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Quick intro about our solution.

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HootSuite Enterprise Solutions

  1. 1. SHootSuite  Enterprise  Solu/ons   S
  2. 2. HootSuite  The  Social  Media  Dashboard    HootSuite helps consumer brands, globalenterprises, SMBs and agencies spreadmessages, monitor conversations and track resultsacross multiple networks from one centralizeddashboard.Using HootSuite’s business focused tool set, teamscan collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter,Facebook, Linkedin, Wordpress and other socialnetworks securely via web, desktop or mobileplatforms. HootSuite clients track campaign resultsand industry trends to rapidly adjust engagementtactics and increase social media ROI.
  3. 3. Best  of  Breed  HootSuite has earned numerous awards fromrespected members of the social mediacommunity, including CNMA, Mashable OWA andthe Shorty Awards:•  Alexa Top 200 Global Site & 100 US Site•  Exclusive Twitter launch partner for Promoted Products•  Official launch partner of Google+ Pages•  Charter member of the LinkedIn Certified Developer Program•  Member of the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant Program•  2.5m+ power & SME users•  4.7m social networks under management•  1.2m outbound messages generated/day•  230m+ URLs shortened to date•  Top 5 URL shortener in the world (Ow.ly)
  4. 4. In  Good  Company  Trusted by top brands for social media management:
  5. 5. Built  For  Business  The HootSuite social media dashboard wasbuilt with business-specific needs in mind:•  Track Social Media ROI•  Secure Your Social Assets•  Create Cross-Functional Teams•  Streamline Internal Processes•  Increase Sales Through Social•  Increase Brand Influence•  Retain Customers
  6. 6. Track  Social  Media  ROI  HootSuite’s enhanced publishing tools and SocialAnalytics help to measure and report on the resultsof your efforts:•  Track campaign success to optimize efforts – use custom URL parameters to track which strategies deliver on sales and generate revenue•  Built-in Site Analytics enable companies to critically analyze the impact of social media activity on destination site traffic•  Generate custom reports to measure your impact using over 30 different metrics, including Click- Through rates and Facebook Insights
  7. 7. Secure  Your  Social  Assets  Limited Permissions for team members:•  Increase security over social profiles by restricting some team members from posting updates directly to social networks•  Approval queues ensure senior team members can review and approve updates before they are posted live to profiles•  Monitor networks securely without the risk of off-brand or inaccurate messaging going out on your organization’s behalf. Ideal for interns, new employees or contractors
  8. 8. Secure  Your  Social  Assets  Protect your valuable corporate profiles:•  Control the level of access each team member has to your corporate profiles. Choose to grant advanced permissions or limited access to team members for the most efficient organization of your account•  Prevent messaging mistakes and ensure accountability when posting from both web and mobile accounts with advanced profile security features
  9. 9. Create  Cross-­‐Func/onal  Teams  Coordinate social media activity across yourentire organization:•  Collaboratively post updates to multiple social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms•  Simple and robust controls enable you to add or remove team members at any time as situations change•  Monitor and assign messages to various divisions for follow-up and engagement•  Scalable – Built to grow with your team no matter what your size
  10. 10. Streamline  Internal  Process  Tools specifically designed to solve businessfocused pain-points:•  Save time with the editorial calendar view to organize and filter scheduled messages. View pending updates in daily, weekly or monthly formats, and sort according to social network or messages awaiting approval•  Set and forget automated reports to share daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as needed to track results•  Create multiple listening streams to monitor social from one view•  Repurpose blog posts using built-in RSS feeds that amplify your messaging across multiple social networks
  11. 11. Increase  Sales  Through  Social  Use social media engagement to connect withcustomers and generate sales leads:•  Empower your sales team to connect directly with current + future customers•  Engage clients from multiple function- specific social accounts•  Monitor competitor brand mentions for opportunities to engage.•  Coordinate marketing, sales and support activities to drive social traffic to sales funnels.
  12. 12. Increase  Brand  Influence  HootSuite provides multiple avenues forbuilding awareness and trust:•  Built to scale across multiple social networks allowing you to amplify messaging and mitigate problems and misconceptions•  Built-in Klout scores measure follower influence, so you can select the most influential customers for engagement•  Privatize dynamic Twitter Lists to track competitor profiles and campaigns•  Build and maintain relationships with clients, customers, investors and potential recruits using LinkedIn Company Pages, Facebook Pages, and Google+ Pages integrations.
  13. 13. Customer  Reten/on  Keep customers happy by using HootSuiteas a community support tool:•  Monitor in real-time for timely responses to questions or user frustrations online•  Create brand evangelists by creating and tracking outreach campaigns•  Geo-target messaging on Facebook Pages based on the language and location of desired audience to maximize messaging impact
  14. 14. Thank  You!   HootSuite.com/enterprise! Twitter.com/hootbusiness! sales@hootsuite.com