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Book list compiled by Mel

  1. 1. DATE BOOK TITLE CONTENTS 2009 Honda Design 1957-1984 Chapter on design of cbx 12 Hardback pages Japan Excellent, includes DVD In English & Japanese.Colour and b&w.Available on Amazon Japan 2006 Honda Production Motorcycles By Mick Walker.chapter on Hardback 1946-80 cbx .Very good only one UK error.Says Z is A model Undated Japanese M/cycles 1960-1990 Part By Eichi Mook Nice colour Softback 1-2-3 pics of what looks like a Japan silver 1980 A model but could be a bitsa as has twin horns of p/l 1979 Car Styling vol 28 Chapter on Honda m/cycle Hardback design including early cbx Japan prototypes.Very rare. In English&Japanese 2009 Superbikes 40 Glorious Years Chapter on cbx including Softback pics of my own 1000Z Undated The CB History Picture of sandcast Z + silver Japan softback A above Japanese text by Eichi Mook 2003 Moto Giapponesi Anni 70 Hardback Superb book by Giorgio Italy Sarti with chapter full of pictures of all models of cbx , rare brochures & UKclub magazine cover & club stand and Roland Brown flat out on my very own 1000Z during Japanese Classics magazine test in1992 2009 CBX cover collection Hardback Nicely produced compilation UK of the covers of the cbx riders club magazine over the last ten years. 1984 Moto Revue Technique Softback Excellent technical manual France of details of Z1300 with many exploded drawings and close in shots of the bike 1988 France Moto Revue Technique Softback Same format but of the 79,80,81&82 models of cbx
  2. 2. suberb exploded drawings and close ups of machines details of after market fairings and engine bars. 2007 The Egli,The official book. Hardback Truly superb book on all Germany models of Egli including cbx&Target cbx. Gold blocked pages and comes in a slip case. Superb pictures and production stats. Still available on ebay.Expensive but worth it. English & German text. 2009 Living with classic Motorcycle Vol Superb chapter of 40 pages Japan 5 ,Softback on cbx and couple of pages on RC166. Loads of pictures. Japanese text. Available via Amazon Japan. 2003 Germany Motorrad-Youngtimer Superbikes of Truly superb with CBX, Hardback the 70’s Z1300&Benelli 6 featured. Photography is amazing “ “ Compiled and written by Jurgen Gabebner. German text 2002 Superbikes of the Seventies, Another superb tome with UK Hardback Benelli 6,Z1300 and my very own 1000Z featured. Full chapters and many pictures on each bike by an author who knows his stuff. Still available from 1981 UK Powerbikes Hardback Excellent write ups on 1000Z,Benill Sei 900 &Z1300. well written and hard to find now by Lauri Caddell 1993 UK Classic Motorcycles ,Honda Softback Another Mick Walker tome with brief mention of cbx and nice two page picture of 1000Z 2000 USA Classic Honda Motorcycles,Softback By Bill silver with chapter on cbx all models. Brief rite up on each model. 2005 The complete encyclopedia of classic Write ups on Benellie UK&Holland motorcycles ,Hardback 6,Z1300&CBX
  3. 3. Fairly average text. 1991 UK Honda the complete story Another book by Roland Hardback Brown with chapter on the cbx all models 1982 UK The Hamlyn Guide to Japanese Small format book by Cyril Motorcycles Hardback Ayton but nevertheless nice writeup on cbx with superb two page pic of red Z on test in North Wales. 2000 UK Collins Gem,Fast Bikes Small format book but still Hardback very good with sections on cbx,Benelli 6&Z1300 2004 UK Superbikes,The worlds greatest Small format although over bikes.Hardback 300 pages with excellent section on CBX and nice test picture on back cover. Very good .By Alan Dowds 1976 UK Observers book of motorcycles Usual observers book format Hardback with benelli 750 6 included 1992 UK I-Spy Motorcycles ,softback Usual I spy format with cbx,Benelli 6&Z1300 included 1982 UK Superbike Road Tests Hardback Excellent roadtests compiled by my friend Graham Sanderson ex PR manager for Honda UK. Superb data charts,pictures etc of CBXZ<Benelli ()) Sei&Z1300 Originally published in motorcycle weekly 1998 UK Classic Superbikes Hardback Articles on RC166 & Benelli Sei No cbx! 2000 UK 100 years of Japanese Section on cbx,pics of Motorcycles,Hardback cbxz& Moto-Martin & I get a mention! 1998 UK HB BerryonBikes,the hot 100 By Steve Berry on 100 top bikes inc cbx 2002 UK Ultimate History of Fast Bikes. Large format by Roland hardback Brown two pages on cbx with pics of my 1000Z excellent with all the six’s included. 2001 UK The Encyclopedia of Massive tome covering 2500 Motorcycles,Hardback bikes including all the sixes
  4. 4. by Roger Hicks 2004 USA Essential Superbike ,Hardback Some nice bikes but only Z1300 included out of the six’s! By Mirco de Cet 1997 Pictorial History of Japanese Excellent book by Cornelis UK/Holland Motorcycles ,Hardback Vandenheuvel. Long chapter on CBX&Z1300. English text. 2006 UK Superbikes,Machines of Dreams, Well produced book by Phil hardback West with short section on CBX&Z1300 2001 USA A Century of Japanese Very well produced with Motorcycles,hardback some rare pics and a few of the cbx&Z1300.By Ganneau&Dumas. 2007 UK Classic Japanese Motorcycle Nicely produced book Guide,hardback published by Haynes and written by Rod Ker.Section on the cbx with several pictures of UK cbx club members bikes.A good read.Plus 1000Z on front cover. 1997 USA/Hong Memorable Japanese Motorcycles Quality book by Doug Kong 1959-1996 ,Hardback Mitchel with chapter on 1982 C model cbx.Superb pictures 1975 UK Superbike,hardback Chapter on Benelli 6 by Martin Redman 1995 USA Motorcycle Classics,hardback Another superb book by Doug Mitchel with section on the 1981 B model pro- link with excellent pictures. 2004 UK Superbikes,The worlds greatest street Massive 450 page book with racers,hardback superb pictures and great colour line drawings of red 1978 1000Z by Alan Dowds. 1999 Uk The encyclopedia of the motorcycle, Another massive tome of hardback over 400 pages by Peter Henshaw with mention and picture of cbx 1995 UK The Illustrated Motorcycle Coffee table type book by Legends,Honda,hardback Roy Bacon,Picture and small writeup on cbx 1996 UK History of the motorcycle ,hardback Another coffee table large page book by Don
  5. 5. Morley,Very nice full page action shot picture of red 1000Z 1981 UK The Great Japanese Large pages with good write Motorcxycles,softback up and pictures on cbxz & Z1300 by Cyril Ayton 1997 Japan Japanese Motorcyle History,Softback Massive 950 page book of every Japanese m/cycle onc cbx 2007 USA Standard Catalog Japanese Large 400 page book by Motorcycles 1959-2007,softback Doug Mitchel all six’s covered. Very good. Still available 1995 UK The Encyclopedia of the motorcycle, Superb large format 320 hardback pages with nice colour drawings of 1980 model and Beneilli 750 6 by Hugo Wilson 1994 France Mike Hailwood and the Honda 6 The most detailed book I Hardback have seen on the racing sixes and a section on the CBX, I have the English translation to go with the book as in French which happy to copy at cost to anyone who wants it. My book signed by the author Jacques Bussillet who met at Stafford Show. 1990 UK The worlds fastest bikes, hardback Short chapter on cbx with pics from the launch of cbx in UK. 1993 UK The Pictorial History of Section on cbx discussing motorcycling,hardback brief history of machine and picture of 1981 model p/l by Deane & Crighton 2002 UK Mick Walkers Japanese Grand Prix Excellent book with well Racing Motorcycles,softback written chapter on the racing six and many pictures. Still available. 1996 UK The encyclopedia of Another Roland Brown book motorcycles,hardback with section on cbx including picture of my 1000Z and another which I do not know. 1981 UK The Superbikes,hardback Excellent,by Laurie Cadell and Mike Winfield withgood
  6. 6. chapters on cbx and benellie 6.rare picture of cbx participating in the Bol d’Or and at Santa Pod.Superb pic on front cover of cbx 79 engine. 1988 UK Café Racers, hardback Excellent book by Mike Clay with all types of Café racers including a cbx &Benelli six. Interesting. 1998 UK Honda CBX1000 Gold Portfolio I have to express an interest 1978-1982,softback in this book as I wrote the forward and one of my red 1000Z’s on the back cover. Publishers unfortunately got the production figures wrong which should be 41,150 not 25,000.Compilation of cbx tests from various magazines. Excellent! Still available on ebay etc. 1985 UK&Italy Japanese Motorcycles Excellent with pictures of 100hp/11sec/150mph,softback cbx turbo and a superb Italain special. By Tim Parker 1983 UK HONDA ,hardback History of Honda by Mick Woollett with pictures and write up on cbx & racing six. 2005 USA The ultimate guide to Honda Another one by Doug Motorcycles,softback Mitchel with good sections on the cbx with superb pictures. 2005 UK The Honda Story, hardback Excellent by Ian fallon ,with chapter on cbx with several pictures. 1993 UK The Ultimate Motorcycle Very lavishly illustrated with Book,hardback pictures of cbxA,Z1300&Benelli 6 by Hugo Wilson 1990 UK The Ultimate Racers,hardback Superb book by Alan Cathcart with chapter on RC166 racing six excellent pictures 1986 UK The Worlds fastest Excellent book by Michael motorcycles,hardback Scott&John Cutts with sections on cbx,Moto-
  7. 7. Martin,Z1300&Benelli sei. 2000 USA Honda motorcycle identification Large US book listing all guide 1959-2000 Softback Honda’s including all models of cbx. With pictures. 1988 USA “ “ 1959-1988 Earlier version of above 1993 Germany Motorarader die Geschichte Superb book by Jan Leek Machten.Sechszylinder,cbx,Sei,Z1300 Going into great detail of 6 & Goldwing ,Hardback cylinder m/cs.German text but worth buying for the many pictures alone. Still comes up on ebay occasionally.Worth buying if you can. 1990 Japan Honda racers in the Golden Superb book by Mick Age,hardback Woollett With Japanese text and English translation concering all the works racers including the six. 1991 UK Classic Japanese Racing Another one from Mike Motorcycles,softback Walker including the Honda racers and the six’s. 1986 UK Classic Motorcycle Engines, Interesting book by Vic hardback Willoughby discussing engines including cbx&Z1300 1998 UK Honda the TT winning years,softback Pictures of the sixes at the TT by Peter neale &Bill Snelling with forward by the late Joey Dunlop. 1998 UK Honda GP racers,hardback More coverage of the racing six by Colin MacKeller 2007/8 Japan Honda CB story 1959-2006,hardback Interesting book by Ozeki Kazuo,Japanese text but nevertheless some sketches of early cbx’s and picture of sandcast bike. 2009 Germany Mike Hailwood his Legendary Racing Pictures of the racing six’s Years,hardback with forward by Pauline Hailwood and English text by Jim Redman. I have been lucky enough to get my copy signed by David Hailwood,Mikes son and and also Ago,Phil read and Jim
  8. 8. redman who are all featured in the book. Superb. 2000 UK Mike Hailwood a Motorcycle Racing Another superb book by Legend. softback Mick Woollett. Pictures of the racing six’s 2005 USA Motorcycles,Life on Two History of bikes from an Wheels,hardback Amercian perspectice and includes cbx.Over 300 pages. 1979 UK Mordern Motorbikes in By Laurie Caddell&Jasper colour,hardback Spencer-Smith excellent write up on the cbxz and superb pictures of the bike+Z1300&Benelli 6. 2008 UK Superbikes,Machines of Small format book by Phil Dreams,hardback West with section on cbx&Z1300. 1983 UK Everyone’s book of By Don Morley and includes motorcycling,hardback one of his famous pictures which he took for the Honda UK cbx brochures. 2003 USA Honda Motorcycles. hardback Superbly illustrated book by Aaron P Franks. Nice pictures of the 79 &81 models 2008 UK Legendary Racing Motorcycles Chapter on the RC174 297cc 6 1979 UK World Motorcycle Guide,hardback Includes 1000z 1994 UK Custom Bikes,hardback Discusses cbx customs with pic of lowrider, Peter Henshaw 1984 UK Superbikes,road-burners to record Nice large close up of 81 breakers,hardback pro-link by Peter Carrick 1994,1998&2000 Millers Classic Includes cbx prices and UK Motorcycles,yearbook&price guide pictures supplied by myself! 2003 UK Superbikes,200 top performance bikes Small format but excellent hardback with classics section including cbx,Alan Dowds. 1986 UK From Motorcycle to Excellent book by Eric Superbike,hardback Thompson&Laurie Caddell with good write up on cbx and superb pics of silver 1000Z. 2001 UK Travelling Marshalls at Isle of Man Superb book written by TT,softback David Wright with pics of the marshals on cbxz at 1978
  9. 9. TT.Chief marshall Alan(Kipper) Killi has been guest of honour at UK club rally.Book signed by him.p 1982 UK Superbikes,softback Discusses cbx and pics of Z1300 &Benelli 750 six by Mick Woollett again. 1983,4,5&6 UK Superbiling,sofback Interesting book on how to ride a superbike by Blackett Dirchburn and pics by Don Morley,cbxz on front and back covers and more pictures inside. 1978 UK Superbikes of the Seventies,hardback Published before test of 1000Z but pics of Z on back cover and on flyleaf inside. Tests from Motorcycle Weekly. 2008 UK Superbikes,machines of Cbx&Z1300 included. dreams,hardback 2001 UK The challenge & dream of Honda 500 Superb large format with Grand Prix Motorcycle fantastic detail on the racing Wins,hardback six including two page colour detail by Mat Oxley. Get it if you can. 1978,80&81 Honda workshop manuals for 1978 Japan 1000Z UK with A&B UK model addendums 1979,81&82 Honda workshop manuals for USA Japan spec 1000Z,B&C models 1978-80 Japan Honda parts book Z&A models 1981-82 Japan Honda parts book pro-link B&C models. 1978-81 Japan Honda set up manuals for 1000Z&pro-link 1978 Japan Honda parts book for CB900 models. Some parts common to cbx 1978 Japan Owners manual 1978 1000Z UK&Europe market 1980 Japan Owners manual 1980 A model USA 1981 Japan Owners manual 1981 Pro-link B USA 1982 Japan “ “ 1982 Pro-link C UK&Europe 1982 Japan “ “ USA C model