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  1. 1. To: ALL LOJACK - SVRN Coordinators From: Law Enforcement Liaisons LoJack Corporation – Southern California Operations Re: Monthly Update Report for July 2007, Southern California: Total number of “chop shops” and or “rings” for LoJack system Southern California: 297 HIGHLIGHT ACTIVITIES FOR THE MONTH OF July 2007: LoJack of LOS ANGELES COUNTY: On 07-02-07, LAPD Foothill Division patrol officers picked up the silent signal from the stolen 2003 Honda Civic on their on-board LOJACK tracking computer during routine patrol duties. The officers tracked the stolen vehicle to a carport of an apartment complex in the 12400 block of Chanute Street. The officers backed off from the location and notified detectives from CECATS (Auto Task Force), who responded to their location, verified the location of the vehicle, and set up surveillance. The suspect was observed entering the stolen vehicle with a black backpack, and driving out of the gated carport area. Patrol units attempted a traffic stop, at which time the suspect failed to comply, and a pursuit ensued. The suspect crashed through a chain link fence, and drove into a vacant lot. The suspect fled on foot, and with the assistance of LAPD “Air 11”, the suspect was taken into custody for 10851 (a) VC (DWOC), without further incident. CECAT detectives recovered evidence from the suspect’s backpack, which included a laptop computer, Sirius satellite radio, Magellan GPS system, mail, checks, credit cards and other identification belong to numerous victims. Detectives also recovered Methamphetamine and Marijuana from the suspect. CECATS detectives connected this suspect to two additional stolen vehicles (2000 Infiniti and a LoJack equipped 2004 Honda), along with twelve (12) burglary/theft from motor vehicles, and a mail theft. CECATS detectives are conducting this investigation. On 7-16-07, deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Pico Rivera had just tracked and recovered a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado and were detaining a subject when one of the deputies received another hit on his LoJack tracker. After identifying this as a 1993 Honda Accord, he left the first scene and began tracking the Honda which was moving. Within a few minutes, the stolen Honda drove by his patrol unit. Assisted by other deputies, a felony traffic stop was initiated at Green Glade and Cate, city of Pico Rivera and the suspect was taken into custody without further incident. The suspect was later booked VC 10851 and the vehicle stored and undamaged. On 7-16-07, El Monte PD officers responded to the victim’s home address and obtained a vehicle theft report. Within a few minutes of entry into the stolen vehicle system/NCIC, Air-45 flight officers picked up the silent signal and tracked and located the 2002 Dodge Durango in the 9900 block of Baldwin PL, city of El Monte. The reporting officer contacted the alleged victim and informed him the vehicle had been located and had sustained traffic damage due to a collision and also appeared to have had other damage due to being hit with a sludge hammer. When the owner refused to come to the scene, which was a short distance from his home, the officer returned to the residence and began questioning the subject. It this time, the subject admitted he had lied to the officer making a false report. He further indicated he had been drinking earlier and had lost control while driving causing damage. The subject also admitted he had used a sledge hammer to further damage the vehicle and was going to report it to the insurance. Officers arrested the subject owner of the vehicle and booked him for making a false police report. It should be noted the subject did not know the vehicle had been previously equipped with LoJack prior to reporting it stolen. On 7-17-07, the victim returned home after work and discovered that his residence had been burglarized, property was removed from his residence and his vehicle had also been stolen. Officers flying LAPD Air-8 picked up the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen 2001 Jaguar XKR. Air-8 observed the vehicle traveling westbound on the 105 Freeway and directed ground officers to its location. The officers arrived at 110th Street and Prairie Ave. just as the suspects parked the vehicle and were getting out. The officers
  2. 2. quickly deployed, taking both suspects into custody. The officers’ investigation found that there had been a series of burglaries in Hollywood Division and it appeared that the suspects were involved. The driver suspect was arrested for 459 PC (Burglary) and the passenger suspect was a juvenile who was also arrested for 495 PC (Burglary) and detained at Juvenile Hall. While being booked at the station, the driver suspect stated that he didn’t burglarize the house, the juvenile did. Hollywood Detectives along with Detectives, from the West Valley Task Force, are investigating the case. On 7-26-07, LASD deputies flying Air-7 picked up the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen 1999 GMC Yukon. The deputies observed the vehicle moving in traffic at a high rate of speed. They observed the male driver looking up at the Air Unit as he was driving and he began trying to outrun Air-7. The deputies requested LAPD ground units to assist. While waiting for the ground units to arrive, Air-7 observed the suspect stop the vehicle in a driveway located in 4000 block of Hepburn Ave. The suspect exited the vehicle and attempted to flag down another vehicle moving in traffic. When the vehicles didn’t stop, he fled southbound through backyards and jumping fences. They finally lost sight of him in the 4000 block of 9th Ave. but as the ground units were arriving, the deputies observed the suspect leaving the location where they had lost sight of him, only he had changed his clothes and commandeered a bicycle. Air-7 vectored in the ground units, who took the suspect into custody. The officers found the suspect had broken into a garage, changed clothes and stolen the owner’s bicycle. The suspect was arrested for 459 PC (Burglary) as well as 487 (D) PC (Grand Theft Auto). During the arrest search, the victim’s stolen vehicle keys were recovered and the suspect was in possession of the victim’s credit card. Southwest Detectives are investigating the case. Great observations by Air-7. On 7-31-07, deputies from the LASD Norwalk Station picked up the silent LoJack code of a stolen 2007 Toyota Corolla taken in a “Car Jack” incident two hours earlier in the city of Placentia. After obtaining the description, other deputies equipped with LoJack in their patrol vehicles were directed to the area and tracked the signal to 14500 block of Reis St, city of Whittier. Deputies cordoned off the area and set surveillance. Within 15 minutes, the vehicle left the location containing two males. Deputies followed the vehicle and affected a felony traffic stop taking the two subjects into custody without further incident. Placentia PD officers responded to the scene and assumed the investigation. One suspect was arrested and the second was released. Case pending further investigation by Placentia detectives. (INTERNATIONAL) LOJACK OF ITALY SPECIAL FEATURE STORY: On Thursday July 26th 2007, at 09.36am LoJack Italia received notification from Traqueur France (LoJack) of a theft report submitted by one of their customers vacationing in Italy. Earlier that morning at around 7.00am, the French client had reported his new bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo stolen to the local police near Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy where he was on vacation. The thieves broke into his house at dawn, using sleeping gas, and stole the keys to the Lamborghini which was parked in a garage in a separate location. LoJack Italia activated its network and at 8.50pm an acknowledgment of the transponder was received from an area around Ascoli Piceno, 122 KM south of Ancona. Local undercover units (judiciary police) from Ancona and Ascoli Piceno with vehicle tracking computers picked up the reply code at approximately 9:10pm and homed in on the vehicle that was presumed parked in a warehouse in an industrial area. An overhead helicopter unit provided support but the thieves apparently spotted the helicopter and fled into the Apennine hills. The reply code was lost. The patrol vehicles continued to comb the area, but without success. At 12:47am Friday morning, the vehicle was picked up by LoJack network infrastructure on the other side of the Apennines near Tivoli (east of Rome). At 1:15am, Lazio Polizia di Stato patrol vehicles intercepted the Lamborghini on the A1 highway from Rome to Naples, seized the vehicle and arrested the two thieves, who were of Albanian origin. MEXICO RECOVERIES: Thirty five (35) LoJack equipped vehicles stolen from the United States were recovered from Mexico during the month of July 07. LoJack of ORANGE COUNTY:
  3. 3. On 7-3-07, officers from the Anaheim Police Department picked up the silent LoJack signal of a stolen 2001 Ford F-150 that had been entered earlier by San Bernardino Sheriff’s. After obtaining the description, they began tracking the signal from the area of Katella and Walnut St and located the vehicle parked and unoccupied at a local motel in the 1200 block of Katella. Auto theft detectives were notified, rolled to the scene and established surveillance on the vehicle. A short time three suspects came to the vehicle and were arrested without further incident. The suspects were later booked for vehicle theft and other felony charges. The vehicle was stored and undamaged. On 7-26-07, California Highway Patrol Officers from Westminster area were assisting fellow officers on a traffic accident scene when one of the units picked up the silent signal of a stolen 2007 Toyota Camry reported minutes earlier. After obtaining the description of the vehicle, the officers noted the signal getting stronger then observed the vehicle E/B on the 22 Freeway east of Beach Blvd. The officers caught up to the vehicle and followed it as it transitioned E/B on the 91 Freeway. When sufficient units arrived to assist, a felony traffic stop was initiated as the vehicle yielded and stopped at Imperial Hwy.. The two female occupants were detained without further incident. The driver was later arrested on outstanding warrants and the passenger released. On 7-31-06, within thirty minutes of the LoJack system activating, officers flying Air-Eagle, picked up the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen 1994 Chevrolet C1500. The officers tracked the signal to the area of Ward Street and Circull De Villa where they observed the vehicle parked with one male suspect walking away. Air-Eagle requested Fountain Valley PD ground units to the suspect’s location. Their investigation found the suspect was a friend of the victim and had taken his vehicle. The suspect was arrested by the officers for 10851 VC (Driving without the Owners Consent). Fountain Valley Detectives are investigating the case. On 07-23-07, a Tustin PD officer monitored an area wide broadcast on the emergency Red Channel, that an Orange County Sheriff was tracking a LoJack equipped stolen vehicle. The deputy was in the City of Santa Ana in the vicinity of Bristol and Mac Arthur and was tracking the Santa Ana PD stolen 2002 Acura ATL. The Tustin unit, which was also equipped with a LoJack tracking computer, responded to the border of Tustin and Santa Ana hoping that the vehicle would be coming in his direction. He too acquired the signal in the City of Santa Ana at the intersection of Dyer and Pullman, where other agency units were tracking the vehicle. He tracked and “isolated” the signal to a motel parking lot, where he observed the stolen vehicle being driven by one male adult suspect E/B trough the parking lot. As he pulled in behind the vehicle, the suspect drove into a gas station pretending to stop for gas. Responding Santa Ana, Tustin and Orange County Sheriff’s units arrived and the suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect, a parolee for GTA, admitted to taking the vehicle from an acquaintance he had met a couple days earlier. He was arrested for Auto Theft, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Parole Violation. The undamaged vehicle was later released to the owner. LoJack of RIVERSIDE COUNTY: On 06-02-07, within nine minutes of activation, a Riverside County Sheriff’s K-9 unit assigned to Jurupa Station acquired the silent LoJack signal from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Big Bear stolen 2006 Big Dog custom motorcycle. The deputy was in the vicinity of Limonite and Hamner Avenues and advised other units that the signal was south of his location. Another RSO deputy, in the City of Norco, began searching the area of Hamner Avenue in a N/B direction. He observed the stolen motorcycle S/B approaching 5th Street. He negotiated a U-turn and positioned himself behind the vehicle, which had stopped for a red light at 5th Street. Before responding units could assist, the suspect fled back N/B on Hamner Avenue and a pursuit ensued. The suspect ran several mid-phase red lights, drove E/B on 6th Street (in the W/B lanes) and entered the I-15 Freeway S/B off ramp in the wrong direction, nearly colliding with a responding deputy. The suspect continued driving the wrong way N/B in the S/B lanes of the freeway. CHP was notified of the situation and the original pursuing deputy paralleled the freeway. RSO helicopter “STAR-91” assisted advising the suspect had exited at Detroit Street and was under the overpass. The deputy exited his police vehicle and approached on foot down the embankment. As he approached the abutment, the suspect was walking up the embankment, and was taken into custody without further incident. The suspect, who had prior convictions for GTA and evading, was arrested for Auto Theft, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Theft with
  4. 4. Prior Convictions, Probation Violation and Felony Evading. The M/C had some very minor damage and was returned to the victim. On 07-15-07, within six minutes of activation, Hemet PD Officers picked up the silent LoJack signal from the stolen 2005 GMC Cheyenne, which had just been reported to Riverside PD. Also included in the information was a physical description of a “named suspect” in the theft. One officer was on the east end of the city and the other on the south end. They triangulated the tracking and “pinpointed” the signal to mobile home residence in the 1300 block of Florida Street. The vehicle could be seen through the fence and the stolen status was verified. The officers conducted a “knock and talk” investigation and the described suspect answered the door. He was immediately taken into custody, without incident, and arrested for GTA, and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. The undamaged vehicle was then towed and stored. On 07-16-07, within four minutes of activation, CHP Thermal Air Operations Flight Officers flying “Airplane-61” acquired the silent LoJack signal from the Cathedral City PD stolen 2001 Chevrolet Silverado truck. Additional information included the description of a “named suspect” wanted in the theft and Assault with a Deadly Weapon on the victim. They tracked and “isolated” the signal to a residential area at Gene Autry Trail and Vista Chino, in the City of Palm Springs. Investigators assigned to the R.A.I.D. Taskforce (Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail) responded to the area and assumed the investigation. Utilizing their “portable tracker”, they were able to ascertain that the signal was emitting from a residential garage in the 2200 block of San Clemente Street. Surveillance was established on the location and at approximately 1127 hours the vehicle exited the garage, and the officers noticed that the vehicle had been “cold plated”. Two male suspects now occupied the vehicle, which turned N/B onto Gene Autry Trail, toward the City of Desert Hot Springs. With the assistance of DHSPD (marked units) a felony stop was conducted at Ironwood Street, where the suspects were taken into custody. The driver was the “named suspect” and admitted to the theft, and also was in possession of Methamphetamine and Cocaine. He was arrested for GTA, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Drug charges. The juvenile passenger was questioned and later released and the undamaged vehicle was held for evidence. On 07-13-07, a Riverside Sheriff’s K-9 unit acquired the silent LoJack signal from the 2006 Honda Motorcycle, which had been reported the Lake Elsinore Station earlier that evening. The deputy was N/B on the I-15 Freeway approaching Indian Truck Trail when he first picked up the signal. He exited the freeway and began tracking the signal, which led him back S/B into the rugged hilly area of Riverside County. He continued tracking the signal for approximately three miles, pinpointing it to a residence on top of a hill, in the 13100 block of Margis. The deputy made contact with the owner who gave him permission to search the property. There was a very large (4000 sq. ft. warehouse) on the premises and the signal appeared to be emitting from the building. The deputy cleared the building, however, the signal was still pointing in that direction. He then drove around the building and between his police unit and the warehouse was another trailer (mobile home). He then drove his unit toward the trailer and the signal peaked. Upon entering, he observed a mattress upright against the wall and in checking located the motorcycle behind the mattress. The dumbfounded owner was arrested for Auto Theft and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. He claims that he got it from two suspects (known parolees) who he could only provide first names for. The undamaged bike was towed and the investigation is being continued. LoJack of SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY: On 07-03-07, Ontario PD Flight Officers flying “Air-30” picked up the silent LoJack signal from the Alhambra PD stolen 2004 Mitsubishi Lancia. “Air-30” tracked and isolated the signal to the area of Imperial and Nocta and requested ground unit assistance. A responding ground unit located the vehicle in a parking lot and established surveillance. “Air-30” then observed a female adult suspect enter the vehicle and drive from the location N/B on Imperial. The ground unit then conducted a vehicle stop taking the female suspect into custody. She was very upset and crying, stating that the car was her dad’s and he was making the payments to another person and she drives it to school. It was further determined that this was in fact a “civil issue”. Alhambra PD will conduct further investigation into this matter and the driver and vehicle were released. On 07-24-07, San Bernardino County Auto Theft Taskforce Investigators (SANCATT) were conducting surveillance on a residence known to them to be a possible GTA location. They were watching three male suspects removing parts from a 1999 Honda Civic, which was at the far end of the driveway of a residence
  5. 5. located in the City of San Bernardino at Mill and Allen Streets. They were unable to verify the license plate as the trunk lid and hood were in open and not visible to them. During this time, and unknown to them, Riverside Sheriff’s helicopter STAR-96 and San Bernardino School PD had picked up the silent LoJack signal from the Honda, which was a reported stolen from Riverside Sheriff’s Jurupa Station. STAR-96 had acquired the signal in Moreno Valley approximately twenty miles away. As they entered San Bernardino the flight deputies contacted SBCSD Air “40-KING”, who also assisted in the tracking. San Bernardino School Police were also tracking the signal and just as SANCATT identified it as stolen, a School PD unit arrived and deployed on the suspects. Two were detained immediately and the third fled over the rear fence. Both helicopters provided air coverage on the perimeter, as the ground units conducted a search for the suspect. He was ultimately apprehended by SANCATT Investigators hiding under the rear axel of a fifty-three foot cargo trailer. The suspect had secreted himself, up on top of the wheels, between them and the bed of the trailer. This was the primary suspect in the GTA and he admitted taking the vehicle. Another stolen 1992 Honda Civic (not stripped) was also recovered. All three were arrested for Auto Theft, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Stripping a stolen Vehicle and one for Probation Violation. On 07-30-07, a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the Fontana Station acquired the silent LoJack signal from the 2006 Nissan Frontier reported earlier to the Ontario Police Department. The deputy tracked and “pinpointed” the signal to a residence at Hunter and cherry Avenues. Contact was made with the occupants and consent to search the location was given. The LoJack equipped stolen truck was located in the rear yard under a canopy and was nearly completely stripped. There was a 1988 Chevy truck in the yard and numerous other vehicle parts. Based on their knowledge of stolen vehicles, they believed that this might be a chop shop. The county auto theft taskforce SANCATT were notified and assumed the investigation. SANCATT Investigators had also received a “we-tip” notification on the location, which was under investigation as a possible auto theft/stripping location. The investigators also received consent to search the location and a number of stolen parts were identified. The 88 Chevy truck, is believed to be assembled with stolen parts, which have yet to be identified. This location has been classified as a “Chop Shop” and is number 297 for LoJack of Southern California. Three male adult suspects were arrested for the related charges. LoJack of SAN DIEGO COUNTY: On 06-26-07, two Chula Vista Police Officers were on patrol when they received the silent code of a stolen 1993 Nissan 300.They tracked the signal for a short distance to a residence in the 400 block of Second street. A records check showed a subject lived at the house that had a Probation Search and Seizure waiver. During a compliance check, the stolen vehicle was found in the garage. Additionally, there was washed currency and other currency in the process of being printed. Also present were light bulbs used for smoking methamphetamine. Another occupant, also with a Search and Seizure waiver, was at work a short distance away. One of the officers drove to the work location and contacted the second suspect. He was found to be in possession of methamphetamine also, and was arrested. Both suspects were booked for the drug charges as well as Forgery of Official Seal and Possession of Forged Seal. The vehicle was recovered without sustaining any damage. On 07-09-07, a San Diego Police Officer assigned to Eastern Division was in the Mission Valley area when he picked up the silent code of a stolen 2006 MBZ C32. He started tracking the signal and eventually found the car parked at a house in the 15800 block of Windrose Way. When back up officers arrived, they knocked on the door of the residence which was answered by the owner of the house. When asked about the stolen MBZ, the man said another man had just arrived in the car and he was inside the house. The officers were directed to the suspect who was arrested for auto theft. While the officers were inside the house and talking on their portable radios, they could hear their voices coming from an adjoining room. A closer inspection of the room revealed a lap top that was monitoring the police radio frequency. When asked, the owner of the house consented to other parts of the house being searched, and a stolen Honda was found in the garage. Both suspects were booked for auto theft and the MBZ was recovered without sustaining any damage.
  6. 6. On 07-17-07, a Chula Vista Police Officer was on patrol when he picked up the silent code of a stolen 2007 Suzuki motorcycle. This was a fresh stolen vehicle, and when he located it in a parking lot in the 1500 block of Apache Dr., he called RATT for assistance. A Detective from the task force and other RATT detectives responded and set up surveillance. After several hours, a Volvo pulled into the lot and stopped by the motorcycle. Then another vehicle pulled in behind the Volvo and both vehicles started driving away slowly as if they were looking for someone that might be watching their activity. The vehicles then exited the parking lot and drove to an adjacent lot. Both vehicles came back in a few minutes and left again, however the second vehicle returned a third time, stopping near the stolen motorcycle. A passenger got out of the vehicle with a motorcycle helmet in hand and approached the motorcycle. At that point he and the occupant of the vehicle were detained for questioning. One of the suspects later admitted their involvement in this and other motorcycle thefts. When the motorcycle had been stolen, the thieves taped the wires where they had “hot wired” the ignition and had a bogus key to go into the ignition to elude detection by passing police officers. Both suspects were booked for auto theft and the motorcycle was returned to the rightful owner. No notable activities in LoJack of IMPERIAL COUNTY; LoJack of SANTA BARBARA COUNTY; LoJack of VENTURA COUNTY; LoJack of San Luis Obispo COUNTY. MEXICO RECOVERIES: Thirty five (35) LoJack equipped vehicles stolen from the United States were recovered from Mexico during the month of July 07.