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Hopper newsletter november2011

  1. 1. U S S H O P P E RHOPPER Ohana News Amazing Grace “Dare and Do” November 2011 Commanding Officer: CDR Kevin Melody CDR Al Lopez Executive Officer: CDR Dave Snee Command Master Chief: CMDCM(SW) Rob Cuddeback Ombudsman: Kristin White Ombudsman newsletter CO’s CORNER Aloha HOPPER Ohana, White, who volunteers her time to be a connection Welcome to the last deployment issue of the between the ship and our family and friends; you have Ombudsman Newsletter. In less than two weeks your done a terrific job. Sailors will return home and just like me, I am sure Finally I need to thank my wife, Mandy, and my 2 they are eager to see their family and friends. If you sons, Nathan and Michael. Without your support this plan on meeting the ship on the pier when it arrives, would not have been possible. I am eager to spend please stay in touch with the Ombudsman as she will more time with all three of you. I love you very much. be the central point of contact for official information Mahalo to everyone, regarding exactly where and when the ship will arrive. CDR Kevin Melody This is also my last note as CO. The ship will be Commanding Officer conducting a Change of Command ceremony while we are in Guam and the former XO, CDR Lopez, will assume duties as the Commanding Officer. It has been an honor to serve as HOPPER’s ninth CO for the last 20 months. This is a fantastic ship which is due entirely to the dedication and sacrifice of the Sailors who take her to sea. I would like to say thank you to them for all that they have done to make this the best ship on the waterfront. I would also like to say thank you to all of their supporters, family and friends, because without your support we could not do the job that we do. Thank you also to our Ombudsman Mrs.Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011 1
  2. 2. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 Command Support Team Corner Aloha, Thank you to all of the wonderful family members of the Hopper both here on the island and on the mainland. You have helped make this an incredible experience for both myself and my family. Thank you for your patience with me (and my crazy kids) and thank you for all of your support for the best ship in Pearl Harbor! I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some really fantastic people and this is an experience that I will not soon forget. Two very special thank yous: to our dedicated and hard-working FRG President, Sarah McClain and the rest of the FRG board members and to our stellar Ombudsman, Kristin White. All of these ladies are volunteers and it means so much to me and to the families that they so freely gave of themselves to ensure that the Hopper families were taken care of and that Homecoming will be a success. Best of luck to you all. Thank you for letting me be a part of your time on the Hopper. Sincerely, Mandy Melody XO’s Corner Aloha HOPPER Ohana! forward to continuing HOPPER’s superb performance and furthering its outstanding reputation under CDR My name is CDR Dave Snee and I am the new Lopez’s leadership. Executive Officer (XO) aboard USS HOPPER. I reported to the ship on October 17th while HOPPER CDR Melody expertly commanded HOPPER for 20 was in Singapore. My wife, Stacey, and I are excited to months including two deployments, a three-month return to Hawaii and even more thrilled that we’ve yard availability, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise 2010, been assigned to such an outstanding ship. We come and a compressed training cycle. The Melody family to Hawaii from the Washington, DC area where I will be heading to Dahlgren, Virginia where CDR served at The Pentagon on the Joint Staff and Stacey Melody will work at the Missile Defense Agency. The worked as a Registered Dietitian. We have two kids; a crew will certainly miss CDR Melody’s vast maritime girl and a boy, that already love Hawaii with its warm knowledge, high exacting standards, great sense of weather and rich culture. humor, and compassion for his shipmates. I relieved the former XO, CDR Al Lopez, who will The crew is exceedingly excited to get back home to assume command of USS HOPPER from CDR Kevin our families and friends. We’ll see you on the pier! Melody on November 4th in a ceremony on board while pier side in Guam. CDR Lopez was the XO on Malaho! HOPPER for 22 months and is already a welcomed CDR Dave Snee fixture in the HOPPER Ohana. The crew looks Executive Officer2 Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011
  3. 3. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 CMC’s CORNER Aloha! Surface Group Middle Pacific. Congratulations again to DCFN(SW) Schmick!!! CMC Rob Cuddeback here. October was another busy month for us, but one thing remains Several Sailors received their ESWS Pin in unswerving- our Sailors continue to excel in all October: aspects of mission accomplishment! I have a FC3(SW) Ashton, HM2(SW) Cunningham, DC3 whole list of Super Star Sailors to talk about, but (SW) Nelson, HT3(SW) Fleming, GMSN(SW) before I get started, I have a couple more things Chang, GSEFN(SW) RuizDiaz, STG3(SW) to talk about. I would like to welcome aboard our Jackman, HM1(SW) Wyche, GSMFN(SW) new XO, CDR Dave Snee! By the time this Campbell, OSSN(SW) Hernandez, FC2(SW) newsletter hits the press, our former XO CDR Al Lane, FC3(SW) Foster, ET3(SW) Stephens, Lopez will have become our new Commanding ENFR(SW) Harmon, EMFN(SW) Yu Chong, Officer. Change of Command will take place 4 EN3(SW) Escutia, FC3(SW) Thompson, DCFN November and it would be appropriate for me to (SW) Toquero, STG3(SW) Pullen, GM3(SW) take this time to say goodbye to CDR Kevin Connell, CTT2(SW) DeJesus, and EN3(SW) Melody and wish him and his family good luck at Dennis. their next duty station! I would like to thank the First Class Petty Officer OK, here we go. On October 7th, Hopper Association (FCPOA) for putting on a superb received a surprise visit from the Master Chief Halloween party for the crew. We even had a Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Rick West! costume contest! For those who may not know, the MCPON is the highest ranking senior enlisted leader in the Navy. In closing, I would like to add that homecoming Our Sailors of the Quarter and Year (DCFN(SW) preparations are well underway! Our Sailors are Schmick, DC3(SW) Olaya, STG2(SW) Miles, and more than pumped up about our return! The FC1(SW) De la paz) all received the coveted Family Readiness Group (FRG) along with our MCPON coin for their stellar performance! The Ombudsman and Sister Ship USS Lake Erie MCPON also came into the Chiefs Mess to talk to (CG-70) are in the process of making this a the Chiefs. Many pictures were snapped, and it memorable event. On behalf of the crew, I would was quite an honor to meet him! like to thank the FRG for the Shoe Boxes! The auction was fun, and we raised money for a very We received awesome news from DESRON 31. good cause. We look forward to seeing everyone DCFN(SW) Schmick was named DESRON 31 on the pier very soon! You can be proud of what Blue Jacket of the Quarter (BJOQ) for FY2011 4th your Sailors did during the last seven months! 5th Quarter! What does this mean? It means she Fleet Deployments are not easy for the Sailor or beat out the best of the best from 7 other ships to the home-front team…which is you, so plan on earn this prestigious title!! As you know from one making some serious noise on the pier when you of my previous newsletters, she was named see us headed your way!! I want everyone on the Hopperʼs BJOQ for Fourth Quarter FY2011. waterfront to know that the Hopper is back in UPDATE! Just as I was sending my “CMC town! Corner” input for this newsletter to the Ombudsman, Hopper received a very important message. DCFN(SW) Schmick has just been CMDCM (SW) Rob Cuddeback announced as the MIDPAC Blue Jacket of the Command Master Chief Quarter, 4th Quarter FY-11. We just received the message from RDML Smith, Commander, NavalOmbudsman Newsletter November 2011 3
  4. 4. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 Ombudsman’s Corner Happy November to you all! leaders, their family and friends I have enjoyed meeting so and 2,000 journalists.” I would like to begin by bidding many of you and talking to ALOHA to CDR Melody and his many others via email and A helpful website is: wife Mandy. I wish your family phone. On the pier I hope to http://www.civilbeat.com/topics/ all the best. Thank you for all meet those of you who I apec-2011-hawaii-survival- of the support you both havenʼt met personally, yet. guide/ provided to me throughout this deployment. The FRG and I will send out the If you are staying in Waikiki, information regarding your stay may be affected by I know that we are all super Homecoming pier and time as this event, mainly via road excited for Homecoming! I soon as that information closures or increased traffic or hope that all of your plans are becomes available. Thank you security. Your best bet is to call coming together, as time is to our FRG and all the your hotel to check on any getting short! volunteers for working tirelessly issues this may present for to make Homecoming a your stay. As our excitement continues to success for all of our Sailors. build in the coming days, Enjoy your HOMECOMING! please keep in mind that it is Finally, I would like to mention As the Ombudsman, I am a inevitable that things have the Asia Pacific Economic volunteer appointed by the changed since your Sailor has Cooperation (or APEC). This Command to serve as a liaison been gone. Children have major event will be taking place between the families and the gotten older, and we have all in Honolulu November 8-13. command. I work as an grown in one way or another. So, although it should end prior advocate for the families and I These changes must be to our Homecoming, I wanted can provide you with many accommodated, but they allow to mention it for those family resources to address most us a unique opportunity to members who may be coming problems. I am always determine which direction weʼd to visit from the mainland. The available for you, so please feel like that growth to take, event involves: free to contact me at any time, inevitably leaving us with a for any concern. I can be renewed relationship. Children “Delegates from 21 countries reached by email at will also need time to re- — including U.S. President hopperomb@gmail.com or by establish their relationship with Barack Obama — will descend phone at 808.864.3199. the parent who is returning. upon Waikiki and Ko Olina for But, a new routine will soon meetings. In all, the summit Take Care, emerge, and families will feel could draw some 20,000 Kristin White “whole” with time. government and business4 Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011
  5. 5. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 FRG Corner Hello everyone, I hope you all are getting as antsy as me for the return of our sailors. The time is flying by and all the homecoming preparations are in full swing. First I would like to say congratulations to our first kiss FRG Board winner Tracie Scrivano. I am going to be turning our guest list into the gate guards in the next couple days so if you have not put your President: Sarah McClain name on the ships guest list or my list please do so ASAP. The only reason you would need to be put on the list is if Vice President: Amy Norman you do not have a Military ID. If you are going to be driving a rental car please have your rental agreement and proof of Treasurer: Sara White insurance in the car or they will not let you through and you will have to park off base and walk all the way to the pier. Secretary: Sandy Thompson If anyone needs handicapped parking for the day of homecoming let me know and we will make sure there is a spot for you. I have also been working on the new daddy list. If you have had a baby while your sailor has been gone please let us know so your sailor will be let off the ship first to meet the new baby. Your sailor has to have NOT seen the baby yet. If you would like to be added to the For those of you attending Homecoming please follow the rules of the pier. Stay behind the ropes for your safety FRG Email list in addition to the and the others around. We dont put them there to be mean Ombudsman Email list, please email but they use lots of machines to secure the ship and we dont want anything bad to happen to anyone. frghopper 70@yahoo.com! We will be putting up our big welcome home fence sign on November 13th at 9:00 a.m. right across from the Makalapa gate. Come out and help this is always a fun event for the families. If you are from out of town and would like to participate in this we would love to have you just email me and I will give you directions to the location. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. frghopper70@yahoo.com. I hope to see some familiar faces and bunches of new faces on the pier. Have a great week. See ya soon. Sarah McClain USS HOPPER ~Our spouses serve as we serve, every bit as much. They do not bear the arms, but their open arms provide strength and comfort. They do not set the ships course, but their internal compass keeps the family ready and on track. They do not ford the stream or build the bridge, but the bridge they provide back to the home sustains and improves the morale and performance of entire units.~Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011 5
  6. 6. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 Celebrations & Congratulations! ✴ET2 Lopes~ Happy 3rd Birthday to our youngest daughter Skylee! Daddy coming home is the best present ever! xoxoxo ✴EM1 Christopher Williams (November 22) Babe, Happy 11th yr anniversary! Thank you so much for being there for me through thick and thin. You are my rock, my bestfriend, and I couldnt ask for anything more. You have proven that you are willing to do anything for me and that is so unselfish of you. I love you so much! ✴Happy Birthday (November 25th) to Erin Hughes! (submitted by GM2 Putman) ✴OS1 Greene Happy Anniversary!!! 11/17 love, the HU BAYBAY ✴Congratulations ICFN Kraemer for being selected as an Exceptional Sailor and getting the opportunity to experience Singapore overnight!  Looking forward to hearing all about the wonderful places you were on deployment and spending another family Christmas together!  Congratulations on surviving your first deployment!  Love you!  ~  Mom Mauris egestas lacus sit ame ✴The family of ICFN Kraemer would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Hopper Family on a successful deployment and thank each and every one of you for who you are and all you do.  It has been quite an experience for our family to have gone through this, our first deployment, and found so muchpulvinar, purus ultricies ultrices ullamcorper,seas were quiteeuismod at Vivamus support and comfort.  The ups and downs of the rolling dolor diam an obstacle times, but we are stronger and closer as a family and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it nisl, vel consectetuer eros mi sit amet lorem. all.  Sadly, we cannot afford to travel for our son’s first homecoming, but we wish all the families and sailors a wonderful and rejoicing day and huge hugs to OUR sailor!  We are so proud! I want to — Quisque Massa personally thank Ombudsman Kristin White for all she does.  Without her and these amazing newsletters, this deployment would have been a huge stress on our family.  We look forward to the publication monthly, as it helps us “be there” with our son.  You are an amazing woman and we look forward to the years ahead!  ~The family of ICFN Kraemer ✴Congrats CMDCM Rob Cuddeback on your first command as CMDCM & Great Job & Were Proud of your hardwork & Dedicating service. We Love & Miss you. Love Wifey Denise & Kids Danielle & Robert ✴FC3 Foster -- Congratulations on achieving the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) qualification!  Were proud of you!    Love, Mom and Dad ✴Happy 3rd birthday BooBoo(Mackenzie)!! Our beautiful babygirl is growing up! Love Mama (Erin)&Daddy(LtJG Tyler Kelley) ✴LtJG Kelley, we just wanted to say; its November! We made it! See u soon!! Love Erin & Mackie ✴FCC (SW) Coots Happy Birthday, baby baby!!  I love you so much and thank God everyday that you are a part of my life.  May this next year be the best yet!!  Lemvetage, Tess ✴STG3 Westphal--Happy 27th Birthday Nov. 16!  Love, Mom & Dad6 Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011
  7. 7. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 ✴CONGRATULATIONS HM1 Wyche, HM2 Cunningham, GSEFN Rudi, and everyone else who just had their boards and earned their ESWS pin!!! Also, Happy Birthday IT1 Fiorello! (submitted by HM3 Truong) ✴Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Kaia…have fun and I will see you soon!!  Love, Daddy (submitted by: FCCS Kevin White) ✴FCC Stewart, Happy Anniversary Honey, I Love You. ✴Congrats to DC3 Nelson on achieving your ESWS pin. We never doubted you would. We are so very proud of you. Love, your entire family back home. ✴Congratulations to ENFN(SW) Harmon for your new accomplishment. Your journey abroad is almost over and coming home is closer by the day. We all miss you and wish you well.           Love  Mom, Mandel, Mawmaw Smith, Timothy, Zhane, Brylie, Amber, Josh,Vanessa                                                                                                Congrats to all of our HOPPER Sailors and Families and Friends for making it through another (or first) deployment!Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011 7
  8. 8. U S S H O P P E R D D G 7 0 OPSEC Dont discuss future destinations or ports of call! Dont discuss future operations or missions! Dont discuss dates and times of when we will be in port or conducting exercises! Dont discuss readiness issues and numbers! Dont discuss specific training equipment! Dont discuss peoples names and billets in conjunction with operations! Dont speculate about future operations! Dont spread rumors about operations! Dont assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you so he can kill you, he is! Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email or phone!8 Ombudsman Newsletter November 2011