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  1. 1. To: ALL LOJACK - SVRN Coordinators From: Law Enforcement Liaisons LoJack Corporation – Southern California Operations Re: Monthly Update Report for August 2006, Southern California: Total number of “chop shops” and or “rings” for LoJack system Southern California = 269 HIGHLIGHT ACTIVITIES FOR THE MONTH OF August 2006: LoJack of LOS ANGELES COUNTY: On 7-10-06, the victim was inside her residence when the suspect broke into her home, raped her, stole property from her home and took her 2005 Honda Civic. The deputies responded, took care of the victim and knowing the victim’s car was equipped with LoJack, quickly entered the information into the Stolen Vehicle System. Within minutes of the system activating, officers flying LAPD Air-3 picked up the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen vehicle. The officers observed the vehicle moving in traffic and directed 77th Street Officers to the vehicle’s location at 54th Street and Broadway Ave. They observed one male suspect driving the vehicle. When the officers attempted to conduct a felony traffic stop, the suspect sped away. The officers, knowing the seriousness of the crime, pursued the suspect for several blocks until he was stopped by colliding with another vehicle. The suspect then attempted to climb out the driver’s window but was quickly taken into custody. Detectives from the Lennox Station are investigating the case. On 7-28-06, a rental company dropped off a 2003 Ingersoll Rand Skid-Steer at a construction site. A few days later, they went to pick it up and discovered that it had been stolen. Within twelve minutes of the LoJack system activating, officers from LAPD Harbor Division and Air-3 were tracking the stolen Skid- Steer. They were able to track it to the rear garage of a residential house in the 900 block of N. Golf Ave. The rear yard was filled with construction equipment and other vehicles in a state of dismantlement. Detectives from BAD (Burglary Auto Theft Division) responded and obtained a search warrant for the location. During the serving of the search warrant, they recovered the stolen Ingersoll Rand along with the Breaker attachment and Loader bucket. They impounded a truck that was used to transport the equipment. They also recovered a Bob Cat Excavator that was stolen from the City of Orange, CA. One of the main suspects, who was not present at the location during the search, had recently been arrested for murder but released. During the search of the residence, they recovered three hand guns which may have been involved in other murders. They also recovered one pound of Crystal Methamphetamine, four ounces of Cocaine along with $20,000 in cash from a safe in the suspect’s room. On 7-31-06, the victim’s 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen from him at gun point during a car-jacking. Within fifteen minutes of the LoJack signal activating, officers from LAPD Wilshire Division were tracking the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen vehicle. The officers tracked the signal to a tire repair shop located in the 2800 block of W. Pico Blvd. where they observed the vehicle parked and unoccupied. As officers started checking with witnesses, a radio call came out of a suspect jumping over fences, going from backyard to backyard about half a block from the officer’s location. The description matched that of the car-jacking suspect. The officers quickly deployed, located the suspect and safely took him into custody. The officers were then advised that a detective was holding a possible suspect back at the tire shop. The officers responded back to the tire shop and found the tires which had been removed from the victim’s vehicle, inside another vehicle. It was found that the owner of the vehicle with the tires had just bought them from the suspect, not knowing the vehicle had been stolen. The owner was questioned and released. The victim of the car-jacking came to the station and identified the suspect as the one who had car-jacked him. Other witnesses were located and they also identified the same suspect. The suspect was arrested for 215 PC (Car-Jacking). The case is being investigated by Wilshire Detectives. On 08-2-06, LAPD Van Nuys patrol officers picked up a silent signal from the stolen 1991 Nissan Pathfinder on their on-board LOJACK tracking computer during routine patrol duties. The officers tracked the silent signal and located the stolen vehicle in an apartment building parking lot in the area of the 6100
  2. 2. block of Hazelhurst Ave. Detectives from CECATS (Auto Task Force) responded to their location to set up surveillance on the vehicle. During the surveillance, the detectives located an additional three stolen vehicles. The vehicles were a1993 Honda Civic, 1987 Nissan P/U Truck, and a 2000 Honda Accord. CECATS detectives recovered all four of the stolen vehicles. The detectives conducted their investigation of a possible theft ring at the location, and their investigation is on-going. On 8-2-06, the victim had reported his 1987 Toyota Cressida stolen to LAPD. The victim was unaware that the previous owner had LoJack installed on 1-26-2006. The LoJack system activated and a deputy from LASD Compton Station picked up the signal and tracked it to a dismantling yard located in the 9600 block of S. Alameda Ave. The deputy notified the TRAP Detectives who responded to the location and set up a stake-out and proceeded to obtain a search warrant for the dismantler yard. After a few hours, the detectives observed a male suspect (employee) unlock the yard, get into the stolen vehicle and drive away. The detectives followed the suspect a short distance to a residence where he pulled into the driveway and stopped. The detectives deployed taking the suspect into custody. During the ensuing investigation, the detectives obtained two additional search warrants and searched five locations. They recovered five stolen vehicles, two stolen engines and were able to connect the owner of the dismantling yard business as being a major suspect. The owner also owned several other auto related businesses in the area, all of which had stolen vehicles or parts at the locations. The suspects were arrested and 487 (D) PC GTA, 496 PC (RSP) and 10801 VC Owning or operating a Chop Shop. The Southeast unit of TRAP is investigating the case. On 8-5-06, the victim was driving his 2001 VW Jetta when a van stopped in front of his vehicle. Three suspects exited the vehicle posing as police officers and took his vehicle at gun point. The real officers responded, took a report and entered the vehicle into the stolen vehicle system. A short time later, they received a radio call that LASD Air-21 had picked up the LoJack signal and directed deputies on the ground to a residence located in 11700 block of Bullis Ave. The officers responded to the location and observed the victim’s stolen vehicle plus the van used to commit the car jacking. The deputies and officers deployed on the location and eventually took three suspects into custody. The LAPD Southeast Detectives were notified and responded to the location. The detectives obtained a search warrant for the location and vehicle and during the service of the warrant, ended up recovering the badges, guns and other evidence used during the commission of the crime. The detectives also recovered a large quantity of drugs from the location. On 8-30-06, there were two motorcycles stolen from an apartment complex in the City of Long Beach. One of the motorcycles was LoJack equipped and as soon as the police entered it into the Stolen Vehicle System, Long Beach Officers were tracking the signal. The officers tracked the LoJack signal from the victim’s stolen 2006 Yamaha R-6 to a residential garage in the 400 block of Cerritos Ave. Detectives from the Harbor TRAP Unit were requested to the location. The detectives staked out the garage for several hours while they obtained a search warrant for the location. The detectives opened the garage and observed the stolen LoJack equipped 2006 Yamaha R-6, another Long Beach stolen 2006 Yamaha R-6 and a Tustin PD stolen 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R. Two other Suzukis were inside the garage as well as the parts to at least fourteen other motorcycles. There were several other motorcycle alarms which the suspect had dismantled and were found in the garage. The Harbor TRAP unit has identified the owner of the garage and he is a known motorcycle thief and gang member. The detectives are busy checking out all the other serial numbers and matching the other parts to police reports. The Harbor TRAP Unit is conducting the investigation. On 08-31-06, Detectives from Los Angeles County TRAP (Taskforce for Regional Auto theft Prevention) picked up a silent signal from the stolen 2000 Honda Civic on their probable LOJACK tracking computer while conducting auto theft investigations in the area. The detectives tracked the stolen vehicle to Haddon Street and El Cajon Street, where they observed the vehicle parked in a driveway of a residence. One suspect was observed switching the license plates on the vehicle. Detectives from the West, North, and Central Teams set up surveillance on the vehicle. Detectives observed the vehicle go mobile, and notified patrol units. The patrol officers attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The suspects failed to stop, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The suspects were involved in a traffic collision, and fled on foot. The driver was taken into custody for 487 PC (GTA), without further incident. The second suspect broke into a private residence, and barricaded himself inside. LAPD SWAT team responded to the location. The SWAT team entered the residence and with the assistance of a K-9 unit, took the suspect into custody for 459 PC
  3. 3. (Burglary) without further incident. A consent search was conducted at the suspect’s residence, where detectives recovered a shotgun. Detectives from TRAP are handling this investigation. LoJack of SAN BERNARDINO: On 08-11-06, within eleven minutes of activation, Fontana PD “Air-44” Flight Officers acquired the silent signal from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Fontana Station stolen 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Truck. “Air-44” first acquired the signal in the area of Armstrong and 11th Street near the county area of Bloomington. They advised ground units that they were tracking the stolen truck and requested their assistance. “Air-44” then located the stolen vehicle at Armstrong and Gallin, advising responding grounds units of the location. As the units were arriving, they observed two males, one adult and one juvenile, walking away from the area where the vehicle was parked. While conducting their investigation, a citizen approached the officers and gave them a set of vehicle keys, which contained a key to a Chevrolet. They also stated that the suspects the officers had seen walking away from the area were the ones who had thrown the keys into their yard. Assisting officers re-located the suspects who were taken into custody without incident. Another witness also identified the juvenile suspect as the driver, who later admitted to stealing the vehicle. Both suspects were arrested for Auto Theft and Receiving Stolen Property and the undamaged vehicle was towed and stored. On 08-16-06, within thirty minutes of the LoJack activation, a CHP Flight Officer flying “Airplane-83” picked up the silent signal from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s stolen 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. At about the same moment, a CHP San Bernardino Area Officer, also acquired the signal S/B on the 215 Freeway approaching the University Parkway exit. He tracked the signal off of the freeway to N/B Kendall Avenue and isolated it to a residential neighborhood where he located the truck parked and unoccupied, in front of a residence in the 1600 block of Universal Avenue. Several units, which also included a CHP Investigative Services Unit (ISU), established surveillance on the vehicle. About fifteen minutes later, a male adult was observed opening the hatch covering the bed of the truck; he then closed it and entered the residence. A few minutes later, he returned, got inside and started the truck. Apparently not comfortable with seeing the airplane, he got out and started walking away. As the units deployed he attempted to flee on foot, but was apprehended a very short distance away without incident. The suspect was arrested for Auto Theft and Receiving Stolen Property and the undamaged vehicle was towed and stored. 08-19-06, San Bernardino County Flight Deputies flying air “40-KING-5” picked up the silent LoJack signal from the Montclair PD stolen 2006 Nissan Sentra. They tracked the signal into the City of Ontario and requested Ontario PD ground and air units to assist. Responding Ontario PD ground units, with the assistance of Ontario “Air-20”, tracked and located the stolen vehicle parked and unoccupied, at 6 th and Council Streets. The vehicle was still warm to the touch and officers established surveillance on the location. Approximately ten minutes later they observed a male adult suspect enter the vehicle and turn down a “dead end” street. He then made a “U-turn” as officers were approaching and immediately shut off the lights exiting the vehicle. As he was rapidly walking away, the officers deployed, taking him into custody without incident. The officers recovered the vehicle keys, which were in the suspect’s possession. He was arrested and booked for Auto Theft and Receiving Stolen Property and the undamaged vehicle was towed and stored. LoJack of RIVERSIDE COUNTY: On 08-08-06 within nine minutes of activation, Riverside PD Flight Officers flying “Air-1” acquired the silent LoJack signal from the 2004 Toyota Solara, which had been reported stolen to their department. They initiated a broadcast that they were tracking the signal toward the county area of Pedley. In the meantime a Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy also acquired the signal and tracked it to Clay and Limonite, where he observed the vehicle E/B on Limonite. Requesting back-up units to assist, the deputy followed the vehicle to a shopping center where the male adult driver/suspect pulled into a fast food restaurant drive-thru window. When the suspect exited the location, the units conducted a felony vehicle stop taking him into custody without incident. His story was that he had been staying with the victim and that she had given him permission to use the vehicle to take his mother to the hospital. Of course, the victim, who desired prosecution, denied this. The suspect, who is also an “In File” active gang member, was arrested for Auto Theft, Possession of Stolen Property and Marijuana. Due to his gang affiliation, this also carries a charge of 186.22 PC violation of the California S.T.E.P. Act (Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act), which carries an automatic enhancement to specific gang associated arrests. The undamaged vehicle was released to the victim at the scene.
  4. 4. On 08-23-06, within seven minutes of activation, CHP “Airplane-61” Thermal Air Operations acquired the silent LoJack signal from the 2006 CASE Backhoe/Loader, which had been reported stolen to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Perris Station. The airplane isolated the signal to Ethanac Road south of Highway 74, in the Lake Elsinore Area. The RSD Auto Theft Detective’s who had entered the equipment as stolen were notified and responded to the location. With the assistance of another CHP ground unit they located the backhoe at a residence in a remote hillside area. Contact was made with an eighty-three year old caretaker of the property, who stated that the owner had given him two thousand dollars and instructed him to pay for the equipment when it was dropped off. He provided the detectives with the owner’s whereabouts and they conducted a follow-up to the location, where the suspect was detained and questioned. He stated that he didn’t know who the people were who sold him the backhoe or where they were located. He was asked if he thought it was just a little strange to pay two thousand dollars for a seventy five thousand dollar piece of equipment. He was arrested for Receiving Stolen Property and the backhoe was released to the owners. LoJack of SAN DIEGO COUNTY: The victim came home to find his house had been burglarized and his vehicle was missing. Upon discovery of the theft, victim notified police who, after processing the stolen report entered the Toyota information into the law enforcement statewide stolen vehicle system (SVS/NCIC) computer. On 8-7-06, officers from the Escondido PD picked up the signal and tracked it to a gated apartment complex located in the 2100 Block of Grand Ave. The officers were waiting for back up units to arrive when they observed the vehicle exit the complex being driven by one male suspect and one male passenger. The officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspect refused to stop. The suspect eventually stopped the vehicle, exited and attempted to run, but was quickly taken into custody with the help of a K-9 unit. The detectives quickly conducted a follow up to the suspect’s residence and recovered a large amount of stolen mail, checks and drugs from the location. The driver suspect was arrested for 10851 VC (DWOC), 496 PC (RSP), 148 PC resisting arrest and an outstanding drug related warrant. The passenger was arrested for other drug related charges. Detectives from the Escondido PD and The San Diego Sheriffs Officer are investigating the case. On 08-08-06, SDPD Southeastern Division patrol officers picked up a silent signal from the stolen 1996 Honda Prelude on their on-board LOJACK tracking computer during routine patrol duties. (This is the sixth time this vehicle has been stolen and recovered with LoJack). The officers tracked the silent signal while advising other units of their location. The officers observed the stolen vehicle with two male suspects inside. The officers attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The suspects failed to stop for the officers, and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The pursuit was televised in the San Diego area, with the termination of the pursuit at Rachael Ave and Roanoke Street. Both suspects fled on foot, and were then taken into custody without further incident. The driver was charged with 10851 VC (DWOC), 496 PC (RSP), 2000.2 VC (evading), and 12500 VC (Driving without license). The passenger was charged with 186.22 (a) (f) PC (Conspiracy). Both suspects had prior arrests for auto theft. This investigation is being conducted by detectives from the SDPD Auto Theft Division. On 08-16-06, an officer attached to the Federal Protective Agency in San Diego was on patrol in the San Ysidro area when he picked up the silent code of a stolen 1998 Acura Integra. After obtaining a description of the vehicle, he started tracking the signal and observed the car a short time later. He stopped the stolen vehicle and detained the driver. Through the officer’s investigative skills, the driver said he knew the car was stolen because he had stolen it from the Poway area. His intentions were to take the car to Tijuana and sell it, planning not on returning the car to the rightful owner. On 08-25-06, a San Diego CHP Officer tracked a stolen 2005 Honda CBR1100 motorcycle to Merced River Rd. in San Diego. After seeing the motorcycle abandoned, he called RATT to further the investigation. Two Officers responded and set up surveillance. A second stolen motorcycle was also observed approximately one block from the first motorcycle. After a while, two suspects approached the non-LoJack equipped motorcycle and started to drive it away. The suspect on the motorcycle was apprehended, but his partner escaped in another vehicle. Through good police work, the second suspect was identified and apprehended later. Surveillance was again initiated on the LoJack equipped stolen motorcycle and after some time, three suspects approached this motorcycle and showed interest in the vehicle. All three were arrested and admitted involvement in the theft. The main person of the three admitted to stealing in excess of 250 motorcycles. The motorcycles they didn’t strip out would be sold to people in Mexico for $600.00.
  5. 5. Two stolen motorcycles recovered and five in-custodies. Another good days work. LoJack of ORANGE COUNTY: On 08-22-06, within twenty-seven minutes of activation, Air “EAGLE” picked up the silent LoJack signal from the LA County Sheriff’s stolen 2005 Toyota Corolla. They tracked the signal into the City of Irvine, where they isolated it to the area of Von Karman and Main Streets. The Flight Officers notified Irvine PD ground units, who responded to the area. They too acquired the signal and “triangulated” it to Kelvin and Derian Streets, locating the stolen vehicle parked and unoccupied, in an industrial complex parking lot. LA County Sheriff’s TRAP San Gabriel Team was contacted and advised Irvine PD to recover the vehicle. As they were doing so, a male adult approached and inquired as to why they were towing the vehicle. This suspect was the “named suspect” in the fraudulent acquisition of the vehicle and he was arrested for Receiving Stolen Property. LA County Sheriff’s TRAP San Gabriel Team Detectives are handling the investigation and the undamaged vehicle was towed and stored. LoJack SANTA BARBARA and Imperial COUNTY: None reported. LoJack VENTURA COUNTY: On 08-07-06, Investigators from the CHP VENCATTS (Ventura County Auto Theft Task Force) picked up the silent signal from the 2003 Porsche Carrera on their portable LOJACK tracking computer while conducting auto theft investigations. The Investigators tracked the stolen vehicle to a motel parking lot in the area of Channel Islands Blvd and Statham Blvd, where they set up surveillance on the vehicle. After receiving additional information on a possible suspect from the Oxnard Police Department, the investigators conducted an investigation at the location. The female suspect was located in a room at the motel, where she was taken into custody for 10851 VC (DWOC), without incident. The investigators found that the suspect was in possession of a spare key for the vehicle, and also had narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia inside of the room. MEXICO RECOVERIES: The California Highway Patrol Mexico Liaison unit recovered thirty eight (38) LoJack equipped stolen vehicles from Mexico during the month of August 06.