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Passion + productivity = give back newsletter input

Do you know someone or a company that is passion AND productive in the work they do, therefore they are prompted to give back in ways that make the world around them better? If so, we want to hear from you! Fill out the attached form and return it to us at We'll feature your person/company in our Beyond Work newsletter, promote you through social media and give you a $100 gift card for sharing your example!

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Passion + productivity = give back newsletter input

  1. 1. Passion  +  Productivity  =  Give  Back     A  Horizon  Point  Consulting,  Inc.    Monthly  Newsletter   1     With  Horizon  Point  Consulting’s  focus  on  taking  people  “Beyond  Work”,  we  believe  that  people  who   are  passionate  and  productive  in  the  work  they  do  are  prompted  to  give  back  in  ways  that  furthers   passion  and  productivity  in  the  larger  community.         To  learn  more  about  our  company  mindset,  you  can  read  about  our  company  values  here:­‐company-­‐values.       We  want  to  feature  individuals  and  companies  who  share  and  demonstrate  this  mindset  in  a  monthly   newsletter  to  further  the  cause  of  taking  people  “Beyond  Work”.         You  and/or  your  company  have  been  selected  as  one  who  demonstrates     Passion  +  Productivity  =  Give  Back.    If  you  could  answer  the  following  questions  for  us  and  provide   us  with  the  requested  information,  we  would  greatly  appreciate  it!  We  will  send  you  back  a  proof  of   the  article  before  it  is  published  to  get  your  approval.         We  hope  this  will  be  a  mutually  beneficial  effort  in  marketing  both  companies  and  in  furthering  the   cause  of  taking  people  “Beyond  Work”  to  a  place  that  leads  to  more  and  more  giving  back.       1. Tell  us  a  little  bit  about  you/company-­‐  your  career  path,  company  history,  products/services   provided,  how  you  got  to  where  you  are  today?               2. What  does  passion  mean  to  you/your  company?       a. How  is  it  fueled  or  what  causes  it?   b. How  is  it  demonstrated  in  the  work  you  do?     c. What  does  passion  lead  to?    What  are  the  effects?                 3. What  does  productivity  mean  to  you?       a. How  is  it  demonstrated  or  measured  in  the  work  you  do?     b. Does  passion  help  increase  your  productivity?    If  so,  how?             4. How  do  you  go  about  hiring  people  who  are  passionate  and  productive?  What  do  you  look   for  and  how  do  you  distinguish  those  who  have  these  characteristics  from  those  who  don’t?             5. How  do  you  go  about  developing  people  to  be  passionate  and  productive  in  the  work  they   do?  What  programs,  tools  or  mindsets  (ie  culture,  values)  do  you/your  company  have  in   place  to  foster  these  characteristics  along  with  the  focus  on  giving  back?    
  2. 2. Passion  +  Productivity  =  Give  Back     A  Horizon  Point  Consulting,  Inc.    Monthly  Newsletter   2           6. What  are  you  doing  as  an  individual/company  to  foster  more  passion  and  productivity  in  the   workplace  inside  your  company  walls?             7. What  are  you  doing  as  an  individual/company  to  foster  more  passion  and  productivity   outside  your  company  walls  and  in  the  community?             8. Why  give  back?               9. Please  provide/attach:       a. Company  Logo  and/or  picture  of  yourself   b. Any  video,  pictures,  or  other  media  that  expresses  your  focus  on  Passion  +   Productivity  =  Give  Back   c. Company  and/or  personal  social  media  links  (to  help  us  market  you!)   -­‐Website  link   -­‐Facebook   -­‐Twitter   -­‐LinkedIn   -­‐Others