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  1. 1. Community Initiatives Since the company’s foundation, as the ex- pansion of Honda operations has brought us into contact with more communities and many countries, we have always sought harmonious coexistence and acted as a good corporate citizen. The drive to create close ties with the community emerges from one of the basic principles of Honda philanthropy: “As a good corpo- rate citizen, we will deepen our commit- ment to all local communities where we do business.” Our hope is to provide the help people really need, and to be truly welcomed in each society.
  2. 2. Cross-cultural exchange for kids H-Kids Project New Experiences, New Discoveries Growing Popularity We want children to explore other cultures and run free in the great outdoors. Touch Hello Enjoy We want to offer growing boys and girls with inquisitive minds new experiences FY the World Embassies the Sky! and the opportunity to make their own discoveries and encounter new values. 2004 900 38 83 That’s what the H-Kids Project is all about. Home base is in Aoyama in Tokyo’s 2005 900 47 87 Minato ward, the location of Honda headquarters. The theme is exchange, and 2006 1,100 52 260* a key goal is to let the children learn about other nations and cultures, make *includes special helicopter ride events friends and have fun. Our hope is to provide tomorrow’s grown-ups some happy experiences as part of their cultural education. FY 2006 Participating Embassies Republic of Angola Republic of Poland Republic of Panama Republic of Turkey Nations, Nature and the Sky are all on the Agenda! This trio of programs includes an invitation to Welcome Plaza Aoyama at Honda headquarters, usually in June, to “Touch the World," plus another cross-cultural exploration in August called “Hello Embassies.” In October or November, there's an exciting trip in an airship at Twin Ring Motegi called “Enjoy the Sky!” On the occasion of the 2005 Touch the World, a new project character was introduced and the kids named him “Kuribo.” The H-Kids Project Character “Kuribo” 31 Community Initiatives
  3. 3. T O U CH THE W ORL D Touch the World: An International Adventure Touch the World is an event that allows children to meet and experience other nations and cultures. Launched in 1999, the program takes advantage of the unique opportunities to be found in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, home to both Honda headquarters and many foreign embassies. This program has already provided hundreds of children with their first introduction to the people of some 29 na- tions—in 2005, the list included Angola, Panama, Poland and Turkey. The kids and their parents enjoy events like the “Mini World Tour,” where young visitors use special passports to travel to booths representing nations, and “World on Stage,” where performers from around the world give live performances. Presentations of Japanese culture and a lottery for charity were also included. Cultures on exhibit Hello Embassies: Learning from Local Experts Offering the kids an opportunity to learn a little more about their cultures, the countries represented at Touch the World invite 3rd- to 6th-grade elementary school participants to visit their embassies during the summer school holidays. Embassy representatives talk about life in their home countries and the embassy work they do, providing a fascinating view into other cultural worlds. In 2005, the visits were also written up for the new official project publication, the H-Kids Report. Children were assigned to prepare and ask ques- tions. They also learned about some of the interesting differences between countries. The results of their inter- views are featured in the report. Young reporters visit embassies The final H-Kids Report is released Enjoy the Sky! Flying with Friends In this exciting program, children enjoy the great outdoors while gaining valuable experience in teamwork. Kids meet new friends and form teams with program staff members at Hello Woods at Twin Ring Motegi. They get to know each other better really fast playing in the woods, and working together learning to get a hot-air balloon into the air and going for a ride! Enjoy the Sky!, a regular event, was held twice in 2005. In addition, with affiliate Honda Airways, Honda offered a special helicopter ride event. The kids spent a wonderful half-day learning from a pilot about how helicopters work, taking tests and of course What could be more fun than a helicopter ride? going for an exhilarating ride. *Lottery proceeds and program fees contributed to UNICEF Community Initiatives 32
  4. 4. Shared programs and special projects: Honda Group Activities in Japan At Honda’s facilities, dealerships and affiliates throughout Japan, we’re striving to be good corporate citizens by working on initiatives alongside members of local communities. Facilities Honda Philanthropy Office at Honda headquarters and Phi- lanthropy Offices in each of Honda's five factories constitute the Honda Philanthropy Coordination Council. Each of them is in charge of creating programs that suit local communities. They also share ideas and join forces to realize nationwide Hamamatsu Factory projects like the Nature Wagon, Dream Hands, afforestation campaigns and traffic safety promotion programs. Suzuka Factory Tochigi Factory Saitama Factory Honda Motor Kumamoto Factory Headquarters Honda HQ: Coordination of global production, sales, service, marketing, logistics, management (accounting, administration) Saitama Factory: Manufacture of automobiles and automobile engines Suzuka Factory: Manufacture of automobiles and automobile engines Hamamatsu Factory: Manufacture of mid-size and large motorcycles, power products (outboard engines), and automatic transmissions for automobiles Kumamoto Factory: Manufacture of small motorcycles, minicar engines, power products, and power product engines Tochigi Factory: Manufacture of automobile components Dealerships Affiliates As retailers of Honda automobiles, motorcycles and other Handling a broad range of functions such as research and products, Honda dealerships are particularly active in support development, sales, distribution, real estate, leisure, education of environmental and traffic safety initiatives, as well as in and parts manufacturing, affiliates offer factory tours, support providing special-needs vehicles. Their familiarity with local local events and participate in clean-up campaigns—applying needs also enables them to launch independent initiatives. the power of individuals and Honda technology to contribute to the well-being of local communities. This section highlights initiatives of dealerships and Group companies in Japan. A more comprehensive overview is presented on pages 51–56. 33 Community Initiatives
  5. 5. Multi-Facility Activities Factory Tours Factory Tours In keeping with the policy of making facilities open and accessible, Honda has FY2006 been holding factory tours since 1960 as a way of fostering greater appreciation Facility Events Participants of its activities. Honda offers tours of Saitama 288 13,166 its factories to local elementary school Suzuka 717 46,548 social studies classes, as well as to other Hamamatsu 167 3,950 members of the community. Kumamoto 199 6,556 Tochigi 26 601 Total 1,397 70,821 Suzuka Factory Clean-up Campaigns Clean-up Campaigns In addition to keeping the surroundings of their own facilities clean, all of FY2006 Honda’s facilities engage in clean-up initiatives in their local communities. Facility Events Participants Honda associates get together with col- Honda HQ 52 320 leagues and families to have fun while Saitama 3 1,224 Suzuka 2 1,166 beautifying the environment. Hamamatsu 1 606 Kumamoto 2 2,763 Tochigi 2 566 Total 62 6,645 Honda Group associates clean up the shores of Lake Hamana Blood Donation Drives Blood Donation Drives In cooperation with local blood banks, Honda factories hold associate blood FY2006 . drives at their facilities throughout the year Facility Events Participants Honda HQ 3 268 Saitama 3 207 Suzuka 6 412 Collecting and Redeeming New Year’s Cards Hamamatsu 4 704 Every year Honda receives traditional Japanese New Year’s cards. Associates Kumamoto 3 577 check to see if any of them contain winning lottery numbers. Winning cards Tochigi 2 91 are exchanged for their prizes, which are donated to welfare agencies in local Total 21 2,259 communities near Honda’s factories. In fiscal 2006, donations were based on 260 winning cards. Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives Nature Wagon, Dream Hands, Forest Watershed Preservation Activities and Traffic Safety Caravan (presented on pages 15, 23 and 25–26) are also multi-facility initiatives. Community Initiatives 34
  6. 6. Saitama Factory Public Access to Gymnasiums The Saitama Factory makes its gymnasium facilities available throughout the year to community members. The facilities were used by 2,900 people in 330 sessions in FY2006. Support for Community Sports Activities To promote community sports, the Saitama Factory held two volleyball referee Mini-concert training workshops, welcoming 400 people. It also lent its support to prefec- tural volleyball, civic kendo and prefectural tug-o-war events. Some 495 Honda associates participated as volunteers in these workshops and sporting-event support activities. Motorcycle Rider-Training Workshops Community motorcycle rider-training workshops were held in cooperation with local driving schools. Five workshops were held in FY2006, with a total of 244 Sports for the physically disabled people participating. Instruction was given by 44 Honda associates who provided technical guidance and administrative support. School Traffic Safety Patrol Associates from the Saitama Factory stood guard at local intersections to ensure children’s safety during Traffic Safety Week. This special assistance was offered in the spring and fall, with 60 associates participating. Community members enjoy the summer Transportation for the Disabled festival Fifty-four current and retired Honda associates provided transportation to and from a variety of charitable events, including a mini-concert and social gather- ing sponsored by the Kawagoe City Social Welfare Committee, and a sporting event for physically disabled athletes held by the Saitama chapter of the Honda Motor Workers’ Union. Holding Festivals Summer festivals are held for the enjoyment of associates and their families A special stall for everyone along with members of the local community. Some 80 associates volunteer, and some 3,000 people attend. Christmas Events Once a year, it’s time to deck the factory with colored lights, and share in the joy of the season. Some 3,000 current and retired associates and members of the local community enjoy the festivities thanks to the help of some 70 associate volunteers. Spreading Christmas joy Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives 35 Community Initiatives
  7. 7. Suzuka Factory Public Access to Sports Facilities The Suzuka factory makes its Active Land sports complex, which includes an indoor gymnasium, tennis courts, gateball courts and a field track, available to the public throughout the year. In FY2006, 19,335 people used the facilities. Handball and Gateball Lessons Handball clinic Suzuka Factory volunteers provided handball lessons for elementary school and junior high school students on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Classes were held 19 times this year, attracting a total of 1,364 participants. In addition, Honda volunteers provided gateball lessons every Saturday for local enthusiasts, with 504 people participating in 48 sessions. Sign Language Employee Education Starting in fiscal 2004 the Suzuka Factory added sign language lessons to its Gateball lessons lineup of volunteer education programs. A retired Honda associate qualified to teach sign language offers 40 lessons, on Mondays and Wednesdays, over a period of six months. In fiscal 2006, 20 Honda associates participated. Crafts Workshops at Local Events Children’s handicraft workshops are held in cooperation with a variety of events in Suzuka City and at Suzuka Circuit, including the Safety and Security Festival Suzuka, the pre-race festival for the Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race Safety and Security Festival Suzuka and the Solar Car Race. Honda Summer Festival at Suzuka Circuit Some 26,119 members of Honda associates’ families and members of the local community attended the Suzuka Factory’s annual Summer Festival at Suzuka Circuit. Oin Suzuka Solar Car Race workshop Thirty-two current and retired Honda associates took part in Oin Suzuka, an event sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. The volunteers staffed a Honda products display and children’s crafts corner. Oin Suzuka: learning to make things Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives Community Initiatives 36
  8. 8. Hamamatsu Factory Yaramai Car Go-Carts Assembly Program Together with local university students, Hamamatsu Factory associates created a build-it-yourself go-cart kit. The Yaramai Car program shows local children how to assemble the kits and lets them test-drive the go-carts. The program was held four times in fiscal 2006, with 180 children participating. Thirty-one Honda associates administered the program. Test-driving Yaramai Car Go-Carts Public Access to Swimming Pool Every August during school vacation, the Hamamatsu Factory opens its swimming pool to the families of associates and the local community. This year 1,300 people used the facility. Donation of Mini-Patrol Car A mini-patrol car handcrafted by ten volunteer associates was donated to the Hamamatsu Central Regional Traffic Safety Association. Donation of mini-patrol car Ground Golf Event The Hamamatsu Factory held a ground golf event for residents of Hamamatsu City who live in facilities for senior and disabled citizens. Twenty Honda associates volunteered to help with the event, which attracted 69 participants. Welfare Facilities Drop-in Program Twelve associates visited welfare facilities for the disabled and offered their Ground golf event services, cleaning wheelchairs, gardening, washing cars and holding cardboard craft workshops. Outreach Program for the Physically Disabled Thirty associates took part in an event reaching out to the residents of a facility for the physically disabled who rarely have the opportunity to go on excursions. The volunteers took 26 participants for a pleasant day of boating and shell-gathering, and a luncheon. Cleaning wheelchairs Shell-gathering Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives 37 Community Initiatives
  9. 9. Kumamoto Factory Baseball Clinic and Tournament The factory’s baseball club sponsored a rubber ball baseball tournament among local area junior high schools, with 30 club volunteers acting as umpires and tournament officials. Also, associates from the club are coaching local elementary school kids who want to become baseball stars. Tomorrow’s stars of the diamond Kyushu Corporate Women’s Ekiden Relay Race Honda provided official race vehicles for the Kyushu Corporate Women’s Ekiden, held on a course that runs around the factory’s campus. Twelve associ- ates volunteered to act as drivers and course officials. Parenting Support Group Sukoyaka 2006 Honda participated in Parenting Support Group Sukoyaka 2006, held at Grand Messe Kumamoto. Child-centered programs such as Traffic Safety Caravan and Traffic Safety Caravan local event Dream Hands were offered. Children who participated had fun learning about traffic safety and were able to experience making things with their own hands. Parent-Child Traffic Safety Workshop At this workshop held in cooperation with the Ozu Police Department, 210 pre-school children and their parents listened to lectures on traffic safety and . learned interactively about how accidents can occur Traffic safety workshop Ozu’s Big Three Festivals Honda co-sponsored festivals with the town of Ozu: the Azalea Festival, the Jizo Festival and the Sweet Potato Festival, which are collectively known as the “Big Three” festivals. The associates provided a cardboard crafts workshop and Honda products display. Country Gold Country Music Festival Sponsorship The factory proudly co-sponsors Country Gold, an annual country music festival held at Aspecta in the village of Minamiaso each November. For the event, Cardboard crafts associate volunteers contribute a Honda products display and cardboard crafts workshop. Country Gold Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives Community Initiatives 38
  10. 10. Tochigi Factory Softball Clinic The factory’s women’s softball team sponsored a two-day softball clinic for local elementary and junior high school girls. Receiving instruction from Honda players and coaches were 774 girls from 37 local teams . Public Access to Gymnasium Facilities The Tochigi Factory makes its gymnasium facilities available to the public Softball clinic throughout the year. In fiscal 2006, some 5,400 people made use of them. School Traffic Safety Patrol Associates from the Tochigi Factory stood guard at local intersections to help ensure children’s safety during Traffic Safety Week. This special assistance was offered in the spring and fall, with 12 associates participating. Moka City Industry Festival Moka City Industry Festival Honda provided three cars for the festival and volunteers held crafts workshops to teach youngsters how to build cardboard models and assemble a solar car. Twelve current and retired associates participated in the festival. Special-Needs Vehicles On Display Honda special-needs vehicles were displayed at Tochigi citizens’ day events and the Human Festa Tochigi, where their functions and operation were explained to visitors. Making things 24-Hour Endurance Ekiden Festival The factory launched this event in 1994 as a way of promoting healthy exercise and community spirit. It has since become a regular rite of summer, attracting many participants to the factory’s campus this year, including local Honda partners. The festival is organized by volunteer associates. 2005 Summer Festival Special-needs vehicles A summer festival was held for associates, their families and the people of the community. Some 8,000 people turned out to enjoy themselves, with many associates volunteering. Support for summer festivals Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives 39 Community Initiatives
  11. 11. Honda Motor Headquarters Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama, located on the first floor of Honda’s head office in Aoyama, Tokyo, is not just for exhibiting Honda cars, motorcycles and power products. It’s a free communication space open to the local community and a venue for many different types of cultural activities. ASIMO leads an event at Welcome Plaza Aoyama Elementary School Social Studies Class Visit Honda has been helping out at a fifth-grade social studies class at a local Aoyama elementary school since 1999. Associates speak to the class about the history of the automobile and environmental issues, as well as offer advice on car pamphlets created by students. Minato Ward Futsal Tournament Honda helped sponsor the Tokyo Youth Council’s 8th Annual Minato Ward Inter- national Futsal Tournament, which helps foster international youth exchange. Lecture at a local social studies class Some 216 elementary school students took part, joined by 230 family members and volunteers. Minato-Net Minato-Net is a philanthropic network set up by community outreach coordina- tors of various corporations in Minato Ward and the Minato Ward Social Welfare Council Volunteer Center. Minato-Net holds one or two volunteer events each year, and fosters both information exchange designed to promote social volunteerism as well as interaction between corporate employees and residents Minato Ward Futsal Tournament of the community. In FY2006, lectures were given on earthquake preparedness. Honda’s Wako Building, the Automobile New Model Center in Tochigi and Other Operations other regional management offices are also active in their local communities, participating in community clean-up and various local events. Honda Sun Honda Sun Co., Ltd. is a Honda affiliate. As a member of the Honda Philanthropy Coordination Council, Honda Sun operates a Philanthropy Office like those at Honda’s five factories. The center engages in information exchanges every quarter, and proactively supports wheelchair marathons, wheelchair basketball and other ac- tivities that give physically disabled associates an opportunity to challenge themselves through sports. Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives Community Initiatives 40
  12. 12. Dealership Activities Environment, Safety and Public Welfare Certification Honda has established its own standards governing the activities of its automo- bile sales/service centers in regard to safety, public welfare and the environment. Green Dealers Rainbow Dealers Orange Dealers Dealers who show a Dealers who contribute Dealers who make their commitment to environ- to customer awareness facilities barrier-free and ment-friendly practices of safe driving practices make special-needs ve- hicles available Support for Guide Dog Training Honda is asking its affiliated motorcycle and automobile dealers for their coopera- tion in setting up donation boxes throughout Japan to collect contributions for the Japanese Guide Dog Training Association. In fiscal 2006, 1,136 dealers were par- ticipating in the program and a total of 2,080,000 yen in donations was gathered. Automobile Dealerships Honda Cars Minami Kawachi (Osaka Prefecture) Osaka Child Watch Program Honda Cars Minami Kawachi is cooperating with the Osaka Prefectural government’s Child Watch crime-prevention program. All dealers display a sign indicating their cooperation with the program, and 18 company vehicles display ‘Child Watch On Patrol’ stickers. Automobile Dealerships Honda Cars Fuji Chuo (Shizuoka Prefecture) Clean-up Activities in the Mt. Fuji Foothills Company vehicle displaying ‘Child Watch On Patrol’ sticker In order to maintain the beauty of nearby Mt. Fuji for future generations, volunteer associates carry out monthly summer clean-up activities in the Mt. Fuji foothills in cooperation with Fujisan Club, an NPO. Automobile Dealerships Honda Cars Shizuoka-nishi (Shizuoka Prefecture) Lectures at Local Elementary and Junior High Schools In response to requests from elementary and junior high schools, associates gave lectures to children titled ‘Environmental Issues’ and ‘Dreams and Associates help with clean-up activities Aspirations for the Future.’ One dealership also made a section of its office in the Mount Fuji foothills available at no charge for weekly children’s English conversation classes. Motorcycle Dealerships Honda Dream Sagamihara (Kanagawa Prefecture) Charity Auction and Appreciation Event Customers, interested parties, associates and their families get together with Honda Dream Sagamihara Group representatives every year for the U-Media Charity Auction and Appreciation Event. All proceeds and contributions go to help social welfare organizations and disaster-stricken areas. Charity event draws a large crowd Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives 41 Community Initiatives
  13. 13. Affiliate Activities Honda Body Service Okayama Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama Pre.) Campaign to Eliminate Graffiti Honda Body Service Okayama, a Honda affiliate that provides automobile repair and servicing, participated along with other members of the Okayama Auto Body Repair Association in a campaign to eliminate graffiti from the Nakaicho area of Okayama in preparation for the 2005 Okayama National Sports Festival. The campaign saw five associates help remove graffiti from factory walls. Removing graffiti Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Aichi Prefecture) Recycling and Environmental Tour for School Children Musashi Seimitsu Industry, which manufactures suspensions, camshafts and other precision parts, responded to a program by a nearby elementary school that focused on investigating local companies. A plant tour was provided. Fifteen children and teachers received explanations of the company’s environmental initiatives, waste separation and processing methods, the recycling process and other topics. Students were allowed to actually handle recycled products, Children learn about recycling promoting a deeper understanding of the issues. Yanagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) Traffic Safety Promotion Yanagawa Seiki, which manufactures transmissions and other functional compo- nents, posts traffic guards at the two entrances to its Kameyama Factory each morning to help prevent traffic accidents involving associates or children on their way to school. They also hoist seasonal traffic safety flags alongside the public roadways in the industrial park. Roadside traffic safety guidance is also provided Children are guided safely to school by distributing leaflets to drivers at intersections inside the park. Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama Prefecture) Zero-Emissions Marathon Lead Vehicle Improving the environment in which a marathon is run contributes to faster times. The Dream Queen electric marathon lead vehicle, created by 15 members from the Motorcycle R&D Center at Honda R&D, is based on a large-displacement Silver Wing scooter. It made its debut at the 9th Tokyo Arakawa Marathon. Strong winds prevented runners from turning in top times, but expectations are First electric motorcycle to lead the marathon high for future events. Honda dealerships and affiliates throughout Japan contribute to community festivals and events, as well as clean-up campaigns. Always supportive of the community, they also collaborate in the holding of sporting events, blood donation drives, traffic safety campaigns, factory tours and more. A more comprehensive summary of Honda dealership and affiliate activities in FY2006 is presented on pages 51–56. Educational Initiatives Environmental Initiatives Traffic Safety Initiatives Community Initiatives Community Initiatives 42