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  1. Plan Project Proposal GASTO KITA: A MERCH PROJECT / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 / Presentation HONEY JYL DUCUSIN
  2. Identifying Information PROJECT TITLE Gasto Kita: A Merch Project CONTACT INFORMATION HONEY JYL DUCUSIN Councilor, Committee Chairperson on Ways and Means College of Agriculture Students Society 09155511364 BENIFICIARIES College of Agriculture Students Duration AY 2021-2022
  3. Rationale Plan Project Proposal Presentation In times of uncertainty towards virtual education brought to us by the pandemic, we have lost our touch with our collegiate fighting spirit– we forgot how heavy and prideful we felt when we say “Daro Reapers Daro!” COA is not COA without agriculture students, and students are not agriculture students without the care of COA. All students must remember that we are an integral part of the College of Agriculture, although the feeling is absent and ingenuine in Virtual Learning Education. Hence, the project aims to reignite Aggie students’ support towards the College of Agriculture in its full potential. Furthermore, its goal is to extend assistance to any committee within the organization which needs financial support to bring the program/project/ activity to a successful conclusion. / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  4. General Objectives Plan Project Proposal Presentation 1. To support the students’ demand for college merchandise, 2. To generate fund: and 3. To extend the generated fund as a financial support for any organization-related activities and services. / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  5. Official Merchandise Designs Lanyard Face Mask Drawstring Bag / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  6. Merchandise Price list • Face Mask P 70.00 • Lanyard P 90.00 • Drawstring Bag P 150.00 • Drawstring Bag & Face Mask P 200.00 • Drawstring Bag & Lanyard P 230.00 • Budol All (Drawstring Bag, Face Mask & Lanyard) P 290.00 / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  7. 0920 501 9394 EMJADS Custom Clothing and Prints Plan Project Proposal Presentation Official Merch Provider Phone Number Email Address Social Media (FB) / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  8. Plan Project Proposal Presentation Project Timeline February 4 Official Announcement The announcement of project shall be officially made through a pubmat that will be posted on the date implicated above. February 6 Merch & Instructions Unveil A day prior to the order acceptance, the official merchandises price list will be made public through pubmats as well as the instructions on how to order. February 7-17 Acceptance of Orders The acceptance of orders will commence at 7:00 am on the 7th of February during the start enrollment period of the 2nd semester. Moreover, all orders must be made online through a google form that will be disseminated by the department presidents as well as be posted within the pubmat on the CASS FB page. February 18 Last Day of Order Acceptance The last day of the acceptance of orders will be 2 weeks prior its commencement.—the orders will only be accepted on 11:59 pm. After which, the google form will be closed and the any money wired after the date implicated will be sent back. / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 / February 19 Announcement of the End of Order Acceptance After the last day of order acceptance, a pubmat will be posted to officially announce the end of the merch order acceptance. ? Announcement of Drop-offs The announcement of order drop offs shall be officially made through a pubmat that will be posted when the orders are ready to be distributed.
  9. Plan Project Proposal Presentation Mode of Payment / CASS Sem Plan –February ’22 / GCASH Remittance Centers (Palawan) The mode of payment of this project will be synchronized with the mode of payment for enrollment--- from every department up to the CASS treasurer and then to the Committee on Ways and Means for the release of E-receipts.
  10. Plan Project Proposal Presentation Mode of Delivery • 3 days duration of drop-offs: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only. • 9:00 am to 4:30 pm • Initial drop-off: CASS office • 3 Final drop-off areas: CASS office, MSU-CETD, and Marbel. • Assigned heads per drop-off area will be given a list as a reference. • Buyers: Receipt and Valid ID for identification or letter of authorization. CASS Office CASS Office Buyer MSU-CETD Buyer Marbel Buyer / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /
  11. Budgetary Requirement: Plan Project Proposal Presentation Transportation P 3,600.00 Snacks/Lunch P 2,700.00 Pubmats P 500.00 Contingency P 680.00 Total: P 7,480.00 / CASS Sem Plan – February ’22 /