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  1. 1. CITY OF TULSA EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) for Vehicle and Equipment Parts Management and Supply I. INTENT AND PURPOSE The City of Tulsa’s Equipment Management Department (EMD) is seeking information regarding the feasibility of utilizing an alternative method of acquiring the parts and supplies needed for the maintenance of City owned vehicles and equipment. The intent of this request is to provide the City of Tulsa with information related to identifying vendors who can provide a complete scope of the parts and service required, and how the vendor(s) might perform the required service within EMD’s environment. The Equipment Management Department anticipates that the information derived from this request may be used to develop a Request for Bids (RFB) for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of procuring alternate parts acquisition and distribution service. However, this RFI does not commit the City of Tulsa to develop an RFB, award a contract, or to any obligation for costs incurred by the vendor in the preparation of a response to this RFI. II. REQUEST FOR INFORMATION CONFERENCE For all vendors who desire to submit information, a conference will be held on January 27, 2004. The conference will be held in Room #1101, of City Hall, at 1:00 p.m. Please notify Patricia Cummings, Buyer, at 918-596-7561 of your intention to attend. The purpose of the conference will be to answer any questions concerning this Request for Information that may assist in the development of an RFB. Questions to be addressed at the conference should be submitted in writing by fax or e-mail no later than January 19, 2004. Fax #918-699-3021; e-mail The formal response to this RFI is due no later than February 10, 2004, 5:00 p.m. You must address your response to City of Tulsa, 200 Civic Center, Room 802, Tulsa, OK, 74103 to the attention of Patricia Cummings. 1
  2. 2. III. OVERVIEW OF FLEET OPERATIONS The Equipment Management Department (EMD) currently operates eight maintenance locations with five parts rooms. The City of Tulsa fleet consists of 3,064 vehicles and other related equipment. Approximately $1.7 million is spent to procure and supply parts and related supplies throughout EMD annually. EMD inventories parts and supplies, for the maintenance of City vehicles and equipment, are valued at approximately $460,000. EMD Facility Facility Location Type of Fleet/Equipment Refuse Shop 470 W. 23rd Heavy Equip. /Vehicles Central Warehouse 480 W. 23rd Heavy Equip. /Vehicles Engineering Shop 490 W. 23rd Heavy Equip. /Vehicles Transportation Garage 1720 Newblock Park Drive Light Vehicles Motorcycle Shop 1720 Newblock Park Drive Police Motorcycles Fire Maint. /Body Shop 1790 Newblock Park Drive Fire Apparatus/Damage Rep. Sewer Base 4234 N. Mingo Heavy Equip/Vehicles Garnett Light 5605 S. Garnett Light Vehicles Garnett Heavy 5675 S. Garnett Heavy Equip/Vehicles EMD operates parts rooms in the Central Warehouse, Transportation Garage, Fire Maint. /Body Shop, Garnett Heavy, and Sewer Base maintenance facilities. The normal hours of operation for all shops and parts rooms, with the exceptions of the Refuse Shop and Central Warehouse, are 7:30am to 3:30pm. The Refuse Shop operates from 6:30am to 5:00pm. The Central Warehouse operates from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Refer to Attachment #1 for a description of the City of Tulsa vehicle fleet and equipment. IV. SCOPE OF SERVICES A. General Vendor Information Interested vendors are asked to provide information in regards to personnel, management, parts, and supplies necessary to run an efficient and effective on-site parts operation that covers all hours worked by each facility, including overtime due to peak demand and emergency operations. All parts, (including grease, oil, and tires) necessary to maintain, repair and operate all fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, including but not limited to automobiles, light, medium, and heavy trucks, heavy machinery and equipment are to be provided within the scope of this service. Also, those items used by other agency that have been traditional stock items of EMD’s current stock room must be provided. The Equipment Management Department currently maintains approximately fifty (50) contracts for parts for the maintenance of City equipment. These contracts are “exclusive” in nature. The City must buy parts from the contracted vendor that are covered by the contract, and not from any other vendor. These existing contracts may be “assigned”. The existing parts contracts are valid for one year, but do not have a common expiration date. The contracts expire on various dates throughout the calendar year. A list of the current EMD maintained contracts will be made available to vendors at the Request for Information Conference. B. General Parts Information 2
  3. 3. Original Equipment quality parts, supplies, and equipment or the equivalent or better are required. It is expected that a contracted vendor will be able to provide all of the parts required. However, if the vendor is unable to supply any particular part and/or supply within the specified time frame, the City of Tulsa reserves the right to purchase those parts and supplies from other vendors. A vendor would maintain all warranty records and handle all parts warranty issues. 5. POTENTIAL VENDOR REQUIREMENTS A. The vendor shall have access to and control over sufficient inventory provided either by the vendor’s on-site or off-site stock, its own warehouse, original equipment manufacturer and/or by negotiation with one or several parts operations to furnish 85% of the City’s parts requirements on demand and 95% of the City’s parts requirements within two hours of demand. B. If a contract is awarded as a result of this process, EMD and the successful vendor shall conduct an inventory of the then existing EMD parts inventory. Prospective vendors, in their response to this RFI, must indicate how EMD’s parts inventory would be utilized for the maintenance of City owned vehicles and equipment without any financial loss to the City. C. The vendor would be responsible for entering work order parts issues data into the City’s CSI/Maximus M/4 data system. Please include a statement regarding the vendor’s software system that would be used to keep parts transactions current in the EMD’s data system. If a system other than CSI/Maximus is used by the vendor, please include statements regarding the compatibility of vendor’s software with EMD’s current CSI Maximus M4, or any method in which the vendor would keep parts transaction’s current within EMD’s data system. D. Any required changes in the physical layout of the parts room(s) should be indicated in the response to this RFI. E. The vendor would provide specialized equipment such as terminals and printers for vendor’s computer system, office machines, file cabinets, shop equipment, recycling apparatus, vehicles and other facilities and services that may be mutually agreed to. F. The vendor would issue parts or supplies to City personnel who present them with a proper work order requisition. Neither EMD employees or any other individual or private enterprise would be allowed to purchase parts or supplies from the on-site parts store operation. Operations, stock, facilities and management of the on-site store are to be used solely for the fleet facilities needs outlined herein. No parts would be issued for personal use. G. The vendor would be responsible for all costs associated with providing inventory, pickup/delivery, personnel and administrative overhead to operate the facility. H. The vendor would be responsible for providing manufacturer’s price lists to the Purchasing Department as well as to the Equipment Management Department on all brands of parts needed to maintain the City’s fleet. I. The vendor would be responsible for the removal or recycling services for the following; used motor oils and lubricants, used hydraulic fluid, used anti-freeze/coolant, used 3
  4. 4. refrigerant, scrap and retreadable tire casings, used batteries and battery acid. Disposal of such products would be only in a manner prescribed by Federal, State, and local laws. VI. CITY OF TULSA FACILITIES The City of Tulsa may provide operations and storage areas to the vendor. This may include, but is not limited to, utilities, local phone and fax service, terminals and printers for the City’s computer system. VII. METHOD OF INVOICING Vendors responding to this RFI need to provide a methodology for invoicing the City for this service. An itemized invoice, for all parts issue transaction, would be required. VIII. PERFORMANCE BOND The City of Tulsa anticipates at a sizeable performance bond will be required if a contract is written for this project. Respondents to this RFI are asked to indicate their company’s experience with providing performance bonds up to and including $2,000,000. IX. RESPONSE FORMAT In their written response, interested vendors should outline their anticipated structure of an on- site parts operation, which would meet the City of Tulsa’s needs for vehicle and equipment parts acquisition and supply. Vendors should indicate the number and location of parts rooms anticipated for this project. The staff necessary for the operation of this project should also be stated. If a contract is awarded, explain how the project would be implemented; i.e., the timetable, the “phases” or “stages” of the implementation, etc. Vendors must indicate their experience in providing the parts and services called for in this on- site parts operation. Include a listing of the governmental agencies and private sector companies in which you have provided this service. Please give as much detailed information as possible regarding the implementation phase, including any difficulties encountered and how they were handled. 4
  5. 5. CITY OF TULSA EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT ATTACHMENT #1 This attachment lists the City of Tulsa vehicle fleet and equipment categorized by type of vehicle (equipment), make or manufacture, model, year, and quantity. The purpose of this attachment is to provide a description of the City of Tulsa vehicle fleet and equipment so that vendors may gain an idea of the composition of the fleet. The vendor can then formulate the inventory requirements necessary to meet the demands of this request. Although every effort has been made to make this list as accurate as possible, the actual numbers may vary. Information in this attachment reflects the City of Tulsa vehicle fleet and equipment as of December, 8th, 2003. YEAR MAKE & MODEL QUANTITY C. Marked “Police Package” Vehicles ’95 Chevrolet, Caprice 1 ’98 – ’99 Chevrolet, Lumina 16 ’00 – ‘03 Chevrolet, Impala 91 ’96 – ’03 Ford, Crown Victoria 585 Total 693 D. Police Motorcycles ’96 – ’02 Kawasaki, KZ-1000 Total 30 E. Automobiles (Includes Police unmarked) ’95 Chevrolet, Camaro 2 ’93 – ’95 Chevrolet, Caprice 7 ’87 – ’95 Chevrolet, Cavalier 23 ’98 – ’99 Chevrolet, Lumina 7 ’00 – ’02 Chevrolet, Impala 18 ’89 Dodge/Plymouth, Aries/Reliant 1 ’97 Dodge, Intrepid 9 ’97 Dodge, Neon 4 ’96 – ’00 Ford/Mercury, Contour/Mystique 117 YEAR MAKE & MODEL QUANTITY ’95 – ’03 Ford/Mercury, Crown Victoria/Grand Marquee 28 5
  6. 6. ’96 – ’98 Ford, Escort 27 ’00 – ‘03 Ford, Focus 3 ’93 – ’97 Ford, Mustang 8 ’93 – ’03 Ford/Mercury, Taurus/Sable 178 ’91 – ’94 Ford, Tempo 13 ’94 – ’95 Ford/Mercury, Thunderbird/Cougar 2 ’01 Toyota, Prius 2 ’03 Toyota, Corolla 2 Misc. (one of a kind) 5__ Total 456 F. Light Trucks ’92 – ’95 Chevrolet, S-10 6 ’89 – ’94 Chevrolet, C-1500 (1/2 Ton) 33 ’89 – ’95 Chevrolet, C-2500 (3/4 Ton) 22 ’85 – ’98 Chevrolet, C-3500 (1 Ton) 14 ’99 Dodge, Dakota 8 ’99 Dodge, Ram (1/2 Ton) 22 ’94 – ’03 Ford, Ranger 56 ’88 – ’03 Ford, F150 (1/2 Ton) 172 ’89 – ’03 Ford, F250 (3/4 Ton) 145 ’86 – ’03 Ford, F350 (1 Ton) 63 Total 541 G. Vans ’89 – ’94 Chevrolet, Astro 8 ’82 – ’95 Chevrolet, G-3500 13 ’99 Dodge, Caravan 2 ’86 – ’97 Ford, Aerostar 26 ’97 – ’03 Ford, Windstar 69 ’86 – ’02 Ford, E250 12 ’88 – ’03 Ford, E350 41 ’97 – ’00 Ford, Club Wagon 20 ’00 Freightliner, MT45 3__ Total 194 SUVs ’92 – ’95 Chevrolet, Blazer 9 ’92 – ’00 Chevrolet, Suburban 16 ’99 Chevrolet, Tahoe 1 ’85 – ’96 Ford, Bronco 7 ’94 – ’02 Ford, Explorer 51 ’99 – ’03 Ford, Expedition 7 ’00 – ’03 Ford, Excursion 4 ’94 & ’99 Honda, Passport 2 ’98 Jeep, Wrangler 1__ Total 98 H. Heavy Trucks YEAR MAKE & MODEL QUANTITY ’86 – ‘95 Chevrolet, C-60 5 ’86 – ’89 Chevrolet, C-70 2 6
  7. 7. ’99 – ’00 Ford, F366 7 ’00 – ‘03 Ford, F450 22 ’99 Ford, F467 4 ’92 – ’97 Ford, F477 11 ’99 Ford, F478 2 ’03 Ford, F550 1 ’85 – ’89 Ford, F600 2 ’90 – ’01 Ford, F700 7 ’93 Ford, F800 5 ’92 Gulfstream, Motorhome 2 ’86 Int’l Harvester (IHC), 1700 1 ’85 – ’88 IHC, S-1900 9 ’88 – ’01 IHC, 2554 122 ’85 – ’02 IHC, 4700 35 ’91 – ’02 IHC, 4900 105 ’04 IHC, 7400 15 ’03 IHC, 7600 3 ’92 – ’00 Crane Carrier, IRL 11 ’74 Saracen, MKS 1-6 1 ’00 Sterling, L7501 2 ’00 Isuzu, 3 Ton 1 ’00 Mitsubishi, Fuso 1__ Total 375 I. Fire Apparatus ’94 Boardman, Pumper 4 ’00 & ’02 Cyclone II Aerial 2 ’85 – ’91 EO, Pumper 15 ’86 – ’91 EO, Ladder 2 ’03 IHC 4400 2 ’01 Lear II Gladiator 5 ’00 Pierce, Ladder 3 ’00 – ‘02 Pierce, Aerial 4 ’97 Pierce, Quantum 2 ’96 Saulsbury, Hazmat 1 ’94 – ’97 Simon-Duplr, Aerialscope 2 ’92 Simon-Duplr, Ladder 1 ’02 & ’03 Spartan Gladiator 5__ Total 48 Grand Total of Vehicles 2,435 Tractors, Graders, Front End Loaders, Backhoes, Gradalls, etc. Total 275 Portable Generators (Onan and Misc.) Total 63 Trailers (equipment, flatbed, horse, etc.) Total 291 7
  8. 8. Grand Total 3,064 The City of Tulsa owns a large inventory of mowers, trimmers, chippers, spreader, carts, etc. The owning Departments mostly maintain these types of small equipment. If the City of Tulsa owns vehicles and/or equipment not listed on this attachment, the contracted vendor will still be responsible for supplying parts to maintain the vehicles/equipment. 8