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press release

  1. 1. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 JAPAN DESIGN SELECTION 2009 The Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization will be holding Japan Design Selection 2009, following upon the success of previous Japan Design exhibitions, which took place during the 2006 and 2008 Milan Furniture Fair and attracted more than 30,000 visitors. Nearly 80 examples of product design are showcased this year, emphasizing both innovation and tradition. Japanese companies with a solid reputation from international business activities are introduced, and design work by key companies in promising fields is explored. This is fresh design work, by leading Japanese companies in several industries as well as companies across Japan whose product development demonstrates outstanding technical expertise and compelling approaches. Many of the products are being exhibited for the first time at Milan Furniture Fair. This is the third Japan Design Exhibition and the event is described as follows by Chief Director Toshiyuki Kita. Japan Design Selection 2009 at this year's Milan Triennial features five companies in leading Japanese industries and a wealth of examples of contemporary Japanese design carefully selected for the event. Many of these designer creations are already in commercial production. This is a spectrum of innovative and trendsetting new products, highly acclaimed as works of creativity and originality by corporations or individual designers. In particular, those that are Good Design Award winners are recognized for their originality and appreciated in Japan and around the world for these qualities. Design is now a key word in the context of global trends. We can see current themes of ecology, recycling and efficient use of resources reflected in these products. Design is indispensable in enriching our life by meeting everyday needs, fulfilling our dreams, and giving us hope. Visiting the exhibit is an opportunity to sense the power of design as you see how design does this in tangible ways. Chief Director: Toshiyuki Kita Exhibition Design: Matteo Vercelloni Organizer: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO)
  2. 2. ● JAPAN DESIGN Japan Design 2009 is a showcase of products and advanced designs by leading Japanese companies who set new trends in their respective market categories, such as automobiles, digital electronics and mobile communications. Participant companies: Anodos Incorporated, Fujitsu Limited, Kddi Corporation, Toto Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation. ● JAPAN DESIGN SELECTION This special exhibition features some 80 proud products from 49 companies in diverse sectors throughout Japan, many of which have received the Good Design Award. The high sense, high technology, and high brand recognition of these products represent the essence of Japanese design underlying all aspects of Japanese life. ● DESIGNER EXHIBITION Recent works by 12 Japanese designers are on display. Whether are ordinary products used every day, office furniture, sporting goods, or other items, each is an example of design work acclaimed in the market for exceptional originality. Represented designers: Takashi Ashitomi, Tomoko Azumi, GK Group, Naoko Hirota, Ichiro Iwasaki, Motomi Kawakami, Wakako Kita, Masahiko Nagahama, Fumie Shibata, Shinichi Sumikawa, Shigeyuki Takao and Shunji Yamanaka. ● ABOUT GOOD DESIGN AWARD The Good Design Award (G-mark system) was established in 1957 and is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system under purpose of attaining improvement in quality of life and advancement of industry through design. The Award has a wide range of subject today. Shifting from conventional areas such as product design, communication design, and architecture & environment to experimental design in new fields, the Award is leading today's world of design. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760
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  4. 4. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 ANODOS INCORPORATED Anodos Incorporated was founded with the objective of generating a new range of services that can not be contained within the realms of existing standard information and communication technology platforms. Based on our vision of the ideal level of service, Anodos Incorporated creates and modifies hardware, software, and contents in order to achieve this vision, providing the world with an image of the future that awaits us. We intend to create practical products our customers can identify themselves with, and aim to give life to a completely new market. Anobar Model 100S Designer: Ken Kinoshita (RaNa design associates, Inc.) Nowadays the Internet is essential in our everyday life. However, the computers and mobile telephones we use to access it limit the ways in which the Internet could be used, because we are supposed to be close to those objects and we have to focus all our attention on using them. It is under these circumstances that Anobar has been created, as a revolutionary device for enjoying the Internet in a new fashion. Anobar is an electric signboard style Internet gadget, created with the intent of displaying text contents that can be viewed from far away. It contains innovative new aspects such as a Field Emission Display (FED) and an exclusive browser specifically developed by Anodos, providing information from the Internet with perfect levels of distance and relativity, something which has never been achieved before. The concept and basic design for Anobar were produced by Hideki Mori of Anodos, with the interface and exterior design being developed by Kenichi Kinoshita of RaNa design. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  5. 5. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 160,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers.
  6. 6. FUJITSU LIMITED Friendly relationship between people and it Designer: Fujitsu Design Limited Friendly relationship between people and IT is a Fujitsu's design concept. We at Fujitsu will use our tech-strength and design approach concept in order to create a new link between people and IT. We have the objective of enabling a pleasant life for more people. A new IT social life. Style Free, Select Free (Concept Design) Designer: FUJITSU DESIGN LIMITED In Japan, a new lifestyle has been born by expanding the use of IT in many different situations as IT technological strength evolves. As an IT design company, we offer you a new lifestyle. We do this through our clear vision of design development, by forecasting the future of a constantly evolving technology and by anticipating future IT uses. Raku-Raku Phone, Kids Keitai F-05A, ColorAttendant Designer: Fujitsu Design Limited We continue to work to improve our fully accessible mobile phones. Accessible to everybody including the elderly and disabled people. Giving all a delightful "mobile life". In particular, "Raku-Raku Phone" is a great success. It is a 'best seller' since so far 14 million pieces has been sold in Japan. "Raku is the Japanese word for ”useful and pleasant". We worked not only on product design but we are also designing new software for an improved IT life. An example is "Color Attendant", the application software which improves color capture. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  7. 7. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 KDDI CORPORATION KDDI Corporation is a leading telecommunications company in Japan. Constituted on October 1, 2000 via the merger of DDI Corporation, KDD Corporation, and IDO Corporation, it provides seamless, integrated global services to its clientele and today, thanks to further mergers, it represents a unified reference point for all telecommunications needs in Japan. It provides mobile telephony solutions under the brand au. Au Design Project: new forms and experiences in mobile telephony Around the year 2000, when the folding “clamshell” style of mobile phone was about to become the norm for phone design, we began to hear many complaints that all the phones looked the same and that people wanted a phone with a more advanced design. The au design project traces its origins to our attempt to answer these requests. In May 2001, just as an auto manufacturer introduces beautiful concept cars to the public, we unveiled three concept phones: Infobar, Rotary, and Wearable. These were our experiments in reconsidering the mobile phone from the perspective of its design, to search for the truly unique and attractive phone that people really wanted and were subconsciously creating in their minds. We received many requests to make these widely-praised prototypes available as actual products, leading to the October 2003 launch of the Infobar, which was largely based on the Infobar design.
  8. 8. KDDI CORPORATION Musical instruments and mobile phones Designer: Yamaha Design Laboratory Continuing from the "Things that Mobiles have forgotten to take along" exhibition held in the summer of 2007, this project is themed around interactive design. KDDI has collaborated with Yamaha Product Design Laboratory to propose new user experiences resulting from the fusion of music instruments and mobile phones. In addition to more traditional acoustic instruments, Yamaha has created a multitude of musical instruments such as the Silent series and other electronic instruments that combine new shapes and interactive design without being restricted by preconceived notions. One of such instrument is Tenori-On, which offers a twenty-first century musical interface brought into being through a partnership with media artist Toshio Iwai. Interactive designs conceived to make playing electronic musical instruments both enjoyable and creative have been found to offer abundant inspiration when creating interactive designs for mobile phones. For example, being able to enter text messages by "playing" a phone like a musical instrument might improve the quality of user communication. There is also the possibility that the ability to perform music on a mobile phone might inspire a more creative lifestyle. Ply Designer: Hideo Kambara The literal meaning of Ply is “lamination layers”. The idea of the past and the future of mobile phones forming “layers” inspired Ply concept model. The product and interaction design were proposed by Hideo Kambara, designer of the revolutionary 28-corner Kadokeshi eraser. The layer variations are rich in color and create a feeling of poetic emotion. The layer concept brings to mind many images, enlarging the freedom of mobile phones and the possibility of other gimmicks. At this exhibition Kambara has created paper craft concept models based on his own color variations and gimmicks. These works will inspire us to think about the future layers of mobile phones.
  9. 9. KDDI CORPORATION SOLAR PHONE CONCEPTS Voyage Designer: Mile As this year marks the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, the advent of an international space station will soon usher us in a new space era. The climate of space exploration has shifted from intensified competition among countries to cooperation for further advanced technologies. We are now witnessing a fast-approaching future where even those who have not been trained as astronauts can enjoy space trips. Our belief is that solar panels will became the icon of this new space era. The mobile phones born out from Mile inspire you to visualize the gigantic artificial entity that moves around above us at this very moment with its huge leaves spread out in gravity-free space. Mile takes you right straight to the new space era. Gem Designer: Mile Mother Nature had begun to generate ores deep inside the Earth long before the arrival of mankind. Ore crystals radiate a sublime shine from deep under the ground, leaving us to wonder if they already knew the sun was there above them. When mulling over combining photovoltaic generation and cell phones, our design project Mile looked to this complete dark universe under the Earth to bring into use a fraction of the gift of Nature, which has long been nurtured by the Earth. That is because we believe that no one is as close a friend to the Sun as the Earth. A lump of ore fits snugly in your pocket. Within the lump of ore, vibrant sunlight is compressed. Mobile phones designed by Mile carry natural energy inside them.
  10. 10. KDDI CORPORATION Soup Designer: Hironao Tsuboi According to quantum theory, the term “universal soup” refers to an ultrahigh-temperature, high- density state in which all kinds of substances melted together at the time of Universe Creation, eliminating boundaries between space and time. Buddhism has a corresponding concept, ku, which means a state in which every event in this world, with no definite substance, intertwines so closely with one another that it leads to unlimited mutual dependency. The same holds true for cell phones, which feature telephones, email, cameras, music players, the Internet, and our auxiliary charging feature using solar panels. As opposed to designs or styles extracted from all sorts of popular features and elements of cell phones, we place our aesthetic value for cell phones on a state where a number of these features and elements have become richly concentrated into a “Soup,” leaving no trace of their original forms. This “Soup” extends to boundaries among screen and body, solar panel, speaker, camera, and infrared camera. As we make all possible attempts to dissolve into a “Soup” characteristics, elements and those boundaries that all symbolize cell phones, cell phones designed through “Soup” are graced with universal, pure beauty, suggesting an exceedingly beautiful picture that has never come into the real world except in your imagination. No mass production is scheduled. G9 Designer: Ichiro Iwasaki First model in au (KDDI)'s new iida phone line, developed in collaboration with noted designers, which enliven people's everyday lives with a little design flair. Created by product designer Ichiro Iwasaki. The designer sought an elegant and comfortable phone, desirable qualities in a modern-day tool. The timeless contours of the sliding body, the stainless steel frame and aluminum keypad as well as other touches provide a luxurious look and solid feel to the handset. Global service in 180 countries worldwide is provided. The stylish graphical user interface strikes an exceptional balance between looks and readablity. In short, iida G9 demonstrates an elegant finish, lacking in phones to date, and compelling design that makes it a practical tool for modern needs. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  11. 11. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 TOTO LTD. Toto was established as a sanitary ware manufacturer and retailer in 1917, during an era in which Japan still lacked a sewage system infrastructure, emerging from its founder vision to disseminate new hygienic living customs throughout the country. Today, Toto's business reaches beyond the realm of toilets to encompass a wide range of plumbing- related fields and products for bathrooms, kitchens and lavatories. Preserving its founding vision, Toto continues to offer increasingly higher quality products and services with the aim of creating plumbing fixtures for enriched and more comfortable lifestyles all over the world. SelfPower Designer: Toto Design Center Toto’s unique SelfPower technology offers an ecological faucet that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Behind the faucet's elegant appearance lies astounding innovation that saves water, electricity and space. This is the world’s first self-charging faucet. Thanks to a rechargeable battery and self-generating hydropower generator, powered by the consumed water, the faucet can go without maintenance for years. An infrared micro sensor at the tip increases detection accuracy and can help to cut waste water up to 84%. At the same time, the no-touch function makes the faucet hygienically appealing. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  12. 12. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Since its establishment our company has been aiming to enrich society through car making. Our goal is to be a "good corporate citizen," constantly winning the trust and respect of the international community. In the 21st century we aim for a stable long-term growth, while striving for harmony with people, society and the environment. Under Toyota's Guiding Principles, we practice openness and fairness in our corporate activities, striving for a cleaner and safer car making and working to make the earth a better place to live. Toyota iQ Designer: Wahei Hirai, Managing Officer The iQ is a sophisticated car, representing the ultimate refined urban mode of transportation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Six revolutionary design and engineering innovations, such as ultra- efficient packaging and an asymmetric instrument panel, realized by a compact air-conditioning unit, achieved an interior space for four seats in a total length of less than three meters. This ultra- compact vehicle is both compact yet spacious, either small and premium. The exterior design is a realization of Toyota’s design philosophy "Vibrant Clarity", a synergy of rational factors together with an expression of individuality and quality. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  13. 13. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD. Sewing Machine SPA Series Designer: Hiroyasu Hosoi Users need to spend time preparing for sewing and face every kind of problem. This sewing machine has an illustrated operation guidance (including just images, no language) so that users in different countries can understand the guidance and solve their problems. This sewing machine is designed starting from the human factor, and features a clear view of needle, a proper height of the work area to reduce arm fatigue, wide sewing area, large dials and levers. From beginners to elderly people, users enjoy sewing through universal design. BENESSE CORPORATION Worldwide Kids English Emotional Toys Director: Hidemi Nagoya, Osamu Hagiwara Designer: Awatsuji Design, Kazuto Ishida, Rie Isono, Yoko Noguchi Worldwide Kids English is an English learning kit for children from 2 to 6 years old. Emotional Toys are a part of the complete set and are projected to foster a fun way of communicate using English between parents and children. Based on a diverse theme derived from a solid curriculum, these toys also enable the young learners to accept different cultures and values as well as language tactics. The simple and intriguing design with high endurance are loved not only by children but by their parents too.
  14. 14. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES BLUES DESIGN CO., LTD. Shell Designer: Kazuo Kobayashi Shell is a tableware line that first of all consider the senior citizen and the people with disabilities, trying not to make them so aware of their aging or a disability. Shell is applying a part on the edge of tableware, called "Kaeshi: Return", not to spill foods easily. Moreover, such a consideration is not insisted on too much. The reason is that the whole tableware including "Kaeshi" is taken as a seashell's shape. CANON INC. Digital Camera Power Shot E1 Designer: Hideki Ito and Maiko Shibata, Design Center, Canon Inc., Rie Isono Unlike the “stylish” aesthetic found in most existing digital cameras, this model is characterized by a design concept that brims with a sense of relaxation, as well as a simple interface that endears itself to users. In addition to complementing user lifestyles in a fun way, this model was also designed to fulfill the primary function of a digital camera: enable users, even those with little experience, to easily capture beautiful and error-free pictures by relying on the camera itself. By bringing these values to users, the model also conveys the enjoyment of digital photography.
  15. 15. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES CHERRY TERRACE INC. Allround bowls Designer: Sotaro Miyaghi One complete set of all the containers and tools you use everyday in your kitchen, such as bowls, strainers, salad spinner and lids/trays. This set contributes to the economical use of precious kitchen space since all the pieces can be stacked together. The set includes the following 12 pieces: small, medium and large sets of stainless steel bowl and strainer plus their lids; glass salad bowl and salad spinner with its lid. DID INSTITUTE INC. Daiwa Seaborg 150S Designer: Kishimoto Takashi Thanks to a leading technology nurtured from fishing field experience, Daiwa Seiko Inc. accomplishes this compact and light weight Power Assist fishing reel. Thinned IC module makes its height low-profile and the power lever makes easy control on its powerful retrieve. The futuristic styling with orange colored tone could be appreciated by a wide range of ages, from beginners to experts, and gives a further delight of boat fishing to all of the anglers.
  16. 16. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES DIGITAL DO MAIN INC. Power Amplifier (B-1a) Designer: Shigenori Asakura This power amp is created under the concept of providing you the “True Sound.” The new generation of static induction transistors are entirely applied so that it has fantastic characteristic similar to the triode. Also, laying the logic symbol of the static induction transistor centrally at the heat sink chimney makes it possible to cool down effectively. Furthermore, it has unique contents such as the strong power supply combining the large power transformer and the choke coil and the minimal distance wiring using the monocrystal silver line made by well-considered way of manufacturing and so on. ELECOM CO., LTD. Scope Node Designer: Shogo Yashiro In many conventional computer mice, the pick-up sensor is arranged in the center of the shell. However, this mouse has a sensor positioned equivalent to that of the tip of a hand-held pen. Elecom questioned the conventionally accepted concept of a mouse, made a careful review, and came up with a new model. Obviously, this mouse is as user-friendly as a pen can be. Angle Designer: Shogo Yashiro When using a mouse, most people put a mouse pad on the right side of a Pc or keyboard. Naturally enough, the wrist is tilted to the right. Angle is a mouse pad series with the tilt incorporated into the design. With the hand rest set to an angle of 14 degrees (the average natural angle of the wrist when using a mouse), the mouse pad is highly effective in reducing wrist fatigue.
  17. 17. ELECOM CO., LTD. Egg Mouse Designer: Shogo Yashiro While there have been an increasing number of Pc light users, the functions of mice have been growing more and more complicated and diversified. Indeed, "hard sell" functions, even though is questionable whether they are really necessary for users, are prevalent and are giving rise to a greater number of puzzling products on the market like never before. This Egg mouse is extremely simple to use since is equipped only with standard functions, the ones the majority of users would need the most. With a basic concept in mind, non-useful functions have been eliminated. The mouse is easy to hold and has an aesthetically appealing shape suited to everyday life. Dimpgel Ex Designer: Ryoko Saeki This is a mouse pad with a built-in hand rest to support a comfortable use of a mouse. The product has exhibits excellent features, including reduced fatigue, increased mouse operability, and anti- fouling performance. The intriguing shape visually represents the precise unique form that provides a sense of relaxation to the users. Ucam DLO130series (Ovio) Designer: Shogo Yashiro Generally, web cameras are globe or cylinder shaped while Pc monitors have rectangular screens. These cubic, simple web cameras are intended to perfectly match Pc monitors. The two different models offer a different image quality: high resolution (1.3 megapixels) and standard resolution (300 k-pixels). They are designed to look different in order to allow the user to notice the difference in performance at a glance. USB hub like USB cable Designer: Akihira Shimamura The U2H-CR series is a “USB hub like a USB cable” for splitting a USB port. The USB hub's “function to split a USB port” is designed in a visually recognizable manner. PC beginners tend to think that a USB hub is too intricate to deal with. Made of a PVC material (same as USB cables), this product looks “as simple as a cable.” Moreover USB ports are not arranged next to one another preventing USB memory and other devices from obstructing each other.
  18. 18. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES FUEKINORI KOGYO CO., LTD. Locus 3Way Pen Designer: Chiaki Murata Writing items are personal objects which reflect the personality of the owner. Most pens have only a few subtle differences in the writing functions. Metaphys has therefore focused on how the pen’s clip is displayed outwardly on a chest pocket. The stroke-like clip has become an icon representative of Metaphys writing instruments. Locus 2mm Lead Holder Pen Designer: Chiaki Murata Metaphys fused the beauty of line weight range of a 2mm wooden pencil and the handiness of the mechanical pencil. By merging the assets of both mechanical pencil and wooden pencil and adapting it to today’s lifestyle, Metaphys Locus 2mm lead holder pen becomes a tool that gives you a new writing experience. Viss Designer: Chiaki Murata Whoever has used an eraser would agree with the wish for an eraser with a comfortable and precise corner that never wears out. With the new Viss, Metaphys makes this wish come true.
  19. 19. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES HAKKO CORPORATION Hakko: temperature adjustable soldering station FX-888 Designer: Toshiyuki Kita A “Soldering iron station” mainly focused on electronics field with enhanced performance to the utmost level using an unique technology. This temperature controlled unit, while keeping the running cost of consumption parts down, the conventional industrial appearance is wiped away and innovated into a form that will bring free imagination, also answering to wide needs for hobbies such as stained glass art, wood burning and bird carving. HAKUHO-DO CO., LTD. Makeup Brush S100series Designer: Kazuo Takamoto Keeping the tip, brush is crafted considering balance. This technique enables the brush users to apply cosmetics exactly how they image. The handle is designed to make the brush both easy to hold and to apply make-up with. In addition, the vermilion, angled-cut handle creates a traditional Japanese look.
  20. 20. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES HASEGAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Voltage Detector Designer: Toshiyuki Kita Voltage Detector is the indispensable tool to prevent an electrical worker from electric shocks by checking if an electric circuit is disconnected. An electric shock will result if an electrical worker touches a live line by mistake. This device has a contact tip on the top which is made of conductive rubber to avoid short circuit and detects voltage even over the insulating coat cover. Working voltage range is AC50V-600V. Whole shape represents the new design with outstanding handling HERS EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN LABORATORY INC. / METAPHYS Metaphys Susuki Designer: Chiaki Murata A silent flickering light and a graceful swaying body evoke a sense of fragility. Metaphys Susuki is a floor lamp inspired by the Japanese silver grass, susuki. This innovative and unusual light will bring a new and balanced atmosphere into the room where it’s placed in
  21. 21. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. Pianta FV200 Gas-Powered Mini-Tiller Designer: Koichi Azuma (Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Power Products R&D Center) Pianta is designed to provide easy fuel handling and operation and for easy transport and storage. Designed to use butane gas canisters, widely available for home-use portable stoves, it enables easy engine startup and refueling so that even a novice can enjoy flower and vegetable gardening more casually. The Pianta`s design employs rounded curves in a simple, bean-like, form that adds a touch of style to gardening. INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL SCIENCE, THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO, YASHIRO LABORATORY + HIROYUKI ITO Sanbu-sugi Furniture Designer: Hiroyuki Ito Since the 17th century there has been an abundant supply of wood in Sanbu-cho, Chiba prefecture. But recently a proper maintenance of the forest got harder because of the declining price of wood as well as the decreasing number of labors due to the aging lords. Therefore, a sort of disease has been prevailing on Japanese cedar trees. Normally, these damaged woods are crashed and used as an energy resource like biomass and so on. But, we tried to make use of the rotten parts, usually considered a wood’s fault, as a valuable feature to be perfectly designed and used in furniture production.
  22. 22. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES KAEDEOKA SPRING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Design project: 1999, Hane paper holder Designer: Tomoko Otaka Distributor: 2009, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Constructed of tightly wound steel coil, this paper holder imitates the shape of an unfolded fan, a traditional Japanese symbol of prosperity. Handy for organizing letters, business cards or even favorite recipes, it is made of chrome-plated steel wire on an aluminum base. KAI CORPORATION Nagare Designer: Toshiyuki Kita The original blade created by brazing method, the handle made combining parts manufactured with accurat MIM method enable to convert the idea into fine form with high quality.
  23. 23. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES KANEKO MFG CORP. Tool Rocket Designer: Youji Nozaki Tool set that includes hammer and four kinds of screwdriver bits in a case with simple rocket shape (handle). The case uses a stainless material that doesn't rust easily. The special steel of durability is used for the screwdriver bit. The hammer uses the nylon resin and stainless steels. It proposed the tool to create and to enjoy value for 100 years from the Tsubame and the Sanjo region in Niigata. The tool set that combined the stainless steel that did not rust easily with strong steel did not get tired even if it put it on the desk and aimed at the tool set that was able to keep being used long. KINTO CO., LTD. Nest: Tableware for home party Designer: Fumie Shibata Nest is a tableware designed for home parties which matched our modern living. The beauty of home party is having relaxed hosts and guests. Unlike the tableware used in the classic table coordinate, Nest can be arranged easily like a daily-use tableware and fully expresses hosts’ feeling of hospitality. They are the high-quality white ware porcelain made, available for oven/ microwave oven/dishwasher. Unitea: Heat-resistant glass teaware Designer: Fumie Shibata Unitea teaware is the result of the word Unit and the word Tea. IT consists of 14 units, made of heat- resistant glass, stainless steel and plastic, in which each spout diameter is designed the same size. Combining cups, jugs, strainers and lids it offers the pleasure of “create” the original tea sets in everyday teatime. The concept of the design is “magnanimous and active.” They help you having a functional and relaxed teatime.
  24. 24. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES MAX CO., LTD. Max Stapler HD-11FL Vaimo11 Designer: Tomohiro Irago, Design Sec., Research&Development Div., Max Co., Ltd. HD-11FL stapler uses exclusive Max No.11 fine staples which enable stapling up to 35sheets (of 80gsm paper) without any difficulties. So far, no other stapler can staple more than 30 sheets (of 80gsm paper) at this compact size. Unique twin lever mechanism cuts stapling effort by 50%. Clean flat-clinch stapling finish, which reduces thickness of the stapled documents. Compact and ergonomic styling provides comfortable stapling. MEGABASS INC. Arms Designer: Yuki Ito Arms is a Megabass rod that took the world by surprise because it was able to meet customers’ needs due to its hand shape adjustment. Megabass presented to its customers an “haute couture rod” responding to heir needs. Arms conveys high sensitivity thanks to the metal-made reel sheet. Customers could choose the wood grip between two materials, either rose or walnut wood, depending on their need. Not only right-handed people but left handed as well will have the opportunity to enjoy Arms. Arms also introduced an “head locking system” which makes long and stable fishing possible. Xpod Designer: Yuki Ito Fishing used to be a sport characterized by the use of different lures depending on the situation. However every angler’s hope was enjoying fishing using just one lure in multiple situations. Xpod is a lure which can be used in lots of situations due to the fact that it can change itself as the water pressure changes. Xpod is the first “transformation lure” that changes itself depending on “lure actions, impulsion, and depth”.
  25. 25. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES MOLTEN CORPORATION Powered Voice Designer: Product Design Dept. GK Design Soken Hiroshima Inc. Powered voice is a wearable loudspeaker for sports instructors and coaches. Since it is wearable the hands are left free to teach physical movements. Wear the speaker body on your waist or chest and speak into the headset microphone. The holster belt of powered voice fits snuggly your body thanks to its organic shape, allowing you to move easily and, in addition, look stylish and smart. If the external input terminal is connected to an MP3 music player, your voice can be amplified while mixed with sounds from the player, making your instructions more effective and impressive. The loudspeaker employs a neodymium magnet cone driver for clear sound, wide directional characteristics (180°) and lightweight. NABEYA BI-TECH KAISHA Couplicon limXseries Designer: Kei Yamada, Kenji Tsuchida, Satoshi Fukao, Hiroshi Watanabe Couplicon limXseries allow high torsional stiffness, maximum speed, minimized axial load and high precision, pursuing the absolute limit of high performance. Couplicon limXseries forge the next generation of power transmission and control.
  26. 26. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES NIKON CORPORATION Digital SLR Camera (D3X) and interchangeable Lens (AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4G ED VR) Designer: Industrial Design Department, Imaging Company, Nikon Corporation Where your subject is, it becomes your studio. Combining extreme-resolution technology, high mobility, versatility and operability, D3X realizes outstanding performance. Furthermore, our comprehensive range of Nikon's Total Imaging System such as the Nikkor lenses will support this unlimited possibilities. With D3X's breathtakingly exquisite imaging technology, you would realize that the location is no matter. Be able to capture images wherever you are, that's what creative freedom is. With Nikon D3X, the world is your studio. OTTIMO DESIGN CO., LTD. Cook One Frying Pan Designer: Hideo Yamamoto The aluminum pan and resin handle have been connected in one smooth line through aluminum die casting (a moulding method to create form freely by injecting molten aluminum into the metal mold). Interior side of the pan has been coated down to the handle end for easy care. The hollowed handle can work as a tool rest to prevent burning the handle of kitchen tools.
  27. 27. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES PANASONIC ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD. Cordless Impact Driver Designer: Tomoaki Ino, Home Appliances Design Group, Design Development Center, Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. + Satoshi Fujii, YS Design Inc. An impact driver weighing only 1.4 kg, the lightest in its class. This is achieved by using high- strength materials and a thin-wall housing structure. With a water-proof coated motor and control circuit, the driver is the first splash-proof rechargeable impact driver. Tightening torque is as powerful as 150 Nm. Blushless motor with a longer operating life and high-capacity cobalt system lithium battery pack significantly increase work rate. The striking power can be set at three different levels in order to prevent over-tightening screws. The LED light function helps work in dark places. PAPER CRAFT CO., LTD. Bowl Box Designer: Ito Takeo This food container has a wide opening to make users eat easily. The shape’s suitable for food preservation and takeout, but it could also be opened widely when users are eating. Therefore, it becomes a low height and wide opening shaped container which would match with the dining table as tableware. It saves a lot of time to replace foods to other plates, furthermore, it saves a cost and resources when dish washing. In the Cafeterias, it could be applied to both take-out and eat-in services.
  28. 28. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES PCY, LTD. Drout mat Designer: Tatsuo Yasumitsu This is a multi-purpose training mat for everyone, from children to elder people. On its surface side, you can instantly transfer images from your brain to your motion, and do a type of training to enhance your momentary judgment. On its back side, you can improve your body coordination ability by conducting agility and spatial recognition exercises. The mat also has a great cushion to allow people who have joint problems. RICOH COMPANY, LTD. GR Digital II Designer: Tatsuo Okuda, Masahiro Kurita, Hiroshi Morohoshi, Mayu Takano The highly acclaimed GR Lens (equivalent to a 28 mm wide-angle lens) combined with the new more powerful and dramatically quieter GR Engine II, takes high quality pictures that satisfy the professional. A compact and easy-to carry “Photographic Tool” that is high spec. and with a high quality image. A lightweight but solid feeling magnesium alloy body. GX200 Designer: Tatsuo Okuda, Masahiro Kurita, Hiroshi Morohoshi, Mayu Takano The 24 to 72 mm wide zoom lens and the 7-blade iris aperture for fine tuning, expand the camera possibilities for even greater photographic expression. The first camera to support a tilted and removable electronic viewfinder, enables photographs to be taken as though using a conventional film camera. Users can enjoy shooting 19 mm ultra-wide-angle photography with the optional wide conversion lens.
  29. 29. RICOH COMPANY, LTD. CX1 Designer: Tatsuo Okuda, Mayu Takano A 7.1x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 28-200 mm focal length for 35 mm cameras) in a body optimized for ease of use as a photographic tool. High-definition 3.0-inch 920,000-dot VGA monitor. The CX1 has the new image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV and a new high-speed image processing CMOS sensor. Dynamic range double shot mode for excellent reproduction of both light and dark areas. SAN-EI FAUCET MFG. CO., LTD. Kiwitap Designer: Toshiyuki Kita Kiwitap is a new line of faucet products that has been introduced by San-Ei Faucet Mfg. Co., Ltd. Access to free-flowing comfortable hot and cold water through gentle human hands. Kiwitap is a new design by Toshiyuki Kita, based on the concept of providing water through human hands, with individual lifestyles in mind. SAXA, INC. VR 100 Designer: Jun Tanimoto VR100 is a digital video camera for security guard purposes. A high-intensity LED light, an infrared ray light, an infrared ray camera, a microphone, a digital video recorder and an LCD monitor are incorporated. VR100 is waterproof and has superior durability; it can record video and still image with one-button operation, by day or by night, indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather. Recording of field sites is useful for assessment of situations and for provision of good evidence in emergency situations. VR100 is designed to look like a flashlight, so that it can be used to film subjects without creating any sense of unease.
  30. 30. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION WATCH SPIRIT BY POWER DESIGN PROJECT Spherical Surface Designer: Satoru Monjugawa The spherical surface makes itself known in a variety of places. One senses a gentle R in different parts of this watch; the dial, the glass, the hands and the band. Owing to the curved nature of the glass comprising both sides, the dial can easily be seen even when viewed from an angle. The watch face legibility has been increased with the curved dial and the hands which are bent to follow this curvature. Cone Grinding Designer: Naoto Fukasawa Rotational motion is the basic operation in the mechanical process. Slightly tilting and rotating a flat object results in a conic surface. If a flat blade is rotated and metal is touched to the blade, a conic surface is polished out. Cone grinding is the simple and rational method of making a watch with round edging. Type III Designer: Katsunori Kume In Seiko's collection there was a watch series called Type II. The design was not overly decorative so that it wouldn’t affect the function, and the products were very sophisticate, with a very gracious design. The modern version of Type II is Type III. What determines the impression of the model is its simple edgeless structure, with the glass and case both flat and on a line with each other. Taking into consideration the volume suited to modern senses while maintaining this structure, the size of the entire watch was first increased.
  31. 31. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES SHACHIHATA INC. Opini multi-function ball point pen Designer: Fumie Shibata The series of "Opini" is meant to consider working women's dissatisfaction or demand. The concept of "Opini multi-function ball point pen" is coming from an idea of working women changing several pens depending on the application. This pen brings together black and red ball point pens, that are usually used in the office, and black gel ink pens, particularly popular among women, in one pen in order to make it easy carrying and selecting application with no hustle. SHIKI FURNITURE, INC. Spiral Designer: Atushi Nogimura The stool’s design is based on an equilateral triangle shape. Although each individual stool is simple in design many stools can be placed together in order to create a variety of unique shapes and sizes, allowing the users to arrange them expressing their creative side. When not in use the stools can be stacked, thus transforming once more as an objet d’art. There’s no need to hide them in the storage room when they’re not used. The stools represent a must-have item in every home or for every dinner party.
  32. 32. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES SHIMADZU CORPORATION Monocular Head Mounted Display Data Glass 3/A Designer: Hiroshi Muraoka, Industrial Design Department, Shimadzu Corporation Incorporating high-precision spherical lens optical components, high-resolution microdisplays and human engineering Data Glass 3/A head-mounted display (HMD) uses installation technology that allows users to connect the equipment to a small PC and view a 10-inch PC screen mounted 60 cm in front of the face. Industry applications are expanding to support the introduction of mobile terminals in more locations to handle greater amounts of electronic data and wider networks. HMDs serve as information display terminals for hands-free viewing of data in any location at any time. Waterproof and dirt-resistant (IP54), Data Glass 3/A is an HMD built to more industrial specifications and features a helmet mount designed to be used outdoors SNOW PEAK, INC. Micro Dutch Oven Series Designer: Kei Ueyama Micro Dutch Oven is one person size ovens series. These beautiful products enable the user to enjoy the pleasure of cooking even using a small amount of food. There are 3 version: round pot, long capsule and flat plate. These iron cooking tools fascinate user's imagination on how to cook as there are many ways of cooking with this cute Micro Dutch Oven.
  33. 33. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES STILE LIFE CO., LTD. Cooki Kettle Designer: Toshiyuki Kita The kettle was designed with careful attention to detail so that it would be easy to use. The smooth compact form was calculated to make the water boil faster and the large lid was projected for easy cleaning and hygiene. The kettle was also designed with attention to safety, so that it could be used for a long time. SUWADA BLACKSMITH WORKS, INC. Nail nipper "Mirror" Designer: Tomoyuki Kobayashi Mirror nail nipper is Suwada's flagship. Suwada's skilled workers polish manually the surface of nail nippers. Nuts Cracker K-type Designer: Tomoyuki Kobayashi Cracking walnuts puts a surprisingly heavy strain on the nutcracker. The nutcrackers in our range are made of stainless steel for durability. The attached holder means that the nutcracker can also be used in a specific place. The movable arm with different-sized hollows for different sizes of nut has a smooth back. The beauty of the stainless steel has been enhanced with shine polishing to a mirror finish. Alstick Designer: Tomoyuki Kobayashi Alstick is a completely-redesigned crutch. Its unique three dimensional shape is stable and easy to handle with an aluminum body that is both light and tough. Thanks to the design, we obtained a patent on it.
  34. 34. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES TAKANO CO., LTD Carry-Na-Walker Designer: Tatebe Design - Otohiko Tatebe “Carry-na-Walker” is a walker (walking-assist). It is simple and its design is stylish, therefore both man and women can enjoy walking with it. It helps you to walk and also you can rest with equipped seating. it is possible to fold compact. TERAOKA SEIKO CO., LTD. Luxeed Designer: Volker Busse This is a commercial scale that matches the décor of the retail space. A retail food store environment demands variety and high quality, we have pursued and achieved a design for a commercial scale that meets these demands. The design expresses a never-before achieved simplicity through integration of the platter and the customer-side display into the main unit. And the ability to match the product to the interior décor of the retail space has been enhanced by adding decorative side panels to the product’s design.
  35. 35. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES TOA CORPORATION Megaphone Designer: Shin Azumi This is a portable public-address equipment which consists of a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker. It is suited to such applications as stores, schools, event venues and sports facilities. It can also be used for alert in construction site and voice enhancement in case of disaster. This equipment amplifies electronically audio signals in the amplifier section and reproduces it effectively in the loudspeaker section. It allows speakers to send clear vocal messages, even from distant places, without speaking loudly. The series models include a compact type (ER-1106W/gray), hyper- compact one (ER-1103/gray) and models with whistle (ER-1106W/yellow) or siren (ER-1106S/red). TOAST.INC 17BICYCLE.DPT Exwalker Designer: Yoshihiko Miura You are surprised for running that cannot be thought with the tire of eight inches. There is a practicable speed depending on the high gear ratio rate. A riding position that is the same as the standard bicycle and comfortable can be taken at the position of the seat, the steering wheel, and the pedal. The occupation area is a little because it folds to length.
  36. 36. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES TOMY COMPANY, LTD. Omnibot 17μ i-Sobot Designer: Fumiaki Sonoda Omnibot 17μ i-Sobot is an advanced technology bipedal humanoid robot which is also a milestone in robotics price performance. Moreover, i-SOBOT has been officially certified by Guinness World Records TM (2008) as “the smallest humanoid robot in production.” only 165 mm (6.5 inches) tall. i- Sobot is endowed with 17 custom developed servo-motors, 19 integrated circuit chips, a built in gyro-sensor, two LEDs integrated speaker and is capable of voice command recognition. It can speaks and performs hundreds of words, phrases and preprogrammed actions, over 90 kinds of sound effects and play five songs. TONO PRODUCTS http://www.t-tono-com Blocks Tono-8Cork Designer: Tetsuo Tonouchi A compact size blocks set easy to carry. It has many variation of formation and magnanimous power of expression by its “Trapezoid piece of Tono”. The cork is very light, soft and outstanding in silencing. Therefore, it is optimum to play on a table or on a desk. It suits to be a gift. Natural paints, which are considered safe and environmental, are adopted not following the usual “For children = loud color” since, since delicate color seem to respect children sensibility.
  37. 37. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES TOPCON CORPORATION IS Imaging Station Designer: Mitsuo Ishii Topcon IS is a new type of total station that adds a 3D scanning capability to the conventional total station. Scanning can be performed at speeds of 20 points per second and this power is exhibited in activities such as surveying, civil engineering work and natural disaster recording. Measurements can be made within a range of 16.25 to 6,500 feet (5 to 2,000 m) from the installation point, and measurement ranges are easily set based on images photographed by the built-in cameras. The acquired data can be used for design/construction schedule control of large-scale land developments such as airports and dams. VESTAX CORPORATION VCI-300 DJ Controller Designer: Takayuki Hirabayashi An exclusive controller for computer DJ software (including mix, record and play functions). The layout and the each switch touch, knob, fader and jog dial has been designed to simulate analog record players and mixers functions. Projected to be light weight and compact due to mobile use. Immediate plug&play with the bundled exclusive DJ software and direct audio output provided with the built-in audio interface. We aimed to create a standard of the upcoming generation by loading all features known to be required for the digital era of DJing.
  38. 38. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED (JVC) Wood Cone DVD Compact Component Systems EX-AK1 Designer: JVC Design Center EX-AK1 is a DVD-Audio Compact Component System featuring unique Wood Cone speakers. Wood's superior acoustic characteristics, proved by many musical instruments, are applied to the wooden speaker diaphragm and the JVC original K2 Technology helps reach high quality and a natural sound reproduction that comes "closer to musical truth". In-Ear Canal Headphones HA-FX1000 Designer: JVC Design Center The JVC HA-FX1000 employs world's first wooden diaphragms made by JVC's advanced thin film processing technology. The HA-FX1000 delivers enhanced natural sound’s resonance across the frequency range. YAMAHA CORPORATION Modus H01 Designer: Yoshihiro Katsumata Modus H01 is a new electronic piano with minimum functions but maximum design. It was developed putting particular emphasis on making it an instrument that could be enjoyed as a beautiful presence in a room, an opportunity for a face to face communication, or could be either for private enjoyment or for guests entertaining. With minimal lines and a flat counter-like shape it can add an accent in the room is placed and with its sound effects and lid, integrated with the key cover, it gives the feeling of an acoustic piano.
  39. 39. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 COMPANIES YELLOW INC. Tatamet Designer: Norikatsu Morita In Japan, earthquakes are unavoidable due to its geological location. The hazard helmet to guard the head from falling objects is perceived as one of the most important earthquake safety item in every office and every home. However, storing a normal helmet takes too much space and consumers are not accustomed to keep a hazard helmet within reach. Tatamet is designed to resolve this issue by folding into a thin triangle for storage and popping out to become a helmet in one quick action. Its design and function have been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a hazard helmet for “flying and falling objects”. This is not a toy but a fully functional safety helmet. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail:
  40. 40. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS TAKASHI ASHITOMI Material Selection Company: HiHill corporation This project creates new mechanisms to increase the area's vitality through production, sales, and distribution. In 1999, the local government launched the Hihill project to vitalize local industries. It brought about a revolution in the consciousness of local manufacturers through a variety of different experiments to develop new surface treatment techniques, including environmentally sound metallic materials and lacquers. It also commercialized material plates to sell the local technology. The project became incorporated, and in 2003 formed a cooperative system for production, sales and distribution with the local government and manufacturers. TOMOKO AZUMI LittleWoods Company: Maxray Inc. A flat packable compact lamp, both for table and shelf, which recalls a winter forest’s impression, when low sun rays reaches you through layers of branches. Shade is made with "Pachika" paper (product of Takeo, Japan) which is heat pressed and creates a semi transparent pattern. "Pachika", that’s often used in graphic design, is use for the first time in a lighting product. At the moment (January 2009) this product is made and sold only in Japan, by Maxray. We are looking for a co firm from Europe, who is interested in licensing this product for European market. Please contact t.n.a. Design Studio for more information.
  41. 41. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS GK DESIGN GROUP Eneloop solar charger N-SC1S Company: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. An ideal source of clean energy for charging Eneloop rechargeable batteries, relying entirely on solar power instead of a conventional power supply. After the unit's internal lithium-ion battery is charged from regular exposure to sunlight, use the unit for a quick recharge of Eneloop batteries or as a source of power for electronic devices via a USB connection, as needed. Simply by setting the charger down on different sides, users can catch sunlight from two angles, accounting for different positions of the sun each day, throughout the year, or in various locations. Simple in design, the unit is shaped like a pyramid, which is practical. In this way, the design reflects its purpose and fits in well in home environments. NAOKO HIROTA Dinner cutlery Company: Mikimoto Designed with the theme of "Fresh and Fine-quality Daily Life." For the "Fresh", the rounded square has been used for the motif of the form, and expressed it in its design by giving long handle in the shape of elliptical prism. For the "Fine-quality", outline of the side view has been expressed in its design by sampling many varieties of the traditional hotel-use cutlery. Naoca One Piece Slippers Company: Hirota Design Studio Minimal designed slippers consist of die-cut, half bent material with sewn tip. It is developed for travel use. It is designed to wrap one’s heel rather than hold, it gets rid of the lose-heel-defect that existed slippers have. There are 3types of materials: felt, Eva and leather. Eva type is disposable.
  42. 42. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS NAOKO HIROTA “Oishii kitchen” project Chopping board Company: Fukuchi Co., Ltd. This cutting board has been designed by cutting out the each side with curve to reduce the grounding area. This minimize the corrosion and maximize its life time to be used. The material being used is the paulownia wood that is light-weight and has high sterilizing effects. ICHIRO IWASAKI Pyrex Kettle Company: Pyrex The body form is slightly canted toward the front as if a moment of pouring hot water were clipped, and the cantilever handle with tapered grip which becomes wider toward the front, offers a sure grip even over kitchen gloves. The body is made of 18-8 stainless steel with two different surface finishes matted and polished. The handle is made of heat-resistant silicon rubber. The capacity is 2.7L. The bottom is made of stainless steel YUS180 and this makes it available on electromagnetic cooker. Opus-1 nero Company: Evergreen International Co., Ltd. This reel is expert at black bass fishing in the fresh water. It has the high basic specification which includes the use of metal on 93% of all the parts and the possible rust proof finish on each parts. In addition to that , it reduced its weight from former model Opus-1 in order to enhance its kinetic performance in bass fishing. More than 95% of all the parts are Japanese domestic production, and its fine production achieved by high-quality fabrication and finishing by craftsmen.
  43. 43. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS ICHIRO IWASAKI Contrast - Aroma Company: Ricordi and Sfera Co., Ltd. This espresso maker which incorporates with familiar senses of everyday life likes of ceramic tableware and milk bottle, is intended to be a part of everyday life. There are two body colours white (gloss) and black (matte). Contrast - Ice Company: Ricordi and Sfera Co., Ltd. The shape of this glass gives its comfort on your hand which has got used to using typical round glass. Natural and relaxed relationship between the glass and your hands would become an attachment for everyday use. It has two sizes tall and short. MOTOMI KAWAKAMI Pulse Company: Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. Pulse becomes alive by sitting down on it. We paid attention to the importance of supporting the pelvis in order to firmly support good sitting posture. The curve that runs from your waist up to your back has been designed to be slightly lower than standard office chairs and the seat shape is designed so that your bottom sinks into it. With Pulse, by keeping the seating position consistent and firmly supporting the thorax we remove the strain on your posture so it's easy to keep good seating posture.
  44. 44. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS WAKAKO KITA Oriori You can use Oriori either as a shopping bag and as a casual bag, since it’s a all-purpose bag. It becomes a design that makes the best use of the line of the fold. Oriori Cotton Bag Made from cotton fabric, also emphasizing folds with Striped pattern design and vivid Colors, It' more than active image than Washi. Oriori Japanese Paper Bag Made from Japanese traditional hand-made paper (Washi) with durable water proof treatment without spoiling any original Washi features. Emphasizing folds which might remind of Origami. MASAHIKO NAGAHAMA Medi-Air Company: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Medi-Air is a smart air cell cushion for pressure sore prevention in wheel-chair users. For wheel chair users who are unable to life their own posteriors periodically to relieve pressure. The prevention of pressure sores is a very serious problem. Medi-Air is a self-regulating automatic air cushion that was developed specifically to deliver the right amount of pressure for just such wheel-chair users helping them to avoid pressure sores. The mechanism is made up of 40 individually controlled air cells which automatically adjust to provide an exact fit and evenly distribute pressure on the posterior. The achieved effect gives to its users the feeling of sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud. This product was developed and produced at The Yokohama Rubber Co.Ltd., under the supervision of Tokyo University professor of geriatric nursing Hiromi Sanada.
  45. 45. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS FUMIE SHIBATA IDeo Company: Kokuyo Co., Ltd. The ID card holder is an office need, since it’s always around the neck. Regarding conventional ID card holders, the lanyard is therefore characteristic. The design concept for IDeo, on the other hand, is focused on holders. Holding the ID card is a most essential function of the card holder and it is realized on IDeo For clear impression of the face, the strap is thin and dark color. IDeo is a way of making a positive image in the office and also the smart way of self-expression and self-working style. Fumfum: Flower magazine holder Company: Admiral Sangyo Co.,Ltd. ”Flower” is a flower shaped magazine rack. It holds the magazines and newspaper standing on the desk and enables to put them in order, like flower decoration. Fumfum: Solo Vase Company: Admiral Sangyo Co.,Ltd. A single flower could be arranged with the figure in the natural bloom. A frog is built in the vase to hold the flower fest. The flower shows itself so fine, from the stalk to petals.
  46. 46. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS SHINICHI SUMIKAWA Harmo Line Company: Showa Seito Co., Ltd. Sake goes well with a variety of food besides Japanese cuisine, and people now enjoy it as they do wine, with meals of all kinds. This inspired me to design ceramics for people to appreciate the spirit of sake without its customary ties to Japanese cuisine. The graceful flowing contours of these pieces are reminiscent of how fine sake feels on the palate. By adding a flower vase and other pieces in this series, people can make sake the thematic centerpiece of their table. SHIGEYUKI TAKAO Tourstage X Series (Golf - Clubset&Golf - Shoes) Company: Bridgestone Sports Co.,Ltd. It is a function and design fused and a peak model of Tourstage brand. It is an ideal club developed with voices of world tournament players to improve technologies, moreover incorporated new idea. It gives strong impression as a top series of the brand with high technology impression with originality and future image. And this "X series" has a innovative value as a product which is to subdivide into various player's swing level for adjusting.
  47. 47. OUT OF SALONE MILAN 22 – 27APRIL 2009 DESIGNERS SHUNJI YAMANAKA Avein Company: Kokuyo Furniture Co., Ltd. Office environments are more diverse and segmented than ever. To meet needs in this market, highly adjustable chairs have been introduced as versatile "machines" in the modern office. But what is the next phase in the evolution of mechanical controls that make owners comfortable? This thinking led us to wonder about "organic controls" in chairs that suit the human body better, and we found an answer in the form of harnessing airflow. Avein incorporates the natural element of airflow as a virtual material of the chair, which is an embodiment of softness. The chair emerged from comprehensive collaboration with Shunji Yamanaka to determine fundamental concepts, functions, and shapes, all emphasizing this organic concept. THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT: TRIENNALE DI MILANO - VIALE ALEMAGNA 6, MILAN APRIL 22 – 27 FROM 10.30 AM TO 10.00 PM Press Office Copyright Tel. +39 02 33104760 e-mail: