2009 Honda Touring

     Gold WinG   ST1300
Riding Red. It’s an experience like none other, built
upon legendary excellence and quality. All Honda
Genuine Accessories...

                                         A                                                   b

AUDIO/COMMUnICATIOn/COMfORT                                                                                               ...
COnVEnIEnCE                                                                                                               ...
CARGO                                                                                                                     ...
CHROME                                                                                                                    ...
CHROME                                                                                                                    ...

                                       A                                                       b

The ...
COMfORT                                                                                                                   ...
OffICIAl                                                                                    Roadrace Team Apparel, Street
WARRAnTy                                             *


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  1. 1. 2009 Honda Touring ACCESSORIES Gold WinG ST1300
  2. 2. Riding Red. It’s an experience like none other, built upon legendary excellence and quality. All Honda Genuine Accessories™ reflect precision and superior craftsmanship, combining cutting-edge technology with the highest quality materials for a flawless fit TAblE Of and finish, and unmatched dependability. COnTEnTS Gold WinG 2 ST1300 14 official licenSed 18 producTS www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 1
  3. 3. MY:01-09 GOlD WInG A b C D The Honda Gold Wing has long set the standard for the luxury touring class—nearly 35 years, in fact—and our latest line continues this motorcycle’s legacy of high performance and long-range comfort and capability. Even better news is that there are now more Honda Genuine Accessories than ever for your Gold Wing, ranging from chrome and billet add-ons to CD players and halogen foglight kits, designed and handcrafted espe- cially for your machine. Gold Wing accessories shown: A- Chrome Exhaust Tip. B- Chrome Trunk Handle. C- Fairing Pouch. D- Chrome Rear Spoiler Accent, Rear Spoiler with Brake Light. Custom Paint by JEillusions.com. www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 3
  4. 4. AUDIO/COMMUnICATIOn/COMfORT COMfORT F- Tall Vented Windscreen 2.08" (53.5mm) taller than the standard Gold Wing windscreen. Polycarbonate construction protects from nature’s elements. Windscreen includes cut-out for fresh air vent. Requires fresh air vent assembly from the unit standard windscreen. Measures 25.75" W x 22.75" H. 08R80-MCA-100J $219.95 G- Windscreen Air Deflectors Polycarbonate-constructed windscreen side visors with bright, corrosion-resistant hardware f G A b helps minimize rider air turbulence. 08R80-MCA-100F standard $198.95 AUDIO/COMMUnICATIOn B- Six-Disc CD Changer Integrated Cb Antenna Kit Compatible with 08R80-MCA-100H Tall $202.95 six-disc CD changer mounts inside a the Honda CB Radio System, providing A- Deluxe Headset1 Features noise specially designed compartment within superior CB channel reception. For use reduction, special soft-case construction the trunk. The six discs are loaded and with the CB Radio Kit. (Not shown.) H- fairing Side Air Deflectors Set Impact-resistant and increased bass response, comfortable unloaded individually. CD Changer polycarbonate side visors with chrome-plated zinc mounting 08E96-MCA-100 $137.95 microphone and speaker placement Attachment Kit required. clamps, add greater wind protection. Not intended for use with promotes ease-of-use. 08A06-MC A-B00 $699.95 Front Nose Mask (08P35-MCA-100). D- Passenger Audio Controller1 08B80-MCA-100 Full face $218.95 08F62-MCA-100 $295.95 Allows passenger “Push-to-Talk” communi- 08B82-MCA-100 Open face $218.95 Gold WinG Gold WinG CD Changer Attachment Kit cation and includes a built-in audio volume Provides additional vibration damping, control. For use with Premium Audio H I- Heated Grips with Thermostat Provide variable Replacement Headset Coil Cord includes all the hardware you need for System and optional CB Radio. CB Radio temperature control. Battery protection circuit helps prevent (Not shown.) proper installation. Six-disc CD Changer required for “Push-to -Talk” feature. excessive battery power drainage. 08118-KM10A01 $36.95 unit required. (Not shown.) 08E96-MCA-100G $154.95 ALL MY: 01-05 MOdELs 08A06-MCA-A02 $299.95 BAsE MY: 06-08 MOdELs ONLY Replacement Hardware Kit COMfORT 08T50-MCA-102 $301.95 (Not shown.) C- Cb Radio Kit Integrated transceiver boasts 40 channels. Maximizes storage E- Passenger Armrests Adds to I 08118-ML80A15 $15.95 by mounting in separate compartment. passenger comfort and helps provide ease J- Chrome Heated Grips with Gl logo Provides variable CB Antenna Kit required for installation. of access to the rear seat. Special design temperature control. Battery protection circuit helps prevent Replacement Windsock (Not shown.) does not restrict rear speaker audio. excessive battery power drainage. Chrome and rubber design 08E95-MCA-102 $799.95 08118-MN5604 $4.95 MY: 06-09 MOdELs ONLY to enhance rider comfort. Chrome End Caps included. Comfort 08R32-MCA-100 $199.95 package required. MY: 06-09 MOdELs ONLY 08T50-MCA-100A $229.95 K- Chrome bar Ends Chrome-plated steel designed to replace J standard bar ends. 08F69-MCA-100 $45.95 C D E 1 K Headsets may be illegal in your area. All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 4 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 5
  5. 5. COnVEnIEnCE COnVEnIEnCE COnVEnIEnCE F- Coin Holder Holds nickles, dimes and quarters. Easy to install and removable A- Windscreen Cover with Gl logo Soft inner-liner fits for safekeeping. windscreen in all positions, up or down. Does not fit with Air 08U08-MCA-100 $19.95 Deflectors. 08P38-MCA-100 $44.95 G- Accessory Socket Set 12V-DC electrical socket provides power to B- front nose Mask High-grade vinyl with soft inner-liner, additional electrical equipment. A embroidered with Gold Wing icon and logo. Installation not f G 08U55-MCA-101 $36.95 recommended with Fairing Side Air Deflectors. 08P35-MCA-100 $80.95 H- Gold Wing Owner’s Manual folio Features one inside and one outside C- Halogen foglight Kit Integrated halogen lights provide pocket for service documents, owner’s additional illumination for enhanced visibility. manual or 5" x 8" tablet. Also includes a 08V31-MCA-100 $ 281.95 six-pocket cardholder and pen loop with AirBag Model detachable key clip. 08V31-MCA-100C $281.95 A1770-MCA-FOLIO $19.95 Gold WinG Gold WinG Replacement foglight lens Assembly (Not shown.) I- Seat Weather Cover Weather-resis- H I 08V31-MCA-100A $48.95 tant synthetic material helps protect against b the elements. Features a moisture-venting system and soft inner-liner. Replacement bulb (Not shown.) 08P32-MCA-100A $48.95 33116-sd4-A01 $6.19 J- first Aid Kit Compact nylon pouch D- foglight lens Protectors Easy installation. Polycarbon- is easy to store and includes a variety of first ate construction. aid and convenience items. J 08V31-MCA-100B $64.95 08865-FAK-300 $19.95 E- lED foglight Kit Brilliant white light increases visibility and C,D K- Cycle Cover Sturdy waterproof lasts three times as long as halogen for reduced maintenance. material. Features a moisture-venting 08V31-MCA-100d $429.95 system and soft inner-liner. Includes AirBag Model Honda wing logo on each side and a GL 08V31-MCA-100E $ 429.95 logo on front. 08P34-MCA-200 $139.95 E K All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 6 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 7
  6. 6. CARGO CARGO/CHROME CARGO H- Chrome Trunk Rack1 Chrome-plated, tubular steel rack contoured to the trunk profile. Will not mount with Rear Spoiler A- Trunk lid Organizer Provides three convenient pockets installed. inside the truck compartment lid. Designed to fit with accessory A 08L42-MCA-100 $133.95 mirror. b 08L63-MCA-100B $34.95 I- Deluxe Saddlebag/Trunk Mat Set Plush 14-oz. premium-quality carpeting with slip-resistant backing, embroi- B- Trunk Vanity Mirror with light Molded ABS case dered with Gold Wing icon and logo. Recommended if you do not H conceals mirror and light. Mounts to inside of trunk compartment have the CD Attachment Kit installed. lid. Trunk Inner Light Harness required. 08P11-MCA-100F $96.95 08E75-MCA-100G $118.95 C D Deluxe Saddlebag/Trunk Mat Set (CD) Plush 14-oz. Trunk Inner light Harness Sub-wire harness required to premium-quality carpeting with slip-resistant backing, embroi- provide power to Trunk Inner Light and Trunk Vanity Mirror with dered with Gold Wing icon and logo. Designed for use only with Light. (Not shown.) CD Attachment Kit. (Not shown.) 08E75-MCA-100K $40.95 08P11-MCA-100H $96.95 I C- Trunk Inner light Provides additional trunk lighting. J- Deluxe Saddlebag/Trunk liner Set Abrasion-resistant Gold WinG Gold WinG Mounts inside the lower trunk. Trunk Inner Light Harness required. ballistic nylon, external buttoned pocket, embroidered Gold Wing 08E75-MCA-100H $72.95 logo and leather trim. Approximate 150-liter capacity. 08L56-MCA-101 $195.95 D- Inner Trunk Pouch Movable dividers (three small to one large section), fits left or right side of trunk. Saddlebag/Trunk liner Set Abrasion-resistant nylon with 08L56-MCA-100C $24.95 silk-screened Gold Wing logo. Approximate 150-liter capacity. (Not shown.) E f 08L56-MCA-100F $116.95 J E- Saddlebag lid Organizer Embroidered with Gold Wing logo. Sized to fit 8.5" x 11" paper. Fits left or right saddlebag door. 08L63-MCA-100A $29.95 K- Saddlebag Cooler 15.5-liter, seam-sealed liner, EVA foam insulation, 600 denier-coated polyester, “glow in the dark” soft-touch zipper pulls, detachable shoulder strap with pad, red F- fairing Pouch with Gl logo Compression-molded with Honda Wing logo. Fits left or right saddlebag. quick-release mounting system, with an embossed Gold Wing logo. 08L56-MCA-100E $59.95 08L56-MCA-100A $39.95 G K CHROME G- Trunk net Elastic support net provides additional storage for smaller items. Easy installation. L- Chrome Exhaust Tips with Gl logo Chrome-plated, 08L63-MCA-100 $27.95 die-cast aluminum and steel construction. Easy installation. 08F53-MCA-100K $259.95 All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 1 Maximum allowable cargo weight 2lb. l 8 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 9
  7. 7. CHROME CHROME/COlOR-MATCHED CHROME D- Chrome Swingarm Pivot Chrome Saddlebag Rail Set COlOR-MATCHED Covers Chrome-plated with Gold Wing Chrome-plated, corrosion-resistant, tubular A- Chrome Saddlebag Scuff logo. Easy installation. rail accents the Gold Wing saddlebags. H- Rear Spoiler with brake light Designed to integrate Covers Corrosion-resistant, double- with the color and styling of your Gold Wing. Includes LED I (Not shown.) 08F68-MCA-100 $89.95 nickel, chrome-plated steel construction. brake light with matching lens. Features impact-resistant ABS MY: 01-05 MOdELs ONLY Contoured design provides quality fit. plastic construction. 08P52-MCA-100 $307.95 H 08P56-MCA-100 $140.95 E- Chrome Rear lower Cowl MY: 06-09 MOdELs ONLY Chrome-plated, stamped steel integrates MY: 06-08 Black 08F64-MCA-111C $299.95 perfectly with Gold Wing’s smooth F- Cylinder Head Emblem Set MY: 09 Candy Black Cherry 08F64-MCA-1Y1C $299.95 B- Chrome Passenger floorboard contours. Cylinder head cover emblems replace the MY: 09 J lower Cover Injection-molded ABS Metallic Blue 08F64-MCA-141C $299.95 stock chrome emblems. (Gold shown.) ALL MY: 01-05 MOdELs MY: 07 dark Blue Metallic 08F64-MCA-1R1C $299.95 contours accentuate the underside of the BAsE MY: 06-09 MOdELs ONLY 08F85-MCA-100F old G 149.95 $ MY: 07 dark Orange Metallic 08F64-MCA-1T1C $299.95 passenger floorboards. 08F81-MCA-100F $389.95 08F85-MCA-100J ilver s 159.95 $ MY: 06-08 dark Red Metallic 08F64-MCA-1Q1C $299.95 08F86-MCA-100G $81.95 MY: 06 Gold 08F64-MCA-1P1C $299.95 MY: 09 Metallic Titanium 08F64-MCA-121C $299.95 Chrome Trunk Rail Chrome-plated, G- Chrome Side fairing Accents C- Chrome Passenger floorboard MY: 07 Metallic Black 08F64-MCA-1s1C $299.95 corrosion-resistant, tubular steel rail accents Chrome-plated steel fairing accents mount Cover Chrome-plated cover accents the MY: 08 Metallic Red 08F64-MCA-1W1C $299.95 the trunk of the Gold Wing. (Not shown.) directly to existing fairing body. passenger floorboard area. MY: 07 Metallic silver 08F64-MCA-1U1C $299.95 MY: 01-05 MOdELs ONLY 08F86-MCA-101H $102.95 MY: 09 K deep Blue Metallic 08F64-MCA-131C $299.95 08F86-MCA-100F $99.95 08P53-MCA-100 $206.95 MY: 09 Pearl Yellow 08F64-MCA-1Z1C $299.95 Gold WinG Gold WinG MY: 08 Pearl White 08F64-MCA-1V1C $299.95 MY: 09 Metallic silver 08F64-MCA-1X1C $299.95 MY: 06-08 Titanium 08F64-MCA-1C1C $299.95 MY: 06 White 08F64-MCA-1G1C $299.95 Rear Spoiler with brake light (Not shown.) I- Chrome Rear Spoiler Accent Injection-molded chrome- MY: 01-05 MOdELs ONLY plated accent adds style. Rear spoiler required. MY: 01-04 Black 08F64-MCA-111 $266.95 MY: 06-09 MOdELs ONLY G MY: 05 Bright Blue Metallic 08F64-MCA-1J1 $266.95 08L42-MCA-100A $119.95 MY: 04-05 Candy Black Cherry 08F64-MCA-1E1 $266.95 MY: 03 Candy Orange 08F64-MCA-1A1 $266.95 MY: 03-04 J- Chrome Trunk Handle with Gl logo Injection-molded, Candy Red 08F64-MCA-191 $266.95 MY: 05 chrome-plated handle helps lift the lid with style. A dark Gray Metallic 08F64-MCA-1K1 $266.95 MY: 02-03 Illusion Blue 08F64-MCA-161 $266.95 08U94-MCA-100 $49.95 f MY: 01-02 Illusion Red 08F63-MCA-141C $266.95 b D MY: 04 Magenta Metallic 08F64-MCA-1d1 $266.95 K- Chrome license Plate frame with Gold Wing logo C MY: 05 Metallic silver 08F64-MCA-1H1 $266.95 Provides a finished look to the back of your Gold Wing. Check state MY: 01 Pearl Blue 08F64-MCA-131 $266.95 license plate size for applicability. Fits most 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" applications. MY: 02 Pearl Orange 08F64-MCA-171 $266.95 MY: 01-03,05 Pearl Yellow 08F64-MCA-1B1 $266.95 08P26-MCA-100 $67.95 E MY: 04 Red 08F64-MCA-1F1 $266.95 MY: 02-03 silver Metallic 08F64-MCA-181 $266.95 MY: 04 Titanium 08F64-MCA-1C1 $266.95 MY: 04-05 White 08F64-MCA-1G1 $266.95 All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 10 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 11
  8. 8. CHROME CHROME/ACCEnTS A- Chrome Gold Wing Icon fender G- Chrome Exhaust Tips, Turndown Chrome-plated Ornament Three-dimensional, chrome- steel with easy three-bolt construction fits Honda-engineered plated accent. exhaust system. 08F85-MCA-100A $54.95 08F88-MCA-100 $199.95 front fender Ornament (Carbon- H- Chrome Saddlebag Molding Kit Injection-molded, type; not shown.) chrome-plated ABS accents saddlebags. G 08F85-MCA-100K $121.95 08P76-MCA-100 $147.95 A b B- Chrome Windscreen Garnish I- Chrome Trunk Molding Kit Injection-molded, chrome- Chrome-plated, impact-resistant ABS plated ABS accents the trunk. accent adds style and function. 08P76-MCA-100F $111.95 08F86-MCA-100J $328.95 J- Chrome front fender Ornaments Chrome trim accents C- Chrome front lower Cowl front fender. Front Fender Emblem (08F85-MCA-100L) included. D H Chrome-plated, injection-molded ABS Will not mount with Chrome Front Fender Rail installed. E lower cowl adds style and function. 08F85-MCA-100 $121.95 Gold WinG Gold WinG 08F81-MCA-101 $214.95 C K- Chrome front fender Emblem Gold Wing icon emblem D- Chrome front fender Exten- accents the front fender and chrome front fender rail. sion Chrome-plated, injection-molded 08F85-MCA-100L $52.95 ABS construction. Extends rear of front fender for added styling and protection. (Non-airbag model only.) L- Chrome front fender Rail Chrome-plated, tubular steel contours to accent the front fender. I 08P08-MCA-100 $86.95 08P50-MCA-100 $137.95 E- Chrome front Disc Covers Contoured chrome-plated stamped steel ACCEnTS covers brake rotors. (Non-airbag model Instrument Accent (Wood-Type) (Not shown.) only.) MY: 01-05 08F86-MCA-100 $111.95 08P54-MCA-100 $279.95 Instrument Accent (Aluminum-Type) (Not shown.) J, K MY: 01-05 08F86-MCA-100K $111.95 F- Chrome Sidestand Hand-polished, f double-nickel and chrome-plated. 08M50-MCA-100 $65.95 l All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 12 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 13
  9. 9. MY:03-09 ST1300 A b The ST1300 might be a leaner, more sport-focused touring machine than its Gold Wing counterpart, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the long-range creature comforts and goodies that make all-day riding a breeze. Heated handgrip kits? Removable saddlebag liners? Mirror and fairing air deflector sets? They’re all here and created specifically for your ST1300. And since they’re Honda Genuine Accessories, rest assured their fit, finish and durability is second to none. ST1300 accessories shown: A- Fairing Air Defiector Set. B-Mirror Air Defiector Set. www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 15
  10. 10. COMfORT COnVEnIEnCE COMfORT A- Knee Pad Set Soft polyurethane provides additional comfort and helps protect kneecaps from the fairing body. 08P59-MCs-100 $83.95 B- Heated Grips with Thermostat LCD thermostat control with four heating A G H I positions integrates into left fairing panel, providing variable temperature control. Battery protection circuit helps prevent COnVEnIEnCE H- 12V DC Accessory Socket I- Cycle Cover Sturdy waterproof excessive battery power drainage. Acces- Provides power to operate additional material. Features a moisture-venting sory Wire Harness required for installation. G- Removable Saddlebag liner Set equipment and mounts inconspicuously system and soft inner-liner. Fits with Honda Two-piece set. Made of strong fabric and in the upper-right fairing compartment. Genuine Accessories installed. 08T50-MCs-100 $210.95 shaped to fit perfectly inside saddlebag. Accessory Wire Harness required. 08P34-MFE-200 $119.95 Front pocket and carrying straps featured 08V70-MCs-100 $88.95 C- Tank Pad Padded tank protector helps on each bag and can be carried together prevent abrasion to painted surfaces while with adjustable shoulder strap. first Aid Kit Compact nylon pouch is providing extra comfort for the rider Accessory Wire Harness Required easy to store and includes a variety of first 08L56-MCs-100A $173.95 b wire harness for Accessory Socket and aid and convenience items. (Shown on C ST1300 ST1300 08P61-MCs-100 $64.95 Heated Grips with Thermostat. (Not shown.) page 7.) 08A30-MCs-100 $17.95 08865-FAK-300 $19.95 D- Saddlebag Scuff Pad Set Set of two polyurethane pads provide an additional layer of cushion between passenger’s heels and the front corners E of the saddlebags. 08P76-MCs-100 $74.95 E- Mirror Air Deflector Set Helps D diminish rider and passenger air turbulence providing additional protection from the f elements. 08P72-MCs-100A $135.95 F- fairing Air Deflector Set Helps diminish rider and passenger air turbulence providing additional protection from the elements. 08P73-MCs-100A $199.95 All additional or replacement mounting hardware for the above accessories will be included unless otherwise noted. 16 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 17
  11. 11. OffICIAl Roadrace Team Apparel, Street lICEnSED PRODUCTS High-Tech Street & Off-Road Riding Gear, Casual Apparel Apparel, Casual Apparel www.joerocket.com www.parkersynergies.com professional rider shown on closed-course. VTX Street Riding Gear & Off-Road Gear, Motocross Race Casual Apparel Team Apparel, Casual Apparel, Accessories www.power-trip.com www.foxracing.com official licenSed producTS Custom Adult & Kids Casual Apparel Replica Retro Motocross Gear www.nofear.com www.JHDPowersports.com HRCA Apparel Vintage Apparel Today’s powersports industry has countless cool products to choose from, and www.hrcashop.com www.metroracing.com Honda has partnered up with the best of the bunch. from Joe rocket and fox rac- ing to no fear and Throttle Jockey, we offer a wide range of top-quality, Honda- branded products that appeal to everyone, young and old. Honda Branded Merchandise ATV Accessories www.mooseutilities.com 1.800.369.4268 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 19
  12. 12. WARRAnTy * Because we’re so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Genuine Accessories, we’re pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer. Gold Wing, ST ™1300  Graphics & Decals Graphics, Decals & Andrew Short Endorsed Casual Apparel and Valkyrie: 3 years Big Red, DN-01, Dual-Sport, Cruisers, Standards, Sportbikes, Scooters, ATV and PWC: 1 year. ** www.throttlejockey.com www.oneindustries.com CUSTOMIZE In A ClICK. Start with something great. Finish with something incredible. Begin with your favorite Honda motorcycle and build it into the Graphics & Decals ultimate machine. Pick the paint and choose from an extensive list of Honda Genuine Accessories to customize your Honda the Graphics & Seat Covers way you want it. When you’re done creating your dream Honda you can save it, send it to your friends and make them jealous or request a quote from your nearest dealer. WarranTY/cuSToMiZe/finance www.factoryeffex.com www.n-style.com official licenSed producTS Huge, Die-Cut, Tear and Fade Tie-Downs. Tow Straps, Resistant, Collectible Wall Graphics Key Chains and more www.visuwalls.com www.ekusa.com LaserCUT™ Motorcycle Patches, Lapel Pins, Rubber Keychains Motorcycle Illustrations and Magnets www.hondapatches.com www.hondaartprints.com Visit www.genuineaccessories.honda.com and start building your dream bike today. Level 5 Honda Powerhouse Exclusive MAKE IT PART Of THE PAyMEnT *** Remember to finance your Honda Genuine Accessories through American Honda Finance Corporation or use your Honda Card™ and make it part of your monthly payment. Die-Cast & Toy Collectibles * Please refer to Honda’s Motorcycle Warranties Booklet (#SO433) for specific details, retro-active to accessories already in service. ** Audio Limited Warranty is 1 year. www.newrayusa.com *** Financing available upon approved credit through Honda Financial Services or GE Money Bank. See your Honda dealer for details. 20 www.genuineaccessories.honda.com www.genuineaccessories.honda.com 21
  13. 13. genuineaccessories.honda.com ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, AND PLEASE RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT. Obey the law and read your owner’s manual thoroughly. Prices listed are MSRP. Not including dealer installation and labor fees. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Rearview mirrors are standard equipment on cruiser models. Please refer to Honda’s Website (powersports.honda.com) for the most up-to-date information on all Honda Genuine Accessories. Honda Genuine Accessories, Gold Wing, ST™ are trademarks of Honda Motor ™ Co., Ltd. ©2008 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (10/08) Printed in the U.S.A. Catalog reorder code A2985.