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  1. 1. PERFORMANCE ACCESSORIZED VTX1800F With its extreme V-twin engine, dual pipes and flangeless tank, the VTX1800F stands alone as the ultimate Sport Cruiser. But it's even better when you introduce it to just the right Honda Genuine Accessories. A Sport-Custom backrest, Sport-Custom rear carrier and custom windshield all enhance the Sport Cruiser look. And a chrome light bar can add style and functionality as well. Honda Genuine Accessories are designed for the best fit and the best possible performance, all the while providing a superior look. Every accessory comes with the same limited warranty as the bike, if installed at the time of purchase. And, you can finance them with your bike (OAC) through Honda Financial Services, making them part of your monthly payment. CRUISER 25 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  2. 2. — 26 CRUISER VTX1800F
  3. 3. DIGITAL AUDIO STEREO KIT 08A08-9H3-000 This water resistant digital amp and speaker system lets you take your music on the road by simply connecting your portable MP3 / audio player. (MP3 / audio player not included). The amplifier has your standard controls; volume up/down and mute. It also has active volume control so the volume will increase and decrease with the speed of the motorcycle. The digital audio attachment kit is required. (08B08-MCH-300). CRUISER 27 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  4. 4. DELUXE CHROME BACKREST WITH PAD 08F75-MEM-300B Added passenger comfort and support. Deluxe Chrome Backrest Mounting Brackets (08F75-MEM-300F or 08F75-MCH-350) required. ADJUSTABLE CHROME BACKREST WITH PAD 08F75-MCH-130 Adjustable to five pre-set angles for added passenger comfort. Rear Carrier Mounting Brackets (08F75-MEA-300) required. SPORT-CUSTOM CHROME BACKREST/REAR CARRIER MOUNTING BRACKETS 08F75-MEM-100A All Models 08F75-MCH-300A ‘02-‘05 Models Only Featuring Sport-Custom styling. Required for both: Sport-Custom backrests (08F75-MCH-300B and 08F75-MCH-300C) Sport-Custom rear carrier (08L42-MCH-300A). CHROME BILLET MASTER CYLINDER CAP ("V" DESIGN) 08F81-MEM-400 Chrome billet accent features unique "V" design. Packaged individually. CHROME BILLET DRIVESHAFT BOLT COVER (“V” DESIGN) 08F81-MEM-400A Beautiful chrome accent features our unique “V” design. — 28 CRUISER VTX1800F
  5. 5. SPORT-CUSTOM CHROME REAR CARRIER 08L42-MCH-300A Carry the Sport-Custom styling cues all the way back to your bike's tail end. This unique rear carrier complements the Sport-Custom backrest while adding some extra storage. Maximum allowable cargo weight 6.6 lbs. Rear Carrier Mounting Brackets (Sport-Custom, 08F75-MCH-300A) required. LOW CHROME BACKREST TRIM 08F75-MCV-340 Fits with either low backrest (plain or studded design). CHROME REAR CARRIER 08L42-MCV-300C Strap your extra gear to this high-quality rear carrier. Buffed and polished to a smooth, brilliant finish. Maximum allowable cargo weight 6.6 lbs. Rear Carrier Mounting Brackets (08F75-MEA-300) required. CHROME BACKREST/REAR CARRIER MOUNTING BRACKETS 08F75-MEA-300 All Models Required for Chrome Backrest with Pad (Tall, Plain or Studded), Chrome Backrest with Pad (Low, Plain or Studded), Adjustable Chrome Backrest with Pad and Chrome Rear Carrier. SPORT-CUSTOM CHROME BACKREST WITH PAD 08F75-MCH-300B (Tall) 08F75-MCH-300C (Low) Provides added passenger comfort. Chrome Backrest Mounting Brackets (Sport-Custom, 08F75-MEM-300E or 08F75-MCH-300A) required. SPORT-CUSTOM CHROME BACKREST TRIM 08F75-MCH-300D (Tall) 08F75-MCH-300F (Low) A great Sports-Custom finishing touch. Designed to fit with Chrome Backrest with Pad (Tall, Sport-Custom, 08F75-MCH-300B). CRUISER 29 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  6. 6. TALL CHROME BACKREST TRIM 08F75-MCV-330 Fits with either tall backrest (plain or studded design). DELUXE CHROME BACKREST TRIM WITH EMBLEM 08F75-MCV-100B Complete your VTX's deluxe look. This finely crafted trim with integrated VTX emblem easily mounts to Deluxe Chrome Backrest with Pad (08F75-MEM-300B). DELUXE CHROME REAR CARRIER 08L42-MEM-300 High-quality chrome rear carrier. Maximum allowable cargo weight 6.6 lbs. Deluxe Chrome Backrest Mounting Brackets (08F75-MEM-300F) required. DELUXE CHROME BACKREST/REAR CARRIER MOUNTING BRACKETS 008F75-MEM-300F All Models 08F75-MCH-350 05 Models only Required for Deluxe Chrome Backrest with Pad (08F75-MEM-300B) and Deluxe Chrome Rear Carrier (08L42-MEM-300). TALL CHROME BACKREST WITH PAD 08F75-MCV-310 (Plain) 08F75-MCV-300H (Studded) Enhanced styling and added passenger comfort. Chrome Backrest Mounting Brackets (08F75-MEA-300) required. LOW CHROME BACKREST WITH PAD 08F75-MCV-320 (Plain) 08F75-MCV-300k (Studded) Enhanced styling, plus added passenger comfort. Chrome Backrest Mount Backrest (08F75-MEA-300) required. — 30 CRUISER VTX1800F
  7. 7. CHROME DRIVESHAFT COVER 08P56-MCH-200B Easy to install. Appropriate labels are included and must be affixed. CHROME BILLET DRIVESHAFT BOLT COVER (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08F81-MCV-400B This chrome accent is a perfect way to cover your driveshaft bolts. CHROME BILLET COUNTERSHAFT COVER TRIM (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08F85-MCV-400 This Neo-Retro chrome accent is carved from a single block of alloy. CHROME BILLET DIPSTICK (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08F83-MCV-400B Carry the Neo-Retro theme through with this chrome accent. CHROME BILLET CLUTCH COVER (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08F85-MCV-400A Add this stylish Neo-Retro accent to an often overlooked area of your bike. CHROME BILLET TIMING COVER (NEO-RETRO) 08F85-MCV-400B Don't overlook your timing cover when adding to your bike's custom style. CHROME BILLET MASTER CYLINDER CAP (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08F81-MCV-400A Complements entire line of Neo-Retro accessories. Packaged individually. CRUISER 31 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  8. 8. SPORT-CUSTOM CHROME LIGHT BAR 08V31-MCH-100 Featuring PIAA™ Halogen Lights, handlebar-mounted push-button switch and brilliant chrome finish. REPLACEMENT BULB 08V31-MCV-10035. CHROME PASSENGER GRAB RAILS 08U95-MCH-100 Give your passenger added comfort and stability with these great-looking grab rails. Designed to work with all chrome backrests. CHROME HEATED GRIPS 08T50-EWA-100A Thermostat control with five temperature levels and integrated switches. Indicator light designates on/off switch detects battery voltage to prevent excessive battery power drainage. CHROME MASTER CYLINDER CAP 08F81-MBH-H00 Add a little more sparkle with this chromed replacement master cylinder cap. Packaged individually. CHROME ALLEN BOLT INSERTS 5mm 08F83-MCV-400C 6mm 08F83-MCV-400D 8mm 08F83-MCV-400E These Chrome Allen Bolt Inserts give your bike a smooth, flush chrome look. Chrome-plated. Available in three sizes. Package of 10. CHROME BILLET BANJO BOLT COVERS 08F81-MCV-400D Make your VTX sparkle down to the smallest detail. Set of two covers. CHROME BILLET UPPER FORK NUT COVERS 08F81-MCV-200F Cover your upper fork nuts in style. Set includes two covers. — 32 — CRUISER VTX1800F
  9. 9. CHROME BILLET DIPSTICK 08F83-MCH-200B Replace stock dipstick with this beautiful chrome accent. CHROME BILLET SWINGARM PIVOT COVER SET (NEO-RETRO DESIGN) 08P57-MCV-200 Chromed Billet Swingarm Pivot Covers feature Neo-Retro design. CHROME BILLET MASTER CYLINDER CAP (TRIPLE FLUTED DESIGN) 08F81-MCK-A00 Complements entire line of fluted accessories. Packaged individually. CHROME BILLET DRIVESHAFT BOLT COVER (TRIPLE FLUTED DESIGN) 08F81-MCH-200 Cover your driveshaft bolts in style. Featuring exclusive fluted design. CRUISER 33 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  10. 10. The Honda difference can be seen in our leather products, which are made with 8-9 oz, full grain cowhide that is thicker and stronger than the industry standard. It's drum-dyed, so colour stays true throughout. LEATHER SADDLEBAGS 18L 08L56-MEM-300A (Plain) 08L56-MEM-300B (Studded) 08L56-MCV-301A (Fringed) Heavy-duty black leather construction with integrated frame and molded plastic base for added strength. Chrome-plated buckles conceal quick- release clips for easy access. Approximately 18-liter storage capacity per saddlebag. SADDLEBAG MOUNTING BRACKETS 08L56-MCH-300B All Models 08L56-MCH-100A 05 Models Only These sturdy Saddlebag Mounting Brackets are made specifically for the VTX1800F and are required for all Leather Saddlebags. LEATHER TANK BELT 08F86-MCH-300A (Studded) ‘05-‘08 Models only Add to your cruiser’s unique studded style while protecting its beautifully painted surfaces. LEATHER TANK BELT ‘05-‘08 MODELS ONLY 08F86-MCH-300 - (Plain) Add to your cruiser's unique style while protecting its beautifully painted surfaces. LEATHER FRONT POUCH 08L52-MEG-100 (Plain) 08L52-MEG-300A (Studded) Stylish and convenient. 1.7-liter capacity. Ideal for cell phones or glasses. Designed to fit with or without all styles of Custom Windshields and Boulevard Shields. LEATHER TOURING BAG, 16L 08L52-MCV-100C (Plain) 08L52-MCV-100D (Studded) 08L52-MCV-100E (Fringed) 16-liter storage capacity. Quick-release buckles. Convenient carrying handle. Deluxe Chrome Rear Carrier, Chrome Rear Carrier or Chrome Rear Carrier (Sport-Custom) required for installation. — 34 CRUISER VTX1800F
  11. 11. CUSTOM WINDSHIELD 08R80-MCH-300G Performance 08R80-MCH-300B Sport-Custom Constructed from chip-resistant LEXAN™ for excellent clarity and durability. ADJUSTABLE WINDSHIELD 08R80-MCH-100 2.56" of vertical adjustability. Made of LEXAN. SPORT SHIELD 08R81-MCH-300B Rev up your cruiser's performance custom look. Aerodynamic design. Features aggressive styling and tinted polycarbonate. PERFORMANCE Honda Genuine Accessory windshields are specifically designed for Honda motorcycles, passing rigorous tests by the engineers who originally designed the bike. Their 3-D shaping provides optimal clarity as well as protection from the elements, and the use of 4mm-thick advanced polycarbonate offers excellent impact resistance. Not only does the stylish chrome garnish look great, but it also contributes to the overall strength and rigidity of the windshield. It's the attention to details like this that set Honda Genuine Accessories above the competition. SPORT-CUSTOM CRUISER 35 — FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT HONDA.CA VTX1800F
  12. 12. BOULEVARD SHIELD PARE-BRISES BOULEVARD (Clear) 08R80-MCV-300D (Clair) 08R80-MCV-300E (Teinté) (Smoke) NécessaireShield Mount (uni(Smooth, 08R80-MCH-100D or Neo-Retro, Boulevard de montage Kit - 08R80-MCH-100D ou néo-rétro - 08R80-MCV-300F) pour pare-brise boulevard requis. 08R80-MCV-300F ) required for installation. DÉFLECTEURSDEFLECTORS LOWER WIND D’AIR INFÉRIEURS 08R82-MCH-300 Ces déflecteurs inférieurs réduisent, avec style,wayturbulence de l'air et These Lower Wind Deflectors provide a stylish la to reduce air turbulence sont feature asur des supports au fini chrome étincelant and montés brilliant chrome-plated mounting bracket. HOUSSE POUR MOTO CYCLE COVER 08P34-MCV-100 Fabriquée d'un weather-resistant synthetic material. Features a moisture- Constructed of matériau synthétique à l'épreuve des éléments. venting system and custom fit. Parfaitement ajustée, elle comprend de plus un système d'évacuation de l'humidité. — 36 — CRUISER VTX1800F