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Results Lead to Results! Throughout your life you have done things that gave you a deep-down feeling of satisfaction, prid...
Results/Accomplishment StatementsAdapt/modify/adjust            Accomplishment 1:Advise/counselAnalyze/investigate/researc...
Program                        Accomplishment 6:Promote/endorseRecommend/proposeRecruit/enlist/employRedesign/reorganize/r...
Write Results StatementsNow you are ready to create concrete examples of where, when, and how you didsomething that led to...
Results statements— Everyone has them! Demonstrate how you attained or exceededyour job goals, how you took the initiative...
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Drafting a Results Resume Guide

This document can help you walk through drafting results statements for a resume. It corresponds with the Results Resume Presentation

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Drafting a Results Resume Guide

  1. 1. Results Lead to Results! Throughout your life you have done things that gave you a deep-down feeling of satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment. To you they were important, and they were successes- something resulted from the effort you put forth. Some of your results have been associated with your professional life, some with your personal life, or some with your community and social life. What counts is that it led to something that was valued by you, your company, or your community. Look at a result or accomplishment this way: It is something you felt you did well, enjoyed doing, and are proud of accomplishing. In the boxes that follow on the next page, think about your work and personal life. Describe 12 or more professional results/accomplishments and 2-4 personal, social or civic results/accomplishments. As you outline these accomplishments, think about the initial situation, what actions you or others took, and the result of these actions taken on you, on others, or on the organization. Do not be shy about your successes! For example: Guided the research on three new projects that later achieved sales of $2 million Developed an employee benefits program which assisted all other divisions Generated $50,000 of business with new clients in a 6 month period To guide your thinking, we have listed a number of action verbs to help you recall certain specific results. Please provide numbers, dollars, percentage increases, etc.,wherever possible. 1
  2. 2. Results/Accomplishment StatementsAdapt/modify/adjust Accomplishment 1:Advise/counselAnalyze/investigate/researchAppraise/assess/evaluateArbitrate/mediateAuditBrief/informBudgetClassify/categorize Accomplishment 2:CollaborateConsultCreate/ invent/designDecideDraft/outlineEconomizeEdited/revisedEnvision/conceive Accomplishment 3:Estimate/projectExpedite/accelerate/advanceFacilitate/assistForecast/predictIdentify/recognizeImplement/initiate/instigateInfluenced/persuadeInspect/examineIntegrate/incorporate Accomplishment 4:InvestigateLeadListenManage/directMarketMotivate/encourage/inspireMulti-taskNegotiate/bargain Accomplishment 5:OperateOrganize/assemble/arrangePersuade/convincePlan/schedule/programPresent/speak/provideProduce/form/synthesize 2
  3. 3. Program Accomplishment 6:Promote/endorseRecommend/proposeRecruit/enlist/employRedesign/reorganize/restoreSellSolve/troubleshootSummarize/recapSupervise/lead/monitorTeach/train/instruct/coachWrite/publishAFTER DETAILING YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, IDENTIFY YOUR KEY SKILLS THAT LED TO THEMReview your results on the previous pages. Circle or highlight the skills in theleft box that you used and want to use again. Of all your skills, list below theones you perform the very best and enjoy the most. These are your mostmarketable skills and the ones you want to use in your next job.Example: Manage information systemsAdapt/modify/adjust IDENTIFY YOUR KEY SKILL SETS BELOWAdvise/counselAnalyze/investigate/researchAppraise/assess/evaluateArbitrate/mediateAuditBrief/informBudgetClassify/categorizeCollaborateConsultCreate/ invent/designDecideDraft/outlineEconomizeEdited/revisedEnvision/conceiveEstimate/projectExpedite/accelerate/advanceFacilitate/assistForecast/predictIdentify/recognizeImplement/initiate/instigate 3
  4. 4. Influenced/persuadeInspect/examineIntegrate/incorporateInvestigateLeadListenManage/directMarketMotivate/encourage/inspireMulti-taskNegotiate/bargainOperateOrganize/assemble/arrangePersuade/convincePlan/schedule/programPresent/speak/provideProduce/form/synthesizeProgramPromote/endorseRecommend/proposeRecruit/enlist/employRedesign/reorganize/restoreSellSolve/troubleshootSummarize/recapSupervise/lead/monitorTeach/train/instruct/coachWrite/publish 4
  5. 5. Write Results StatementsNow you are ready to create concrete examples of where, when, and how you didsomething that led to results. For each of your key skills, develop an example to supportit. Choose from the results/accomplishments that you developed in your professionalprofile and demonstrate your highest level of effectiveness.Situation – What problem, situation, task, opportunity did you address? What wasdone? For whom? Example: “I wrote a new sales presentation for Jim Smith.”Action – What action(s) did you or your direct reports take? What did I do? How did Ido it? Example: “I analyzed current presentation, researched options, wrote newpresentation, and monitored results.”Result – What were the results or benefits in quantified terms? Quantify and qualify.What was improved or modified? – quantify whenever possible using numbers,dollars, percentages, survey results. Example: “New presentation saved salespeopleone hour per sales call, increased closing by 20%, reduced learning curve by 30 days,contributed to company’s overall growth.”Describe this results/accomplishment in a single sentence (a bullet suitable formarketing you). Well-written statements begin with a powerful VERB and demonstratea result achieved. These templates can help: Successfully planned __________________, resulting in __________________. Created _____________________________, which led to _________________. Implemented _____________________, increasing profits by _______________. Initiated _________________________. Result: __________________________. EXAMPLE: PlannedSITUATION: Planned renovations and re-opening of a restaurant within two monthsafter being hired as Sales Manager for a large hospitality business in a competitiveresort area.ACTION: Reviewed existing plan; revised service and product concept; altered interiorrenovation; coordinated with all entities; developed standards for implementation; trainedpersonnel; marketed; monitored quality assurance and financial performance.RESULTS: Operation opened on schedule, within budget. Increased revenue by 25%the first year, and received favorable feedback from customers and investors. Results StatementPlanned and directed the renovation and launch of a restaurant including overseeingrenovations, hiring and training personnel, coordinating marketing, and forecastingfinancial performance that led to the restaurant opening on schedule and a 25%increase in revenue during first year of operation 5
  6. 6. Results statements— Everyone has them! Demonstrate how you attained or exceededyour job goals, how you took the initiative to improve something, went above and beyondor acted outside the usual realm of job responsibility. Details may include: Quantity Honors/awards/recognition Quality Unusual situations or actions taken Scope Time saved Dollars Productivity/efficiency Time frame Sources of information for results statements Prior work records. Performance reviews and progress reports Job descriptions Awards and commendations Letters of recognition Prior resumes Colleagues Examples of Without Metrics With Metrics results statements by Position Non-Exempt Unloaded several trucks Unloaded 12 trucks and every day. approximately 12,000 pounds of glass daily; consistently achieved 100% customer satisfaction ratings. Administrative Tracked expenses and Created an Excel spreadsheet to saved money. track expenses that saved 20%, or over $2,000, per year for 3 years. Line Staff Answered customer calls Answered over 100 customer calls successfully. per day and achieved 24-hour problem-resolution rate of 98%. Technical Installed several LANs. Installed 40 LANs in 6 states within 1 year to improve intracompany communication, facilitate order processing and increase capacity from 1,500 to > 2,500 orders per day. Manager Grew sales and Grew division sales from $49M to decreased sales expense. over $104M in 3 years while decreasing sales expense 18%. Executive Successfully directed Implemented a 2-year program that program management exceeded a projected 20% annual team. reduction in costs, or $4M annually, for 43 locations in the Northeast. 6