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The Guardian                                                               March-April 2012                               ...
PAGE 2                                          THE GUARDIAN                     From the Command Sergeant Major:         ...
Chaplain’s Corner                          Greetings!                          Upon this new spring, I would like to encou...
PAGE 4                                              THE GUARDIAN                                   HURRICANES-March/April ...
PAGE 5                            THE GUARDIAN                         ALPHA COMPANY   CPT Bender                         ...
PAGE 6                               THE GUARDIAN                       A message from the Commander:                     ...
PAGE 7                                            THE GUARDIAN   CPT Kelley, CDR      A message from the Commander:       ...
Are you a new Army Spouse?                                          Army Community Service (ACS) has all the resources you...
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March april 2012- 101st bsb newsletter


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March april 2012- 101st bsb newsletter

  1. 1. The Guardian March-April 2012 From the Battalion Commander: Guardians; It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two months since I had the privilege of taking command of this awesome organiza- tion—time flies when you’re having fun! Also, please join me 101st BSB in welcoming our new Command Sergeant Major who has “Let Us Carry the Burden” arrived since our last newsletter was published. CSM FrankIn this Issue: Jordan and his wife Deshan joined the Guardians in Febru- ary, from our sister battalion, 299th Brigade Support Battalion in 2nd Brigade CombatBN CDR Message 1 Team. They hit the ground running and are doing great things for our unit—welcome andBN CSM Message 2 we’re excited to have you on the team.BN Chaplain 3 Over the past couple of months our focus has centered on executing individual schools andHHC 4 institutional training; with multiple Soldiers successfully completing the Warrior Leaders,Alpha Co. 5 Advanced, and Senior Leaders Courses. We’ve also zeroed in on refining and re- establishing our home station administrative, logistics and training systems to set the con-Bravo Co. 6 ditions for our success as we transition from the RESET phase to Train / Ready phase ofCharlie Co. 7 ARFORGEN. Additionally, we’ve been busy with identifying and turning in excess equip-Event Info. 8-10 ment through the Division’s VICTORY SWEEP program. As a result, the battalion staff and companies have been working hard to get these key programs and systems up and run- ning— great work! These efforts will pay big dividends down the road and allow us to maximize focus on training later this spring and into the summer as we prepare for: theExpert Field Medical Badge test in April and May; crew served weapons ranges in May; a Convoy Live Fire Exercise inJuly and supporting TOCEXs by the Battalion Headquarters and HHC.This month was a big occasion for some of the Guardians, as it marked the release of the Sergeant First Class Promotionlist. I would like to congratulate the following Guardians for being selected:  SSG Edie (B Co)  SSG Sipes, Kevin (A Co; now 1-16 IN)  SSG Sipes, Kathleen (A Co)  SSG Swearengen: (HHC, S3)  SSG Turner: (HHC, S1)  SSG Wilson: (B Co)Additionally, two of our spouse volunteers were recognized on 15 MAR 12 in a ceremony at the Division Headquarters,earning the Dr. Mary E. Walker Award for their commitment and outstanding contributions to Soldiers and Families—thanks for all you do to support the Guardians.Mrs. Tracy Duffy (former A Co FRG Leader) Mrs. Jessica Supanich (former B Co FRG Leader)I’m extremely proud of the effort we put forth each day; keep informed on unit and community events through our BNFacebook page, expertly administered by our FRSA, Mrs. Hope Stanley : LTC Jim Waddick “GUARDIAN 6” Let Us Carry the Burden… Guardians!“This is the newsletter of the 101st BSB that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some //Original Signed//unofficial information in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD JIM WADDICK4525.8-M.” LTC, MS 1 Commanding
  2. 2. PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN From the Command Sergeant Major: Greetings Friends & Family Members of the Guardian Battalion: It brings great pleasure for my wife, Deshan, my two children, and I to be a part of the Guardian Battalion. I would like to thank each of you for welcoming my Family and I with open arms. It is definitely an honor and a privilege to be serving amongst and alongside each and every one of you. "I AM EXCITED!" There is no more honorable mission in the world than to lead American Soldiers. As we get to know each other, I know together, there is nothing that we as a team are incapable of overcoming. I look for-ward to getting out meeting Soldiers and their Family members as I circulate throughout theformations. I ask that each of you continue to support one another as we continue with our RE-SET phase. Let us prepare to take this great battalion and the Devil Brigade to the next level. I would like to congratulate SPC Bauknight for attending the February promotion board. Congratulations He is now promotable! to SFC Supanich on his promotion to SFC on 1 March and to SPC Bauknight and SPC Alexander on their promotion to Sergeant, effective 1 April 2012.I would also like to express my congratulations to the following individuals on their selectionfor promotion to Sergeant First Class:  SSG Swearengen (HHC)  SSG Turner (HHC)This is a great achievement—  SSG Sipes, Kevin (A Co; now 1-16 IN)be proud for them!  SSG Sipes, Kathleen (A Co)  SSG Wilson (B CO)  SSG Edie (B CO)I would like to thank each of you in advance for your support and sacrifice to yourself, theArmy, and our great nation. Take care and may God continue to bless you all.Duty First! Devils! Guardians!CSM Franklin Jordan“Guardian 7,” ...signing on the net! 2
  3. 3. Chaplain’s Corner Greetings! Upon this new spring, I would like to encourage you with these thoughts: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. Chaplain Adriatico I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” —Frank HerbertIsaiah 41:13“For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of yourright hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will helpyou.” (NIV)Matthew 10:26“Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing cov-ered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will notbe known.” (NKJV)1 Corinthians 16:13“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men ofcourage; be strong.” (NIV)To you my friend know this, for he or she who trains to conquer the inner person and to trust inChrist for this wisdom within the Bible is the person who is able to see the future with greathope, to presently live a life of joy in the now and to become a leader in mind, heart and bodywithin the gift of life. Be “that man” or “that woman” who is devoted to what they believe andtest what you believe to be “truth.” The Unit Ministry Team (UMT) is here to support you andyour families. Please be mindful of upcoming (Marriage and Single) “Strong Bond” events andGuardian lunch Bible studies.I want to say thank you for all that you and your families do for our country. Freedom has agreat price and your commitment to our country is not overlooked but truly appreciated. Respectfully, Chaplain (CPT) Adriatico 3
  4. 4. PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN HURRICANES-March/April 2012 Hurricane’s Family & Friends: A lot of great things are going on this Spring! First is the weather, we were fortunate enough to have an extremely mild winter this year and I hope everyone has taken advantage of the 1SG PostaCPT Alvarez, CDR warm weather. With spring break now behind us I’m sure most kids were not very excited to go back to school but the good news is that you are nowthat much closer to the summer. With the school year coming to an end in our near future I’m sure most fami-lies are planning and looking forward to summer vacations. Please be mindful of some of the major battaliontraining events when planning your next family vacation. As always, it is the Soldier’s responsibility to man-age his or her leave but try to plan around these events, especially if you have a significant role in the training.With that being said, please be safe as warmer weather approaches and most of you embark on that longawaited family vacation. Remember if you plan on staying in the local area, outdoor recreation has plenty of opportunities to enjoy a relaxed vacation HURRICANE 6 here in Kansas, but if you will be traveling HURRICANE 7 CPT Cynthia Alvarez out of state, please keep safety your first and 1SG Bryan Posta 785-239-4788 foremost priority! 785-240-4248 Hurricanes!! Welcome to HHC! MAJ Huddleston SGT Willbanks SPC Drake SSG(P) Swearengen SPC Wingate PV2 Anderson SGT Simon PFC Kelley SGT Borowicz SGT Freeman 2LT Hayth 1LT Booker SPC Dolan PV2 Branche SPC McDonald First I’d like to welcome all of our new Hurricane Soldiers, I look Upcoming Events: forward to meeting all of you at one of our upcoming FRG meet- ings and meeting your family! As always, the FRG is committed to providing support to our Soldiers and Families. As stated in HHC Volunteer Meeting- our previous newsletter, we have incorporated some changes to April 10th @ 1700, USO our SOP. I understand that having a child can be a life-changing experience so we look forward to providing you and your familyLacey Kopecky some assistance as you make that transition to parenthood. The FRG Social-April 24th @ FRG will be extending our support by providing meals for fami- 1800, USOlies as they enter any transition period; this is not limited to child birth but also anyUpcoming Company Events:unexpected situation that comes your way. If you would like to assist or are inter-ested in preparingSocial for a Hurricane family, please shoot me an e-mail so that IApril 27th– FRG a meal Check out Fort Rileyknow you are willing to assist. you have what it takes to your time, talent or ideas MWR for area events!June- Spouse Challenge! Do If you would like to share spend a day in your spouse’s boots?with us please join us at one of our volunteer meetings. Our next meeting will be held WWW.RILEYMWR.COMon April 10th at the USO across from the battalion at 6 pm. I look forwardalso on FACEBOOK!Check out Fort Riley MWR for area events at and to seeingyou there!! ~LaceyTo become a volunteer or for assistance with any matter, please contact your Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader:To become a volunteer or for assistance with any matter, please contact your Family Readiness Group Leader: 4Lacey Kopecky, (785) 709-0940 or email: hhcfrg101st@gmail.comLacey Kopecky, 785-317-2660,
  5. 5. PAGE 5 THE GUARDIAN ALPHA COMPANY CPT Bender A message from the Commander: 1SG Hollifield CPT Bender Greetings Avalanche Families: Well it is now officially spring here in Kansas and we have been fortunate to be able toenjoy some great weather here at Fort Riley. I hope that all of our Avalanche families are hav-ing a great time and taking advantage of the many different activities that are put on by dozensof organizations supporting our Soldiers here in the Fort Riley area. The Soldiers of Avalanche have been busy with accepting hundreds of vehicles and piecesof equipment so that we will be able to complete our missions in the upcoming months as wellas conducting a lot of training. Over the past months, Avalanche Soldiers have gone to ranges,conducted weekly training on basic Soldier skills and attended dozens of schools for both pro-motion and honing different skills that they will be using to accomplish all of our company mis-sions. The upcoming spring and summer months will remain a busy time for our unit as we willbegin supporting the rest of the brigade in completing training, as well as, conducting majortraining events ourselves. However, with all of the work that we will be conducting, we want toensure that we have time to unwind and spend some time with our families. The company willhost an FRG Social at Spin City in Junction City on 12 April from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. It will be free of cost, so come out and enjoy some time skating with your family and therest of Avalanche. I hope to see you there!Congratulations to SPC Silver and her husband who welcomed baby girl,Maliha Elizabeth Marie Jones-Silver into their family on 16 February2012! AVALANCHE!! Captain Michael BenderWE NEED FRG VOLUNTEERS! For more information on volunteering in our FRG or for assistance with any matter,please call: 239-5610 or email: 5
  6. 6. PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN A message from the Commander: Greetings Bulldogs, I‘d like to take this time to thank the Soldiers of Bravo, for all of your diligent work. We are in the midst of our change-of-command inven- tories and the continuing conduction of services in conjunction with ranges, training, taskings etc.. It’s a busy time and we are getting itdone—the Bulldog way—Tenaciously. Please keep in mind that while we are busy, safety nevertakes a backseat. You are all safety officers and we must look out for each other. Don’t let yourbattle buddy take shortcuts.Speaking of safety, it’s not just for the work place. As the days get warmer, I know I long to fireup my grill and start barbequing some of my favorite family meals, but please exercise cautionas you prepare to light your grill for the first time. Ensure that it is free of flammable debris asyou don’t want to start a fire that you cannot control. Also be certain that your grill is out ofthe reach of children and pets.The Bulldog FRG is in dire need of volunteers. There are several key leadership positions thatneed to be filled; otherwise, we will have a bunch of military-style briefings at the meetings asthat is what I know how to do. Please, if you want to be an integral part of the Bulldog organi-zation, become a volunteer and we will work with your schedule and the type of volunteer workyou’d like to do. FREE training (that takes only a couple hours) and FREE childcare is avail-able for certain positions. So come forward and raise your hand to volunteer to build a strongerFRG!Welcome New Soldiers & Families:SPC Castillo, Gerry, PFC Machel, Andrew, PV2 Srey, Stepney, PFC Murphy, Saliek, and SPCCharles & Mrs. Charlotte Dodd & their four childrenCongratulations to SPC Marchand & SPC Weathers and theirfamilies on the births of their babies: baby girl, Taylin Mar-chand and baby boy, Andre WeathersFarewells:SFC Chad and Mrs. Jessica Supanich - Mrs. Supanich hasbeen the FRG Leader for B Co. since October 2009. She relin-quished the job to me in February 2012. I would like to extendanother hand in appreciation for all of the long hours that she CPT Thomas presents Jessica Supanichdevoted to the Bulldogs. Mrs. Supanich, no matter where you go, with Certificate of Appreciation for herknow that you are a Bulldog for life! volunteer service as FRG LeaderWe also say farewell to the following Soldiers and wish you the best:PFC Serratti, Jose, SGT Parks, Virgil, SPC Bangura, Julian, PFC Wright, Henry, PV2 Gar-rand, Sean, PFC Duddeck, Matt, PV2 Meejaiyen, Apisit, PV2 Delgrasso, Joseph, PFC LangMark, SPC Thompson, Nathan, SPC Taylor, Boyd, PV2 Bibbo, Angelo, PFC Morales, Pedro,PV2 Burns, Ricky. Best wishes to all of you! Bulldog 6—Out For FRG assistance or to volunteer, please call: 6 Bravo Co. at 785-239-4956 or Email:
  7. 7. PAGE 7 THE GUARDIAN CPT Kelley, CDR A message from the Commander: 1SG Hawk, 1SG As another busy month approaches, the Cyclones have several moving pieces but still continue todrive forward. With the change-of-command inventories completed the Cyclones have been trainingvery hard for the chance to earn the prestigious EFMB (Expert Field Medical Badge). SGT Kenney hasbeen working long hours establishing a training program to ensure all Soldiers are well prepared for thelong 2 weeks of EFMB School. 13 Soldiers will go through the EFMB school—-from the ranks of Privateto Captain—-from 30 April to 14 May, at Fort Riley. All Cyclones wishes them the best of luck! In addi-tion to all the training for EFMB, we have also sent our newest Cyclones to driver’s training, where theycompleted a 40-hour course. During the past month we have seen several Cyclones depart our family. Even though we willgreatly miss each and every one, we hope they keep the “Cyclone Pride” as they make the transition totheir new duty station. We also welcome 6 new medics from 1-16 who recently returned from deploy-ment to Afghanistan and know they will be a great addition to the Cyclone Family: SGT Perry, SGTHelton, SPC Pacheco, SPC Noble, SPC Smith, and SPC Fredrick. We have also received 4 new medics straight from AIT at Fort Sam that we would also like towelcome: PFC Sanchez, PV2 Leiphart, PV2 Grant, and PV2 Diggs. We hope that our veteran Cyclonescan share their superior medical knowledge with our newest additions. SGT Plouse comes to us fromMEDDAC at Fort Bragg as our new 68P and we look forward to all the knowledge he has to share withus. We have had 5 promotions this past month: CONGRATULATIONS!!! WELL DONE! SSG Washington (HQ), SGT Gomez (EVAC), SGT Helton (EVAC), SGT Plouse (Treatment), &SPC Noble (Treatment) I would like to thank all the Cyclones for all you’ve done and will do while working extremelyhard in accomplishing all tasks/missions during my time as the Company Commander. We look forwardto continuing to uphold the Cyclone and Guardian standard and building our team as our family grows. ~CPT Kelley, Cyclone 6 7 email: or call 785-239-9527 for assistance
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  10. 10. Are you a new Army Spouse? Army Community Service (ACS) has all the resources you need to successfully adapt to military life! Call today: 785- 239-9435 WELCOME NEW GUARDIAN SOLDIERS & FAMILIES! If you are new to 101st BSB and/or are not sure who your FRG Leader is, please contact: Mrs. Hope Stanley Battalion Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) 785-239-1772 or hope.n.stanley.civ@mail.milSearch: 101st Brigade Support Battalion Guardians 10