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May-June 2012- 101st BSB newsletter


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Guardian Newsletter

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May-June 2012- 101st BSB newsletter

  1. 1. The Guardian May-June 2012 From the Battalion Commander: Guardians; We continue to provide uncompromised direct support to the Devil Brigade. The professional and safe manner in which the Guardians perform our many missions is truly impres- 101st BSB sive. “Let Us Carry the Burden”In this Issue: It’s been busy in the Battalion since our last newsletter. To date we’ve identified, cataloged and consolidated over $1.8 million dollars in excess equip-BN CDR Message 1 ment and supplies through the GUARDIAN SWEEP program for cross-leveling or turn-in. Thanks to SSG Ballay and her team for their heavy lifting to get this monumental under-BN CSM Message 2 taking moving forward. We recently completed a very thorough Division Inspector GeneralBN Chaplain 3 led Reset Assistance Visit that has helped us to better see ourselves and identify where weHHC 4 need to attack improvements in key administrative, logistics, maintenance and securityAlpha Co. 5 systems. Now comes the hard part- addressing the weak areas and building those enduring systems we require to effectively run the battalion and our companies while on a projectedBravo Co. 6 period of extended DWELL. I appreciate your efforts to date and look forward to seeing theCharlie Co. 7 fruits of your hard work as we go through the re-inspection process. Our efforts in theseEvent Info. 8-10 areas now will pay huge dividends later as we transition to a greater focus on training; most notably our planned crew served weapons ranges and preparations for the July Con-voy Gunnery and key training events such as our Truck Rodeo in August and beyond.On 09 May 12, we had an opportunity to gather at our Volunteer Recognition Luncheon andexpress our thanks to our many spouses and Soldiers who have made significant contributionsto our FRGs, Soldiers and Families. CSM Jordan and I presented Battalion Certificates of FRG Volunteers presented the Appreciation to several key volunteers for a job well 101st BSB done! Please join me in a special thanks to Mrs. Certificate of Appreciation Tracey Duffy, Mrs. Jessica Supanich, Mrs. Debbie Sain and Mrs. Kate Marienau (not present) who Mrs. Nicki White earned the Certificate of Appreciation for Patriotic Mrs. Ann Vargas Service. Again, great job and many thanks to all of SSG Kevin Lalin you for your volunteer service. SGT Jenise Hiram SGT Lynda Roberts SGT Eunji Dehn SPC Jacob Jordan SPC Danielle Harrington SPC BrewingtonTHANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!We’ve also been earning accolades from across the Brigade in the execution of GUARDIAN EXPRESS; support to theFort Riley Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) competition and our support to BSTB’s Engineer Bradley Gunnery exer-cise at the DMPRC. Great work in ‘Carrying the Burden’ and making it happen! Additionally, we had a very strongshowing in the first event of the Brigade’s DEVIL STAKES Soldier skills competition with multiple Guardians finishingin the top 10 of the 5-mile run event.Please join me in congratulating SGT Allen of the CYCLONES for earning the EFMB; one of only six in the Brigade todo so in what is a physically and mentally rigorous test that truly identifies the ‘best-of-the-best’ among our many skilledcombat medics and medical specialist Soldiers. Thank you all for what you do for this Battalion, the DEVIL Brigade and our Nation.Please continue to stay in touch with what’s going on in the Bat-talion by visiting our Facebook page: “GUARDIAN 6” LTC Jim Waddick “Let Us Carry the Burden… Guardians!”Guardians/167611785766 //Original Signed//“This is the newsletter of the 101st BSB that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial infor- JIM WADDICK 1mation in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.” LTC, MS, Commanding
  2. 2. PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN From the Command Sergeant Major: Greetings Friends & Family Members of the Guardian Battalion: Deshan and I are just thrilled to be serving alongside with each of you as a member of the Guardian Team! Yes, we do carry the burden. Hopefully, this message will find you all in the best of health. Wow! The month of May was very busy—we started out by getting back to the basic Soldier’s skills. Here in the Guardian Battalion, we conducted our first NCO Run—a lot of cadence calling and Esprit-de Corps. Hooah! At the end of the first week of the month, we held our first “pay-day activities” while wearing the Army Service Uniform (ASU) and con- ducted in-ranks uniform inspections. Also, the Guardian Soldiers went out on the Crew Served Ranges, firing all of our crew served weapons. I was quickly reminded that stuff like this wasone of the main reasons I joined the United States Army. We had fun while training safely! I would like to give special thanks for all of the Military Spouses! May 11th was “Military Spouse AppreciationDay” and you most definitely deserve it! You all are the true heroes. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all mothers —youtruly deserve to be honored as well. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all of the 2012 graduates, especially to the highschool graduates. Trust me when I say, it’s a new beginning as you start this next chapter in your life. I would like to express my congratulations to SGT Burdin for winning May NCO of the Month and SPC Jeter forwinning the May “Soldier of the Month.” I would also like to congratulate SGT Allen, SGT Arrington, and SGT Harlanfor being promoted to the rank of Sergeant, effective 1 May 2012. Congrats to SPC Jeter, SPC Crisler, SPC Fruge, SPCKennard, and CPL Malbert for making the cut-off score for promotion to the rank of Sergeant, effective 1 June 2012.What an awesome achievement for these young warriors, let’s be proud for them and their Families! Great Job! Hooah!Remember, “NCOs are the Keepers of the Standards” and “We Make it Happen”!On behalf of the Guardian Family, a special congratulations to Captain Erik & Kelly Anthes and SGTs’ Derrick andConstance Lampkin on the births of their little ones and Welcome baby Guardians! Many Guardians have also been busy serving as good role models and men-tors to students through Fort Riley’s Adopt-a-School program. This program is a part-nership between brigade units and local schools to show students strong examples ofleadership and self-discipline. 101st BSB has been a proud partner with Sheridan Elementary School in Junction City for many years and recently joined students on their annual Field Day competitions. We also recently adopted Spring Valley On Thursday, May 10th Spring Valley Elementary School and look for- Elementary participated in a charter ward to doing our part to help all signing ceremony in conjunction with kids stay on the right track. the 101st Brigade Support Battalion. Pictured in the photo are CSM Frank Jordan and LTC Jim Waddick along I ask that each one of us with Principal Sierra Jackson and NOT forget about Guardian Sol- Student Body President Savanna. diers and Families who are dealing with illness and other hardships. I pray that you will overcome any challenges and get well soon and that you remain resilient by utiliz- ing the many support programs available to your through the unit Chaplain, Family Readiness Group (FRG), Army Community Service Sheridan Elementary Field Day 2012 (ACS), and, of course, your friends and family. We all need a helping hand some time or another and it’s okay to ask for help.Here are just a few reminders for the month of June: 8 Jun—1st Infantry Division’s (1ID) 95th Birthday May God continue to bless each of you. I am 11-14 Jun—“Victory Week”—where we all can get out, truly proud of every one of you and I THANK YOU for compete in different types of sports activities, have fun your commitment, dedication and sacrifices you make and build some Esprit de Corps against units through- out the 1st Infantry Division for our great nation. Yes, we do carry the burden. 14 June—U.S. Army’s 236th Birthday! “Guardian 7” 17 June—Father’s Day. CSM Frank Jordan 20 June—First Day of Summer—-ENJOY your summer 2 with your family, but please STAY SAFE in all you do!
  3. 3. Chaplain’s Corner "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8 So here you are maybe going through a divorce, loss of a child, possibly en- countering a break up, failing the military standards, experiencing another deployment or you’re simply tired of the military life or maybe your ideal “American dream” life isn’t panning out to be what you had in store, but maybe, just maybe, you are exactly where you are supposed to be? I heard from a wise man once that in order to find your life purpose on this earth is Chaplain Adriatico to first realize that it’s not about you and the only option you have is to lookup. Maybe your purpose is greater than what you could have ever imagined if you are just willing tocommit your mind, challenge your heart and to explore the members of your will to see the bigger pic-ture that God has created you for Himself? Throughout this journey of life we as humans come throughan array of valleys, humble beginnings, broken homes, traumatic life experiences, country life styles, orfrom big cities but in the element of “LIFE” let’s face it, life is not perfect. In fact the moment you beginto start looking up is the moment you will begin to understand why your “Ideal dream life” is just that,“A Dream” and not YOUR “LIFE CALLING” George Washington said this:"Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder."GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732-1799)Meaning: When the going gets tough my friend, the tough get going! I wish to encourage youthis summer to embrace a heart of character, a spirit of God’s (Agape) love, a mind of wisdomand a steadfast soul! I want to encourage your heart to cowboy and cowgirl up in His Strength,to KNOW that we as a military family feel the pressures of military life with you and to knowthat in the midst of our commitments to the federal government that to carry the burden to theend of that PCS, that ETS or that mission ahead is the calling for which you have been called!Remember, there is neither a valley to deep nor a mountain too high that you cannot overcomewith the POWER OF GOD! (Philippians 4:13). What will it take to break you? How much can your integrity be bought for? Within oursociety of cheap morals and weak religion people tend to give it away for practically nothing,but you will never be remembered nor honored for such conformity but within your soul can yousay, “I DID MY BEST!” For at the end of the day, my friend your character and family name isall you have. Honor your God, your family and honor your country!The qualities of a great man are "vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articu-lation, and profundity of character." DWIGHT EISENHOWER (1890-1969)Romans 12:1,2Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy andpleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of thisworld, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve whatGods will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.All men fall but not all are willing to get back up and to continue to fight! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! LIVEIT and SEE the PURPOSE OF GOD’S GLORY IN ALL THINGS! On Behalf of the Unit Ministry Team, Chaplain (CPT) Adriatico SPC Wingate, Chaplain’s Assistant 3
  4. 4. PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN -HURRICANES- May-June 2012 Hurricane’s Family & Friends: Hurricanes have been doing an out- standing job as always! These past couple of months the Hurricanes have spent countless hours preparing 1SG Posta CPT Porter, CDR for the IG RAV but more importantly identifying ex- HURRICANE 7 HURRICANE 6 cess equipment and turning it in during 1SG Bryan Posta CPT Cynthia Porter “Guardian Sweep.” Each shop was able to 785-240-4248 785-239-4788 tackle these tasks head on without affecting shop operations and our support to the battal- ion. In May and June we began training forour Convoy Gunnery coming up in July. Soldiers will be busy over the next few weeks as thebattalion executes crew served and small arms ranges, as well as, simulation training. Thecompany will have a lot of moving pieces over the next few weeks, so I ask that you all be pa-tient, flexible and remain supportive of your Soldier.As the school year comes to an end I hope everyone enjoys their summer and that you remem-ber to make time for your family. Lastly, I would like to bid farewell to Mrs Kopecky, our FRGleader. We wish her and her family the best as they PCS to Ft Benning, Georgia! Thank youfor all of your support to the company! Welcome to HHC! Greetings Hurricane Families: CPT Hoffart CPT Devries 2LT Bridges MSG Gouin It’s hard to believe that school is out and SSG Trujillo SSG Mateogomez summer is about to begin—and with SGT Snider SGT Borcsani summer also comes PCS season. I’m sad to say that this is my last newsletter ar- SGT Lee SPC Bowden ticle as your FRG Leader. My family is SPC Swicegood SPC Dodd leaving for Ft. Benning at the end of Lacey Kopecky May. I would like to thank my past vol-unteers Debbie Sain and Kate Marienau for all their helpover this past year as they volunteered their time withHHC. I’m sad to see you leave too! I would also like tothank my present volunteers: Angie Nestler, SGT Dehnand SPC Brewington for volunteering your time with CPT Ohuka CPT RyderHHC FRG. Since the last newsletter we have welcomed 1LT Knight 1LT Newtontwo new babies into the Hurricane Family! Congratula- CW3 Mayo SFC Byfordtions to CPT & Mrs. Anthes and SGT Derrick & SGTConstance Lampkin on the births of their babies! Both SFC Patterson SSG Alasfamilies received a “motorcycle diaper cake” along with a SGT Kopecky SGT Ruedafew days of prepared meals from the HHC FRG. Please SPC Black SPC Joneslet us know if you’re expecting so we can welcome your SPC Mullerbaby too! LaceyWe need FRG Volunteers! All Positions! Please contact CPT Porter at 785-240-4247 if you are inter-To become a volunteer or for assistance with any matter, please contact your Family Readiness Group Leader: 4ested Kopecky, 785-317-2660, hhcfrg101st@gmail.comFamilies through the HHC FRG.Lacey in supporting our Hurricane Soldiers &
  5. 5. PAGE 5 THE GUARDIAN ALPHA COMPANY CPT Bender A message from the Commander: CPT Bender Greetings Avalanche Families: 1SG HollifieldI hope that everyone is enjoying this great weather we have been having here in Kansas and isable to get out and enjoy some of the great things going on in and around the Fort Riley area.As always, the Avalanche Soldiers have been staying busy providing support for 1 st Brigade aseveryone begins to conduct more training and getting back into the swing of things. This article will be the last month that I will be writing for the Guardian newsletter. Itwill soon be time for me to say farewell to the great Soldiers and families of Alpha Company asI move on to Fort Bragg. I would like to welcome the incoming commander, CPT Janese andhis wife Julie as we change command on the 21st of June. It has been an honor and a privilegeto work with each and every Soldier from Alpha Company and know that the company will con-tinue to do great things in the future. Alpha Company will be having an FRG meeting on the 12th of June and I will have achance to say good-bye to all our families and introduce both CPT Janese and his wife. The lo-cation is still to be determined, so watch your emails for those details. I hope that everyone canmake it! I really want to encourage families to get involved with the Family Readiness Group(FRG) and support one another! AVALANCHE!! Captain Michael Bender Hello Alpha Family! My name is Julie Janese, and I am your new FRG leader. My husband Captain An- thony Janese will be taking command of Alpha Company on June 20th, and we are very ex- cited to be a part of the Guardian Family! We are high school sweethearts from Niagara Falls, NY, and have been living the Army life since 2008. We just came from the Captain’s Career Course in Ft. Lee, Virginia, and before that we were stationed at Ft. Stewart, Geor- gia. I am a children’s book author/illustrator and I’m working on a personalized coloring- book line. I am very excited to meet all of you and make some great relationships. We are having an FRG meeting on June 12th at 6:15pm to officially meet everyone and talk about what lies ahead. We had to change the meeting location, so I will email more information once it is determined. If you are interested at all in volunteering with the FRG, please let me know! We do not have any volunteers as of yet, so we are a clean slate. I am looking specifically for KeyCallers and Fund Custodians (treasurer), but any and all help is greatly welcomed! I appreciate you and yourtime. I cannot wait to meet you all soon! ~Julie JaneseWE NEED FRG VOLUNTEERS! For more information on volunteering in our FRG or for assistance with any matter,please call Julie at: 912-980-4619 or email: 5
  6. 6. PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN CPT Marshall, B Co. CDR 1SG Swarts, B Co 1SGHello Bulldog Family, Congratulations SPC Solis, Jose on your recentFirst, I would like to say my wife, Marsha, my three promotion!children and I are truly honored to be a part of such a On behalf of my family, I say farewell to the outgoinggreat unit. You all have welcomed us with open arms Bravo Commander, CPT Thomas and his wife Danielleto be a part of an awesome group of Soldiers and their and thank them for making the transition easier.families. I want to get to know everybody in the coming We also say farewell and SGT Curtis Shymonths as we plan fund raisers and company gather- best of luck to:ings throughout the year. SSG Aaron RasdorfIt has been a busy couple of month but your Bulldogs SPC Jorty Holmes are hanging in SGT Jared Anderson there. We have re- ceived an initial SSG Kevin Lalin inspection from our SFC Tearanie Hoyle Division Headquar- ters, which showed SGT Robert Mulikin us we had a lot of SFC Chad Supanich work to do before SPC Michael Graff we are prepared for the final inspection. CPT Marshall CW2 Roger Powell Your bulldogs have SPC Nicole BrownCPT Marshall and his wife, Marsha and their done well at the “Bulldog 6,” signing on...children, Jaidyn –9, and Derek-16. They also ranges as they SSG Yolanda Petersonhave two adult children, David-21 and Corei-sha-30 (not pictured). trained for the big training event this I want to give a bigsummer. We have had a few minor setbacks, but for BULLDOGthe most part we are pushing forward with our head CONGRATULATIONS toheld high. Thank you to all the family members who Mr. and Mrs. Scott & Cynthia Portersupport these Bulldogs! on their marriage 28 April! Hello Bulldogs policy, whether its day or night, know that I am here I would like to introduce my- for BCO. self to you. I am Marsha Marshall, We are in the process of building our FRG wife of Bravo Company Commander, Team, we’re in need of a Secretary, Alternate Funds CPT H. James Marshall. I have Custodian and Key Callers. Please feel free to support taken over the role as FRG Leader, your FRG by volunteering your time and talent to OUR and I look forward to getting to know FRG. Please share any ideas you have or anything you everyone and doing great things for would like to see as part of our FRG! Thanks in ad- Bravo Company during my tenure. vance for any time and talents that each of you will Let’s give a round of applause to Mrs. bring to BRAVO COMPANY!!! Supanich for her time and talents during her tenure. ~Marsha Marshall, FRG Leader I am eager to begin this journey and supportthe Soldiers and Families of BCO. I have an open door For FRG assistance or to volunteer, please call: 6 Bravo Co. at 678-458-5382 or Email:
  7. 7. PAGE 7 THE GUARDIAN CPT Kelley, CDR 1SG Hawk, 1SGA message from the Commander: The month of May proves to be busy butproductive for the Cyclones. With EFMB, Brigade Aid Station, IG inspections, and variousmedical tasks, we have all worked together to accomplish the mission. Although the inspec-tions were keeping the Cyclones very busy, we pulled together to execute and complete alltasks. Each and every Cyclone has contributed to have yet another successful month. We saygoodbye to the old Charlie Company while welcoming all the new faces to complete our team aswe drive forward. Once again we have Cyclones departing our family and more to leave at the end of themonth. We want to thank PV2 Martinez, SPC Baje, SPC Philpot, SPC Ames, SPC Thomas, SPCWard, SGT Anderson, SGT Mathis, 1SG Hawk, and CPT Olen for their hard work and wishthem the best. I would like to personally wish 1SG Hawk the best since he will PCS to FortLewis at the end of the month. 1SG Hawk will be greatly missed for all the experience andknowledge he has brought to our Cyclone family over the years. We have new Soldiers to ourCyclone family: PV2 Lee, PFC Sun, SSG Dettman and SFC Taurbert. We have also re-gainedsix Soldiers that deployed with our sister Battalions 2-34 AR and 4-4 CAV: SPC Halsted, SPCGray, SPC Molina, SGT Leben, SGT Hebert, and SSG Perkins. As we are sad to see any Cy-clone leave, we are excited to train our new team of Cyclones. We have two soldiers we would like to recognize for promotion SPC Ramirez (Treatment Platoon) and SGT Harlan (EVAC Platoon). Both Soldiers have stood out amongst their peers while upholding the Cy- clone standard—-JOB WELL DONE! I also would like to congratulate SGT Allen for earn- ing the prestigious Expert Field Medical Badge during the rigorous two weeks of EFMB lanes. He now joins a small number of Soldiers to be EFMB qualified—JOB WELL DONE! As the summer months approach the Cy-clones will be doing various field exercises and working in the new Battalion Aid Station. Wewill strive for perfection and train to standard to ensure all missions are complete. ~CPT Kelley, Cyclone 6 7 email: or call 785-239-9527 for assistance
  8. 8. Limited number of FREE tickets for Sunday, 24 June events at Country Stampede! Please sign up through your company or FRG Country Stampede is a 4-day annual camping and country music festival held at Tuttle Creek State Park in Manhattan, KS stampede@countrystampede.comContact: Kim Wagenblast 785-223- 1513 (cell) 1-800-795-8091 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Are you a new Army Spouse?Army Community Service (ACS) has all the resources you need to successfully adapt to military life! Call today: 785- 239-9435 WELCOME NEW GUARDIAN SOLDIERS & FAMILIES!If you are new to 101st BSB and/or are not sure who your FRG Leader is, please contact: Mrs. Hope Stanley Battalion Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) 785-239-1772 or 10