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Hopelessly Romantic


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A brief overview of our company.

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Hopelessly Romantic

  1. 1. Hopelessly Romantic A Lu xu ry P u b lic a tio n
  2. 2. Headquarters: Carmel-by-the-Sea. Office: Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Over 25 interactive websites Welcome to Hopelessly Romantic - A Luxury Publication Blueprints for Living a Refined and Elegant Lifestyle Previous generations left us blueprints for success, sharing with us the lessons of a lifetime. But with chronological arrogance, we often ignore these lessons. We are also often quick to criticize our predecessors, dismissing the nuggets of wisdom to be found in their history. Together, through Hopelessly Romantic’s ‘Blueprints for Living a Refined and Elegant Lifestyle’, we will seek out these nuggets, capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge and insight they hold. Through the pages of this Luxury Publication, and the Blueprints section in particular, let us celebrate the best things life has to offer, sifting through time and the experiences of generations to make our own lives and the lives of others a little better. To this end, Hopelessly Romantic will donate a full page or more in each issue publicize a deserving cause. Also, for every client who purchases a full page ad, we will donate a 1/3 page to the charity of their choice. As Adlai Stevenson once said, “Understanding human needs is half the job of meeting them.” they hold.
  3. 3. Printable Page Hopelessly Romantic  Interactive Web Descriptions:  Ageless:  Our audience:  A site with an emphasis on a mature and sophisticated view of romance from a mature audience.   Suggested advertisers this site:  4/5 star restaurants and hotels. Luxury cruise lines, florists, realtors, high end jewelry, luxury automobiles,    Beverly Hills:  Our audience:  Young, chic, and well off. Looking for the latest in fashions, health and fitness, and luxury products.   Suggested advertisers this site:  Fashion, jewelry, luxury vehicles, hotels, exclusive boutiques, limousine services, personal shopping services, hair salons, spas, personal services,  health clubs, gifting wrapping services, destination planning guides, chamber of commerce, photographers, cosmetic surgeons, dental cosmetic surgeons, chocolatiers    Books:  Our audience:  Readers looking for a new twist on romance, mysterious, intriguing, and of  course.. romance   Suggested advertisers this site:  Greeting cards, new releases, self-publishers, stationary retailers, books retailers, authors, agents, print services, romance novelists, and poetry    Carmel Entertainment:  Our audience:  Visitors and travelers looking for upscale entertainment and services.  Visit: Couples looking to get married on the Monterey Peninsula 
  4. 4. Past issues are available for purchase. Visit Click on past issues. $6.95 + shipping and handling.
  5. 5. Interviews We interview respected celebrities and ask their thoughts on romance.