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Chapter Newsletter for June


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Chapter Newsletter for June

  1. 1. GoldWing Road Riders Association R Northeast Region B Chapter PA-I JUNE 2010 Gatherings held on the third Saturday of the month at Fat Man’s Restaurant, Main St., Reynoldsville, PA. Dinner is at 6:00 PM with the gathering to follow. Visit our website: www. Chapter Officers and Staff Chapter Directors: Assistant Chapter Directors: Tom & Lois Conner Mel & Jodi Lufsey 149 Cherry Street 119 Beers Road Punxsutawney, Pa. 15767 New Bethlehem, PA 16242 814-938-5958 814-275-1271 Treasurer & Goodies Managers: Chapter Educators: Paul and Helen Long Dave and Sheila Reams 95 Spruce St, Luthersburg, PA 15848 323 Albion Rd. Punxsutawney, PA 15767 814-583-5479 814-938-9557 Chapter Couple of the Year 2010-11 Ride Coordinators: Ray and Doreen Snyder Lee & Donna Miller 814-583-5619 814-849-8997 Membership Enhancement & Information Coordinators: Webmasters: Dick and Mary Lou Hetrick Tom and Anna Adams 814-856-3222 814-375-5356 Ambassador of Fun: Album Coordinators Danise Hartle Ray and Doreen Snyder 814-938-7136 814-583-5619 Greeting Card Coordinators: Newsletter Coordinators: Bill and Pam Crissman Bill and Peg Zortman 814-256-3570 814-653-8851 Motorcycle Awareness Coordinators: Newsletter Staff: Bryan Simanic and Bev Hudsick Dave and Susan Moore 814-371-3836 814-653-2091 District Officers District Directors: Northwest Assistant Directors: Tom and Renee Wasluck Dana and Danise Hartle 570-474-1014 814-938-7136 District Educator: District Couple of the Year: John Steele Miguel & Gracy Lebron Region Officers Region B Directors: Region B Couple of the Year:
  2. 2. Lorraine and Earl Knight Mike & Nancy Mandel FROM OUR CHAPTER DIRECTORS: Wow, the beginning of June already. Hope you are getting some riding in. I had recently talked of the interest in a Maintenence Day. Unfortunately, i think we have run out of weekends, although I will still be on the look out for something in the near future. Many, many of you showed interest. So I will tell you, this will become reality by next year for sure. Although the Chapter has planned nothing as a group this year for Wing Ding, that doesn't mean it is not going on. If you have an interest in going, you can find help links on our Webpage or you can find info at Please feel free to give me or Mel a call if you have any questions before you head out. Speaking of Rallies, our own PA District Rally is August 26th-29th this year. This is the last year for it to be held in Johnstown, Pa. Hopefully you have made reservations by now, but if you have not and need help, please contact Mel Lufsey ASAP. Mel & Jodi are doing the planning for Chapter I this year at the rally and Jodi is working very hard at trying to pull the talent of this Chapter to the fore front. Our last practice showed she is making some progress, so you don't want to miss this. The girls will also be performing on their trikes again at this years Rally. And our very own Ray & Doreen Snyder will be competing in the Couple of the Year program against other couples from across the State, I wish them all the luck and just remind them to be themselves and have fun. After all, that is why they were selected in the first place. So, If you happen to see Ray & Doreen, wish them luck and show your support as they continue to represent Chapter PA-I as our 2010 Couple of the Year. Don't miss this Rally; it is going to be a ball. As we begin to trek into the month of June and our Ride Schedule gets into over drive, please remember the different avenues available to you to see what is going on. Check this Newsletter and others for all the upcoming rides. Check the Chapter I Webpage as mentioned above, gain access to a hard copy of the Ride Schedule by contacting Lee & Donna Miller or give one of us a call, many of the staffs numbers are at the top of this Newsletter, we are here for you. and as always, keep an eye on your email, as that is how I communicate any changes or additions throughout the month. RAFFLE TICKETS, I want to thank everyone who has helped in the selling of raffle tickets to help support our District. It sounds like once again this year we will move 300 tickets. All tickets are out in the hands of a Chapter member or already turned back into me. I ask that you finish getting the rest sold and get them back to me ASAP. Once again, we can feel proud that as a group we have done our part in supporting the District. Thank you. Ride Safe, Tom & Lois
  3. 3. FROM OUR ACDs-------- May has been a busy month for riding. Jodi and I were able to ride with the group to Mountain Quest in West Virginia. The weather was great on the way down and we loved the evening meal at the Inn and the fun time we had afterwards in the game room upstairs. We especially enjoyed the great room we stayed in that night. We wish we could have stayed the second night with everyone but we needed to get home for Mother's Day. I think Brian and Dorinda Smith would agree that our trip home was quite challenging as we encountered unbelievable wind the entire ride back to our homes. Thank you, Gary and Robin, for planning and leading such a nice trip. Last weekend the Millers and the Lufseys left on a Friday afternoon and rode to Gettysburg together to join the group that had left earlier in the day. Once again the weather down was absolutely perfect. We got up on Saturday morning and the weatherman predicted a lot of rain but Dave and Shelia Reams led us all to the battlefields. From the first stop in the morning to the last stop in the late afternoon, Dave told us the stories of our great history of the battles and the men who fought and died there. I am still in awe about how knowledgeable Dave is on the subject. I think all who were there would agree that doing the Gettysburg experience with Dave and Shelia was like having your own private tour guide, only they didn't charge for it. I believe they truly love sharing it with others, so that the stories live on. The rain held off all day until we went for our evening meal. Sheila picked an old barn out in the country and the food and fellowship made for a great time. We all said we would eat till the rain quit but our bellies filled up first. By the time we left the rain had slowed and all arrived back at the motel safely. Our Sunday started out wet but the weather improved as the day went on and we arrived home being so glad we experienced Gettysburg with our Chapter I friends. Thank you, Dave and Sheila, for such a wonderful weekend. At our May gathering, we had another fun time visiting with everyone. Our Ride for Kids raffle brought in $137.00, bringing our new total to $1547.00. We have just two more gatherings before we take the money and donate at the annual Ride for Kids in August. Dave Marconi will be donating 5 paintings for our June raffle. I have four at my house now and they are beautiful and framed and ready for hanging. We will do them as a Chinese auction so you can put your tickets towards the ones you would like to win. My last goal is $1800.00, which if reached will bring yet another challenge. Dana, Tom, and I will be putting on aprons and each of us making an apple pie from scratch. This will be done at a location where anyone may attend and watch or film. At the end, we will be serving ice cream and pie to all who show up. If we burn our own pies, we will eat our own mistakes and the rest of you will enjoy the ice cream. Jodi and I will be leading the June gathering due to Tom giving away his daughter at her wedding. Please come and join us, as we will conduct business as usual. At this month’s gathering, we will be collecting non perishable food items for the food
  4. 4. bank at the Johnstown convention. You may bring normal size cans of anything or boxes of macaroni and cheese. If you can't attend the gathering and you want to donate, please let me know and I will make arrangements to pick up your contributions. Last but not least, please check you ride schedule as there are a lot of rides scheduled for June. There is still time to participate in any of these. Take Care All Mel & Jodi Attend & Win Well, in April, the Starr's visited us. We don't get to see a lot of them because of their business, but it was nice to see them. Why do I mention that? I happened to pull Lori Starr's name for Attend & Win. One small problem, I pulled her name in May and not April. Sorry, Lori. With Lori not in attendance in May, that means June's Jackpot is up to $100.00. It is someone's to win; all you need to do is be there. Lois and I will not be in attendance, but fear not, Mel will be making the call. Hope your name is drawn. See you at the gathering.. Be safe, Tom & Lois MEET THE SMITHS-------- Hi all, have you had a chance to meet Ken and Deb Smith? They are one of our newer couples. Well, I recently asked the Smiths to give us a bit of history about themselves, which I would like to share with you at this time. "We are originally from the Lock Haven, PA area and moved to the Punxsutawney area 31 years ago. Married 30 years. Ken has worked for many years driving truck for a local gas drilling company, I worked at a law firm for 16 years, but since auto accident in 2006, I am a stay-at- home housewife (Ken wonders about the "stay at home" part)! Ken enjoys woodworking, hunting and fishing obviously when he can make the time. I enjoy scrapbooking, stamping and knitting. We both enjoy the outdoors, sitting around a campfire, swimming, gardening, picnics etc. We have two daughters, Suzie and Lori (both married and doing well) and we have three grandchildren (one girl, Morgan,age13 and two boys Jake, age 11 and Andy, age 6) which keep us on the go with baseball, basketball, etc. We have a Jack Russell Terrier very originally named "Jack" (aka Jack Russell "terror") who is just full of spunk. He is very, very, very energetic. His little tail goes so fast, I
  5. 5. swear he will take flight one of these days. He is a pet we should of had 20 years ago when we had more energy. We love him anyway! We enjoy being with other people and having fun at whatever we are doing! So, if you haven't taken the time to say hello to this wonderful couple, please do so. I am sure you will begin to create a new friendship. Thanks, Tom & Lois FOR SALE: 2004 Honda VTX 1300, Grey in color, has 15,800 miles with new tires and all new fluids. In very nice shape. $5,000. And also my bike with the sidecar. 1993 Honda Goldwing Aspencade with Daytona 2+2 sidecar. Has 71,500 miles. Fully loaded. New rear tire, battery and throttle cables. The sidecar has two separate tops and hard side windows that were especially made for it. $12,000. Thanks. Won't be doing any riding for some time. My surgery on the 21st of May went well but the Dr. said my back was a mess! So am on quite a few restrictions. Thanks again. Jim Buck My phone number is 814-236-2574 FOR SALE: For Sale 1994 SE 1500 Gold Wing with a Lehman Trike kit with easy steer. Low mileage great condition (46000) Jade green with light green offset. Lots of extra chrome and goodies. If interested, call Barry @ 814-594-3044 MOTORCYCLE FOR SALE: United Motors 650, 5,000 miles. Asking $4,000. Call CLINT 952-0182 (This is Dick & Mary Lou Hetrick’s grandson.) FROM OUR RIDE COORDINATORS: Well now, riding season is well on its way and we hope all of you are getting out and about riding those beautiful machines. We certainly are. There have been some Great chapter rides and events. And from what I've heard, that those who
  6. 6. have participated, have had a good time. Well, that is, except for a few mishaps with Doreen eating her herbs and Anna eating her seafoods. Sorry ladies, I hope you are doing better. A group had a chilly ride to one of my favorite places and that would be The Mountain Quest Inn in Marlington, WV. The ride home was chilly I hear, but you all were with a really warm and great crowd. Then there was a group who ventured to Gettysburg over a weekend, and they had a great time also. We had warm weather and the rain held off for our day at the Battlefield. We have a very gifted tour guide amongst our Chapter. Dave provided a wealth of information on the Gettysburg battle. Thank-You, Dave and Sheila, for a wonderful time. Also,Thank-You Gary and Robin for a great ride to West Virginia. We have had a good turnout for our ice-cream rides to our favorite local ice- cream shops. It is always good to be with our friends sharing our favorite food— ice cream. In our upcoming month, we have an exciting group of rides and events occurring. We sure hope you can attend and enjoy as many as you wish. On the first weekend of June, Gary and Robin are leading an over-night ride to Reading, Pa to visit a museum of WWII planes and Battle events. This sounds very interesting. On June 12th and 13th, there is a group helping out with the MS150 bicycle event. We are really looking forward to sleeping in those dorm rooms at Edinboro University. Our Chaper gathering is on Saturday, June 19th, and Harry and Darla are leading us to Lake Chautauqua for a great dinner ride. On June 26th, you will have a choice to either attend Thunder in the Valley or attend the Memorial Ride for Danny Stitt. And at last, our ice cream rides will be June 10th at the Sawmill in Leeper. It is at the intersection of Rtes 36 and 66. And the other ice cream ride will be on June 24th, at the Meadows in St Mary's Wow. Take care and we are looking forward to a great month of riding with our friends at Chapter I. See you soon Your chapter ride coordinators, Lee and Donna FROM YOUR ALBUM COORDINATORS & COY COUPLE Hi everyone, It is hard to believe that this is the end of May. The weather has been keeping us on our toes! Hope that everyone has been able to get on their bike to ride. We rode to West Virginia and stayed at Mountain Quest. What a beautiful and fun place. Each room had a theme and we were in the Garden room. Mel and Jodi were in the Fantasy room! There were 8 bikes total and the weather
  7. 7. was rain free, while riding our bikes, except for Mel & Jodi and Brian & Drinda. They left on Saturday and fought the wind and rain on the way home to Pa. We just had some wind, but no rain. We stopped at a place that caught our eyes. It was called the "Purple Fiddler" and had quite the atmosphere there and homemade ice cream that had a bit unusual texture to it. The place was filled with antiques of all kinds and very interesting. It was nice to have one of our newest Chapter I couples, Gary & Carol, (Pam's brother) with us on the trip. It is hard to believe that it has been 2 years ago that Ray & I went to West Virginia for our very first weekend ride with Chapter I. Gary & Robin led that ride and again on this ride. Thanks for another wonderful trip! On May 6th, we met at the Meadows for our first ice cream ride get together. There were about 6 bikes with another new couple of Chapter I, Ken & Debbie on their trike. On May 16th, we followed Dana & Danise to Bedford for the weekend. It was for the couple of the year get together with other chapters. Lots of fun and getting to know other couples. Mike from New Jersey F Troop kept us all entertained. It was beautiful weather riding to and back taking the long way and we ate lunch on the way home at Scotts in Johnstown. They have remodeled it since last year. On May 20th, it was the 2nd ice cream get together at Sarah's and there was an excellent turnout of bikes filling up the parking lot. Our son, Jonathan, followed us on his 250 Honda. He is in the Air Force and happened to be home for a few weeks before driving to Lackland AFB in Texas. It was great that he was able to visit with some of our Chapter I friends. We submitted a photo and article to Wingworld and it is on page 36 of the current June issue. Take care and be safe! Don't forget to smile for the camera! Ray & Doreen ******************************************************************************** PLEASE remember Jim Buck in your prayers, as he recovers from his recent back surgery. He would also enjoy a note or card from his Goldwing family! His address is: 2664 Bell Run Road Grampian, PA 16838
  8. 8. CHAPTER BIRTHDAYS FOR JUNE: 1—TIM SHAFFER 5—BRIAN SMITH 18—KATHY SHAFFER 28—PAUL LONG 28—JIM GOODFORD JUNE ANNIVERSARIES ARE: 22-- BRIAN & SHARON BULLERS 25—BILL & MARY ANN CRITES 26—PAUL & HELEN LONG 1965 (This means 45 years of strawberries and cream!) CONGRATULATIONS!!! *********************************************************************** * Hi Everyone: Ken and I were on our first Chapter I ride to Gettysburg. We were a little anxious about what to expect, but we met Dave and Sheila, Dave and Cindy at Sheetz in Punxsy and started out on the ride. We were put at ease immediately as we enjoyed the superb scenic route and the wonderful conversation that had us laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt. By the time, we made our first stop, we felt right at home with these riders. We enjoyed a great afternoon at the Visitor Center, with our own private tour guides (Dave and Sheila). That evening we went to an "all you can eat buffet of prime rib and crab legs", and eat we all did. No one wanted to walk out, we asked if we could just curl up in a corner for the night....hahaha. The evening was warm; we sat up at the motel on the deck enjoying the conversations and laughter and waited for Mel, Jody, Lee and Donna to arrive. They had a "welcoming party" waving to them from the deck as they rolled in. Next day, we set out on our tour of the battlefield; Dave and Sheila were incredible at making the entire tour a wonderful and interesting learning experience. All of the visuals and facts made the tour exciting and
  9. 9. interesting. Tom and Anna arrived and joined us on the battlefield for the rest of the tour. In the afternoon, we stopped at the bottom of Little Round Top for a wonderful lunch (Thank you Chapter I) that was delivered to us right where we were on the battlefield. We sat on large stones that worked as seats, enjoyed lunch and time together and then we were off again to see the rest of the battlefield sights. Later we went to the National Cemetery which I was unable to complete that walking tour due to my ankle and knee, but the others enjoyed it. From there, it was back to the motel for some of us, while the others went to the Visitor Center. (Some of us had ice cream then, Thanks Dave M.) Later that evening we were on our way to dinner and the rain decided to show up and stay until we left the next morning. It did give us a few breaks and we were all thankful that it held off until after the tours. On the way home, we stopped at Boyd's Bears which was a great place. We lunched there and started for home. We took a different route home which was so much fun with all the turns and switchbacks. Of course, we couldn't end our time together without, you got it "ice cream". Our memories of this trip will be forever remembered. I want to thank Dave and Sheila Reams for the incredible job they did with planning this trip and thinking of everyone and planning everything so that we were always enjoying our time together. We look forward to riding more together. Thanks again, Dave and Sheila. PS: Thanks also to Dave and Cindy, Lee and Donna, Mel and Jody, and Tom and Anna for all the fun and laughter together. It was great! ~Ken and Debbie Smith~ ************************************************************** * FROM OUR RIDING COORDINATOR: Hi All, Summer riding is in full swing so remember to be careful and ride with both eyes wide open. Look around carefully and stay alert at all times. Co riders stay alert also. I have not decided on a topic for our next gathering so here is your chance to tell me what you think we need educated on. If you got something on your mind, let me know and I'll see what I can find on the subject. E-mail me or give me a call. Dave Marconi cell phones are off limits. DAVE REAMS