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HR Certification Ins and Outs

This presentation, developed for a college SHRM chapter covers:

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HR Certification Ins and Outs

  1. 1. HR Certification
  2. 2. agenda ertifica tions? c e be tween c fication is the d ifferen sit for a certi1. What do if I want to 2. Wh at do I e xam? exam? dge is on the dy of k nowle . What bo o ul d I study? 3 4. How sh stay ce rtified? do to at do I have to n impo rtant? 5. Wh is cert ificatio 6. Why
  3. 3. Differences in CertificationsAssurance of LearningPHR- TacticalSPHR- Big PictureGPHR- International
  4. 4. What do I have to have?: Education, Experience, Examination
  5. 5. Certification Processvisit
  6. 6. Body of Knowledge
  7. 7. Sample QuestionsPHR questions are more tactical in natureSPHR questions are more strategic in natureGet your cell phone out!
  8. 8. How to StudyComprehensive Resource list:, Inexpensive and Pricey options how you learn bestKnow which body of knowledge areas you need toconcentrate on the most (based on knowledge and percentage of the examcontent)
  9. 9. Recertification60 hours (by 3 years of exam anniversary date) -or- Take the Exam Again Continuing Education First time on-the-job projects Instruction Research and publishing Leadership Professional Membership
  10. 10. Why Certify
  11. 11. ?
  12. 12. Mary Ila Ward Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.Discover, Develop and Maximize Your Talent! Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.