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Results Resumes

Help translate your job tasks to results that leads to the result of getting of job

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Results Resumes

  1. 1. RESULTS RESUMES Results Lead to Results!
  2. 2. A Few Introductory Notes About Resumes… • A resume won’t get you a job by itself, but it can keep you from getting one. • It is your way to market yourself; don’t be shy about successes! • Do NOT, however, ever fabricate the truth!
  3. 3. The Old Way • A focus on tasks performed on the job • A concern over which style of resume (chronological, functional) was right for you. • Only tasks performed on the job or skills acquired through a paying job are relevant to your resume The New Way • A focus on results achieved on the job • A realization that the style isn’t as important as what the resume says about you. • Results achieved through a paid position or volunteer experience are relevant Shift your thinking! The Paradigm Shift
  4. 4. 1. Ask yourself: “What am I proud of accomplishing?” 2. Record these accomplishments. Quantify whenever possible! 3. Translate Accomplishments into Key Skills 4. Use your Accomplishments and Key Skills to record the Situation, Action and Results 5. Write Results Statements 6. Match Results Statement to the job in which you are applying How to Shift Your Thinking
  5. 5. What are you proud of accomplishing? Be your own cheerleader!
  6. 6. Our example, Dee: Tasks or Accomplishments? •Develop outreach and educational programming •Raise funds for the Chapter •Direct the organization including implementation of human resource, budgetary, marketing and programming functions of the Chapter •Coordinate staff and volunteers to respond to single family fires, tornadoes and floods •Manage the Chapter’s website
  7. 7. So we ask… What are you proud of? • Added a signature event to raise funds for Chapter • Increasing chapter revenue by $40,000 last year • Developing a way to use the website for online giving- increased traffic to website by 40% and increased one-time donations by 15% through the website • Developed programming to reach out to the Hispanic population; resulted in 10 more, or 100 more people, being educated on first-aid • Increased volunteers involved in single-family fire rescue by 50 volunteers in 2011
  8. 8. Turn to Page 2 – 3 in handout Identify Accomplishments Accomplishment Skills Professional : Personal / Social / Civic:
  9. 9. What are your Key Skills? Our example: - Fundraising - Collaboration - Website management - Others? Consider putting Key Skills in a Summary of Qualifications Header
  10. 10. Identify the situation, action and result of each of your accomplishments.
  11. 11. Generate Situation, Action, and Results Our example: Situation: Chapter revenue had decreased due to limited fundraising efforts . Fundraising efforts that were being done were outdated and not generating enough community interest. Action: Organized a young professionals group to generate fundraising ideas, solicited a corporate partner for fundraiser and implemented a new signature fundraiser. Promoted the event through social media channels Result: Event generated an additional $10,000 in revenue in year 1 and $30,000 in additional revenue in year 2. Turn to page 4 of your handout Situation Action Result
  12. 12. Write Results Statements Our example: “Organized, planned and implemented a new fundraising event. Solicited input from the community, gained corporate sponsorships and promoted event through social media outlets which led to an additional $10,000 in revenue in year one and $30,000 in additional revenue in year two of the event.” Page 5 of your handout
  13. 13. Match Results Statement to Job in which you are applying Our example: • What if Dee wanted to apply for an Office Manager role? • What if she wanted to apply for a Director of Development Role? • Which key accomplishments would she focus on to generate results?
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Mary Ila Ward Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.