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Installation Instructions
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This Kit should be installed on bikes with after market ...


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This Kit should be installed on bikes with after market ...

  1. 1. Installation Instructions For technical questions or assistance email or call 623-869-7154 Congratulations on your purchase of the HONDA 1300 VTX Thunder Air Filter Kit. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the new level of performance you’ll experience. This kit should be installed on bikes with After Market Exhaust. We recommend that an experienced mechanic perform this conversion. It is very helpful to have the appropriate Honda service manual on hand for reference. Remember, gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. Work in a well-ventilated area and clean up any spills immediately. Check for leaks before riding. Read First HONDA 1300 ADAPTOR 1) Remove Seat QTY PARTS LIST 1 1300 ADAPTOR 2) Remove fuel tank. 1 1300 BRACKET a. Remove 12mm bolt at base of tank. 5 M5-.8 X 12 SOCKET HD CAP SCREW b. Turn petcock off and disconnect the fuel line. 2 M6-1 X 16 FLAT SOCKET HD CAP SCREW c. Slide tank back and disconnect the two green electrical connectors. 1 1300 SQUARE NUT 3) Remove stock air cleaner cover and filter. 1 3/8 RED PLUG 4) Loosen 3 Philips screws and remove 1 - 10 mm bolt inside the stock air box. 1 CRANK CASE BREATHER 1 210 MJ 5) Lift air box from bottom to remove and disconnect hoses and idle knob. 1 INSTRUCTIONS 6) Jet the carburetor per the instructions in the jet kit. (Dyno Jet Needle 4TH Clip from the top, and use the provided 210 MJ) 7) Insert 3/8” red plug into the large hose under the carburetor. 8) Install the new Thunder adaptor using the 3 – 5mm socket head cap screws furnished in the kit. Make sure to keep the small hose to the left of the adaptor bracket, and then attach to the crank case breather with the dub barb. 9) Attach the bracket at the bottom mount using the stock bolt (6mm with 10mm Hex Head) and square machined nut included in the kit. 10) Install the new backing plate with the 2 – m6-1 X 16 flat socket head cap screws. 11) Install the filter & cover. 12) Reinstall the tank – be sure to plug in the green electrical plugs and connect the fuel line. 13) Reinstall the seat Start and let the Thunder rumble! Special Notes: Tornado or Hurricane Installation: Use instructions included with the adaptor for your bike and install the adaptor first. With your adaptor installed now attach the Hurricane – Tornado adaptor plate using the (2) – m6-1 x 16 flat socket head cap screws. Now use the (3) ¼ -20 X ½” chrome socket heads to bolt on the air kit. Please note that the Tornado filter is very snug. Filter should be at room temperature or warmer. The rubber does not expand when cold. Apply Windex or similar to Tunnel and inside of filter flange. Be careful when putting filter on so not to wrinkle pleats. It is recommended that you hold filter light but firm, at large end with flange. HONDA 1300HC ADAPTOR Hyper Charger Installation: QTY PARTS LIST 1 1300 ADAPTOR Use the instructions step 1 – 9 listed above. With your HC adaptor now installed 1 1300 ADAPTOR BRACKET attach the Hyper Charger using the 3 – m6-1 x 10 socket head cap screws 5 M5-.8 X 12 SOCKET HD CAP SCREW included with the HC adaptor and enjoy. 2 M6 X 16 FLAT SOCKET HD CAP SCREW 1 1300 SQUARE NUT 1 3/8 RED PLUG 1 CRANK CASE BREATHER COPYRIGHT 2004 1 210 MJ 1 MULTI BIKE HYPERCHARGER PLATE 3 M6-1 X 10 SOCKET HD CAP SCREW INSTRUCTIONS This is a Basic Format to aid our Customers Thunder Mfg. takes no Responsibility for Installation If you have any Doubt let your Dealer do it. 623-869-7154