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Using Facebook with Hootsuite Free & Pro: Best Practices and New Features 2015


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Join our latest webinar where we show you some Facebook best practices in Hootsuite alongside our latest feature release.

- New streams to manage your FB conversations
- New Search stream to monitor business pages you're interested in
- Multiple Image Upload via Hootsuite

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Using Facebook with Hootsuite Free & Pro: Best Practices and New Features 2015

  1. 1. Facebook and Hootsuite @HootRonan Best Practices & New Features
  2. 2. Speaker Bio Social Media Coaching, Manager Ronan Archibald Join the conversation by tweeting @HootRonan
  3. 3. Learning Objectives Creating measurable social goals Sharing relevant content Engaging with your Facebook Fans New Facebook Features in Hootsuite!
  4. 4. Learning Objective #1: Creating Social Media Goals Tweet your questions to @HootRonan
  5. 5. Ask yourself, what do you hope to accomplish by using social media. Have S.M.A.R.T. Goals: • Specific • Measurable • Attainable • Relevant • Time-bound Establish Business Goals and Objectives
  6. 6. “To have 5 Facebook Fans share their experience by June” SMART Goal Scenario “To have minimum 3 likes per post in June”
  7. 7. Learning Objective #2: Sharing Relevant Content Tweet your questions to @HootRonan
  8. 8. Pillars of Content Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Promote your business Share customer story Content with images Trending Articles Fun Fact Weekend Promotion Feel good piece
  9. 9. Learning Objective #3: Engaging With Your Audience Tweet your questions to @HootRonan
  10. 10. 2. Ask your Fans questions 5. Don’t forget to respond 1. Post 5 to 7 times a week 3. Be visual - maximize the impact of images 4. Empower your employees to engage with your Facebook page Engaging with your Facebook Fans
  11. 11. Learning Objective #4: New Hootsuite Features! Setting Up Your Dashboard Tweet your questions to @HootRonan
  12. 12. PRO TIP: Think of your tabs as file folders. You’ll want to organize these tabs so that they make sense for you. Setting up my Hootsuite dashboard
  13. 13. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro 3 things to do after today’s webinar What? Why? 1 Establish Goals Write down S.M.A.R.T goals Reflect back to your core business objectives. 2 Build your Social Calendar Use the social media rule of thirds Offer content that genuinely gives value and makes your followers smarter. Give them a reason to donate/follow YOU. 3 Engage with your Facebook Fans Connect your Facebook Page to your Hootsuite dashboard and add Facebook Streams to monitor social conversations Quickly see everything that is important and that may need responding to in one spot.
  14. 14. • Set up your dashboard !! • Register for more webinars: Next steps... Tweet your questions to @HootRonan
  15. 15. Thank You! @HootRonan More Info: Join the conversation by tweeting @HootRonan