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Road Racks


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Road Racks

  1. 1. Road Racks™ Assembly, Installation and Care Instructions Honda VTX 1. Remove the four #10-24 flat head screws from the brackets using a 1/8” hex key wrench and re- install them through the Top Plate but leave them slightly loose. 2. Place the ¼” lock washers on the ¼ - 20 x ¾” hex head bolts and install the bolts through the Bracket Plate holes from the back side. 3. Thread the bolts into the tapped holes of the brackets starting with the upper bolts first. It will be necessary to push the upper bolts all the way in and under the top lip and then hand thread the bolts into the brackets. Once the upper bolts are hand tight, thread in the lower bolts and securely tighten them all using a 7/16” wrench. 4. Securely tighten the four top plate screws using a 1/8” hex wrench. 5. Remove the passenger seat. 6. Cover the rear fender with something to protect the paint in case any parts drop onto it. 7. Install the flat washers on the ¼-20 x 1” hex head bolts. 8. Remove the existing bolts holding the sissy bar uprights to the side plates coming from the fender struts and replace them with the new ¼-20 x 1” bolts provided with the rack. Do this one side at a time. It’s helpful to have someone hold the sissy bar in place or use a clamp to hold it while finishing the installation. 9. Back the bolts out flush with the inside and line up the holes of the rack bracket plate to the inside of the side plates and sissy bar and push or thread the bolts through the rack holes. 10. Securely tighten the nylon insert lock nuts onto the four mounting bolts using a 7/16” wrench. 11. Replace the passenger seat. 12. Go riding, have fun and show off that cool rack you just installed. The chrome finish on Road Racks™ is the same triple chrome process used on OEM parts and requires the same caution and care as any other chrome accessory on your bike. We offer custom fitted covers to protect the rack top while loading it up with gear. If you chose not to buy one of our covers you should cover it with a soft cloth or chamois before carrying anything. Road Racks™ are designed to go on and off fast and easy and be capable of carrying substantial loads. They are intended to carry any normal load of clothing, etc. packed in proper motorcycle luggage for trips. Always securely tie down gear using bungee cords, nets straps, etc. Never allow any straps, cords or nets to dangle loosely, they can damage your motorcycle and pose a severe threat to your safety. PO Box 955 • Cary • Illinois • 60013 • 888-241-6700 •