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Change Day, looking back, looking forward


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Change Day, looking back, looking forward EdgeTalks on 9 September 2016.
With Janet Wildman, Gill Phillips, Andy Tysoe and Terri Porrett

Published in: Healthcare
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Change Day, looking back, looking forward

  1. 1. Change Day Looking back & looking forward…. Friday 9th September 2016 at 9.30am (GMT+1) @theedgenhs #edgetalks Janet Wildman, Associate, Horizons, NHS England Gill Phillips, Co-Founder, #MatExp Andy Tysoe, Dementia Nurse Specialist Terri Porrett, FabChangeDay, Director Oliver Benson, Community Mobiliser, Horizons, NHS England
  2. 2. • Share insights from the NHS Change Day Re- Valuation • Share specific evaluation examples from #MatExp and #DementiaDo • Change Day Fab School – what’s happening? • Looking ahead to Fab Change Day 2016 Aims of the session
  3. 3. It is only by holding up the evidence that we can see what is happening across the UK on Change Day The Social Innovation Partnership
  4. 4. Re-Valuation Report Difficult to capture all pledge/actions Compartmentalising and aggregating looses the benefits of reinforced and integrated change The more complex the context the less credibility in looking for simplified approaches Benefits of Change Day could be ‘crowded out’ by placing a monetary value on each action We need a theory on how change happens and a social metrics to measure the costs/benefits
  5. 5. Visible Invisible Calculate Quantifiable outputs, outcomes e.g. Milton Keynes Recycling Scheme £40,000 saved via 25 recycled items FT of two staff supported #Sepsis Toolkit now used in 8 settings as a result of Change Day 2015 exposure Multiplying up – use third party data Potential (not actual savings) Staff engagement, staff moral, patient experience Calibrate Cost benefit assessment through socialising change Decision on where to invest effort or take action The process of weighing up alternatives, initiating conversations, building support Socialising indirect benefits/costs of Change Day Indirect benefits - care pathways re-design Develop positive working relationships Permission to self and others Introduce innovations Capacitate Building capacity for change From December 2014 – April 2015, 6 X many Twitter mentions as Change Day 2014 68% Acute Trusts, 65% Mental Health Trusts, 62% Clinical Commissioning Groups Highest surge of activity in West Midlands but increase across the UK Campaigns #MatEx, #DementiaDo, #TImetoChange Key individuals attract high-level Twitter activity and mentions Strong hubbie activities – support each other and generate noise in the system Build weak ties, networks, connections, relationships
  6. 6. Evidence is everywhere you look……… • Individual pledges delivered have a direct impact on patient care, staff practice/behaviour/thinking • Change Day accelerated spread and adoption of ideas through collective action • Young clinical leaders are inspired and engaged to take up the leadership challenge • Staff feel energised to take action to improve patent care • Staff and patients are enabled to co-create, share ideas and be part of the solution to quality improvement How we make change and how we measure change are interlinked
  7. 7. Build your case for CHANGE Speeches: Simon Stevens in NHS Expo 2015 highlighted £2.4bn a year productivity loss, equivalent to £1 in every £40 spent in the NHS Published reports: Department of Health 2010 report – NHS organisation with 3,000 staff could save £235,000 in annual staff costs by improving levels of staff engagement Change Day Re-Valuation 2015 report- individuals who participate in Change Day are highly motivated and more productive Surveys: NHS Staff Surveys consistently show lack of staff engagement Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it is the only group that ever has.’ (Margaret Mead)
  8. 8. Platforms and Social Change Why are change platforms so important to large-scale social movements? ‘Change platforms take advantage of social technologies that make large-scale collaboration easy and effective.’ Gary Hamel #Change Day is a platform of platforms and its power lies in how it connects people and resources together, provide spaces for people to meet, make their actions visible, make valuations of them together.
  9. 9. A national conversation on change • Provides a space to increase value, move ideas from intangible to tangible impact • Social process used to determine assess value and potential impact • Aim to achieve a settled account • Use social impact measures - stories, conversations, interactions, activities
  10. 10. Building a discourse on SOCIAL INTENTIONS
  11. 11. A new epidemic of ideas concepts, new ways of thinking about change
  12. 12. ‘The idea of a ‘social movement’ was in part attractive because it was a way of talking about ‘change’ and ‘mobilisation’ and ‘power’ that did not feel ‘theoretical.’ Research participant in Change Day Re-Valuation 2015
  13. 13. Move from counting pledges to understanding networks and interactions
  14. 14. On-line engagement boost impact in 2015
  15. 15. Hubbies are the engine for Change Day • A mouthpiece for radical change from within • Make local activity visible to each other e.g. via Twitter chat sessions, WhatsApp, shooting/posting films • A strong sense of worker-owned activity: bottom-up • Involves “massive personal sacrifice” but rewards also • Maintain a sense of invisibility - working under the radar • Go for No – and support from each other • Working inside and outside the hierarchy • Key to making change happen on the day
  16. 16. Use FabChangeDay website to create greater spread and engagement • Tell your story – use emotion and be visible • Access free resources • Link to other platforms and campaigns • Use Facebook, Twitter, webpages, blogs, direct messaging services • Engage in off line and on-line conversations • Engage patients and patient representatives • Capture the change you want to make • Share third party data to evidence impact
  17. 17. Looking ahead….Change Day 2016 • Use social media to create a space to inspire change conversations • Move beyond twitter mentions, signposting and announcements to meaningful debate • Use this opportunity to prototype and showcase your service or innovation • Get involved and create greater spread ‘We must develop social impact metrics and a system of governing them as if we were creating a language, not a set of statistics.’ (Seddon 2013)
  18. 18. #MatExp and #DementiaDo Working examples of using evidence to demonstrate the value of Change Day ‘Helping the NHS to innovate, be more adaptable to the unpredictable demands and turbulent environment we operate in’. (NHS Change Day Revaluation Report 2015)
  19. 19. Copyright © Nutshell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved. Gill Phillips #MatExp #WhoseShoes The Edge webinar 9 September 2016 @WhoseShoes #MatExp is magic
  20. 20. NEAT BOX 1 I am the creator of Whose Shoes?® Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes Neat box evaluation NEAT BOX 2 I am the co-founder (with #FabObs Flo*) of #MatExp Whose Shoes? maternity sites so far… London 12 Rest of the country 5 235 people attended the London SCN pilot workshops 93% said it changed the way they viewed maternity services * #FabObs Flo a.k.a Florence Wilcock @FWmaternityKHFT, Consultant Obstetrician at Kingston Hospital Neat evaluation #MatExp highly successful social media platform 470 million Twitter impressions Consistent – one million Twitter impressions a day Lemons score: Jackpot! Neat evaluation Neat line
  21. 21. More sophisticated analysis? Whose Shoes? - impact Neat line #MatExp - impact Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes Via Symplur analytics
  22. 22. #Eek – wot, no neat line? My evaluation Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes
  23. 23. Social media, connections, storytelling, leadership, friends, intrigue, fun, personalities, empowerment, drawing people in, drawing people, poems, wacky stuff, #bakeoff, tour bus, advent, lemons… and so much more. Our #NHSChangeDay landscape ‘captured the magic’ Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes
  24. 24. 1. Just Do It 2. Then do something else 3 Keep it fresh 4. Have fun Click on the magic picture to learn the magic secrets… #MatExp Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes Gill’s Top 4 tips
  25. 25. Fab Change Day 2016 Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes More #MatExp magic… And some new stuff… Click on the magic picture to learn the magic secrets… #CovMindTheGap
  26. 26. Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes
  27. 27. #DementiaDo Andy Tysoe See the PERSON, not the dementia • Setting numerical targets do not change hearts and minds • Thousands of people have attended Andy’s free NHS Tier 1 dementia Education session and committed to #dementiaDO something to support people affected by dementia • Not just NHS staff – Police, Tesco, Council, carers, people with dementia too
  28. 28. #DementiaDo Andy Tysoe ‘I’ve found story telling to be the most powerful way to get the message across’ • The need to re-frame dementia and dementia care services, making reasonable adjustments, challenging stigma and the actual names of services • Dementia causes disability – a cognitive (or thinking) disability • You may not be able to ‘see’ a cognitive disability and therefore you may not be able to ‘see’ the #cognitiveramp that would support the person
  29. 29. Don’t just talk, #DO something!
  30. 30. The Academy of FabNHSStuff We encourage the community to: • Own the process • Discover uncommon successful behaviours – be a rebel • Design ways in which to share successful innovations • JustDoIt! No permission needed in a #JustDoIt culture
  31. 31. Impact - The aggregation of marginal gains • A recent share on commissioning to dovetail vaccinations received over 160 emails requesting information as other commissioners wished to implement the service redesign 💉 • ⬆️ uptake ⬆️ service user satisfaction ⬇️ cost
  32. 32. Impact So Far……. More than 1200 shares • Over half a million page views • 11,000 Twitter followers • Up to 4000 page views a day • Small changes, small solutions alongside large-scale change • Transferable, with wider application
  33. 33. FabChangeDay • A year of ideas into action • Electronic pledging • Ongoing support and advice to enable completion of change pledge • Dissemination of completed shares • Benching marking and audit
  34. 34. Activists’ school
  35. 35. Thank you for joining us today @jwildman1 @whoseshoes @dementiaboy @FABNHSSTUFF