Fleas – fighting a serious infestation


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http://hopperenvironmentalservices.com/- Even if you don’t have pets in your home, they could still be a problem for you. Once carried into your home, flea cocoons can fall off anywhere and they are resistant to insecticides. Contact a professional Northern Arkansas pest control company to eliminate the problem.

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Fleas – fighting a serious infestation

  1. 1. * Fighting a Serious Infestation
  2. 2. Fleas may seem like a bigger problem for thefamily pet than they do for you, but thereality is that if you have fleas in your homeor around your property, you have bigproblems.Not only could you be exposed to constantflea bites, but they can also be the cause ofillness. They can transmit tapeworms as wellas murinelike typhus.You’ll know a flea bite when you see itthanks to the tiny red halo circling the smallwhite spot. *
  3. 3. There are 2,000 different species of fleas, and even if youdon’t have pets in your home, they could still be a problemfor you.The most common type of flea in homes is the cat flea. Atjust 1/8” long, they can be hard to see. They are usually areddish-brown color and they are wingless. Their bodiescompress laterally, so they look like a walking coin. *
  4. 4. Adult cat fleas attach themselves to a host, then remain there for about 30 days. Fresh blood is necessary for egg production. The female flea can lay up to fifty eggs in a single day. Once hatched, they have a large head, but are without eyes & legs until they grow into adults. To do so, they must be in 75% relative humidity. Eight days after hatching, they build a cocoon & grow into adults. They can remain inside the cocoon for up to 12 months should the temperature or humidity drop. *http:///hopperenvironmentalservices.com
  5. 5. If you do have a pet in your home, anadult flea will spend most of its timethere, so whole home treatment is anabsolute must.Once the adult flea has laid eggs onyour pet, they’re quick to fall offanywhere in your home. Sincecocoons are resistant to insecticides,a professional pest control companyhelp is necessary to help eliminatethe problem. *
  6. 6. Contacting a pest control company immediatelyis a must. They can help you treat your homeand your property using the methods necessaryto eliminate the flea problem. *
  7. 7. The best way to prevent a flea problem is to treat your pets on a regular basis. Contact your vet for the best possible remedy. You may also want to contact an exterminator to evaluate any potential problems in your home and your yard too. *http://hopperenvironmentalservices.com/
  8. 8. There are many different flea treatments available today, but trying to save a few bucks with a do-it-yourself treatment is not the way to go. These kinds of treatments are often temporary, and they will not fully eliminate the flea infestation issue you’re dealing with. *http://hopperenvironmentalservices.com
  9. 9. If you suspect a flea problem contact HopperEnvironmental Services - a Northern Arkansas pestcontrol company.Hopper will thoroughly inspect your property andcreate a treatment plan to eliminate your fleaproblem. *