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Final Project Report

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Final Project Report

 MOTHER’S DAY Group Members: Anh Ha 000325547 Caitlin Osmond 000347965 Hongxia Chen 000352949 Micheline King 000183931 Sukhjit Singh 000356231 Project Name: Mother’s Day Subject: Project Management Course name: BUSN BE305 Instructor: Giselle Jones Date: 8 April 2015
  2. 2. Executive Summary Prepared by Caitlin Osmond Our project will host a Mother's day event at Mohawk college for March 19th, which would include an hour long meeting of fellow Mohawk Students in the afternoon. The intent is to provide a fun, low key social gathering for stressed out Mother's who are also working hard in school, and to gather people together to create enduring contacts of those with similar interests and life events. Games will be provided, as will snacks and an agenda of activities. Our project Team consists of the project Manager Hongxia Chen, the head of marketing Sukhjit Singh, The HR manager Caitlin Osmond, and two assistants Anh Ha and Micheline King, both of whom will contribute to sponsoring roles if applicable. We are like-minded individuals who set out to provide a great experience for fellow Mohawk Mothers, based on our project Manager's lead and direction. The project team sets out with the intent of— • Establishing an interesting and fun day of planned Mother's day activities • Creating a student survey to determine the attendance of our event • Providing relevant and appropriate game activities to last for our one hour timeline (snacks and beverages included) • Staying within or under our projected budget of $75 • Hosting a maximum of 15 or less Mother's day attendees • Leaving the project with the hopeful result of creating lasting relationships between attendees We expect that costs will escalate as the chosen activities of the day are finalized closer to the planned gathering on April 19th. Our activities have been narrowed down to hosting a discussion, showing a video or movie related to a Mother's day event, and a card game or personal experience sharing. Food will be provided in snacks, small drinks, and this cost is projected to take a quarter of our overall budget expenditures. The estimate cost of the budget is starting at $75 when calculating potential costs of hosting, labour and food. We will move forward with the intent of minimizing the costs where we can. Our project will hopefully gather a group of Student Mothers together and create a community within the college, that can meet at future dates of their choosing should they make friends at our gathering, but this is merely a forecast of our project and not a necessary goal for completion. This Mother's day project will move forward by first creating and completing a survey in the college that will request an RSVP collection so the team can properly plan for the amount of people expected to be attending.
  3. 3. Table Of Contents Content Page # Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 1.0 Project Introduction 5 1.1 Project Name and Description 5 1.2 Project Charter 6 1.3 Project Scope Management 7 1.4 Work Breakdown Structure 9 2.0 Communications 10 2.1 Narrative 10 2.2 Meetings 10 2.3 Kick-off meeting 11 2.4 Expectations Management Matrix 11 2.5 Contacts of Stakeholders 13 3.0 Time Management 14 3.1 Narrative 14 3.2 Timelines and Milestones 14 4.0 Quality Management 15 5.0 Cost Management 16 5.1 Narrative 16 5.2 Cost Details 17 6.0 Human Resource Management 19 6.1 Narrative 19 6.2 Organizational Chart 19 6.3 Assigned Tasks 20 6.4 Issue Log 20 7.0 Risk Management 22 7.1 Narrative 22 7.2 Risk Register 23 7.3 Risk Probability Matrix 24 8.0 Personal Learning 25 MOTHER’S DAY 3
  4. 4. Content Page # — Anh Ha 25 — Caitlin Osmond 25 — Hongxia Chen 25 — Sukhjit Singh 26 9.0 Conclusion 27 Bibliography 29 Table of Appendices 29 Pictures of Mother’s Day 30 MOTHER’S DAY 4
  5. 5. 1.0 Project Introduction 1.1 Project Name and Description Prepared by Caitlin Osmond Prepared by: Hongxia Chen, Sukhjit Singh, Caitlin Osmond, Anh Ha and Micheline King Date: 8 April 2015 Objectives: • Establishing an interesting and fun day of planned Mother's day activities • Providing relevant and appropriate game activities to last for our one hour timeline (snacks and beverages included) • Staying within or under our projected budget of $75 • Hosting a maximum of 15 or less Mother's day attendees • Leaving the project with the hopeful result of creating lasting relationships between attendees Scope: Our Mother's day project must create and complete a student survey to identify the attendee's of this event. The first step must be to establish an itinerary for the hour of hosting on 19 March 2015. We have allocated job titles to each team member. We must now advertise this event and continue planning activities to host to last for a one hour timeline. We must create a budget allowing for buying the materials for our project, and divvy out the costs to whomever is sponsoring this event or offering their services as a team member. This will take upwards of two to six weeks to plan in it's entirety. Assumptions: Dividing the roles equally, keeping up to our scheduling and obtaining the resources for this project will be the constraints of this project. We have evaluated the trustworthiness of all members and feel that going into this hosting event it will be easy to mitigate potential 'no-shows' for team meetings. Our budget of $75 dollars is realistic enough to assume that should every team member pull out, it is manageable enough to be covered by one person alone. We anticipate that procuring a room for our project will be easy, and we assume that because Mohawk College offers such services daily (and has more than one room available) it will be possible to change locations up until the day of completion. The activities and snacks will be obtained well ahead of the actual Mother's Day gathering, to mitigate the risk of our original ideas of how we will get them fall through. Cost: Materials, rent, sponsorship and labour have all been calculated at a grand cost of $75. This is not expected to fluctuate as unseen costs have been accounted for, however we do realize that this number will change as the project moves forward, and we will monitor our costs consistently to keep them within an acceptable level. MOTHER’S DAY 5
  6. 6. Schedule: The project will progress up until implementation on March 19th 2015, in either the I or A wing of Mohawk college. We will be working from mid February 2015 until April 8th to monitor our constraints, mitigate delays and potential risks (group members participation levels). The group expects to meet every Friday and have the survey completed by the second week of March. Please see work breakdown structure for further information. 1.2 Project Charter Prepared by Caitlin Osmond Project Title: "A Single Mother's Day" Project Start Date: January 14th 2015 Projected Finish Date: March 25th 2015 Budget Information: $75 Project Manager: Hongxia Chen Project Objectives: To host a Mother's day event (1 hour long) with food and beverages, and activities. Success will be gauged mostly by attendance and completion of hosting. Main Project Success Criteria: • Meet set deadlines • Establish connection with attendees • Host a specific number of people, correlated to survey results (projected 15 maximum) Approach: 1. Contact Mohawk college MSA (student association) 2. Create Survey 3. Create Petition Sheet (for attendee signatures for confirmation) 4. Extra: Will we have this at the college (Place), Do we need a Permit, and figuring out if this Mother's Day idea could establish a club at the College MOTHER’S DAY 6
  7. 7. Roles and Responsibilities Sign-off: Comments: Breakdown of initial tasks assigned from February 9th to February 15th 2015 Expected duties moving forward: A) Survey sheet and Questions/Survey distribution/Survey Analysis by Hongxia, Sukhjit and Micheline B) Place: room idea from Micheline C) MSA approval and room booking confirmation from Caitlin D) Club if feasible from Caitlin and Anh E) Signature Sheet by Anh F) Sponsorship connection by Anh (Do we have to fund raise for this? etc.) 1.3 Project Scope Management Prepared by Anh Ha Project Justification: Giselle Jones requested an attainable and realistic project from multiple groups of student in Mohawk that are attending her Project Management class. We created a Mother's Day project to relate and show appreciation to the mothers out there in campus. This project will help bring the mothers in Mohawk together, share their experience among one another, relate, and befriend one another. The budget of the project is $75. This will be a free of charge event because we want to do this for a good cause, no money is required to be made. Role Name Organization/ Position Contact Information Project Manager Hongxia Chen Project Manager matsachen0585@gmail. com Marketing Sukhjit Singh Head of Marketing HR duties Cait Osmond Public Relations Manager m Administrative duties Anh Ha Sponsor/Assistant Administrative duties Micheline King Assistant mkingmaster1@gmail. com MOTHER’S DAY 7
  8. 8. Event Characteristics and Requirements: 1.Request for event to happen in Mohawk: Contact the MSA center and inform them of the event, acquire their permission. 2.Room: Book a room within Mohawk to host event. (J103) 3.Date and time: Upon survey research, pick a date that'll have best RSVP results. 4.Raise awareness with posters including date, time, what our event is all about, free of charge, food availability. Flyers post around the school, the MSA centre, the gym, the library. 5.RSVP: Check RSVP to estimate the amount of people coming. 6.Food and drinks: Prepare spring rolls as appetizers, chips as snacks, and juices as drinks for the estimated amount. This will be written down, and calculated. 7.Cutleries and napkins: Prepare proper plates, napkins, and forks for food. 8.Program slides: Prepare a slide including the activities we'll be doing. Slides should include: Introductory of project, introduction time among mothers, ted talk, food and drinks, questionnaire games, and souvenir activity (braiding bracelet). 9.Servers: Appoint the 2 members as the server to serve food, and beverages. 10.Host: Appoint someone among the group as host/hostess. Summary of Project Deliverables Project management-related deliverables: business case, charter, team contract, scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project presentation, final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other documents required to manage the project. Product-related deliverables: research reports, design documents, software code, hardware, etc. 1.Survey: Ask students on campus whether or not they'd attend if this event was going on. This will determine whether or not this project should happen. 2.Posters: Design a poster that'll appeal targeted audience to our event, posting it everywhere applicable around the school to gain awareness. 3.Advertising method: word to mouth, posters. 4.Program slides will be prepared to lead everyone throughout the event's program. 5.Questionnaire game: will be created to target women, questioning their experience, breaking the ice, there'll be around 20-30 cards being passed around the room and everyone will get a chance to answer the card that they picked. 6.Video: We'll pick a ted talk video to address an issue that most mothers have; "How to raise their child". Video will be discussed as an activity among the audience. This will help the mothers relate to each other and help one another the this hard topic. 7.Introductory: Host will be going around the room asking everyone for their name age and how many kids they have. 8.Souvenir (bracelet braiding): Prepare 4x25m threads of different color to braid bracelet. Bracelet braiding will be leading by Anh Ha. MOTHER’S DAY 8
  9. 9. Project Success Criteria: Our goal is to complete this project within 3 months and within $75. For people to show up as expected in RSVP to survey in order to successfully host the event and fulfill our purposes. If too many people show up then we won't have enough space and food. If too little people show up then we won't have enough people to make this event last. 1.4 Work Breakdown Structure Prepared by Hongxia Chen The WBS is attached in the form of Microsoft Project MOTHER’S DAY 9
  10. 10. 2.0 Communications Prepared by Hongxia Chen 2.1 Narrative Key ways of communication for this project would be by emails, by messages and group meetings. Sense of cooperation is important. The project manager is responsible for coordinating and communicating with the whole group members. In general, choices of communication ways in this project are effective. 2.2 Meetings Meeting # Date Issues Attendence 1 2015/01/14 Group members forming Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Micheline King 2 2015/01/16 Project topic chosen New member: Sukhit Singh Hongxia Chen; Micheline King Sukhjit Singh 3 2015/01/30 Kick-off meeting Team Contract forming Prepare for Proposal Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Sukhjit Singh 4 2015/02/04 Sign Team Contract Develop basic ideas about the event Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Sukhjit Singh 5 2015/02/05 Make-up meeting for Micheline King Hongxia Chen; Micheline King 6 2015/02/06 Develop Project Charter Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Sukhjit Singh 7 2015/02/14 Survey discussion Start the details of the event Hongxia Chen; Micheline King Sukhjit Singh 8 2015/03/04 Project details discussion: date, location, budget, food. etc. Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Micheline king; Sukhjit Singh 9 2015/03/11 More details about the event. Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen 10 2015/03/13 Member roles of the event Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Sukhjit Singh 11 2015/03/18 Final confirmation before the event Anh Ha;Caitlin Osmond; Hongxia Chen; Sukhjit Singh 12 2015/03/20 Apportion final report Hongxia Chen MOTHER’S DAY 10
  11. 11. 2.3 Kick off meeting Date: 2015/01/30 Time: 1:00pm Location: Starbucks at campus Meeting Objective: Get the project off to a great start by introducing key stakeholders, reviewing project goals, and discussing future plans Agenda: • Introductions of attendees • Background of project • Review of project-related documents • Discussion of project organizational structure • Discussion of project scope, time, and cost goals • Discussion of other important topics • List of action items from meeting Date and time of next meeting: 2015/02/04 in class. 2.4 Expectations management matrix Action Item Assigned To Due Date Monitoring progress Hongxia Chen As the project going Room booking; Public Relationship managing Caitlin Osmond 2015/02/15 Financing manager Sukhjit Singh As the project going Marketing Anh Ha 2015/02/28 Acting Director Micheline King 2015/03/19 MOTHER’S DAY 11
  12. 12. Measure of Success Priority Priority Narrative Expectations Guidelines Scope 3 10 -15 Guests were expected with respective numbers of refreshment in room J103 at Fennel Campus of Mohawk College. 10 - 15 mothers are optimum. We can not afford more than 15 guests within budget and less than 10 seems informal. Marketing is crucial in meeting scope requirement. We needed to let mothers know about the event and catch their interest, meanwhile we needed to control the numbers. So a nice poster was required and our marketing member will be the contact of mothers. We needed to get the permission from both MSA to launch the event and security office to use the room and devices in advance. Time 1 The event will be held on 19 Mar. 2015 and it will last 1 hour from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. The date can not be changed. It is the best we could launch the event exactly on time and within time period. All preparations needed to be done before the event such as food, drink, camera, materials etc. Cost 2 Budget $75 We should not exceed the budget. Monitoring and controlling were conducting by Project Manager and Financing Manager during the project going. Quality 1 The event should be well organized and meet guests satisfaction. The event needed to meet triple constraints. Same as scope, time and cost management guidelines. Measure of Success Priority MOTHER’S DAY 12
  13. 13. 2.5 Contacts of Stakeholders Guests Satisfaction 1 Mothers got chance to meet each other, share thoughts of parenting and how to make a balance between studying and family. The mothers will feel comfortable and worthy of the 1 hour. All group members need to be well prepared for the event and wearing professional attitude plus a smile on the day of event. Priority Narrative Expectations GuidelinesMeasure of Success Priority Name Title Internal/ External Email address Cellphone # Anh Ha Group member Internal 2894897978 Caitlin Osmond Group member Internal 9059210990 Hongxia Chen Project Manager Internal 9059239318 Micheline King Group member Internal 2892288423 Sukhjit Singh Group member Internal 6476804054 Giselle Jones Instructor External 905-575-1212, Ext 3891 Gurpreet Singh Dhanoa Volunteer External Arvinder Singh Volunteer External arvinder.singh@mohawkcollege. ca MOTHER’S DAY 13
  14. 14. 3.0 Time Management Prepared by Hongxia Chen 3.1 Narrative We chose 19th April to launch the event for several reasons. First, the timeline given was limited which was about three months. Second, we were intended to make this event happen, thus we chose the date before the end of 2015 Winter term. Third, we needed time preparing and did not want to bother members with studying, so we chose 19th March which was in the middle between mid-term and final exam. It is a realistic and properly designed timeline. Due to the cooperation among the group members and the help from external sources such as the instructor, MSA, volunteers etc, the project finished on time without any rash. 3.2 Timelines and Milestones Project Progress Timeline Milestone Date Initiating 2015/01/14 - 2015/01/29 Key stakeholders forming 2015/01/14 Pick the topic 2015/01/16 Planning 2015/01/30 - 2015/02/06 Hold the kick-off meeting 2015/01/30 Develop Project Charter 2015/02/06 Submit the project proposal 2015/02/06 Executing 2015/02/07 - 2015/03/19 Posters on the wall 2015/03/16 Final confirmation for the event 2015/03/18 Mother’s Day 2015/03/19 Monitoring 2015/01/14 - 2015/04/08 Closing 2015/03/20 - 2015/04/08 Final report submittal 2015/04/07 MOTHER’S DAY 14
  15. 15. 4.0 Quality Management Prepared by Sukhjit Singh There are some criterions by which we came to know the quality of our project executions, we will discuss different outcomes relating to our project in a brief discussion. •We made a poster for advertising our event to get people to know our event which was our weakest point because we failed to gather expected guests numbers, there were only five guests who attended the event. •In the event we served refreshments to our guests like spring roles, beverages and chips, people get amused from that and they stick to watch full event. •The video that we showed in our event enjoyed by all the guests, it was a TED talk about new thoughts of parenting which is quite interesting. •We also played one game which was based on some real life questions and the guests gave the answers for them, we came to know about some inspirational thoughts about the life of those people. •At the end of the event all guests filled out the feedback survey about the event. The 8 surveys revealed that all of our guests enjoyed the event as it was expected. They all considered the event being excellent or good. And they gave optimistic comments. FAILURES •Actually we failed in advertising our event, we posted 10 posters on the walls in different areas of the college but at the end we failed to gather planned numbers of guests in our event. •Another part of failure was our execution place, it was not ideal that many people did not find it. In general, Mother’s Day is well-qualified. Although the event started half an hour late and there were only 5 guests showing up, we missed the bracelets part because of time, we made it. It was well prepared, the event lasted an hour on the planned date. Our guests enjoyed the food, games, the presentation and gave inspired feedback. In addition, the whole project just cost half of the budget which is a great success of this project. MOTHER’S DAY 15
  16. 16. 5.0 Cost Management Prepared by Sukhjit Singh 5.1 Narrative It could be told that the estimate of the cost for the project was $75 while it incurred only $35.87 eventually. We saved $39.13 that is over half of our budget. Cost management was done perfectly by continues monitoring and controlling. *Rent: The room(J103) was offered by college with the permission of MSA without any payment. *Sponsorship: Anh Ha who helped us getting a sponsorship for the spring rolls as the main food served which is advantageous for decreasing the cost. MOTHER’S DAY 16
  17. 17. 5.2 Cost Details Category Estimated Actual Sponsored by Budget $75 Materials $35.87 Poster preparation $2.50 Sukhjit Singh Stick tape $4.75 Sukhjit Singh Paper plates $7.98 Caitlin Osmond Tissues $2.37 Caitlin Osmond Forks and Knives $1.27 Caitlin Osmond Chips $6.00 Caitlin Osmond Beverage $6.00 Hongxia Chen Spring rolls $16.00 $0.00 Sponsored by Nem Food corporation. Contacted by Anh Ha Bracelets materials $5.00 $0.00 Anh Ha Paper use (Marketing survey, Feedback survey, attendance sheet, final report etc.) $5.00 Hongxia Chen Labour $0.00 $ See details from the following table named “Labour” Room Rent & Equipment $100.00 $0.00 Provided by MSA Contacted by Giselle Jones Camera Rent $50.00 $0.00 Donated by Hongxia Chen Total $35.87 MOTHER’S DAY 17
  18. 18. Labour Cost Details Name Title Working Hours Hourly Salary Total Salary Hongxia Chen Project Manager 30 $20.00 $600.00 Caitlin Osmond Group Member 15 $10.00 $150.00 Sukhjit Singh Group Member 16 $10.00 $160.00 Anh Ha Group Member 15 $10.00 $150.00 Micheline King Group Member 5 $10.00 $50.00 Giselle Jones Instructor 1 $25.00 $25.00 Gurpreet Singh Dhanoa Volunteer 1 $0.00 $0.00 Arvinder Singh Volunteer 1 $0.00 $0.00 Total $1135.00 Actual Cost $0.00 Working hours were donated by Project Manager, Group members, Instructor and volunteers. MOTHER’S DAY 18
  19. 19. 6.0 Human Resource Management Prepared by Hongxia Chen 6.1 Narrative Human resource management is a big challenge for this project. However, the project need ed to continue no matter what difficulty it had encountered. With the cooperation of the whole group, the help from external sources and the human resource skills learned from the course, this project ended in a good way. 6.2 Organizational Chart MOTHER’S DAY 19 Anh Ha Team Member Caitlin Osmond Team Member Micheline King Team Member Sukhjit Singh Team Member Hongxia Chen Project Manager Date: 8 Apr. 2015 Project Name: Mother's Day Project Manager: Hongxia Chen Project Dates: 14 Jan. 2015- 8 Apr. 2015 Final Budget: $35.87
  20. 20. 6.3 Assigned Tasks 6.3.1 Assigned tasks for project 6.3.2 Assigned tasks for Mother’s Day Event 6.4 Issue Log Name Role Responsibilities Hongxia Chen Project Manager/HR Manager/ Acting Director 1:Control and monitor the project, make sure the processes and outcomes meet triple constraints. 2:Make meeting proposals; Coordinate the relationship between members. 3:Survey design, printing. Do 20 copies. Survey analysis. 4:Host of the event. 5:Beverage sponsored, camera offering etc. 6: Taking and keeping meeting notes and other documents. Sukhjit Singh Marketing & Financial manager 1:Posters design, printing, permission achieving, hanging on walls. 2:Financial management. 3:Do 46 copies of survey. 4:Event assistant. Caitlin Osmond Public Relationship Manager/ Marketing assistant 1:Book the room. 2:Chips, plates, tissues, forks sponsored. 3:Event agenda design: Slides and warm-up game preparing. Anh Ha Sponsor/Assistant 1:Spring rolls sponsored. 2:Event assistant. Micheline King Assistant 1:Event assistant. Name Role Hongxia Chen Host Sukhjit Singh Attendance sheet, feedback survey, food service management Anh Ha Bracelet Part host (Note: Bracelet part was deleted because we were running out of time) Micheline King Assistant Gurpreet Singh Dhanoa Volunteer Arvinder Singh Volunteer MOTHER’S DAY 20
  21. 21. Issue # Issue Description Impact on Project Date Reported Reported By Priority (M/H/L) Solutions 1 Some members did not show on group meetings a lot and did not reply messages or emails on time. ->Other group members spent more time on communicati on with them. ->They could not finish their tasks on time with good quality. During the process going. Project Manager Medium 1:Back up plans conducted by other group members. 2:Jobs were fulfilled by other group members. 3:Project manager tried to inform them individually by message or by email. 4:Project manager had a make-up meeting. 2 Some members did not finish their jobs on time. ->Other members could not continue their jobs because they rely on these people’s work. ->Late or unqualified jobs had bad impacts on triple constraints and quality of the whole project During the process going. Project Manager Medium 1:Back up plans conducted by other group members. 2:Jobs were fulfilled by other group members. 3:Project manager tried to inform them individually by message or by email. 4:Project manager had a make-up meeting. MOTHER’S DAY 21
  22. 22. 7.0 Risk Management Prepared by Hongxia Chen 7.1 Narrative In our project, several risks will lead to the quality reduction or project failure even worse. For example, event crashed, room unavailability, materials unavailability. Fortunately, none of those happened because of cooperative work between team members and their professional skills. The other risks we mitigated well is over budget. Actually we just spent less than half of the budget due to excellent monitoring and controlling budget during the processes going. On the other hand, our marketing jobs were not done well which leaded to just 5 guests coming while our targets was 10-15 mothers due to lacking marketing experience. The unexpected risk happened is group member unreliability. This risk had lasted during the whole process of the project which caused a lot delayed and unqualified work, and it caused a number of overload work to other group members. MOTHER’S DAY 22
  23. 23. 7.2 Risk Register R a n k Risk Root Cause Triggers Potential Responses Risk Owner Probabi lity Impac t Status 1 Less or over guests number s Unqualifi ed marketin g Late posting No guests or less than 10 guests would come which will reduce the quality of the project. Sukhjit Singh Medium High Happe ned 2 Room unavail ability Poor communi cation The event won’t happen. Caitlin Osmon d Low High Not happe ned 3 Time change Room unavailab ility The project mess and failure. Caitlin Osmon d Low High Not happe ned 4 Event crashed Poor preparati on The whole project will fail. All membe rs Medium High Not happe ned 5 Over Budget Poor monitori ng and controllin g of the budget Stakeholders won’t be happy. Hongxi a Chen Sukhjit Singh Medium Low Not happe ned 6 Group membe r unrelia bility Poor knowing and choosing members in the first place People being who they are that is hard to change and commu nicate with. Reduce quality, delay the deadlines, influence other member’s jobs. All membe rs Low Medi um Happe ned 7 Materia ls unavail ability Group members unreliabil ity The project will run without food service which will reduce the quality a lot. Anh ha; Caitlin Osmon d; Hongxi a Chen Low High Not Happe ned MOTHER’S DAY 23
  24. 24. 7.3 Risk Probability Matrix MOTHER’S DAY 24
  25. 25. 8.0 Personal Learning I learned a lot about project management after this event. I learned that it requires decisive planning and appropriate time frame in order for things to successfully execute. We didn't get as much people as we wanted from the event when it happened. This shows that we poorly handled advertising, we didn't put enough time in letting people be aware of our event. It shows that you can put as much effort in preparing for the products and the event it self as you want, but if it's not evenly spread out with marketing and getting people to come, all your effort will go to waste. I learn that we should've been more active in the school and together as a group rather than individually just contacting each other through emails to update the work we've done. — Anh ha •There are many steps involved in planning any project from start to finish, and creating a timeline is essential for keeping members (and yourself) accountable for what needs to get done and when. •I have learned to always create paper work and ensure that legalities and accountability is in check. Assigning roles and funds and making sure that everyone is on the same page is important (as is protecting yourself and your investment). Mitigating potential risks when executing a project is very important. •I have learned that the Project Manager is a key player in overseeing activities and finalizing the decision making process. Our Project Manager was the most involved and the most helpful contact when everything was said and done. •However, I have learned that choosing the right team is critical for a project's success. — Caitlin Osmond As the Project Manager of this event, the first two and the most important skills I learned are communication skills and human resource management skills. Our goal is to launch a successful Mother’s Day with good quality and optimistic guests feedback, so I need to coordinate the trails of the projects and the relationship among all group members. Patience is required a lot while doing communications. Secondly, it’s lucky being the project manager because all the project management skills like time management, scope management and cost management skills could be developed. Finally, I learned how to conduct a well-designed project report. All of learning outcomes are useful for future life. — Hongxia Chen MOTHER’S DAY 25
  26. 26. •This project has given me the knowledge how can we work in organization, and how the information delegate from upper to lower and lower to upper. •I learned how can a manager take work from their employees even they are not initiative. •One more thing that I learned is planning, which is most important in execution of any event. •I gained the experience how the team effort help us to do the things on time. •I came to how can we get permission from the authority, without which we cannot organize our event because they gave the permission to organize our event in room, moreover we need to get the information for posting our poster on the walls of college. — Sukhjit Singh MOTHER’S DAY 26
  27. 27. 9.0 Conclusion Prepared by Caitlin Osmond Lessons Learned 1. Did the project meet scope, time, and cost goals? Yes, although the final date changed a few times throughout the month of February before the team finally decided on March 19th. 2. What was the success criteria listed in the project scope statement? Creating the initial survey and advertising our project were a part of the success criteria—- in terms of then executing said activities and achieving a specific amount of people in attendance. Our success was following deadlines and meeting our own project expectations (To create a survey for research purposes and direction, and formulate events around how many people will be attending). 3. Reflect on whether or not you met the project success criteria. We did, because we based success as completion of the Mother's day event and attendance as our success factors. 4. In terms of managing the project, what were the main lessons your team learned? Lessons learned were to always be prepared for the unexpected i.e. a few days before our gathering we learned that there was a miscommunication on what room to use and it would have been a disaster for the team to show up at the wrong place. This was easily mitigated with enough time ahead and we now know that some team members are going to be more involved in the overall process than others. Other lessons included how to spread out the work load fairly and equally, and keep members within a communication loop. Lack of reliability showed the Project Manager that choosing the right team is just as important as obtaining the funding. 5. Describe one example of what went right on this project. The Itinerary and presentation of the day went as planned and was fun for the group/attendees. The activities were appropriate and lasted the duration of the 1 hour time period. So, essentially, execution the day of went smoothly. 6. Describe one example of what went wrong on this project. We had issues with group members participation efforts and meeting attendance. However, all activities were executed as planned because other group members stepped in to take over the responsibility, headed by the Project Manager. 7. What will you do differently on the next project based on your experience working on this project? We will take more time in the planning process to ensure that our project is a reasonable endeavour based on our team, funding, and other engagements. Most likely, Project Management has taught us that in the future, we must interview our team members and ensure that each person is capable and qualifies to execute the assigned roles. MOTHER’S DAY 27
  28. 28. The Mother's Day project went as planned, based on our listed critical success factors during the first month. We were able to host the event as planned, however there were roadblocks and difficulties with team member participation. The survey analysis showed us that there were students at the college who would participate in our event, which led us to proceed as planned. The MSA allowed us to book a room within our planned venue and we went from there. We were ultimately unable to form a 'Mother's' club at the college, however, because it would require further involvement after our courses has finished. The commitment to the project was not 100% with all of the members, and there was no option for sponsorship at the end, but because we kept our success factors to an achievable minimum (deadlines, room procurement, providing food and drink and attendance), we were still able to create a day where Mother's (and other students) at Mohawk college could take a small break from the stress of their exams and at home responsibilities. Because there was a minimal budget and we were aiming for the overall happiness of our attending mothers, the project was a success despite the fluctuations in member participation. MOTHER’S DAY 28
  29. 29. Bibliography Templates  for  Final  Project  Reference.  (2015).  Retrieved  from Home Table of Appendices # Content 1 Work Breakdown Structure 2 Project Proposal 3 Team Contract 4 Survey and Analysis 5 Poster 6 Attendance sheet of the event 7 Feedback form 8 Pictures of the event 9 Mother’s day slides in Microsoft PowerPoint format MOTHER’S DAY 29
  30. 30. MOTHER’S DAY 30 Pictures of Mother’s Day
  31. 31. MOTHER’S DAY 31