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RR80 C1

  1. 1. YOUR HRCA FEATURES & BENEFITS For additional membership information, call 1-800-847-HRCA (4722) EXPANDED BENEFITS AND OPTIONS FOR NEW MEMBER BENEFITS AND CURRENT HRCA MEMBERS HRCA Member Assistance Program Purchasers of new Honda® motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and – Toll-free, 24-hour-a-day National Assistance Hot Line * personal watercraft receive a complimentary Honda Rider’s Club of – Roadside assistance* America ™ (HRCA®) membership for one year. And because the Club is enjoying an – Free towing service* unprecedented time of growth, Members will be enjoying a newly expanded array of benefits, – Emergency travel expenses* including viewing access to Honda Red Rider™ magazine online in the months and years – Dispatch services to come. These added benefits will make HRCA membership more valuable than ever. – Computerized trip routing, with free color maps † COUPONS, DISCOUNTS AND MORE – Optional lost-key retrieval service (requires activation) † HRCA Member discount coupons are a part of the HRCA program. Upon enrollment, either paid – Emergency message service or complimentary, Members receive a sheet of personalized coupons good for a variety of riding – 24-hour-a-day weather information services and products, plus additional opportunities for those with an activity-focused lifestyle. – National hotel and motel discount directory † Among these offers are a savings of 15 percent on an RV rental from Cruise America, a $20 savings on a CruzTools CM2 CruzMetrix Tool Kit and a savings of $5 on a purchase of s Member activities at many national events and local Chapter events $50 or more of Genuine Honda Parts or Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals. It’s a great s Personalized embossed ID card way to save on riding-related goodies near and dear to the hearts of enthusiasts. s Exclusive Club pin, patch and other collectible items and HRCA premiums GET OFF TO A GOOD START s Honda Red Rider magazine In addition, initial membership will jump off to a faster start than ever as the new Member s Exclusive online access to HRCA Clubhouse Web site soon receives the above-mentioned array of discount coupons, the first issue of Honda Red s Exclusive online access to Honda Common Service Manual Rider magazine, plus the membership card and benefits manual. New Members will also s Online access to Honda shop manual of Member’s choice; one per paid member- receive a card allowing them to select two premiums from the following choices: (1) an ship year (paid Members benefit only) HRCA pin, (2) an HRCA patch, (3) a decal sheet featuring decals from HRCA, Pro Honda, s Exclusive online access to Where to Ride Guide, Volume II (paid Members benefit only) Honda Racing, Honda Red Rider magazine, HRC and a vintage Honda Wing design®, or (4) s Discounts from select HRCA Partners a soft-vinyl HRCA key fob. You pick the way you want to show off your HRCA membership. s Additional discount coupons for a variety of goods and services EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE HRCA CLUBHOUSE s Racing and event discounts and ticket opportunities This Web site features exclusive access for HRCA Members only, and can be found at s Honda apparel and merchandise www.hrca.honda.com The Clubhouse includes street and off-road features that give you s MSF motorcycle or ATV †† safety reimbursement up to $75 a glimpse inside Honda, travel stories, technology articles, previews of upcoming features s Exclusive Member contests in Honda Red Rider magazine, photo galleries, Chapter information, places to ride, event s Optional insurance coverage for your Honda information, racing and event ticket opportunities, quick and easy membership renewals and more. You’ll also have online viewing access to Honda’s Common Service Manual, s Optional discounted emergency medical air services and paid and renewing Members also have online access to Honda shop manuals and s Honda Racing Contingency Program the Where to Ride Guide, Volume II. And HRCA membership enrollment is also conve- * Roadside Membership only. † Upon request. niently available online to allow new customers to join the HRCA—a great way to get a †† Complimentary ATV memberships are covered by a separate program and not eligible fast start in the best rider’s club in existence. for reimbursement. HRCA RED RIDER REWARDS PROGRAM Now you can get paid for racing your 2006 or newer XR™, CR®, CRF ®, CBR®, RVT or TRX ™ ** (at select events) Honda with the HRCA Red Rider Rewards Card. The Card, a debit card with a stored, prepaid value, can be used at any Honda dealer, or wherever Visa is accepted. For more information on 2007 contingency payouts and the expanded program, visit:www.hondaredriders.com/community/contingencyinformation.asp ** 16 years of age and older. Benefits subject to change without notice and may not be available where prohibited by state laws and some benefits apply solely to paid memberships. Contingency and MSF/ASI reimbursement pro- grams are eligible for USA-certified products only. Only vehicles registered to individuals are eligible for membership benefits. Rented vehicles or vehicles used for commercial purposes are ineligible for benefits or membership. Services provided through Cross Country Motor Club Inc., Medford, MA 02155, except in CA, OR, WI and WY, where services are provided through Cross Country Motor Club of California Inc., Medford, MA 02155. The HRCA offers three levels of paid membership Membership in the HRCA constitutes one of the best deals in the motorcycling world—as hundreds of thousands of people have come to appreciate. Now we’ve made it easier than ever to join or renew a membership by offering three membership options that suit just about anybody’s specific riding needs. 1 2 ROADSIDE MEMBERSHIP NON-ROADSIDE MEMBERSHIP 3 e-MEMBERSHIP Roadside Membership status in the HRCA offers For riders who specialize in off-road riding or For those who prefer the electronic world, the richest benefits package, starting with our 24- don’t feel the need for a Roadside Assistance Honda now offers an e-Membership for the hour-a-day Emergency Roadside Assistance Package. Package, the HRCA offers a customized membership HRCA. There are plenty of features to enjoy in the Other highlights include a year’s worth of Honda Red plan just for them. Non-Roadside Membership does HRCA Clubhouse, including the online arm of Honda Rider magazine, reimbursement for up to $75 for MSF not include the group of advantages included in Red Rider magazine, Webcast access, computer- rider training and access to the HRCA Clubhouse Web the Emergency Roadside Assistance Package, but ized trip routing, a menu of hundreds of feature site, online viewing of the Honda Common Service Members still enjoy a wide-ranging list of benefits stories, online viewing access to one specific shop Manual and access to one free online shop manual including rider-training reimbursement and dis- manual and more. And don’t forget about the exclu- with paid membership. With this top-level member- counts on riding schools and events. They’ll also sive set of Honda Partner discounts plus special ship, one other member of the Member’s household have Web site viewing access to one specific shop insurance discounts just for HRCA Members. residing at the same address can sign on as an manual. Racers will also enjoy HRCA amateur sup- Members must log on to www.hrca.honda.com for Associate Member for only $15 per year (some ben- port at select events and generous Red Rider a full list of benefits and to enroll in this member- efits do not apply to the Associate Member). Reward contingency. ship package. 4 www.hrca.honda.com
  2. 2. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Honda Rules Mini-Os Winners Ride Red in the ranks of amateur racing as well as at the highest levels of pro racing, and here’s proof positive. At the Mini-Os in Gainesville, Florida, November 20-25, 2006, Honda riders made their presence known in no uncer- tain terms by crowding the front of the pack in race after race. As in years past, the HRCA and many of its sponsored riders showed up in force and motored away with a boxload of titles—15 to be exact! One of the biggest names of the week was Honda-mounted TREY CANARD (shown above), whose 125A and 250A wins and numerous podium finishes earned him two Mini-O titles, as well as the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe Award and Dunlop Silver Tire Award. The HRCA also salutes Mini-O winner JUSTIN STARLING (85cc 12-13); JOSH SPIRES, 4-Stroke Champion (CRF®450R); TONY BLOOD, 4-Stroke Supercross Champion (CRF450R); TIM EGGER, Plus 45 Champion (CRF450R); and MICHAEL McDADE and ASHLEY FIOLEK, Thor Outstand- ing Male and Female Riders. Here’s a well-deserved hand to all the rac- ers, their supporters, their team and their spon- sors who made this Honda-fest possible. In keeping with years past, the winners of these events will almost certainly remain in the racing spotlight as their young careers continue to grow and blossom. So stay tuned for more news of great success from these young Red Riders in the not-too-distant future! 6 www.hrca.honda.com
  3. 3. PHILIP NICOLETTI, age 17 JUSTIN BARCIA Cochecton, New York Winner, 125A and 250A Supercross Cernic’s Honda CRF250R/CRF450R TREY CANARD, age 16 Elk City, Oklahoma Winner, 125A and 250A Motocross Factory Connection CRF250R/CRF450R LES SMITH, age 16 York, South Carolina Winner, 250B Supercross Hager Cycle World CRF450R SHAWN RIFE, age 13 Mechanicsburg, Ohio Winner, 150cc 4-Stroke age 12-15 Cernic’s Honda CRF150R MICHAEL (Runner-up JUSTIN STARLING, age 13 McDADE Deland, Florida Honda of Houston CRF150R) JUSTIN BARCIA, age 13 Monroe, New York Winner, 85cc Supercross age 12-13 Maroney’s Honda CR®85R ASHLEY FIOLEK, age 15 St. Augustine, Florida Winner, Women’s Supercross 99cc-plus Honda of Houston CR125R (Runner-up JESSICA PATTERSON, see below) JESSICA PATTERSON, age 22 Tallahassee, Florida Winner, Women’s Motocross 99cc-plus Honda of Houston CRF250R (Runner-up ASHLEY FIOLEK, see above) TREY CANARD ASHLEY FIOLEK MARCH/APRIL 2007 7
  4. 4. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Continued HRCA steps up in 2007 with amateur support The HRCA has long been known for its commit- ment to the youth of our sport and will put that mission into action with on-the-ground support at a number of amateur motocross events in 2007. The HRCA Team will provide free technical assis- tance at each race—look for the HRCA tent in the Honda of Houston pit area. 2007 HRCA Amateur Support Event Schedule MARCH 6-11 Lake Whitney AMA Spring Classic Whitney, TX MARCH 13-18 Family tragedy sparks outpouring of support at West Hills Honda GNC International Final Oak Hill MX Park, Decatur, TX When Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Brozovich of Greenville, Pennsylvania, left for his second tour of duty in Iraq, he made a promise to his 11-year-old son, Ryan. If Ryan kept his grades up and saved his APRIL 9-15 NMA World Mini Grand Prix money, he would help him buy a used dirtbike. Ryan kept his end of the bargain, but sadly, it was a Las Vegas, NV promise that Brozovich could not keep. The brave soldier lost his life in a roadside bombing in October. JULY 22-28 Enter Scott Hanna, Brozovich’s friend and fellow Pennsylvania Guardsman. Touched by Ryan’s NMA Ponca City Grand National Championships grief, he talked to his friends at West Hills Honda about getting the young boy a new dirtbike. Ponca City, OK Through the generosity of the dealer and the West Hills HRCA Chapter, Ryan was given a brand-new JULY 30 - AUGUST 4 Honda CRF®100F and received dirtbike training in stylish riding gear donated by Fox Racing. Next AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships Hurricane Mills, TN up: Hanna plans to take Ryan trail riding. “This proves that there are still some good people left in the world,” said Ryan’s mom, Mary. NOVEMBER 19-24 AMA Winter National Mini-Os Added Hanna, “I can’t express to you how it brightened Ryan’s and Mary’s day to see the love and Gainesville, FL outpouring of genuine compassion that we received at West Hills Honda.” GPS trail-mapping DVD JUST IN TIME FOR RIDING SEASON! available now from NOHVCC The HRCA launches a new line of apparel and accessories T h e N a t i o n a l O f f - H i g h w a y Ve h i c l e Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is at it again, developing cool tools for off-high- way vehicle (OHV) riders. This time it has partnered with a host of motorcycle indus- try and recreational groups to produce the Instructional GPS Trail Mapping DVD. The eight-chapter DVD provides enthusiasts and professionals with detailed information on how to gather trail information using GPS technology, as well as how to provide that information to the U.S. Forest Service An entirely new line of HRCA for the agency’s route designation process. apparel and accessories has been launched and is now available for To get a free sample from the NOHVCC, call purchase. These items are exclu- sive to the HRCA and are proudly 1-800-348-6487 or email trailhead@nohvcc.org. You will branded with the HRCA logo. be charged for shipping and handling for multiple orders. The new apparel line offers something for everyone. There are women’s jogging sets, men’s ringer tees and These are the groups that provided help to the NOHVCC: retro camp shirts. Jackets range from women’s-cut, to a four-in-one Quadrant All Seasons jacket, to fleece. American Motorcyclist Association, Americans for Responsible There is also the beginning of a leather-accessories Recreational Access, BlueRibbon Coalition, Colorado line as well as travel mugs and hats. The items are all available from Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, Motorcycle Industry Council, participating Honda motorcycle Specialty Vehicle Institute of America and United Four-Wheel dealers, or you can go to www.hrca shop.com to check out the items and Drive Association. purchase directly online. 8 www.hrca.honda.com
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Continued Honda rolls out a slew of new-generation engines While September heralded the debut of Honda’s by turning it into harmless nitrogen. Honda battery that con- latest motorcycle engine designs—including the designed the catalytic converter for use with its tributes t o t h e all-new 200-horsepower-per-liter CBR®600RR 2.2 i-CTDi diesel engine, which has earned wide- increased power sportbike and the high-revving CRF ®150R spread praise since its introduction in the 2003 output. T h e s e c h a n g e s result in improved Unicam® motocrosser—it was also an auspi- European Accord. By further optimizing combustion- energy efficiency and performance, and they cious month for Honda’s other divisions. chamber configuration, reducing fuel-injection give the vehicle a travel range approximately 30 On the automobile front, three developments time and boosting the efficiency of the EGR percent greater than that of the current FCX. In are noteworthy. First, the company announced an (exhaust gas recirculation) system, the new 2.2 fact, the new vehicle boasts an energy efficiency Advanced VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift, i-CTDi engine reduces the amount of NOx and of about 60 percent—approximately three Electronic Control) gasoline engine that achieves soot normally found in diesel exhaust while times that of a gasoline-engine vehicle, twice lower emissions, higher performance and out- simultaneously producing more power. Honda that of a hybrid vehicle and 10 percent better standing fuel economy. (Based on Honda’s inter- plans to introduce an even more advanced diesel than that of the current FCX. Limited marketing nal calculations, the improvement is as high as 13 engine capable of handling fuels with different of a totally new fuel cell vehicle based on the percent.) The new engine combines continuously cetane numbers and meeting U.S. on-board diag- FCX Concept model is set to begin in 2008. variable valve lift and timing control with the con- nostic system requirements within three years. Over in the Marine Division, Honda intro- tinuously variable phase control of VTC (Variable On September 25, Honda held a demon- duced the completely redesigned BF90 and BF75 Timing Control). The system permits optimum stration drive of the next-generation FCX ™ medium-sized four-stroke marine outboard control over intake valve lift and phase in response Concept fuel cell vehicle. The FCX Concept fea- engines. Based on the 1.5-liter engine of the to driving conditions, achieving improved charg- tures a newly developed compact Honda FC Honda Fit automobile, the engines utilize Honda’s ing efficiency as well as a significant increase in Stack, a comfortable large cabin and futuristic PGM-FI programmed fuel injection system, lean- torque at all engine speeds. The Advanced VTEC styling along with significant improvements in burn combustion and the world’s first ignition tim- engine is also exceptionally clean with exhaust power output and efficiency. The zero-emissions ing governed by BLAST (Boosted Low Speed emissions that meet the U.S. EPA LEV2-ULEV vehicle is equipped with a V Flow fuel cell plat- Torque) air/fuel-ratio technology. The BF90 also regulations. Honda plans to release a produc- form consisting of a compact, high-efficiency fuel boasts Honda’s renowned VTEC. These features tion vehicle equipped with Advanced VTEC tech- cell stack arranged in an unusual center-tunnel combine to increase maximum speed and nology within three years. layout. This allowed designers to create an ele- improve acceleration performance while lowering Next up, Honda reported that the company gant, low-riding sedan that would have been dif- fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent. To has developed a next-generation diesel engine ficult to achieve in a conventional fuel cell vehi- top it off, battery charging capacity is more than that reduces exhaust gas emissions to a level cle. The new fuel cell stack is 20 percent smaller doubled to a class-leading 35 amps, yet these are equal to that of a gasoline engine. Honda’s next- and 30 percent lighter than the existing FCX FC the lightest, most compact models in their class. gen diesel employs a radical NOx (nitrogen Stack, yet its power output is 14 kW greater. The Both powerplants surpass the California Air oxide) catalytic converter that enables a reduc- drive motor has been positioned coaxially with Resources Board (CARB) exhaust emissions tion in emissions sufficient to meet stringent U.S. the gearbox for a more compact design, with standards for 2008, the most stringent emissions EPA Tier II Bin 5 emissions requirements (based output increased by 15 kW. Overall, the power- standards in the world. In fact, all 19 Honda on Honda’s internal calculations). This catalytic plant is about 397 pounds lighter than the unit in marine outboard engines meet or surpass CARB converter features the world’s first system using the current FCX and about 40 percent smaller in 2008 regulations, making Honda the world’s first the reductive reaction of ammonia generated size. For an auxiliary power source, the FCX outboard-engine manufacturer to make its entire within the catalytic converter to “detoxify” NOx Concept carries a small, high-efficiency lithium-ion lineup CARB 2008–compliant. 10 www.hrca.honda.com
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Continued Fall Out Boy hits the fast lane as they headline 7th Annual Honda Civic Tour To kick off the 7th year of the hugely success- ful Honda Civic Tour, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced the multi-platinum, two- time MTV VMA award-winning band Fall Out Boy as the 2007 headliner during an event and surprise performance at the company’s U.S. head- quarters in Torrance, California. This year’s tour is pulling out all the stops with Fall Out Boy’s super- charged stage show, guaranteed to bring both loyal and new fans to their feet. Fall Out Boy will be kicking off the tour April 18 in Charlotte, North Carolina. As part of the partnership with American Honda, Fall Out Boy created and designed special custom features for a Honda Civic Hybrid, which will be displayed on tour with the band and showcased at each venue. Throughout the tour, fans will have the opportunity to enter to win this one-of-a-kind car. Fans can log on to www.hondacivictour.com for information about the tour schedule and upcoming pre-sale dates. Honda Racing: All in the Family HRCA Member Benefit Spotlight For many Honda Associates, the pride of working on a winning team is enough— enough to keep them working long past quitting time as Red Rider volunteers. Take the Asaka R&D Center engineers in this photograph. Each of them helped prep Honda’s two 2006 Baja 1000 CRF ®450X entries—which finished 1-2 in the November competition—all on their own time. The win was a first for the 450X, but not for Honda R&D. These hard-chargers also field a Superbike each HRCA Announces year in the famed Suzuka 8 Hours under the team name Blue Helmet MSC. Here in the States, American Honda’s Associates also get in the act. Each fall, Purchase Program dozens of company volunteers staff the numerous checkpoints along the Baja 1000 route. When it comes to winning, Honda’s worker bees just can’t seem to get enough! With Asterisk The HRCA and Asterisk—the renowned manufacturer of the Cell and Germ Knee Protection Systems—are proud to offer HRCA Members a free T-shirt and hat* with the purchase of either brace system. Contact Asterisk at 1-800-459-2999 to order your braces, and be sure to have your HRCA Member number ready when placing the order to receive your free hat and T-shirt. Ready, Set, Sail! Mike Scott, president of the Coeur d’Alene Honda Riders Club Chapter in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has planned the cruise of cruises scheduled for November 2007. Each year the Chapter participates in 18 organized rides during the riding season, and Mike has taken a different approach to get families involved during the off-season. This fall, Members of the Chapter Germ System will set sail on an eight-day Norwegian Cruise to the Mexican Riviera leav- Cell System ing from Los Angeles. If you are a current HRCA Member and you and your family would like to join them, please call Mike Scott at (208) 765-5005 or * No cash value. Limit one per Member. Offer valid only for current HRCA Members and subject to change. May not be combined with any other Gary Barrier at (208) 640-3297. Prices start at about $825 per person. offer. No substitutions. 12 www.hrca.honda.com
  7. 7. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Continued 2007 HRCA EVENT CALENDAR The HRCA has scheduled participation at many of the following events. Others are listed based on their value as a riding destination. Please remember that while these events are shown in our schedule, we do not control the events, except for the Honda Hoot ™. We participate at many of these events as a service to our Members and other Honda enthusiasts. All events (and dates) and our participation at events in this schedule are subject to change without notice. Dates listed are Honda’s participation dates. NATIONAL DEMO EVENTS The Honda Tour 2007 demo team has scheduled demo rides at these HRCA MEMBERS-ONLY ACTIVITIES DAYTONA BIKE WEEK, LAKE GEORGE AND LAGUNA SECA national events. We are working to finalize our major national Members-Only activities. Go to www.hrca.honda.com for the latest infor- MAR 5-9 Bike Week Daytona Beach, FL mation along with ticket availability. JUN 5-8 Americade Lake George, NY JUN 20-23 Honda Hoot Knoxville, TN JUL 4-7 Wing Ding Billings, MT JUL 26-28 Honda HomeComing Marysville, OH HRCA REGIONAL EVENTS The HRCA will be providing Members with other Members-Only activities at other rallies and events. Watch for added OCT 18-20 Biketoberfest Daytona Beach, FL information in future issues of Honda Red Rider magazine. AMATEUR MOTOCROSS EASTERN REGIONAL EVENTS MAR 6-11 Lake Whitney, TX MARCH 5-10, DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA MAR 13-18 Decatur, TX The granddaddy of them all, the Daytona 200 by Honda, and once again HRCA Members have an opportunity to use the APR 9-15 Las Vegas, NV power of the card for special parking at Honda’s beautiful display area located at the main gate of Daytona JUN 18-24 Mammoth Lakes, CA International Speedway. Plus, if you act now, you can purchase your tickets for our HRCA Members-Only event that JUL 22-28 Ponca City, OK takes place Thursday evening March 8. At the Members-Only event you can rub shoulders with some of the fastest JUL 30 - AUG 4 Hurricane Mills, TN and most popular riders in the world, Honda’s own factory teams including Supercross, Road Racing and Drag Racing. NOV 19-24 Gainesville, FL This event sells out every year so get your tickets now. Log on to www.hrca.honda.com to reserve your tickets and for updated information. Parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will fill up quickly, so get there early. SUPERCROSS MAR 3 Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, MO MAR 9 Daytona International Speedway Supercross by Honda, Daytona Beach, FL MAR 17 Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL MAR 24 RCA Dome, Indianapolis, IN MAR 31 Texas Stadium, Irving, TX APR 21 Ford Field, Detroit, MI APR 28 Qwest Field, Seattle, WA MAY 5 Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV ROAD RACING NATIONALS MAR 10 Daytona 200 by Honda, Daytona Beach, FL APR 20-22 Birmingham, AL (Doubleheader) APR 27-29 Fontana, CA (Doubleheader) MAY 18-20 Sonoma, CA (Doubleheader) JUN 1-3 Elkhart Lake, WI (Doubleheader) JUN 22-24 Tooele, UT (Doubleheader) JUL 20-22 MotoGP/Superbike, Monterey, CA AUG 3-5 Lexington, OH (Doubleheader) AUG 17-18 Alton, VA (Doubleheader) AUG 30 -SEP 2 Braselton, GA (Doubleheader) SEP 15-16 Championship, Monterey, CA SEP 28-30 Shootout, Lexington, OH RIDE FOR KIDS APR 22 Albuquerque, NM (R) APR 29 Houston, TX (R) MAY 6 Triangle area, NC (R) MAY 6 Torrance, CA (R) JUN 3 Alpharetta, GA (R) JUN 3 Richmond, VA (R) JUN 10 Cleveland, OH (R) JUN 10 Golden, CO (R) JUN 10 San Bernardino, CA (DS) JUN 23 Honda Hoot, Knoxville, TN (R) JUN 24 San Francisco area, CA (R) APRIL 20-22, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA JUL 8 South Bend, IN (R) Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, will host JUL 15 South Barrington, IL (R) the third annual Honda Superbike Classic, and HRCA JUL 15 Utica, NY (R) Members will enjoy a special viewing area and get a free gift JUL 22 Kansas City, MO (R) when you present a special coupon. Stop by the Honda display JUL 22 White Bear Lake, MN (R) area on the manufacturers midway. Have a seat inside the JUL 28 * Marysville, OH (R) Members-Only area and enjoy a cool beverage. Seating is lim- AUG 5 Hudson Valley, NY (R) ited so get there early. Free gift is only available to Members AUG 5 Madison, WI (R) presenting the special coupon. One per Member, while sup- AUG 12 Cranberry Township, PA (R) plies last. Coupon available at participating HRCA Chapter AUG 18 Salt Lake City, UT (R) dealers and online at www.hrca.honda.com. Visit the HRCA AUG 19 N. Oxford, MA (R) Clubhouse for participating dealers. AUG 26 Ann Arbor, MI (R) (DS) AUG 26 Asheville, NC (R) MAY 6, LAKE WALES, FLORIDA SEP 9 Carnation, WA (R) One thing we’ve learned after doing events for so many years is that some of the very best places to go are right SEP 16 Philadelphia, PA (R) in your own area. And people often forget about them until someone from somewhere else wants you to take them SEP 16 Hillsboro, MO (R) there. Historic Bok Sanctuary may be just one of those SEP 16 Pelham, AL (R) places! Located near Lake Wales, this National Historic SEP 23 Columbia, MD (R) Landmark with 250 acres on peninsular Florida’s highest SEP 30 Las Vegas, NV (R) point features Frederick Law Olmsted’s landscape gardens, OCT 7 Benbrook, TX (R) a majestic marble and coquina belltower, the music of a 60- OCT 7 Woodland, CA (R) bell carillon, a Mediterranean Revival mansion, the Pine OCT 14 Phoenix, AZ (R) Ridge Nature Preserve and much more. This is your special OCT 21 San Diego, CA (R) invitation to join other HRCA Members at Bok Sanctuary for OCT 21 Lafayette, LA (R) a great event at a great place. We’ll start with a light lunch, NOV 4 Sarasota, FL (R) and then you’ll be able to listen to the music of the carillon as you explore the beautiful gardens that have inspired peo- R=Road Ride, DS=Dual-Sport Ride, *=Tentative date ple since 1929. Tickets available at participating HRCA For more information on Ride for Kids and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Chapter dealers. Visit www.hrca.honda.com for more infor- Foundation call 1-800-253-6530. mation and a list of participating dealers. Continued 14 http://hrca.honda.com
  8. 8. DEPARTMENT HRCA NEWS Alcohol, Drugs and Riding DON’T MIX Continued AUGUST 3-4, LEXINGTON, OHIO - Never consume alcohol or drugs before or while operating a Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio, will host the 25th motorcycle, scooter, ATV or watercraft Anniversary of the Honda Super Cycle Weekend. This event has become one of the largest motorcycle racing events in North America, and attending HRCA Members can get a free gift when you present a special coupon available at participating HRCA Sometimes when we hear a message repeatedly we tune it out, but this is Chapter dealers or online in the HRCA Clubhouse. Stop by the Honda display area on the manu- one message you want to hear because it can save your life, not to men- facturers midway to say hello, check out the new 2007 Hondas and get your free gift. Gift item is tion costly repairs and career-limiting episodes with law enforcement. only available to Members presenting the special coupon. One per Member, while supplies last. Coupon available at participating HRCA Chapter dealers and online at www.hrca.honda.com. Visit Alcohol and riding don’t mix. Even one drink can reduce your ability the HRCA Clubhouse for participating dealers. to respond to changing conditions, and your reaction time gets worse with every additional drink. So don’t drink and ride, and don’t let your AUGUST 17-19, ALTON, VIRGINIA friends drink and ride either. Likewise, drugs, even if prescribed by a If you’ve ever attended any event at Virginia International Raceway you know that the country physician, can be dangerous while riding. Be sure to ask your doctor if it is safe to operate a vehicle after taking a prescribed medication. - Ride within your limits club setting of this beautiful race course makes for spectacular racing and great viewing. The rolling hills of VIR will host the 6th annual Big Kahuna National, and attending HRCA Members can get a free gift when you present a special coupon available at participating HRCA Chapter deal- ers or online in the HRCA Clubhouse. So while you’re walking the paddocks, stop at the Honda Pushing your limits is a major cause of accidents and fatalities, and alco- race team area to say hello and get your free gift and an autograph from Miguel and Jake. Gift hol, drugs, fatigue, illness and inattention can significantly reduce your item is only available to Members presenting the special coupon. One per Member, while supplies ability to have good judgment and ride safely. Keep your Honda properly last. Autographs available during published autograph sessions only. Coupon available at partic- serviced and in safe condition. Take training and be knowledgeable of ipating HRCA Chapter dealers and online at www.hrca.honda.com. Visit the HRCA Clubhouse for road and weather conditions. And remember to always wear appropriate participating dealers. riding gear including a DOT-approved helmet. The Little Engine That Can: Ride for Kids Steams Into 2007 The Ride for Kids train gains more and more steam every year, thanks to the thousands of HRCA Members and motorcyclists who make this incredible Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) program the longest running, most successful motorcycle fundraiser in the world. SEPTEMBER 22, SPENCER, NORTH CAROLINA Need proof? In 2006, the Ride for Kids raised Trains, trains and more trains. Diesel locomotives, steam locomotives, pushers and pullers—this place has them all. The North Carolina Transportation Museum is located on the site of what once over $3.5 million at 37 events across the country. was Southern Railway Company’s largest steam locomotive repair facility. HRCA Members are invited to attend and enjoy a light lunch and tour this awesome facility. Last year more than 100 Including sponsorships like the HRCA (the Ride HRCA Members from 14 Chapters attended this event, so it’s back by popular demand. Tickets will be available at participating HRCA Chapter dealers. Visit www.hrca.honda.com for more informa- for Kids presenting sponsor since 1991), the total tion and a list of dealers. jumps to $4.4 million. This means that, since the WESTERN REGIONAL EVENTS PBTF’s inception in 1984, more than $34 million APRIL 21, KERRVILLE, TEXAS Back by popular demand is the 3rd annual Texas Hill Country Regional Event at the Y.O. Ranch has been raised to fund research and help fami- Resort in Kerrville, Texas, on Saturday evening, April 21. HRCA Members and Chapters will be rid- ing in from all over Texas to meet up, socialize and have a great time in the heart of Hill Country. lies with a youngster stricken with a brain tumor. Don’t forget to bring your dancing boots! A delicious dinner, country music by the Almost Patsy Cline band, cool HRCA giveaways and prize drawings are included in the evening’s activities. Also It’s not too late to climb on board and lend a added this year will be a map of some great roads your Chapter may want to check out. The fun is just starting when you get to Kerrville! Visit www.hrca.honda.com for ticket information and a hand. In 2007 the Ride for Kids will once again list of participating dealers. be in 37 cities, including one near you. For more information, visit the redesigned Web site at www.rideforkids.org. HRCA CLUBHOUSE SNEAK PEEK Quiet or Quieter? APRIL 28-29, FONTANA, CALIFORNIA Once again the HRCA will have a Members-Only hospitality area during the Superbike Races at Honda ATVs are renown California Speedway. Watch Miguel Duhamel, Jake Zemke, Josh Hayes and others burn up the racetrack on their CBRs. Members will be treated to a private area where they can relax and for their pleasantly quiet level watch a live television feed of the races, check their gear, and enjoy snacks and cold beverages. The hospitality area will be located next to the Honda display in the vendor area. Make sure to of operating noise. However, bring your current HRCA membership card for access! Visit www.hrca.honda.com for more under certain conditions, information. some people like to reduce the sound levels coming out of the tailpipe Watch for added information in future even more. When? How? To what end? Good questions all, and they issues of Honda Red Rider magazine or log on to the HRCA Clubhouse Web site, can be readily answered when you make your way to the HRCA www.hrca.honda.com, for the most current information. Clubhouse at www.hrca.honda.com and call up the article “Silence Is Golden.” In addition, you’ll find a bounty of great articles, Honda- related news and eye-popping photo galleries, so check it out today! 16 http://hrca.honda.com
  9. 9. The only amusement park where you bring the rides 2007 Honda Hoot • June 20-23 • Knoxville, Tennessee It happens every March. You venture into the garage in your favorite jeans and T-shirt and eyeball your motorcycle with a look that recalls green summery rides, great food and close friends. Then it hits you—it’s time to regis- ter for the 2007 Honda Hoot®! Whether you’re returning for the 14th year or planning to attend your first, this year’s Honda Hoot, sponsored by Progressive Direct, promises to stand out like no other. We brought back your favorite rides and events and added even more. Best of all, the food, the fun, the rides, the roads, the scenery and that famous Southern hospitality await your arrival. Knoxville, Tennessee—Hoot Headquarters—is a fantastic destina- tion in its own right and just happens to be the gateway to motorcycling paradise. Everyone on every brand of bike is welcome. Which means, of course, that the best way to get to the Hoot is to ride there. With the long days and warm nights, the socializing couldn’t be better. Come with a friend, your riding club, the family or alone—once you get to the Honda Hoot, you’ll never have to worry about what to do next. The roads of eastern Tennessee and the surrounding region are some of the best in the nation. And to be sure you sample them all, we’ve organized some memorable rides. All are self-guided trips that include lunch and special attractions, such as music, local crafters and more. 18 www.hrca.honda.com
  10. 10. I Cherohala Scenic Skyway Ride, sponsored by the American I Get to the Point Ride, sponsored by Progressive Direct Motorcyclist Association We’ll be joined by our friends from Honda Marine and the University This gorgeous ride climbs over a mile high into the Appalachians of Tennessee water-ski team at the Point Resort outside Dandridge, and snakes through famous Deals Gap. Tennessee, on Douglas Lake. I Cumberland Gap Ride I Poker Run A relaxing trip to a charming Southern town that sits on the corner It’s all for a good cause, and proceeds benefit the Pediatric Brain of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. Whether you get an early start Tumor Foundation (PBTF). or take off at noon, we’ll have lunch waiting for you along with I Cycle World Wheels Through Time Ride music, craft vendors and more. A roller coaster of a ride to the famous Wheels Through Time I Ride to Roan Mountain Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. A big hit in 2006, this ride culminates at a stunningly beautiful state I Best Dam Ride and Fish Fry, sponsored by Garmin park straddling the Tennessee-North Carolina border. Check out the giant Norris Dam and take in the breathtaking view. MARCH/APRIL 2007 19
  11. 11. The Honda Hoot also features two very special organized rides. I Honda Hoot Welcome Party, sponsored by Bridgestone The PBTF’s Ride for Kids program has been the official charity of the Tuesday night at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Knoxville. HRCA since 1991, and on Saturday morning we’re hosting the seventh I Knoxville Police Motor Corps Riding Exhibition during the annual Knoxville Ride for Kids. Your $35-plus donation underwrites Ice Cream Social the foundation’s research and family support programs. Then there’s Two cool treats on Wednesday afternoon at Chilhowee Park. the third annual Cycle World Rolling Concours—if you want to ride, I Bike Night at the World’s Fair you have to have a 1976-or-earlier machine. Post-ride judging and With booths, vendors, food, drink, games and carnival activities awards are included. Wednesday night. When you’re not riding at the Hoot, we’ve got you covered, rain or I NEW! Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark shine. Check out these old favorites and new additions: A special showing of this classic adventure movie, at the historic Tennessee Theater. I NEW! Back to the ’50s Party, sponsored by Visa U.S.A. Roll back the calendar Thursday night with rockin’ music and dancing. I NEW! Knoxville Icon Contest Final Following the Back to the ’50s party, the semi-finalists of the three- month-long Knoxville Icon contest will perform live in front of the judges—and you! The winner will be selected Knoxville Icon Winner 2007 and will be awarded a Honda scooter among his or her prizes. I Fire in the Sky Fireworks, sponsored by Visa U.S.A. A Hoot tradition, also Thursday evening, following the Knoxville Icon Contest Final. I NEW! Beans, Beans and More Beans An exclusive tour of the Bush Beans factory on Friday, was available to the first 200 registrants and is sold out. This is the first time the Bush family has opened its doors to the public. Jay, Cousin Drew and most likely Duke will be there. 20 www.hrca.honda.com
  12. 12. I Down Home Party at the Museum of Appalachia, sponsored by Dunlop Ride back to a simpler time Friday evening. This party and barbeque is held at a living-history museum dedicated to preserving early pio- neer life and is always a Hoot favorite. I Metric Cruiser Motorcycle Show, sponsored by Cobra Engineering See the latest styling trends Saturday morning at Chilhowee Park. I Honda Hoot Closing Ceremony The biggest blowout of them all is Saturday afternoon with special HRCA Members-Only Event: entertainment followed by the Hoot grand-prize drawing. A Day at the Playhouse, sponsored by Chase We treat everyone special at the Hoot, but HRCA Members always get What more could there be? Plenty. All day, every day, we’ve arranged something extra. This year we’re going on a self-guided ride to the more to do than you can shake a stick at: Riverboat Cruise and Cumberland County Playhouse. This is a spectacular location and a beau- Breakfast on the Star of Knoxville paddle-wheeler, Team Extreme Trials tiful ride, followed by lunch and a special treat at the end: an exclusive Shows, the all-new Ball of Steel Stunt Show, White Water Rafting Trips performance of Smoke on the Mountain, a family musical filled with tra- on the Pigeon River, Motorcycle Safety Foundation Training, and dis- ditional songs, picked and sung in authentic Appalachian gospel and counted tickets to Black Bear Jamboree, Country Tonite, Dixie bluegrass styles. It’s an event all HRCA Members are sure to love so Stampede, Dollywood and the Knoxville Zoo! make sure to reserve Don’t wait another moment—pre-register today! Prices are $55 per your place. This is one person ($60 per person on-site) and just $48 for HRCA Members ($55 event we know you on-site). The 2007 Honda Hoot—we’ll see you there! won’t want to miss! 2007 Hoot Registration Information To get the full scoop on the 2007 Honda Hoot, including how to obtain a free brochure and get registration information, visit www.hondahoot.com or call the Hoot toll-free number at 1-800-347-1289. MARCH/APRIL 2007 21
  13. 13. r e d e f i n i n g t h e What is a custom? The question brings to the fore our fundamental assumptions about customized motorcycles. Is a cruiser with gold-leaf skin, deep-dish chrome and a rakish front end any more or less customized than Jeff Ward’s CRF450R Supermoto bike? Even traditional customs no longer have traditional profiles. V-twins, fours, six-cylinder machines, each has its own unique set of bones on which to build, and each casts a different silhouette. For your consideration, we submit a collection of highly customized motorcycles, all designed with a specific vision in mind. Roland Sands Builds a Honda 919 to Fight the Good Fight Every now and then, a wide assortment of seemingly separate elements merge together to form a sum total transcending all expectations. The Honda 919 created by noted custom builder Roland Sands—as well as the project’s origins—stands in glorious testimony to such cosmic convergences. For starters, the project began life as a collaboration among American Honda, Roland Sands Design (RSD), Cycle World magazine and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. American Honda would provide the base machine, a stock 919, which would then receive Sands’ ministrations. Cycle World committed to showcasing the one-off machine through its International Motorcycle Shows, while also selling raffle tickets for the bike—with the proceeds going toward the fight against brain tumors in children. “This project was an opportunity to support a greater cause,” says Sands. “We called this bike Brave Heart to embody the tremendous spirit these children possess. I hope it generates excitement and, more importantly, that it raises a significant amount of money for the fight against pediatric brain tumors.” Surprisingly enough, a number of the components funneled into the creation of Brave Heart are readily available aftermarket items. The suspension components front and rear come from Öhlins, although Sands did fabricate a one-off triple tree to hold the inverted fork. A Renthal handlebar and risers plus RSD hand controls lend to the exotic look, while Vance & Hines worked with Sands on the twin underseat exhaust, customized with hand-formed aluminum heat shields and RSD machined tips. The aluminum radiator shrouds and intake covers, as well as the seat cover, also bear handmade origins. The RSD contrast-cut Domino 22 www.hrca.honda.com
  14. 14. wheels lend quite a bit of bling, especially with the attached high-performance Dunlop D208GP tires. And the Performance Machine rotors and radial-mount brake calipers, plus Spiegler braided brake lines, add further to Brave Heart’s allure. The RSD paint scheme was executed by the masters at Air-Trix, and pho- tos really can’t do it justice. “I liked using the Honda 919 as a starting point,” says Sands. “It offered me a clean slate with lots of room to spice up the bike and make it look really cool. I wanted to inject an angrier look, make it a street fighter stripped down and ready to do battle. It’s all about giving Brave Heart an aggressive look.” Sure enough, if you want aggressive, this bike’s practically oozing aggres- sion from every nut and bolt. Raffle tickets for Brave Heart are available at the Cycle World stand at each IMS show for $5 each or five for $20. Note: Some modifications to your engine or transmission may not meet Federal or State standards and may also void portions of your warranty. MARCH/APRIL 2007 23
  15. 15. r e d e f i n i n g t h e Josh Grant’s CRF250R: Build One Yourself At the ripe old age of 20, SoBe No Fear/Samsung/Honda Racing Team’s Josh Grant has arrived at the precipice of AMA Supercross and Motocross great- ness. He comes off an impressive 2006 season, finishing third in Supercross Lites East and third overall in Motocross Lites. The leap ahead in 2007 might cause mere mortals like us to pause, but with Honda’s unstoppable CRF®250R under him, Grant is just a step-up away from the top of America’s most celebrated motorcycle racing podium. What is so remarkable about Grant’s success is that the Honda CRF250R he rides is a machine that the rest of us can own as well. In stock form it is a powerful and impeccably good-handling machine. And with a little TLC from Factory Connection (FC) and its A-list of suppliers, it is capable of dominating at the top national level. Grant’s powerplant has been massaged by Pro Circuit, FC’s development partner, to develop the kind of power needed to grab the holeshot and motor away from the field. The stock bottom end—crankshaft, bear- ings, flywheel and stator—are plenty tough all on their own. Pro Circuit adds its piston and rings, valves, springs and keepers, camshaft and head-porting job. An AMSOIL air filter sepa- rates the dust from the O2 passing through the stock carb, and the air-fuel charge is fired by a Vortex ignition. A Pro Circuit exhaust scavenges the cylinder, and the resulting power flows through a Hinson clutch using the stock Honda plates. An EK chain ensures all that high-performance tuning gets to the rear wheel in a hurry. In the hands of a pro like Grant, an AMA Supercross or national motocross track will take its toll on suspension, so FC fits Showa’s A-kit (also used by Team Honda) front and rear. To handle the beefier fork, oversized Honda fork clamps are used. The wheels and brakes are nearly stock, with the exception of an oversized Honda front rotor. Dunlop supplies the meaty rubber, including the D742FA on the front. 24 www.hrca.honda.com
  16. 16. There are a number of other nice pieces that can be bought over the counter. A Renthal han- dlebar matches up nicely with the stock seat and oversize titanium foot pegs. Cycra pro- duces the vented front and rear fenders, side panels and radiator shroud. So the secret is out—you can build a bike just like Josh Grant’s CRF250R. There’s just one more thing to do: Ride it as well as Josh Grant does, and there’s nothing standing between you and the podium. MARCH/APRIL 2007 25
  17. 17. r e d e f i n i n g t h e Randall Kipker’s VTX: Eye Candy That Goes Randall Kipker’s custom VTX may be a long way from the 1973 CL100 that he and his brother customized with flame paint and Dog-Bone Z-bars, but the inspiration is the same. The license plate hints at the payoff Kipker receives every time he rides the big V-twin: X2C110—or Ecstasy, 110- cubic-inch motor. The execution of the Ecstasy VTX is first-rate, uncommon for a first-time effort. “I showed this bike at the 2003 Honda Homecoming in the Wash and Wax category,” says Kipker, a resident of Somerville, Alabama. “At that time it just had some bolt-ons. Then in 2004 I got together with the builder, Shawn Henderson at Highlander Custom Cycles in Dania Beach, Florida, and we developed the bike into what you see today.” The frame is essentially stock, as is the engine with the exception of the air breather and Techlusion fuel optimizer. “I enjoy get- ting my hands dirty, so I removed the engine and did the grinding and sanding on the frame,” says Kipker. He also designed the bars, fenders, rear LED lights, Hi-Tech cus- tom alligator/buffalo-hide seat, and graphic pattern and selected the Pagan Gold Candy paint. Highlander conceived the spine look and integrated it into the radiator grille, fenders, Velocity 2 Extreme air breather and stock tank— which is stretched six inches and boasts a VTX F-type digital speedometer. Kewlmetal provided the 26 www.hrca.honda.com
  18. 18. lowered billet front fork and air-ride rear suspension, Honda Direct Line supplied the triple- tree clamps and Super-Hub wheel mounting system for the 200-series rear tire, Brown County Custom built the swingarm and RC Components was the source for the Predator-style wheels and rotors. The stock VTX brake calipers and brake and clutch reservoirs have only slight modifications. Kipker points out that the bike retains the stock trail specification too. Kipker went to great lengths to incorporate turn signals, control switches, indicators and LEDs. “Most folks say, ‘We went with the concept less-is-more,’ and they usually mean they left off things. I wanted a bike that functioned as well as it looked.” The most time-consuming aspect of this commitment was the 35 hours required to fit the internal throttle assembly. With an investment of $30,000 and countless man-hours, Kipker is understandably tak- ing time to enjoy his new ride. But his imagination is quietly whirring away, reminiscing about the old days—and a 1974 Honda CR125 Elsinore he once owned. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the next Honda Hoot! MARCH/APRIL 2007 27
  19. 19. r e d e f i n i n g t h e Honda Hoot People’s Choice Winner Is Golden Dennis Matteuzzi is not your typical custom-bike builder, and it shows. Just one look at his gold- plated, nitrous-breathing Honda Rune reveals why he won the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Honda Hoot Metric Cruiser Motorcycle Show sponsored by Cobra Engineering. The 64-year-old pilot returned to motorcy- cling three years ago after raising his family in St. Louis and was immediately smitten by the Honda Rune. “I bought it from Ted’s Motorcycle World in Alton, Illinois, late in 2004. It’s a spec- tacular one-of-a-kind factory design that begs to be dressed up in a manner fitting to its nature.” To Matteuzzi, that meant adorning the King of Cruisers with plenty of gold accents and street-ruling power. Gold is an expensive commodity, and Matteuzzi carefully determined where and how to best highlight the bike’s flowing lines. Gold- leaf accents were meticulously applied to the fuel tank, fenders, radiator shroud and head- light housing, while other parts received the gold-plate treatment, including the rear turn signals, passenger pegs, instrument cluster, cylinder-head covers and air-cleaner covers. The most challenging aspect of the project is also turned out to be the most stunning—24- karat gold-plated wheel accents and spinners. Propelling this shimmering suncatcher down the road is Honda’s trademark 1800cc six-cylinder 28 www.hrca.honda.com
  20. 20. powerhouse, to which Matteuzzi added one notable modification: a 20- shot nitrous injection system. “I always want my bikes to go as good as they show, and with the nitrous, she’ll do 10-second quarter-mile runs on the dyno drags,” he says proudly. “Every ride is thrilling, and I get non- stop accolades from bikers and non-bikers alike every time I stop. She’s also a great traveling bike capable of long days.” The Rune also boasts a Magellan 760 GPS mount and a Honda Genuine Accessories windscreen (not pictured). Winning the Hoot People’s Choice Award was a special honor, espe- cially considering it was the first show in which Matteuzzi entered the bike. “And I haven’t even finished her yet, she’s a work in progress,” he con- fesses. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year. MARCH/APRIL 2007 29
  21. 21. r e d e f i n i n g t h e The No-Headaches Solution: Build Your Dream Machine with a Minimum of Fuss and Bother Beauty may well reside in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes. However, when it’s time to transform your own motorcycle into Something Special that exists—for the present at least— only in your imagination, the journey from the mind’s eye to genuine, in-the-garage eyeballing sta- tus can sometimes prove to be long and arduous, fraught with headaches and hassles. In short, how hard do you want to work at creating a bike that communicates your personal vision of what a custom should be? That’s the beauty of the VTX lineup from Honda. Essentially, by carefully scoping out all of the various models, engine sizes and specification packages, then adding purpose-built accessories and perhaps an original paint treatment, you can minimize the custom-building headaches, maxi- mize your creative flair and get back on the road to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Case in point: This Honda VTX1300S has been taken about three giant steps away from the norm—all with a minimum of fuss and bother. This spoke-wheel old-school rendition of the VTX already incorporates plenty of the traditional cruiser look, which we accented with the addition of about a dozen readily obtainable custom accessories that can be found as close as your nearest Honda deal- ership. Should your taste happen to match ours exactly, the list below is all you need, but if you’d rather opt for a different look, feel free to choose from among the dozens of other Honda Genuine Accessories that can be had just as easily. Add a custom paint job, perhaps $2000 or upwards depending on who you might tap for the job and how complicated your tastes may run, and you have a fully personalized machine all ready to roll. At this point, the only problem you’ll likely encounter is whether you’ll get more pleasure during the weekend by heading out for a ride or from simply polish- ing up and admiring your little gem! Honda Genuine Accessories Chrome Seat Trim Rail $162.95 Chrome Solo Rider Rear Carrier $157.95 Chrome Heated Grips $299.95 Custom Windscreen $519.95 Chrome Light Bar $339.95 Chrome Spotlight Visors $23.95 Chrome Front Fender Tip $100.95 Chrome Driveshaft Cover $59.95 Chrome Billet Driveshaft Bolt Cover $100.95 Chrome Master Cylinder Cap $30.95 Leather Tank Belt (Studded) $117.95 Leather Front Pouch (Studded) $79.95 Leather Saddlebags (Studded) $599.95 Saddlebag Mounting Brackets $158.95 30 www.hrca.honda.com
  22. 22. MARCH/APRIL 2007 31
  23. 23. r e d e f i n i n g t h e Two Bikes, Two Champions: A Look at Troy Lee Designs’ CRF450R and CRF250R Supermoto Bikes Don’t think of it as a racetrack; think of it as an outdoor concert. And don’t think of Troy Lee as a master designer; think of him as the conductor, Il Maestro. Viewed in that light, you begin to see his Honda CRF450R- and CRF250R-based Supermoto racebikes as what they truly are: two flaw- less, crystal-clear high notes in a magnificent performance. On the surface, it’s tempting to view these machines as the same bike, just scaled up or down depending on displacement. That’s a mistake. While there are certain family similarities, they’re two dis- tinct motorcycles, much as two kids from the same parents often have widely varying personalities. First of the two was the 450. Way back in 1999, Mitch Leonard was crew chief for Miguel Duhamel’s road-racing effort, and he saw a prototype of the single-cylinder, four- stroke MX engine that was to become the CRF450R, shoe- horned into a CR250R’s aluminum frame. He remembers thinking, “I want one of those!” Leonard now works for Troy Lee building Jeff Ward’s championship-winning bikes. “It’s an amazing machine. And it’s a workhorse, an animal, every- body’s dream bike. Coming from road racing, I though it would be a piece of cake to build a Supermoto machine, but it’s not. It’s still a lot of work.” But, Leonard adds, today they do much less to the bike than they used to. The Troy Lee bikes used to use offset swingarms and radical changes in chassis height. Now there’s much less of that. The engines, though, are full race-spec. Amazing at this level of power and competition, Troy Lee’s shop has found that the stock Honda crank is up to the job. Careful prep goes into the cylinder head, the make-or-break point of many of these Supermoto machines. Particular attention to the valves lets these bikes hot-start reliably—a weak point with most race-spec Supermoto iron. In addition to more power (naturally) the team’s goals are better acceleration out of corners and more overrev. If the 450 is an animal, the 250 “needs a little more TLC,” says Leonard. “We spin the motor faster, and we have to pay more attention to parts wear. Everything’s smaller in that engine. We can run the 450s about 10 hours between tear- downs [each race weekend is between 31/2 and 4 hours of engine-run time]; the 250s we tear down after every meet. Everything just affects them more.” Cassidy Anderson likes his TLD 250 though, and well he should: He won the 2006 Supermoto Lites class on it. Leonard makes another interesting observation. “These Supermoto tracks aren’t all the same. The pavement-oriented courses mean the engines have to deal with more sustained high-speed running, while on the tracks with lots of dirt they’re breaking the tire loose more and bouncing off the rev lim- iter looking for traction.” Medium and large. When it comes to Supermoto, the Honda CRF250R and CRF450R have the bases covered. And with all that brass in the trophy case, the Troy Lee Designs Supermoto machines are clearly the sharpest notes in the symphony. 32 www.hrca.honda.com
  24. 24. MARCH/APRIL 2007 33
  25. 25. r e d e f i n i n g t h e Supermoto? How About Super-cool! It started as a dirtbike, was built into a racebike, and now Troy Lee makes it a Supermoto concept bike It seems like you can’t swing a con rod these days without hitting some new made-for-television concept bike, usually a V-twin with a wheelbase measured in first downs, and about as rideable as a midieval torture instrument—that is, if its builder has even bothered to install a crankshaft and made it run at all. And that’s precisely why the Troy Lee Designs Supermoto concept bike you see here is so refreshing. That, plus the thing’s just plain cool. The general idea was simple: Take a Honda CRF450X and turn it into a streetable Supermoto concept. The Troy Lee team already builds the Supermoto bikes Jeff Ward and Cassidy Anderson used to win the 2006 Supermoto and Supermoto Lites Championships; the next step of tak- ing it to the streets was a no-brainer. A new front end, smaller front wheel, and new front brake are all starting points. But the guys at TLD went way farther. For example, check out the twin-muffler exhaust sys- Troy Lee is taking it to the tem, like Honda’s CRF250R MX bikes use. That required a new sub- streets! This concept bike, a street-going version of his Team frame, a part that started life as a 250 piece. The windscreen and headlight were all fabricated in house, and since Troy Lee CRF450R Supermoto TLD has an extensive paint shop for helmets, they were painted there too. The first Pro Circuit custom exhaust racers, features windscreen, headlight, turn signals, twin- proved too loud, so what you see here is the second take. muffler exhaust and more. Too loud? You mean this bike is actually built to ride? You bet. The only question now talking Troy Lee into building enough of these to go around. 34 www.hrca.honda.com
  26. 26. 36 www.hrca.honda.com
  27. 27. Riddle MeThis What’s the best attribute of the Honda Gold Wing? We have the answer. Want to get a really animated discussion going among a bunch of Gold Wing® own- ers? Just ask them to name the attribute that best defines the Wing as a truly excep- tional motorcycle. Then stand back, because the arm waving and carrying on will jump from 0 to 60 in nothing flat! In fact, as of 2006, a whole slew of new Honda-direct options allow an owner even more latitude in choosing a favorite feature. Gold Wing riders can now select a built- in navigation system that makes finding the way a breeze—not to mention the wealth of information it holds: gas stations, restaurants, lodging and even the closest Honda dealership. Those riding technol- ogy’s cutting edge will boldly tout the airbag resting patiently within the Gold Wing. They’ll agree they’ve gotten along for years without one, but there’s little to counter an argument for having more safety on your side should the occasion ever arise. And then there’s the new Cold-Weather Comfort Package with heated grips, seat and backrests and a foot- warming system that elevates luxury and comfort to new levels. All told, quite the assortment of new, upscale features. Surely one of the primary arguments for Gold Wing supremacy will focus on the flat-six 1832cc powerplant. This wondrous engine is not only hell-for-strong, but it also pulls like a bull from just off idle. In fact, the Gold Wing might be peerless for pulling power upon exiting a corner, thanks to the abundant torque on tap. Another rider might argue that handling stands as the most amazing attribute. The Wing’s light steering, its accurate response to input at the bars and a chassis with structural integrity and feel worthy of a full- on sportbike far exceed rational expecta- Enthusiasts who ride the cutting edge of technol- ogy will be sure to include the integrated Garmin tions for a luxury touring motorcycle. navigation system and an airbag on the list of Pish-posh, another will say. The brakes options for their particular Gold Wing—two hot items that first became available in 2006. on the Gold Wing, especially of the ABS variety, set this bike head and shoulders above all pretenders. The outstanding power and feel of these brakes on a tight, twisty road is what transforms this touring bike into a backroad gun of magnum proportions. MARCH/APRIL 2007 37
  28. 28. Experienced travelers may well argue it’s the All that glitters ... Gold Wing’s cavernous storage capacity that makes For decades, motorcycling enthusiasts have considered the Honda Gold Wing the ultimate trav- it so desirable. Whether you’re transporting a lunch eling machine. With its unrivaled combination of power, handling, comfort and storage capac- and a file folder to the office or packing up for a 10- ity, the Wing truly stands as the gold standard for long-distance riding. Even so, when you’re planning to spend extended periods of time on the road with your day-long tour, the Wing’s trunk, saddlebags and machine, a certain few accessories almost become essentials rather than options. So here we’ve assorted pockets make life on the road a breeze. gathered a list of the top 10 most popular Honda Genuine Accessories for your Gold Wing. For more Enthusiasts of the group will declare it’s the information and to see all the accessories offered for the Gold Wing, go to www.honda.com. Gold Wing’s cruise control that sets it apart from - CB Radio Kit - CB Antenna - Helmet Headset - Fog Light Kit the maddening crowd. When piling on the miles, - CD Changer Unit - Rear Spoiler (black) punching that magical little button saves all kinds - Passenger Armrests - Chrome Exhaust Tips of physical and mental fatigue. Simply enjoy the - Chrome Heated Grips - Saddlebag Cooler ride more while working just a little less—the definition of relaxation, right? Hard-core distance riders will vote for the Gold Wing’s exceptional protection. Thanks to a full fair- ing, an adjustable windshield and more, a rider simply experiences less fatigue and can ride on with confidence, no matter what Mother Nature has in store down the road. And don’t forget about the inveterate tinkers among the group, those who constantly search for accessories, functional and cosmetic alike, to add to their Gold Wings. To such people, the wealth of options purpose-built for the Wing is a never- ending source of entertainment. In reality, the Honda Gold Wing’s most outstanding attribute is abundantly apparent. So, what to do? How to decide which of these arguments and many more could possibly be the correct answer to the question posed? If you’re really brave, after all the heated discus- sion has cooled down to a simmer once again, you can chime in with your answer, The One True Answer. In reality, the Honda Gold Wing’s most outstanding attribute is abundantly apparent. Answer: all of the above. Then get ready to run! 38 www.hrca.honda.com
  29. 29. CBR600RR Riding Impression Reinventing the wheel When you’re basking in the glow of three straight AMA that redefined performance in the 600 class—the national championships and four consecutive world titles, CBR600RR is the undisputed champion in AMA Formula you gotta be thinking: What next? Xtreme and World Supersport competition—Honda’s best You can bet Honda engineers were asking themselves and brightest doubtless spent a few late nights at the draw- that very question. After building the best-selling 600 ing board scratching their heads and pondering where to sportbike in the world for 20 years, capped by a machine go from here. MARCH/APRIL 2007 39
  30. 30. New for 2007 The answer was close at hand. Several years Despite the MotoGP infusion, Honda engi- ago, Honda R&D joined forces with Honda neers did not lose sight of the CBR’s primary Racing Corporation (HRC) to co-develop racing purpose—it has lights and a plate, after all. I Class-leading power-to-weight ratio. and production machines. The 2004 Consequently, they raised the handlebars 10mm I Smaller, lighter, more compact CBR1000RR was the first child of this techno- and gave the CBR a nicely padded and reshaped inline four-cylinder engine. union, and now the next-generation CBR600RR seat, aiming the ergonomics at longer days in I Improved midrange performance has been hatched from the same process. HRC’s the saddle. The result is a riding position that’s and enhanced peak power. quest to create a lighter, smaller MotoGP aggressive enough for the racetrack and com- I Significant weight reduction in machine to accommodate the 2007 800cc- fortable enough to keep you happy over a long engine and chassis. displacement rule perfectly paralleled Honda day of street riding. I Repositioned transmission shafts R&D’s goals for the new CBR600RR, so it’s no But it’s the performance of the new CBR that allow a more compact engine. wonder some notes were shared along the way. leaves the deepest impression. A drop of 18 I Lightweight, forged-aluminum Looking for proof? The 2007 CBR600RR is pounds is a lot of weight, and nothing can match pistons incorporate special shot lighter, shorter, quicker and more powerful than the natural agility of lightness. You feel it the peening for added toughness. its predecessor, a change underscored by two instant you rock the CBR off the sidestand. The I Lightweight magnesium head cover. I New, single exhaust valve springs. I Smaller, lighter neodymium- magnet ACG. I New transmission and final drive gear ratios. I Smaller, lighter clutch. I New vertical-piston master-cylinder front-brake system. I Lighter stainless steel exhaust features titanium baffles and new inline-exhaust pressure control valve for maximum performance. I New intake-air control valve (IACV) minimizes torque reaction and smoothes response to small throttle changes through gradual reductions of air and fuel intake when throttle is opened and closed. I Nose-mounted ram-air induction directs fresh, cool air to a higher- volume airbox. telling statistics: Wheelbase has been reduced bike feels smaller and lighter in everything it by almost an inch, and weight dropped by a does, and it does everything more precisely and I Smaller and lighter Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD). massive 18 pounds (wet). Engine, chassis, with less effort. Thanks to the HESD system, bodywork—everything is new on the 2007 steering is quick without being twitchy or nerv- I New Fine Die-Cast (FDC) frame uses CBR600RR, all of it influenced by HRC’s engi- ous. Picture a hummingbird with a steering four large castings for lighter weight. neering direction with the new MotoGP RC212V. damper, and you get an idea of the CBR’s han- I Redesigned radiator with more compact And here’s a bit of trickle-down irony: The dling character. Stable, ultra-responsive, able to dimensions improves cooling capacity. CBR600RR will hit the streets before the change lines mid-turn with ease, the new CBR I All-new bodywork enhances RC212V sits on its first grid. responds intuitively to commands. handling and performance. If you caught the November/December 2006 New brake and suspension systems also set I New, compact instrument design. issue of Honda Red Rider, you already know all new standards for the class. The 41mm Honda I Pearl White/Silver, Ultra Blue the development details of the CBR600RR (go to Multi-Action System (HMAS) cartridge fork and Metallic/Silver, Red/Black and Black www.hrca.honda.com if that issue skipped Unit Pro-Link™ rear suspension boast a broad are color options. your mailbox). But now you’re wondering, operating range; taut enough to barnstorm the “What’s it like to live with the new bike?” racetrack, yet compliant enough to provide genuine 40 www.hrca.honda.com