Meeting held on 5th September 2007


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Meeting held on 5th September 2007

  1. 1. Minutes Title of Meeting: Motorcycling Matters Meeting Date of Meeting: Wednesday 5th September 2007 – 1600hrs Attendees Name Organisation Simon Deards Bedfordshire County Council Rob Wood Bedfordshire Highways/Amey Nicola Dawson-Randell BLCRP Caryl Jones BLCRP Christine Davy Luton Borough Council Chris Chandler Bedfordshire County Council David Coulson Motorcyclist – Wings, Goldwing Group Graham Seymour Honda Owners Club Bob Long BMF Will Curry SMART Motorcycle Training Apologies: Alan Collins Luton Borough Council, Paul Collis DSA, John Chandler Amey, Insp. Jane Aspin Bedfordshire Police, Peter Wathen Motorcycle Action Group, PC Pete Smith RSET Bedfordshire Police, Cllr Lawrence Luton Borough Council, Andrew Shilliday Highways Agency, Sgt Tony Richardson Bedfordshire Police, Jon Shortland Bedfordshire Highways Amey, Neil O’Leary Bedfordshire Highways/Amey, Kevin Penfold Bedfordshire Highways/Amey, Bill Brady Bedfordshire County Council, Geoff Hoptroff SMART Motorcycle Training. No. Item Actioned by 1. Introductions Simon asked all at the meeting to introduce themselves. 2. Actions from previous minutes Ongoing action: Jon to speak to Gordon Pearsall regarding accident data. Ongoing action: Jon, Kevin and Simon to take the idea of designated motorcycle parking in St. Paul’s Square to Bedford Borough Council and the Parking Shop. Motorcycling Matters Meeting, Bedfordshire Highways, Woodlands Annexe, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7NU
  2. 2. Simon gave an update regarding faults which were brought up during the last Motorcycling Matters meeting, which Nick Woodgate attended, and the results are as follows: High Street, Flitton: gravel has been cleared. A421 roundabout at Cardington Cross: pot holes repaired Maulden Road, Flitwick: Gully cleaning has been carried out. The feedback from the group in relation to these actions was positive. Following the accident Steven Neate had it was decided that Bob would not approach him for an interview at present. Bob did confirm that he has other contacts, which he can follow up. Simon agreed with Caryl that the option to ‘participate in forum meetings’ should be left on the website but that the nature of meetings needs clarification and minutes will in due course be published on the website. Simon handed out photographs from the Emergency Aid for Bikers a course, which was run by St John Ambulance on the 30th June ’07 and photos from the Mary Amos Cole event held on the same day. Simon confirmed that both events went well and was pleased that the forum has been involved in both events. 3. Report on A6 Safety Ride. Simon offered his sincere thanks to Debbie Poynton and Jon Shortland for helping to organise the day and making such a good job of it. Rob Wood handed out a report on the feedback supplied by the riders on the day. Rob then gave a brief description of what the report contained. Rob confirmed that accident stats indicate 14 casualties on this route and 9 riders were aged 30 and below. The feedback from the questionnaires shows that the people who took part in the A6 safety ride started in the age group of 30+. Rob felt that the older riders might have different views to younger riders of what is causing difficulties. The clear message here is that we do need to try to attract more involvement from target ages. It was felt by the group that it is difficult to get younger people interested in this type of event. Simon felt that the day went well and something the forum could build on in the future. Action: Rob, Jon, Caryl, Simon, Bill Brady and forum to think about approaches to attracting interest from key susceptible age groups. Action: Caryl to put A6 safety ride feedback and action to be taken report onto the Motorcycling Matters website.
  3. 3. 4. Publicity Caryl showed a clip to the group from Anglian News regarding the A6 Safety Ride. Following comments which had been placed on the website Caryl handed out some possible designs for stickers with the Think Bike message. Caryl asked the group for any comments on the designs. A decision was reached to have the yellow background with the word “Think” in red and word “Bike” in black. Caryl handed out 3 different styles of lanyards and asked the group what they thought. It was decided to have lanyards in red with white writing and medium width. The group also agreed just to have the stickers and lanyards as merchandise for Motorcycling Matters at this stage. Action: Caryl to progress orders for stickers and lanyards. Action: Simon/Bill Brady, Caryl, Christine to discuss funding split. Chris confirmed that a mail shot has gone out regarding a DfT campaign being launched in September/October. Action: Chris to supply list of who received mail shot and copy of the information sent in case this can be used to correlate any resulting interest on the website. 5. Pre-CBT Will and Christine confirmed that they would be running a course at the end of October at Luton 6th form college. Forum Representation: Structure and Identity 6. Simon asked the meeting if we should formalise ourselves to help promote ourselves externally. Simon suggested naming some of the forum representatives on the website. The idea of naming individuals on the website was a point of discussion and it continued towards an agreement that the website and the forum itself needs to be made more ‘personal’ and ‘friendly’. At the moment it could be perceived as a bit of an ambiguous entity. Decision to try to help to build up a profile of the breadth of the experience, but SD believes that we need to put out a call for younger riders through the website and also through those clubs or groups already affiliated to the forum…Honda Owners, Oakley MC Group etc. Graham suggested having a page on the website introducing the forum members. Action: Caryl, Simon to consider placing a question or two on the blog that might encourage response from riders of 30 or below. Action: All to send Caryl a brief summary giving information about themselves. Action: Caryl to draft an idea for web page introducing forum members and bring to the next meeting. Caryl handed out Motorcycling Matters website analysis and gave an
  4. 4. explanation of the contents. Caryl confirmed that the blog is the most viewed section. Simon asked that anyone within the forum who had not registered with the website to do so. Simon is keen that the first people to respond to comments on the blog should be forum members. 7. AOB Simon confirmed that St John Ambulance will be running another Emergency Aid for bikers course on the 22nd September and Simon will be going along to take some more photos. Christine confirmed that she is in the consultation stage regarding motorcycles in bus lanes and will be doing the report to Scrutiny Committee in November. Christine confirmed going well so far. Christine confirmed that there is secure motorcycle parking at Beech Hill car park, Dunstable Road Luton. Christine said she has received a request for motorcycle parking at Luton and Dunstable Hospital and asked the group if parking was a problem there. Bob confirmed that there is sufficient parking and does not believe that any more is required. A point was raised about the inadequacy in some cases of signing to motorcycling parking areas. There is scope to give clearer information in multi-storey car parks and wider potential in relation to the improving accessibility of travel information and details of parking information generally, be that by enhancing existing parking literature or providing maps on appropriate websites. Beds County, Luton Borough, Bedford Borough etc. Perhaps Beds as a whole on Motorcycling Matters website. Forum to provide biker feedback and advice on parking situation? Simon confirmed that Insp. Aspin, Sgt Richardson and Sgt Bonner are visiting the Metropolitan Police to have a look at their Bike Safe initiatives and will send feed back for the next meeting. Simon advised the group that Caryl is currently working on a motorcycle survey. Caryl confirmed that the survey is being funded by the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership and will be a telephone survey and hopefully online as well. There was a useful discussion about how effective the telephone survey approach will be and how the company contracted to carry out the survey will choose potential interviewees. The decision was to continue with the survey as planned. Suggested that DVLA be the primary point of contact to obtain details of possible interviewees. Also mention made of using existing cordon traffic count data to extrapolate proportions of motorcyclists using certain routes. Action: Simon to speak to Ian Tyers (Beds CC data analyst/manager)
  5. 5. Simon encouraged the group to ensure that they send any events through to Caryl by email so they can be out up onto the website. 8. Date of Next Meeting Wednesday 5th December 16:00hrs Woodlands Annexe, Bedford.