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EdgeTalk June 2017: From Me to We – The Future of the NHS as a Social Movement - Chat


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June 2017: From Me to We – The Future of the NHS as a Social Movement

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EdgeTalk June 2017: From Me to We – The Future of the NHS as a Social Movement - Chat

  1. 1. fromPaul WoodleytoAll Participants: Morningall fromJanetto All Participants: Good morningeveryone. fromBeckyto All Participants: Good Morning!I am inkindof sunnyLondon fromBev Matthewsto All Participants: Morning!I'm in a verysunnyBirmingham fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: HI Lynne froma WelshMonastery fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Morning.I'm the projectleadfor the GreaterManchesterCancer Championsprojectwhichispartof the NHSE fundedhealthasa social movementworkinthe UK frommaggie woodsto All Participants: Morning,maggie woods fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: Morningall from sunnyBattersea.I'ma patientandpatientinsightandinvolvementconsultant interestedinthe potential of social movementstochange powerrelationsbetweenstaff and patientsinhealthandcare. fromJane Moore to All Participants: Good morningall,lookingforwardtothiseventtoday. fromAngie McClarrento All Participants: Morninglookingforwardtothe eventAngie fromJanetto All Participants: So greatthat you couldjoinustoday.Please letusknow yourthoughtsandquestions. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Spoton fromJane Moore to All Participants: Social isnot digital - straightinwitha paradigmshiftforme!
  2. 2. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Collaborationaroundacause and valuesiskeyandwhyi thinkthe voluntarysectorissomuch at the heartof this fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Can we getthe detailsof thatsummitplease? fromJanetto All Participants: What do youthinkof the 5C's? fromJanetto All Participants: Hi Ben,So agree thatthe voluntarysectorisat the heart of thisbut how can we bringthis intothe system? fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Yes I like the 5C's fromZayna Khayatto All Participants: questionforthe gang: doyou thinkitisok to be make it "required"forpeople onaninnovation teamto be onsocial channels(Twitter,Slack,etc.) - we are runninganInnovationSchool inthe Netherlandswith50 participantsinthe firstcohort.We askedeveryone toprovide aTwitterhandle - around20% saidthey"don't doTwitter". My gut is to make itrequiredinorderto experiencethe social learningmodel of the School.Thoughts?....ordopeople needtogetthere attheirownpace? fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: I love these - theyfeel more rightforme,particularlyinthe NHSwhere we have astrong cause and valuesaroundcare. fromLynne Bowers to All Participants: cannot start social movementfromaninstitution - love it! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: The healthas a social movementpilotsare experimentingwithbringthe voluntarysectorinto dialogue withthe system fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: role of curation:) fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: it hasgot to be grassrootsandbottomup in myview fromJanetto All Participants:
  3. 3. Equal players - somethingaboutwhatwe do withpowerwhenwe wanttodo change. fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: whatgiveslife <3 fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: re: requiredtobe part of social channels - I don't know.IguessI thinkthere are people whouse face-to-face social channelsreallywell whomightnotuse social media.I'dbe inclinedtoaskthem abouthow theydothe 5 c's here. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: communityandsense of communityiskey fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: agree withFiona fromJanetto All Participants: Strategy, visionversusstories - thatisthe start of a change conversation. fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: individualwiring- the difference thatmakesadifference fromZayna Khayatto All Participants: thx Fiona fromJane Moore to All Participants: Corporate social mediagoeswrongsomany times(twitterchatshijacked!),maybe becausewe know it’snot genuine orfromthe heart. fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: q - can you be a citizenif you're notcontributingtosocial good? fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: lovingreference tocivicandcitizen - we have lostour democraticpowerandthe democratic accountabilityof all fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: *local* fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants:
  4. 4. goodQ Fiona.alwaysworthtakinganassetsbasedview.inmyview almosteveryone iscontributing to some social goodwe justall needto recognise it fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: Agree Lynne! fromJanetto All Participants: Such a challenge - isitwhat we do or whowe are,or bothindeed? fromTom Harrison to All Participants: Q from RSA:where doesasocial mediacampaignendanda movementthatusesavarietyof tactics, start? fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: lack of connectionand collaboration alsohighduplicationisvexasperatingandnotin the best interestsof people fromsasah to All Participants: interestingpointsthatlinktopurpose andcommunity. Topdownisincreasinglyanti-social butare we all preparedtotake accountabilityforoutcomes? fromJanetto All Participants: How can we improve energyforpeoplewhoare exhaustedbythe systemtogetintothisspace? fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: yeah.i had the same thought - i guessI’mthinkingthatmyversionof social goodisdifferentto others(dare I mentionTrump) andthat'sgot me lostdowna rabbithole. fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: Good q Janet! fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Energycomesfrom the heart - make sure you protectyoursno matterhow toxicthe environment fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: Helloeveryone.Enjoyingthe talk.Lotsof goodstuff happeninginBirmingham.Take alookat 'ForwardThinkingBirmingham'tooasa powerful wayof connectingorganisationsaddressingsimilar issues. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: interestingbusinesssectorexample. we needtoconnectpublic,businessandvoluntarysectorsfor bestoutcomes
  5. 5. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: lotsof those businessideasare goingoninthe voluntarysector fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: so inpowertermstheyneedtoletgo of powerandcontrol and serve the grassroots? fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: So powerful Jeremy - problemswe are all facinginourcommunities fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: our GreaterManchestersloganseemstobe about the needforconnectors,catalystsandcurators fromhelenbevantoAll Participants: I followed Tom'sstoryat the time.It wasveryinspiring fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Food,food,food! That's beenafocus inGreaterManchester fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Yes!Reach outto your Thirdsector colleagues - create protectedtime andspace. Don’tassume free of charge fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Great workin Grtr Manchestertoo fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Yes absolutelyLynne fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: All sectorsneedtolearnfromthisgreat Facebookexample fromJanetto All Participants: The Manchesterexample issopowerful andwill staywithusforever. fromJanetto All Participants: I struggledusingFacebookforprivate use butreallyenjoyusingitforsocial. fromLynnette toAll Participants: I love this initiative!Sosimple butverypowerful. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants:
  6. 6. It has beenatragic but alsoinspiringtime tolive inthiscity fromJane Moore to All Participants: 'Movedpeople fromwhatare theygoingtodo to what are we goingto do' - that’sso important- verytopical andrelevant. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: yesequalitymatters fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Titlesmeannothing- sotrue.regardlessof title assoonas someone speaksoracts - speaksvolumes fromBev Matthewsto All Participants: FabulousexampleinStatesof "myfunnyfamily" - friendsandcommunitywhocome togetherand organise themselvestosupport those whoneedit@sharethecare org fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: nowwouldthatsort of referral happensoquicklyinthe UK?? fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Yes i thinkso ! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: I'm proudto be part of social prescribingworkbutsomuch more couldbe done somuch quicker fromBen Gilchrist toAll Participants: gettingtothe rootsalwayscritical fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: one root we've identified iscontrol andlackof control fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Love In Actionmovement - #makingadifference collaboration - startwhere youare go where youcan fromzayna khayatto All Participants: I will neverlookatRadishesthe same wayagain!Radish(fromthe Latinword“radix”whichmeans “root”) fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: there isso much outthere to join fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants:
  7. 7. I have a 'size'question - whenwhere youlive isabigcity,how do youfind/create the rightsize community? fromJane Moore to All Participants: "We can’tsolve worldhungerbutcan do somethingaboutwhere we live" - that’sinspiring. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: we launchedourstate of the voluntarysectorresearchyesterday - 15,000 groupsin Greater Manchesteralone! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: one of ourlearningsbetweenthe sitesworkingwithNESTA,RSA andNEFishow importantwe've founditto championassetbasedapproachesbutthat language andculture are bigbarriersto this fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: Ben- can you tweetalinkto the VCS fromJanetto All Participants: ThisNestareportis great! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: checkout @10gmpartners fromJanetto All Participants: I like the ideaof puttingpressure onthe systemtochange butalso equippingleaderswithtoolsand approachesthatwork inthisspace. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: on twitterI'm@bengilchristwhichhasall the linksyesterday toourreports fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: nestacan you doa newtweetre the powerof people fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: vision,actionandmake sure storiesandvaluesare inthere fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: see HelenBevan'spresentations fromCarey Bamberto All Participants:
  8. 8. I hope thischat logis recordedsoI can read thisback as itlookslike some greatstuff here aswell as whatwe are listeningtoo! fromJanetto All Participants: Yes I will make sure Carey. fromPaul WoodleytoAll Participants: chat is savedandwill be sharedonthe edgetalkswebpage fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: some greatwork onthis inUK by @amirhannan fromCarey Bamberto All Participants: Great, thankyou fromJanetto All Participants: So muchgreat informationonmovementshere we canall learnfrom. fromsarah to All Participants: Hi everyone fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: I thinksomethinginterestingwiththe NHSEnglandfundingishow we canbring movementsinto dialogue withsystems fromsarah to All Participants: I'm doinga PhD oncontrol,and howit isusedwithpeople withautism. Iwantto do participatory actionresearchwithpeople withautismtoexplore this. Are there anysocial movementsalready available inthisareathatI couldlinkinwith? thanks fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: heart-breakingstatistics fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: Interestingconversationhere re publichealth.ILOVEthe current 'Doctor inthe House'TV series - spendingreal time withpeopletounderstandtheirlife stylesandlife challengesandcomingupwith real solutionsnotjustlobbingoutpills. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: re autismmaybe ask@autistictales fromEmma Lowe to All Participants:
  9. 9. Yes,doctor inthe house isgreat.More 'expensive'inthe shortterm - highinvestmentof time - but surelycheaperandMUCH betteroutcomeslongterm fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Definitelygrowingleadersiskey fromhelenbevantoAll Participants: Here'smy slide deckthatwasmentionedearlierinthe chat healthcare-improvement fromJanetto All Participants: People inpowerare people - keymessage fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: if you readnothingelse readthisslidedeckeveryone! fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: youare speakingtoAutismUK yes? fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: Yes make sure that happens fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: SimonBaron|Cohenat Oxford? fromsarah to All Participants: Hi all,notyetbut I will do,thankyou fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: #CovMindTheGappeople regularlycome upwithextraordinarilysimplewaystohelpreal people withreal health/life challenges'outside'of formal healthcare services(similarto'Doctorin the House'thinking).Peoplemightenjoyourvideofilmedonaverysunnydayin Coventryandending up witha 'magic mile walk'completewithstorytelling,streetdance,communitysingingandHeidi goingwildona bike!;-) fromhelenbevantoAll Participants: QuestiontoJacqui:Havinglearntwhatyouhave learntfromthese inspiringsocial movements,what wouldyouhave done differentlywhenyoustartedthe Healthasa Social Movementstrategy? fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: one goodresource asis
  10. 10. fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: act as a host:) fromJuliaStackhouse toAll Participants: AutismOxfordare well networkedwiththeircommunityinOxfordshire fromEmma Lowe to All Participants: Institutionscan'tstarta movement,buttheycanletgoof some powerandbe opendo servingthe whole together.Theycanalsobe connectorsandenablers. fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: I agree but local actioncan have a global focus. Igot involvedinsocial movementsthroughJubilee 2000 one of the firstglobal campaignstocancel unpayable poorcountrydebt fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: "The bestthingyou can do ina social movementistoengage yourlocal people"saysJeremy - agree - our #CovFlockrock!;-) #CovMindTheGap fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: spoton Emma Lowe fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: couldwe linkinto17 global goals? fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: yesthat couldbe a commoncause but needstobe made easyto follow asbeingsaid fromLynne Bowersto All Participants: we lose ourpeople inourcomplexityandprocesses fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: Here is the #videowe usedin#CovFlock#CovMindTheGapsessionsJeremy - the firstfollower: ;-) fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: it takesa lotof efforttochange language andhelpyourmovementlanguage we understoodand understandable fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: shouldread'be understoodandunderstandable'
  11. 11. fromsarah to All Participants: thishas beenfantastic,thankyou fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: for me social action+ social justice =social movement fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: it's easyto focuson one to the neglectof the other fromGill PhillipstoAll Participants: Thanksfor a great talkJeremy,Jacqueline and#Edgetalksteam - love all these differentsessionsto inspire people tobuildsocial movementsinhealthandcare! x fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants: love thatBen! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: pleasure! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: thanksfor sharingeveryone fromCarey Bamberto All Participants: We needtowidelycirculate thiswebinar recording,it'sbeengreat,thankyouall frommaggie woodsto All Participants: Fab,session,thanks, fromAngie McClarrento All Participants: Thanksits beengreat fromLaura CoopertoAll Participants: Veryinteresting- thanks fromEmma Lowe to All Participants: Great session,thanks fromhelenbevantoAll Participants: Great session fromFionaMcKenzie toAll Participants:
  12. 12. Thanksall! fromCarey Bamberto All Participants: I am! fromBen GilchristtoAll Participants: bye everyone