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Strategy and cdf

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Strategy and cdf

  1. 1. What is your organization’s goal? What is your goal?
  2. 2. EXAMPLES
  3. 3. Decatur City Schools College & Career Readiness Plan 2020 100% College/ Career Ready Graduates High School Middle School Communication 06/17/14 Provide an innovative learning community committed to academic excellence and meeting the unique needs of every individual T e c h n o l o g yElementary Objectives and Programmatic Focus at Each Level to Reach Goal
  4. 4. #5 Write Clear, Concrete, Measurable Objectives “Fully utilize Kuder as an Individual Learning Plan Tool for Students”
  5. 5. #5 Write Clear, Concrete, Measurable Objectives
  6. 6. #10 Develop a plan to promote and market the program