingtokeepup fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Love the energy fromEmma Hill to All Participants: i am impressedpeoplecanlistne andchatat the same time. fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants:
  27. 27. 27 We have beenworkingtochange the language from"evidence based"to"consensusbased" because there isa lackof evidence foralotof conditionsandtreatment. If we come to a consensus and thenmonitor,we will create evidence. Itwas a reallyinterestingthoughtforme. fromMichele Youngto All Participants: My thoughtexactly - testingmymulti taskingskills!All sointerestingandengaging. fromLyn GriffithstoAll Participants: I'm strugglingwiththe listne andchatstuff tooEmma fromAndreaSelleytoAll Participants: Consensus - yesIlike thatthought fromabdullahRajoubtoAll Participants: any particpantsfroma childrenshospital ?Iwouldbe happytocommunicate ... @Abd_rajoub fromKenJansonto All Participants: it's evenhardertokeepupat 240 am fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Listen,chat,note make,checkTwitter,argh:) fromSarah Bradleyto All Participants: Brene Brown'sworkapplieshere to - vulnerabilityispowerful andattractive... fromSarah Bradleyto All Participants: *too fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants: I'm froma pediatrichospital! fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: yes.there's plentywe have evidence forbutlesssoon how we enable people tojoinin fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: for me itsbeena "want"howeveritsnow become a"need". fromShawnVolkto All Participants: @PamTrevinoIlove that!I'm goingto steal anduse in mywork!
  28. 28. 28 fromJoanne Reayto All Participants: the notesare available wordforwordaftersodon't worryabout scribblingaway. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: *evidence fordoinga,b or c fromStacey KavanaghtoAll Participants: Can we acessthe chat box textafterwards?i dontwantto missany of the linksthatare beingshared fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: lol @Ken - justwakingupearlyaftera nightshiftto jointodayso all'sa bitblurry fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Brene Brown'sTED talkon vulnerabilityisamazing,checkitout,sorydon't have the linkhandy fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: I'm lovingbeingpartof this.Everyone iscontributing.Feelinglotsof energyforchange.I'mvery impressedandinspiredbyyouall. fromRichard Bessell toAll Participants: findingawayto influence otherstoshow theirvulnerabilitiesandanuncertainsituation fromDavidGrier to All Participants: I metwithData Managers inour Trust last weekTheyspendtheirdaysgettinginformationtoinform managersto meettargets.IexplainedthatIwantedto developanetworktoenable change andfor themto provide informationdirectlytomyclinical team.Itexcitedthemthatthiswassubvertingthe hierarchy. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Its reallyinterestingreadingeveryonesviewsandseeingdifferentperspectives fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: So isthe keyto leadershipnottohave the answerbuthave he question? fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: thankyou - I getso hungon on havingthe perfectstory fromNaomi Brook to All Participants:
  29. 29. 29 yesRob! fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: he = the fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: and the questionmightbe 'whatcan we do togethertomake X better?' fromJohn KolodnytoAll Participants: Conscesusismuchmore pwoerful thanevidence basednumbers.Italllowsall stakeholderstobe engagedinthe planning,developmentandimplementation of the initiative youare workingonasa group. fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: small wins - alwayslookforthe small wins. #EndPJParalysisisone suchwin,caringforpeople, respectingandempoweringthemasindividuals fromDebra Spedding-ClarktoAll Participants: people are speakingaboutneedsandwantsbuthow will we know whosharesthose needsand wantsand doesthat meantheyare the rightnedds/wants? fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Thisis a great social movement. #hellomynameisLeeanne fromDawn Lawsonto All Participants: #hellomynameisanothergreatexample fromDee Leonardto All Participants: #endpjparalysissuchanexcellentidea fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: love itso simple - change of mindset fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: @Naomi Or whydo we do itthisway? fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: #RCT alsoa great small win:) connectingusone byone!
  30. 30. 30 fromJamesDownhamto All Participants: The true seedforchange ina major initiativehere inWaterlooWellington(Canada),came fromthe storyof one person'shealthcare journey.Thismade the case for change - notdata. Storiesmake people 'feel'the needforchange,notjustunderstandit. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: yes@Rob but leave withsome vision...? fromKate Emeryto All Participants: #endpjparalysishasbeenourstartingpointforstartingour social movementhere - the patientas the centre of the change rather thana directive fromonhighora demandfor KPIs fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: slightdelay - hadto check spellingbutnovelistChimamandaAdichie alsodoagreat TED talk on narrative andidentity fromPam TrevinotoAll Participants: Back to pediatrichospitals...Iwasn'tfastenoughtocatch yourconnection. I'mon twitter- @PamTr fromMel Smithto All Participants: yay sogood to hear#matexpgettinga mention fromJoanne Reayto All Participants: The time to reflectonall our actionsiskey...withoutthiswe won'tknow whatwe needtochange! fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: Emphaticallyagree,bysharingthe storiesof ourvulnerabilityitopensupconnectionsinthe most unusual of circumstances. fromLyn GriffithstoAll Participants: yesJoanne time toreflectiskey fromDebra Spedding-ClarktoAll Participants: yesjoanne i agree we needtowhere we have come fromto know where we needtoheadto fromKarenReidto All Participants: I thinkalotof the time itshowpeople make sense of atraumaticor negative personal experience, theyfindwaysto turnthemintoa positive....youcantchange whathappenedbutyoucan make it meansomething!!
  31. 31. 31 fromMel Smithto All Participants: thisistotallybrilliant fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: fromsmall acorns come mightyoaks! fromLouisWarner to All Participants: Tech helphere: fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: keepitsimple - campaignsoftenneedtobe too.nottoo manytangentsthat distractpeople from the maingoal fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: @KarenHow do we move fromthisburningplatform - i.e itsalreadygone wrong fromChrisMalvernto All Participants: fromLeeanne Lockley toAll Participants: Can't believethe hourisalmostup.Havingso muchfun 😂 fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: Agree Karenandpositive storiesinspirehealthcre staff whooftenonlyhearaboutstorieswhen thingsgo wrong.also learningwhatworksandisgood isso important fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: yesLeanne thishourhas flownby fromHelenBevantoAll Participants: If you are inspiredbythisfocusonstorytelling,youthe #edgetalksonthe storiesof staff inhealth and care on3rd March: fromNigel MillartoAll Participants: You getpeople off the platformwithavision - a place thatlooksbetter fromJoanne Reayto All Participants:
  32. 32. 32 We needtogo up rivertofindout whypeople are jumpinginratherthanwearourselvesoutby jumpingineachtime to save them fromMel Smithto All Participants: small wins - create newcapacity fromBonnyJohnsonto All Participants: love thatanalogy! fromChrisMalvernto All Participants: fromDebra Spedding-ClarktoAll Participants: wheni dida leadershipmodulerecentlyone of the keythingstoconsiderwasdescribedasthe circle of influence,whotheyare,howtojointhe circle,how toget themtofosteryour ideas/vision. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: I nowsay no to anyactivitythat doesn'thave *any* abilitytobuildcapacity.Because what'sthe point? fromGemma Inghamto All Participants: love thatHazel fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Debra that'sa keypart of our programmesat the LeadershipAcademy - spheresof influence fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: alsothe "iceberg"model fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: ooh nice hazel! fromKarenReidto All Participants: wowHazel! fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: Can I suggestlookat the InnovationinInclusionworkthatcan be foundinthe KingsFundlibrary. Whichcan helptomove fromme to we and buildcapacityand committment.
  33. 33. 33 fromSallyMorgan to All Participants: so me! fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: nice definition. fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: he%20Iceberg%20model_FINAL_25%2003%202015.pdf fromMuhammad Ali AbidtoAll Participants: I thinkthe goal accomplishmentgetslostandpeople getmore focusonthe feel good....because the goal isntspecificenough fromMel Smithto All Participants: yesit isso youNaomi! fromKarenReidto All Participants: essential fromPatriciaBurns to Host (privately): The definitionof commitmentisperfect! fromPaulaWard to All Participants: commitment fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: my small action todayisto set upan RCT! fromChrisMalvernto All Participants: Love the commitmentslide..... fromLaura MillettoAll Participants: It takescourage to showone'svulnerabilitytoraise awarenessonanissue ; Checkhere : fromRob Cockburmto All Participants: thanksKathryn
  34. 34. 34 fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: my commitmentthisyearistodeliverthe school tostaff fromour trust& embedastrategyforour Caremakers fromElaine BaylisstoAll Participants: Fabuloussession,thanksKathryn fromLe Palaire Lyne toAll Participants: ThanksKathryn fromPipHardy to All Participants: Thank youKathryn - that wasbrilliant. fromlaura neal to All Participants: thankyou Kathyrn fromHazel Runyararo Murwisi toAll Participants: ThanksKathryn fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Thank youKathryn. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Totallygreat fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: thankyou forthiswonderful,inspiring hour fromHollyDagnall to All Participants: Thanksverymuch for today'ssession.Reallyenjoyedit. fromEmma Hill to All Participants: thankyou fromLaura WilkestoAll Participants: Great session,thankyouverymuch fromSallyMorgan to All Participants:
  35. 35. 35 brilliantsession fromKimWright to All Participants: Thankskathryn fromAngie McClarrento All Participants: Thank you fromTony Longbone toAll Participants: thankyou,great session fromLisa SaminadentoAll Participants: Thank youfor today'sthoughtprovokingsession fromAngelaShimadatoAll Panelists: thankyouKathryn. Inspiringanduseful. fromTanya Burchell toAll Participants: Thank youKathryn.Reallyinteresting. fromHelenBevan toAll Participants: Well done Kathryn,thatwasan amazingsession fromSyedaAkhtarto All Participants: ThanksKathryn.Brilliantsession fromeileensharptoAll Participants: Veryintereesting- alottotake onboard. Thankyou Yessmall changes - embracingtwitter fromSi ChunLam to All Participants: Thank youfor thissession;learntalotmore than more standardisedmanagementtrainingcourses! fromShelleyHuffmantoAll Participants: Great talk - thank you! fromAgi KertynskatoAll Participants: Thank youKathryn! fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants:
  36. 36. 36 Anothergreatsession.Thankyou. fromKate SilvestertoAll Participants: ThanksKathryn, fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: ThanksKathryn,goodsession fromBonnyJohnsonto All Participants: Thank youKathryn! fromnaomi ledwithtoAll Participants: Kathrynyoukeptit simole fromDee Leonardto All Participants: Thank youKathryn fromPaulaWard to All Participants: Thank youKathryn fromAgnesHardy-BoyertoAll Participants: ThanksKathryn,awesome session! fromLyn GriffithstoAll Participants: Great session.FUN washad andstuff learned fromnaomi ledwithtoAll Participants: Simple fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Yay tea! frompramod kumarto All Participants: Excellentsession,thankyou. fromFran Mead to All Participants: thanksKathryn,reallyenjoyedthe session fromJane Wilsonto All Participants:
  37. 37. 37 Thank youKathryn! fromYvonne NewboldtoAll Participants: Thank youKathryn,a reallygoodsession,thoughtprovokinginsightfulandhasleftme buzzingwith ideasandquestions.Can'tbelieve how fasttime flew byaswell fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Thank youkathryn. fromHazel Murgatroyd to All Participants: The powerof vulnerability m=email&utm_campaign=tedspread fromDeb ThompsontoAll Participants: Thank youfor sharingyourstory andwonderful insightwithustoday!! fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: Kathryn- inspiringandmotivating-thankyou fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: Thany youKathryn fromHazel Murgatroyd to All Participants: Thank youKathryn.Great to stayconnectedfromnorthwestArkansas! fromSarah Emery to All Participants: Fabuloussession,thankyou. SorryI cant stay forthe breakoutsessiontoday. fromEmilyLau to All Participants: Can't stay fora breakoutsessiontoday,butthankseveryone.Anothergreatsession. fromCatherine FleetwoodtoAll Participants: Shame I cna't stay for breakoutsession - butlookforwardtomore connectionsoverthe nextweek - please followme onTwitter@fleedershipif you'dlike tostarta conversation.share some stories! fromYvonne NewboldtoAll Participants: I'd love tojoina breakoutroombut don't have that buttonto requestit
  38. 38. 38 fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Thank you fromKate Emeryto All Participants: Thank youfor the session.See everyone nextweek! fromFionaMontgomeryto All Participants: I don't have a buttoneitherbutnotsure where Ishouldbe looking fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Can't access the breakoutroom.Onmy iPhone 📱 😭 fromEmma Hill to All Participants: where isthisbreakoutroomthing? fromJenniferWalkertoAll Participants: I thinkoniPhone iPadwe stayhere anddon't go to a breakoutroom. Asif thismainarea isour breakoutroom fromJeanDipple toAll Participants: Thank youall,lovedthe sense of togethernesscreated Kathryn,fabstuff See youall nextweek fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Ok.So we stay here andhave our own conversation.Whattodiscuss fromOliverBensontoAll Participants: We'#re goingto pressthe breakout roombuttonshortly! fromKathrynPererato All Participants: Thank youto those whojoinedandnowneedtoleave before the LearningSets. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Yes letstoothat i dont mindLeeanne fromLyn GriffithstoAll Participants:
  39. 39. 39 got to go butlovedthe session.I'll be back fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Amirawhere are youbased? fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: LeicesterOOHs fromMelanie HarringtontoAll Participants: Reallysorrybutsomethingscome up,mustgo fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: well leicester,leicestershire andrutlandoohs fromEmma Hill to All Participants: i'm inthe mainroom, buti can't unmute my mike fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Amirasoundslike alotto cover fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Its a large region fromSarah Bradleyto All Participants: Can't see b/o8.5 yet... fromEmma Hill to All Participants: oh ok,i'm wihtitnow,thankyou fromYvonne NewboldtoAll Participants: I don't seemtobe in a breakoutroom - is itpossible tojoinone oram I still inthe mainroom for thissessioni? fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: but i enjoythatchallenge fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Hi
  40. 40. 40 fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Hi fromthe American College of Radiology,We're havingacupof teawhile we wait.SadlynotPG Tips. fromKarl FredrikWestermanntoAll Participants: I have a nice cup of tea!:-) fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: I have justfinishedmycoffee fromLeeanne Lockley toAll Participants: Amiraare youworkingonsomethingatthe moment? fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: HI Iam fromScotlandand workin DementiaCare fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Are you ontwitter? fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Yes fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: Hi fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi Tilda.Where inScotland? fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: I thinkwe followeachotherleeanne fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: Hi I am Patriciaand I workinPalliative Care inScotland fromMargaret Herbertto All Participants: Can't getinto Breakout7 fromLinda Machakaire to All Participants:
  41. 41. 41 Unable to joinbreakoutRoom7 fromLouise HoldentoAll Participants: ok,goingto give 9 a go fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: There are 8 of us fromthe ACR inReston,VA,USA.We're from the Educationand Publications Department.We're all inone of our meetingroomstogether,butthere maybe othersjoining remotely. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Hi leeanne ,yesi am AC2819 fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Sorry whatis ACR? fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: AmericanCollegeof fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Thisis the audioversionof the scribblypen:-) fromEmma Hill to All Participants: adovcacy,mobilisingandoprganisingreallyresonantedwithme fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: How doyou raise yourhand fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Lol.I usedan emoji lol.SorryI'msuch a rebel fromJenniferWalkertoAll Participants: I don't see those iconsoniPhone fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Got it fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants:
  42. 42. 42 I thinkthe powerof vulnerabilityandrecognisingandusingthisasa strengthisthe most important learningpointforme today fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Yes foundit fromSusan Macaulayto All Participants: Most importantlearning:I'mnotthe onlyone in the worldto face technical challenges:P:) Youguys and galsare doinga great job:) fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: i thinkthinkingof emotionsof change resonatedwithme fromHazel Runyararo Murwisi toAll Panelists: Can't see raisedhandoption fromMichele Woodto All Participants: Hello,Iam Michele andworkin hospice care,soKathryn'sexample wasspoton.I don'tthinkI am able to stayfor thisbreakoutsessionbutIlookforwardto nextweek'ssession.Thankyou.Iam takingawaywithme the challenge tothinkabout'whoare my people?' fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Great to hearyou anyway fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi hazel fromLe Palaire Lyne toAll Participants: Hello,the mostimportantthingI've laernttoday isthat sharingyourstoriesandfeelingisrequired. Justbe honest fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: HelloI fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Issues.I'mon chat viaiphone fromJanine CousineautoAll Participants: Justdo it!
  43. 43. 43 fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Correct fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Sad face fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi Lisa fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: ....positivity.Kindandunderstanding fromLisa Sharrock to All Participants: 3 wordsthat inspire me forthe next12 months - value to enable fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: patience positive others fromKarl FredrikWestermanntoAll Participants: I reallyliked"There isnopowerforchange greaterthana community discoveringwhatitcares about."People workingtogethertoaccomplishsomething. fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Most importantthinglearnedtoday:Leadersexistandleadershiphappensatall levelsinan organization.Influencersmaynotbe those inhighpositions. fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: On iPhone solimitedcapacity.Mostimportantthinglearnedtodayishone inonmyissue to change. I'm passionate about(young) mothersandaspiringmuminhighlydemandingcareers. fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: My three wordsFindOutWhy.If I understandwhathappeningitwill helpsupportmychange fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: three words..honesthumanconnections fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: I have triedto putmy hand up
  44. 44. 44 fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Love "FindOut Why" fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: ThanksBecky fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: My words:intentional;influence;congruent fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Avril fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: Can I be unmuted? fromPhilippaCasarestoAll Participants: wouldlike tochat - philippa fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi Margaux fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Yay! Augusta,GA. fromEmma Hill to All Participants: the thingi've takenfromtoday wasre the advocacy,mobilisingandorganisingaspectof the session, reallyresonatedforme inwhatwe're tryingto achieve fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: My three wordsare aspire,achieve andpositivity. fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: Morningmargaux greatconnectingacrossthe world fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Like yourthree wordsAlisonaspire,achieve andpositivity fromMargaux Brown to All Participants:
  45. 45. 45 Hi thankyou!Yes relational :) fromSue Hatton to All Participants: Talkingaboutkindnessalottoday,foundthislovelylinktoa calendarthathas an act of kindness everyday.52 weeksof… fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: empoweringMomsto advance andcontribute fullyisvital tomeetinghealthcare needsinmany countries fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: I still have myhandup fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Avril youare a goodstudent 👨🎓 fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: Lovelyconnecting - Becky,gladtohear of your interestinmums! fromLisa Sharrock to All Participants: Sorry everyone Ineedtoleave.Thankyouforanamazingsession.Look forwardto nextsession fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Loss forus all whencareersare derailedforchildbirthandrearingwhenabitof flexiilitywouldhelp us all fromPhilippaCasarestoAll Participants: i have myhand up still fromPatriciaBrooks Youngto All Participants: sorry needtoleave :( thankyoufor such a great session. fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: No I'm here! fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Oh no! fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants:
  46. 46. 46 Notas faras I know fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: I believethe me towe,isabouteach individualfeelingtheirstoryisreflectedinthe story,which givesthe we committmentandencouragementtomake change. fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: We're workingonthisa ACRand SocietyforBreastImaging3/8/17 1:00 pm US ET #radwomen fromPhilippaCasarestoAll Participants: yesplease fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: My homeworkthisweekisstartaskingmyself whywouldpeoplewanttowork withme? fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Cool self-reflectionLeeanne fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: Becky - wouldlove totalkmore inAugusta - for3/8 info! fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: I have my handraised fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: It saysI'm unmutedbutno joy frommadelyngriffithstoAll Participants: Caringrespectand qualityare mythree words fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Learnt alotfromtodayssession fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: my 3 words simple,positive,change fromKarl FredrikWestermanntoAll Participants: 3 words:sharedpurpose,uncertainty,now :-)
  47. 47. 47 fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: AmiraI'll findyouon twitterandbuildacommunity fromPhilippaCasarestoAll Participants: My 3 words - "keepstartingagain" fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: My call to actionisto pace myself,rememberself care! fromJanine CousineautoAll Participants: Persistence inthe face of NO. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: lookingforwardtofuture sessionswithyouall. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: yesthats lovelyleeanne fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: I like thatPhillipa- keepstartingagain fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: PLan,persistance andpositivityare mine@! fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Margaux, am joiningyourlearninggroup.Lookingforwardtochatting fromKarl FredrikWestermanntoAll Participants: My call to actionisto builda sharedpurpose withmycolleagues. fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: My call to actionissmall stepscan leadto bigjourneys frommadelyngriffithstoAll Participants: my call to actionwouldbe remaintrue to myself fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Self-cae
  48. 48. 48 fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Love it Karl fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Self-care fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Thiswas my 3 wordslast yearGO FOR NO fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: call to action - SEA fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: We LIVEfor "NO!" fromJane Wilsonto All Participants: it's upto us fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Love,Courage , Beyond fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: It's OK we have tea fromPhilippaCasarestoAll Participants: Resonatingwiththe ideasaroundconnections - inAttachmenttermsthissi "interestsharing".Plans to linkpsychologisttogetheracrossthe Trust to developcreativity. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: My call will be somany things fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: Yes Jane - it is:) fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: call to action - small changesto leadtobiggerpositive steps fromJane Wilsonto All Participants:
  49. 49. 49 Letssee what we can do Lucy:) fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: Nice - FIona,I thinkthat may be mine aswell fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Thanksto everyone.Lovedthe chat 💋see youon twitter fromLucy Butlerto All Participants: :) fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Twitterlinkplease,,, fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: like Phillipa'sresponse fromAvril WashingtontoAll Participants: Thanksfor tryingto unmute me. Go to go now. fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Call to action:supporta resolutonatour organizationthatiscomingto the floorat our annual meetinginMay2017 to include patientsinALLACRgovernance structureslike committeesand commissions. fromAmiraChaudhryto All Participants: Have to go hope your all have a good afternoon.catch upsoon.thank youto all the facilitators.Fab work :-) fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: I workin dementiaeducationandfindpeoplesstoriesare whatmakesthe emotionaldifference fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: Yes see youontwitterandwill lookforyouall fromMargaux Brown to All Participants: BeckyI love the patientadvocacyandinvolvement fromBeckyHainesto All Participants:
  50. 50. 50 Narrative soimportantforcaregiverswhohave beentrainedatmedical school toclampdownthe emotionsandempathy. fromMichele Youngto All Participants: People rememberthe tinythingsthatyoudo forthem. fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: At nurse trainingwe were toldnottobe emotionallyinvolvedbutthatwhatI needtogo on a change journey. fromNaomi Brook to All Participants: Be vulnerable.Startaconversation.Share astory fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: I don't knowhowwe care care withoutemotion fromLisa Sharp to All Participants: narrative helpingusconnectanddevelopascaregiversaswe create apositive change medium fromLeeanne LockleytoAll Participants: Hi olly fromKathrynPererato All Participants: Hi,room 9 isfinishednowandIam back inthe mainroom. fromSusan Macaulayto All Participants: Thanksverymuch; see younextweek:) fromMichele Youngto All Participants: We have to be kindto ourselvesthoughtoretainenoughstrengthtobe able tocontinue togive fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Storiesconnectusas humansand allowcaregiversandpatientstoovercome biasinherentinall of us fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: These connectionsresultinimprovedoutcomesandgreaterjobsatisfaction fromEmma Hill to All Participants:
  51. 51. 51 whoinfluenceswhomreallyresonatedtoo,lostof greatfoodfor thought fromKarl FredrikWestermanntoAll Participants: Thank youfor a great session!!!Lookingforwardtothe nextThursday! fromAndyGriggs to All Participants: My firstsessionreallyenjoyed lookfwdtothe nextone fromChrysta Mayhewto All Participants: Thanksfor a great session! fromBeckyHainesto All Participants: Thanksfor a great session!See younextweek fromAlisonWilson-ShawtoAll Participants: Thank you fromEmma Hill to All Participants: isthere anythingtechnical i ahve todo to logout of this?sorry to ask fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Thank you fromLisa BradleytoAll Participants: Thank you - see younextweek fromMichele Youngto All Participants: Thank you- excellentsession fromMichelle LewistoAll Participants: Yes fromTildaMcCrimmon to All Participants: Thank you. frommadelyngriffithstoAll Participants: thankyou fromMandy RudczenkotoAll Panelists:
  52. 52. 52 I am not alone!!! fromCat ChatfieldtoAll Participants: Do youwant facilitatorstodebrief aswell orjustHorizonsteam? fromRob Cockburmto All Panelists: Hi fromRob Cockburmto All Panelists: Back in mainroombut do needtogo as have anothermeetingandneedtopack up. Many thanks and excllentandpassionate session! END OF CHAT.