The Guardian                                                                September-October 2012                        ...
From the Command Sergeant Major :Greeting Fellow Guardians & Guardian Families:      I just recently returned from taking ...
MEDITATION OF THE MIND                     Your attitude is everything! With it you can           CHAPLAIN’S              ...
PAGE 4                    THE GUARDIAN                                       September - October 2012                     ...
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CPT Marshall, B Co. CDR                                                                                               1SG ...
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All Treats Day                 Monday, October 29th                             5:15 p.m.             (Line up between 9th...
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Sept Oct 2012- 101st BSB Newsletter


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Sept Oct 2012- 101st BSB Newsletter

  1. 1. The Guardian September-October 2012 From the Battalion Commander: 101st BSB “Let Us Carry the Burden” Time flies when you’re having fun; it’s hard to believe the summer is behind us; kids are back in school and the Guard- In this Issue: ian Battalion keeps moving on through the fall season. By BN CDR Message 1the time this Newsletter is published, we’ll have experienced another annual Apple Day BN CSM Message 2Festival, where our Fort Riley community gets the opportunity to have some fun and BN Chaplain 3showcase what we do and makes this such a great place. I hope you had the opportunity HHC 4experience the event first-hand and to visit the Battalion’s FRG booth at this event spon-sored by AVALANCHE and BULLDOG Companies and enjoy a hotdog as well as the Alpha Co. 5 event. For more information on all the Bravo Co. 6 great Family and Solider friendly events Charlie Co. 7 going on here on Fort Riley and in the News/Events 8-15 local area please check out (and “Like”) the GUARDIAN and DEVIL Brigade Facebook pages at: Guardians/167611785766?sk=wall The battalion continues to move through the TRAIN/ READY phase of the ARFORGEN process and increase the focus and Ft. Riley Fall Apple Day Festival 2012 level of collective and key individual training. In August andSeptember we executed some world-class support and training events that improved our proficiency on core com-petencies to include: hosting and synchronizing the C4ISR communication systems reset for the brigade; WIN-TCPN certification exercise (where our S6t team was the first in the Brigade to successfully complete training andcertify on this key piece of equipment- great work!); GUARDIAN Truck Rodeo; GUARDIAN STAKES leader train-ing event; multiple small arms ranges (to include our first night fire qualification since before OND deployment);support to both JRTC and NTC training rotations and the “We Stand as One” suicide prevention week.In October and November we will continue to improve our mission command and support capabilities through ourparticipation in the Brigades TOCEX Events #1&2, Company level Field Training Exercises and our big NovemberBattalion FTX where we will re-focus on the basics of setting up the Battalion and Brigade Support Area (BSA)under tactical conditions and re-familiarize and hone our field craft. These training events will set the conditionsfor our Soldiers and the battalion to further develop our abilities to provide our core sustainment and medical sup-port mission in support the Brigade.Summer is typically the promotion season; please join me in congratulating the following officers who were se-lected (some already pinned on) to the rank of Captain: CPT Matakis, CPT Swanzy, CPT Nederhoed, CPT Woods,CPT Te, CPT Scheurch, CPT Sheets, 1LT McAlister, 1LT Porter, 1LT Booker, and 1LT Nestler . Job well done!I am extremely proud of all our Soldiers and the battalion as we progress in our technical and tactical proficiencyand continue to Carry the Burden in support of the DEVIL brigade! My thanks for your hard work and all you doin support of our Battalion, the DEVIL Brigade and our Nation. GUARDIANS! GUARDIAN 6” LTC Jim Waddick“This is the newsletter of the 101st BSB that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial informa- //Original Signed// 1tion in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.” JIM WADDICK LTC, MS, Commanding
  2. 2. From the Command Sergeant Major :Greeting Fellow Guardians & Guardian Families: I just recently returned from taking leave and I feel refreshed, renewed and ready totackle the mission once again! Guardians have been really working hard with daily tasksand training, and I highly recommend that each of you plan some well-deserved leave time.Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day mission and taking care of those many lastminute tasks that add to the workload, that we fail to take time out for ourselves and ourfamilies. Taking care of ourselves is what allows us to take care of others and remain fo-cused on the mission. Finding balance can be tough, but we must always strive to find it orwe will be struggling more each day as we are faced with all that has been neglected. Itcould mean problems with our health or our families. Take the time to work on balancedstrategy among the five pillars of strength! Our families make great sacrifices while weserve and we need to ensure that we make time for them as well. HOOAH! Soldiers & Families: FIND YOUR BALANCE 5 Pillars of Strength  Congratulations to PFC Dowie (HHC) and SGT William, G. (A Co.) for winning the Soldier/NCO of the Month Boards respectively. GREAT JOB!  Congratulations to SGT Naseman (A Co.) for making the cutoff for promotion, effective August 2012, HOOAH!  Congratulations to the newly promoted SSG Davis, G. (C Co.), effective Septem- ber 2012, HOOAH!It’s hard to believe that fall is already here and before you know it, Halloween, Thanksgivingand Christmas too will sneak up on us. Wow! Start getting ready for winter now! Checkyour vehicle battery, tires and heat just to be sure everything is in good working order.Safety first! GUARDIANS! We Carry the Burden! Hooah! Keep up the good work! “Guardian 7,” CSM Frank Jordan 2
  3. 3. MEDITATION OF THE MIND Your attitude is everything! With it you can CHAPLAIN’S change the world and with it you can destroy everything and everyone around you. Challenge CORNER of the month: What are you feeding your mind? Like athletes who compete for a competition and train their bodies to win at an athletic event, how are you training your mind? For the mind is the “Power Source” for the “Will” lead- ing to the center of your “Heart” enabling you to act out in a way that is positive or negative. It’sChaplain Adriatico not necessarily how you act but how you react to life circumstances! Get the vertical relation-ship right with God and every other horizontal relationship will take care of itself in time. “8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whateverthings are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are ofgood report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on thesethings. 9 The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, andthe God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:8-9 We as Soldiers train and as families we learn habits of virtue or habits of vices. De-pending upon the element of your commitment, devotion and care to yourself and others iswhere your time, energy and money will go to support what your heart loves most, to whatyou are willing to do and from where your mind has been. Train your mind in a such a waymy friend to become that person who is worthy of leadership and nobility in taking care ofyour inner person to become simply a better person. With this in mind know that with Godall things are possible and in Christ you are a light of truth, a beacon of hope and a wall ofprotection as you continually train your spirit to focus on what is good and true. “11 Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to becontent: 12 I know how to be abased and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things Ihave learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do allthings through Christ[b] who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:11-13 Life is a series of seasons and within these seasons, how will you learn to gain the wis- dom, the faith, the internal courage and the ability to overcome the frustrations of life. Learn who you are and understand that you are loved by God and to know He will never leave you nor forsake you. Have a great month! An attitude of gratitude is a life of happiness! “With these come faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love!” I Corinthians 13 Blessings to All, Chaplain (CPT) AdriaticoPlease contact us for Chaplain Assistance at: 7109 Trooper Drive, Ft Riley, KSOffice: 785-239-5418 Chaplain Adriatico: 864-377-1158,’s Assistant SPC Wingate: 3
  4. 4. PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN September - October 2012 Greetings Soldiers and Families! The past two months have flown by and we have seen some great things. HHC started it CPT Bercume off by winning the Commanders Cup Competi- tion. As we fought through the obstacle course, chowed down the hotdogs, and sprinted our way through the “Guidon Competition”, we took the 1SG Saroglou CPT Bercume win by surprise! We also saw the junior officers in the Battalion compete during the Guardian Stakes competition.Each team was tested on their basic Soldier knowledge and scored by how well they completedeach task. I saw each Soldier doing an outstanding job and am proud to have command of sucha fine group of Service Members. The Company is currently preparing for our upcoming Brigade TOC event at the end ofOctober and then roll right into our Field Training Exercise in the mid November time frame.We will be working on TOC operations and continue to drive towards a “trained” status for thenext quarter. The seasons are changing and with change comes the fall festivities. There are lots ofevents to check out in the Ft. Riley area! The BOSS Program will host a “Trunk or Treat” atthe Commissary parking lot on Halloween (see flyer in back). Turkey Day is right around thecorner, and then we will move right in to our Exodus Holiday. During the holiday season, andalways, be safe and enjoy your loved ones. Looking forward to seeing you during one of thesemany family events, and don’t forget to vote during our November Presidential Elections!Hurricanes! “Hurricane 6,” CPT Bercume 4
  5. 5. PAGE 5 THE GUARDIAN ALPHA COMPANY A message from the Commander: I am very proud of all the Soldiers and families for their sacrifices these last couple months. We had some last minute taskings that put a few out for a good CPT Janese amount of time. We had a Guardian Stakes Competi- SFC White (Acting 1SG) tion where our young officers were challenged men-tally, physically and tactically. We hosted a Truck Rodeo which was a fun way forthe Soldiers to practice the basics. I thank you all for hearing the call and support-ing our multiple missions.We had quite a few Soldiers get promoted. Much deserved congratulations to newlypromoted SPC Dixon, Kriston, PFC Gibson, Jason, PFC Glynn, Levante, PFC Xing,Jianzhe and PFC Clay, Keonte. I know you all will continue to do great things inyour Platoons.Things have been tough with fewer in our formation and leaders having to fill higher FT. RILEY APPLE DAY 2012positions in order to get things done. That is what leaders do and you all have donean outstanding job. The Company as a whole is starting to mold into a more profi-cient form and you are all responsible. Thank you and continue to lean forward.AVALANCHE!! “Avalanche 6,” Captain Anthony Janese Happy Autumn! Pumpkin spice coffee is hitting the shelves and sweaters are making their appearance once again. I love this time of year! This past month we have been hard at work prepping for Apple Day and keeping up with “Motor Pool Mondays.” With the season changing we hope to have hot chocolate and coffee for you real soon! We are looking forward to our Company BBQ on Oc- tober 19th! We will be having a chili cook off, pumpkin carv- ing contest, pie eating contest and karaoke! All members of our Avalanche family are welcome! Please contact me if you are interested in participating in any of the contests. On the Julie Janese horizon we plan to have a “Christmas in the Country” Craft FRG Leader show. This will be a fundraising opportunity for our FRG to rent tables to all people interested in selling their craft. This will be open to all talents on Fort Riley. If you craft, bake, sew, paint, sketch etc. please contact me for more information! Mrs Diana Kendall has graciously stepped up to be our Funds Custodian and Mrs Sara Whalen has kindly completed our Funds family as our Funds Custodian Alternate. We are very thankful for them and all their hard work. Congratulations are in order for SGT and Mrs. Matthew Freeman for having a new baby girl and SPC & Mrs. Franco Suarez having a new baby boy! I want to thank you all for the emails you send me. Your support and feedback means more than you know. You are a very giving, considerate and attentive group and CPT Janese and I are so proud and thankful to be a part of the Avalanche family! Our next meeting is scheduled for October 19th at our October BBQ festivities. Check your email for more information regarding this and future events. Hope to see you soon! ~Julie JaneseWE NEED FRG VOLUNTEERS! For more information on volunteering in our FRG or for assistance with any matter, 5please call Julie at: 912-980-4619 or email:
  6. 6. CPT Marshall, B Co. CDR 1SG Swarts, B Co 1SGHello Fellow Bulldogs,Over the last couple of months, your Bulldog Soldiers represented the company greatly in many compe-titions. The Bulldogs competed valiantly in the BN Organization Day, Devils Stakes, Guardian TruckRodeo, and even the 2nd Annual Guardian Stakes, where Bulldog members finished 2nd and 3rd in thecompetition. Good work to all!Training is starting to pick up and we completed our overnight fieldtraining event, for the first time as a company. The Bulldogs trainedtheir core competencies by setting up our portion of the Brigade Sup-port Area (BSA). This training was a first for many young BulldogSoldiers, and it was a good chance to see what will be expected of themat the Battalion FTX in November.Congratulations to all of Soldiers who have re-enlisted in the past fewmonths, your commitment is greatly needed and appreciated. Keep upthe hard work.We thank all of you who participated in the annual Apple Day extravaganza. I had a blast, and I hopeyou all did too. If you didn’t make it out this event do not fret we will see you at the next FRG event. CPT Marshall, Bulldog 6” Hello Bravo Company! Custer Hill Bowling lanes in still under renovation, I Well the summer was extremely would like to have a Family FRG Bowling night, in Octo- hot and we made it through. I ber. They will have half of their lanes operational begin- hope everyone enjoyed their sum- ning in October, and the other half completed by the end mer and took advantage of the of October. I will have time and date as soon as I can get many opportunities on Ft. Riley a confirmed date from the Bowling Alley. I hope to get a and our surrounding communi- reservation near the beginning of October. ties. The Holidays will be creeping upon us soon. We will be Now that school is back in full having a Christmas Holiday Party for the families. I’m swing, I hope everyone is starting sure everyone is looking forward to the festivities with off with a great school year, with family and friends. Information regarding the Holiday cool mornings and warm after- Party will be provided at a later date. noons. Great fall weather. We are still in need of building our FRG Team. You do Marsha Marshall I would like to thank everyone not have to commit to any specific number of hours. We FRG Leader who came out on Wednesday, Sep- are in need of a Secretary and Key Callers. Please feel tember 19th, to help make pies in free to support your FRG by volunteering your time andsupport of Apple Day. We had such a great time making talents.pies and meeting new people. A special thanks to ourwonderful volunteers Kate Marienau, Kasey Donoho, Please share any ideas you may have that you wouldand Ana Torres—they are always available to volunteer like to see as part of our FRG!in any way to support Bravo Company. I look forward toseeing other spouses and Soldiers volunteer, for any fu- ~Marsha Marshall, FRG Leader, Bravo Company, 101stture events that may arise. BSB, 678-458-5382, bravobullogs101st@gmail.comPAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN 6
  7. 7. PAGE 7 THE GUARDIAN CPT Kelley, CDR 1SG JohnsonGreetings Cyclones! During the month of September Cyclones have grown as a cohesive unit and endured the raft of RedCycle taskings. Congrats Cyclones….we are still standing strong! We have participated in runningmedical lanes for both the Devil Stakes competition as well as the Guardian Stakes Competition. SGTRoberts operated as a Lane Evaluator for the medical lane. 1LT Fritz’s team endured the competitionand won 1st place. Go Cyclones! Treatment and Evac Platoon have provided medical coverage and support personnel for GuardianTruck Rodeo. During red cycle we continued to fulfill our requirements in the Brigade Aid Station andFarrelly Health Clinic. SSG Richarte earned the trust from the command and was appointed as Bri-gade Aid Station NCOIC after the loss of SSG Perkins. SSG Perkins will be missed for her exceptionalmedical training and dedication to Charlie Company’s mission. Headquarters would like to recognize SPC Al-Mohareb. She has also been developing and instruct-ing Field Sanitation classes for the BDE with a performance past her pay grade. Cyclones once againrose to the challenge as 1LT Fritz took the win in the Devil 6 Officers Tire Changing Competition. Wel-come SGT Bennett as the newest addition to HQ PLT as the Cyclone’s new Supply SGT and 1SG John-son. Let us not forget those dedicated Soldiers who responded to the call of duty at a minutes notice dur-ing Red Cycle! SGT Helton supported JRTC as a daytime operations NCO. SGT Helton supplied theLFTX with supply and laundry runs, and food. SGT Roberts, SPC Noha and PFC Sanchez worked themidnight shift at the Aid Station working emergency care and morning sick call. As the winter falls upon us and the 1st quarter works its way into the Cyclones training calendar, welook forward to executing Platoon Collective training and growing together as a Medical Team. 2LTMcCarthy will take the lead on training her platoon by developing the Brigade’s Role II capability andMASCAL plan. 2LT Tobin will develop medical evacuation plans that will support the BN during theBN FTX. 1LT Fritz has continued to ensure that Charlie company Daily operations run smoothly. 1LTMcAlister has been proactive by ensuring the DFAC is to standard and training the 1-5 Field San Teamin support of the RFF/QRF mission. Great job! WLC Graduates: SPC Phillips, SGT Perry, SPC Al-Mohareb, SPC Pacheco, SPC Martin, SPC Hal-sted and SPC Aguilar Keep up the good work Cyclones! ~CPT Kelley, Cyclone 6 email: or call 785-239-9527 for assistance 7
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  12. 12. All Treats Day Monday, October 29th 5:15 p.m. (Line up between 9th & 10th St. for Parade)The parade of costumed children forms at the corner ofWashington & 9th Streets at 5:15 p.m., then marchesdown to 6th St., preceded by the JCHS Marching Band.Downtown businesses then pass out candy and treats tothe children. Kids of all ages and parents are welcome tobe in the Costume Parade…Just show up! Afterwards,children can enjoy games at the JC Municipal Bldg. locatedat 700 N. Jefferson St. beginning at 6:00 p.m. Admission is Free! For more information contact the JC Area Chamber of Commerce 785.762.2632 12
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