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  1. 1. 2646 A WHITER SHADE OF PALE P HARUM KARAOKE KING SYDNEY 4399 A WHITER SHADE OF PALE 3326 A WHOLE NEW WORLD TEL: 1300-856-886 3736 A Window to The Sky 1300 856 886 3035 A WORD IN SPANISH ELTON JOHN 3036 ABC JACKSON 5 3737 ABCD 1474 ABOUT A GIRL Nirvana 3738 AboutForeignLands&People Op.15No.1 3310 Abracadabra 6048 Abracadabra No. Title Singer 5434 Absolutely Everybody VanesaAmorosi 3308 86 2586 ACE OF SORROW BROWN & DONNA 5872 214 Rivermaya 592 ACHY BREAKY HEART Billy Ray Cyrus 92 1999 Prince 5923 Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus 3393 3354 ACHY BREAKY SONG 3298 12 Days of Christmas 1644 Act Naturally Beatles 89 18 and life Skid Row 3037 ADAM AND EVE Paul Anka 3032 2 BECOME 1 SPICE GIRLS 435 Addicted to love Robert Palmer 4285 2 BECOME 1 Spice Girls 3325 Advance Australia Fair 4911 2 times Ann Lee 4401 ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART 80 25 MINUTES Michael Learns 5417 AFFAIRS OF THE HEART 4324 25 MINUTES Michael Learns 2 rock 1195 AFRAID FOR LOVE TO FADE J M CHAN 90 25 or 6 to 4 Chicago 3039 Africa TOTO 3733 26 MLS (SANTA CATALINA) 4 PREPS 4912 After A While Jessa Zaragona 71 500 MILES "P, P & MARY" 830 After midnight Eric Clapton 74 59th st bridge song Simon & Garf 1562 AFTER THE FIRE IS GONE Fred Fender 5551 6 8 12 BRAIN MCKNIGHT 991 AFTR THE LOVE HAS GONE Erth W&Fire 5773 6 8 12 Brian Mcknight 3040 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE EWF 3307 74-75 788 After The Loving E.Humperdinck 374 Abacab Genesis 1203 AFTER THOUGH ON A TV SHOW 81 A BIG HUNK O' LOVE Elvis Preley 5554 AFTRNOON DLITE STARLAND VOCAL BAND 3033 A BIG HUNK O' LOVE ELVIS PRESLEY 5790 Aftrnoon Dlite Starland Vocal Band 4391 A BIG HUNK O' LOVE 535 AGAIN Janet Jackson 4392 A BROKEN WING 5435 Again Lenny Krevitz 2923 A CERTAIN SMILE JOHNNY MATHIS 2795 AGAINST ALL ODDS PHIL COLLINS 5389 A Collection 5406 Against the Wind 3312 A Day In The Life 3313 AIN'T NOTHIN' WRONG WITH THE RADIO 60 A DEAR JOHN LETTER 3041 AIN'T NOTIN LIKE THE REALthingGAYE 1564 A FOOL SUCH AS I By Elvis Presley 3042 AIN'T THAT ALOT OF LUV ISAAC HAYES 4393 A GIRL'S GOTTA DO... 1544 AIN'T THAT A SHAME By Fats Domino 72 A GROOVY KIND OF LUV WAYNE FONTANA 3741 Air (Holberg) 61 A GUY IS A GUY 4913 Alein Brod Jocel 2945 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT The Beatles 609 ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND Mel & Lyr 75 A haze shade of winter Bangles 1720 Alfie Dionne Warwick 88 A horse with no name America 2767 ALINE 3034 A HORSE WITH NO NAME AMERICA 2989 ALIVE AND KICKING SIMPLE MINDS 4394 A HOUSE WITH NO CURTAINS 737 ALL 4 LOVE Color Me Badd 4395 A LITTLE BIT MORE 6090 All About Money Meja 3714 A Little Help from my Friends 5787 All About The Money Meja 3734 A LITTLE PEACE NICOLE FLIEG 1574 ALL APOLOGIES Nirvana 273 A LONG & LASTING LUV Crystal Gayle 4402 ALL AROUND THE WORLD 1584 A LONG LONG TIME AGO Kuh Ledesma 266 ALL AT ONCE Whitney Houston 3735 A Love Idea 3043 ALL AT ONCE WHITNEY HOUSTON 1454 A LUV 2 LAST A LIFETIME JoseM Chan 728 ALL BEHIND US NOW Patti Austin 84 A MAN WITHOUT LOVE E.Humperdinck 3044 ALL BY MY SELF ERIC CARMEN 5398 A Matter Of Trust 346 ALL BY MYSELF Celine Dion 4396 A NIGHT LIKE THIS 4367 ALL BY MYSELF Celine Dion 5125 A Perfect Christmas Jose Mari Chan 4403 ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT 2962 A RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA 462 ALL FOR LOVE Bryan Adams 1570 A SMILE IN YOUR HEART Jam Morales 5749 All For Love Bryan Adams 5552 A SONG FOR MAMA BOYZIIMEN 2531 ALL 4 THE LOVE OF A GIRL J HORTON 5771 A Song For Mama Boys II Men 5537 All For You Janet Jackson 73 A summer place Letterman 6091 All I Ask Of You Barbara Streisand 5338 A TALE THAT WASN'T RIGHT 2876 ALL I EVER NEED IS YOU SONNY & CHER 2529 A TIME FOR US 2772 ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM 2858 A VERY SPECL LUV SONG CHARLI RICH 4301 ALL I HAVE TO GIVE Backstreet Boys 4397 A VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONG 5436 All I really Want Kim Lucas 4398 A VIEW TO A KILL 1685 ALL I WANNA DO Sheryl Crow
  2. 2. 5401 All I wanna do is make love to you 3746 AN AMERICAN DREAM THE DIRT BAND 512 ALL I WANT Wet Sprocket 784 An Old Fashion Luv Song P Williams 3045 All I Want(This Xmas)MARTIN N’VERA 1426 ANAK Freddie Aguilar 4404 ALL I WANT IS YOU 3747 Andante & Rondo Capriciosso Op.14 802 All I've Got To Do Beatles 2534 AND I LOVE HER BEATLES 5395 All My Friends Are Getting Married 2535 AND I LOVE YOU SO PERRY COMO 547 ALL MY LIFE America 852 And when I die 4293 ALL MY LIFE KCI and Jojo 5679 Andrewford Medina Andrew E. 1627 All My Love Cliff Richard 2402 ANGEL J. SECADA 790 All My Loving Beatles 5539 Angel Shaggy 791 All Night Long Lionel Richie 2800 ANGEL EYES ABBA 4183 ALL NIGHT LONG Lionel Richie 4409 ANGEL IN MY EYES 3743 "ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY " 3052 ANGEL OF HARLEM 5810 All Of A Sudden Matt Monro 5127 Angel Of Mine Monica 2532 ALL OF ME FRANK SINATRA 4410 ANGEL OF THE MORNING 5925 All Or Nothing O Town 5929 Angel Of The Morning Juice Newton 2751 ALL OUT OF LOVE AIR SUPPLY 1318 ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER The Cascades 2889 ALL RIGHT NOW FREE 5811 Angelina Lou Bega 1609 ALL SHOOK UP Elvis Presley 4411 ANGELS 3046 ALL SHOOK UP Elvis Presley 3321 ANGIE 4313 ALL THAT I NEED Boyzone 792 Angie Baby Helen Reddy 4405 ALL THAT I NEED IS YOU 3748 Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt) 1572 ALL THAT SHE WANTS Ace of Base 5930 Ann Bread 3047 All That She Wants Ace Of Base 298 ANNA Apo H.Society 4357 ALL THAT SHE WANTS Ace of Base 2700 ANNIE'S SONG JOHN DENVER 5397 All The Girls Luv Alice Elton John 1726 Anniversary Song Bing Crosby 5538 All The Luv In The World The Corrs 3687 Another Brick In The Wall (part2) 498 ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED Whitney H 818 Another day Paul McCartney 5770 All The Small Things Blink 182 2754 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADIS PHILCOLLINS 6092 All The Small Things Blink 182 4412 ANOTHER LONELY SONG 789 All The Things You Are Jo Stafford 171 ANOTHER NIGHT Real McCoy 4184 ALL THE THINGS U ARE FRANK SINATRA 989 ANOTHER NIGHT Real McCoy 24 All The Way Jeffrey Osborene 3343 ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST 1688 ALL THIS TIME Tiffany 5931 Another Place Another Time E.H 3744 ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 1399 ANOTHER SAD LOVE SONG Toni Braxton 4406 ALL WOMAN 5340 Another somebody B.J.Thomas 2997 All YOU NEED IS LOVE THE BEATLES 214 ANOTHERDAY IN PARADISE PhilCollins 1723 Almost Paradse Mike Reno-An Wilson 25 Anticipation carly simon 3745 Almost Too Serious Op.15 No.10 2536 ANTONIO'S SONG M FRANKS 2783 ALONE HEARTS 3322 Any Dream Will Do 2716 ALONE AGAIN G. O'SULLIVAN 4413 ANY LOVE 564 ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY G. Sullivan 4414 ANY WAY THAT YOU WANT ME 1316 ALPHABET SONG 5420 Anybody Seen My Baby? 4407 ALRIGHT 4415 ANYMORE 1470 ALWAYS Atlantic Star 1727 Any1 Who Had A Heart Dione Warwick 3048 Always J.BON JOVI 3053 Anything For U MIAMI SOUND MACHINE 246 ALWAYS AND FOREVER HEATWAVE 3054 ANYTHING GOES FRANK SINATRA 3314 ALWAYS BE MY BABY 3749 ANYTHING THAT'S PART OF YOU ELVIS 574 ALWAYS IN MY HEART Tevin Campbell 520 ANYTIME The Jets 3546 ALWYS LOOKontheBRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE 286 ANYTIME ANYPLACE Janet Jackson 2834 ALWAYS ON MY MIND WILLIE NELSON 5438 Anytime At All Beatles 5757 Always On My Mind Petshop Boys 1319 ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND Mariah 4331 ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE Naked Eyes 5932 Anywhere For You Backstreet Boys 1647 ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE Naked Eyes 5341 APRIL COME SHE WILL Simon & Garf 333 ALWAYS SOMEWHERE Scorpions 5933 April Fool Matt Monro 3049 Always Somewhere SCORPIONS 2909 APRIL LOVE ANDY WILLIAMS 1435 AM I THAT EASY 2 4GET D Reynolds 2880 AQUARIUS FIFTH DIMENSION 5926 Am I The Same Grl Swing out Sister 3750 Arabeske Op.18 4408 AMAZED 3751 Arabesque No.1 in E 1317 AMAZING Aerosmith 3752 Arabesque No.2 in G 2533 AMAZING GRACE JUDY COLLINS 3753 Arabian Dance (Nutcracker) 5927 Ambon True Faith 6094 Are You For Real Raisa Cayabyab 3319 AMIE 5396 Are You Gonna Go My Way 2322 AMERICA (2) TIGRES DEL NTE 2537 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT ELVIS 2927 AMERICAN MADE OAK RIDGE BOYS 3056 ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT ELVIS 4254 American Pie 3754 ARE YOU SLEEPING 5437 American pie Madonna 3755 Aria (Goldberg Variations) 5675 American pie Madonna 3756 Arietta Op.12 No.1 6093 Amnesia Lucas 5342 ARMS OF MARY Sutherland brother
  3. 3. 1436 AROUND THE WORLD Frank Sinatra 2860 BAND ON THE RUN PAUL McCARTNEY 593 ARTHUR'S THEME Christopher 2879 BANG BANG SONNY & CHER 5789 As I Lay Me Down Sophie B Hawkins 4921 Banyo Queen Andrew E 26 As Long As He Needs Me anitabryant 4997 Banyo Queen Andrew E 4286 AS LONG AS U LOVE ME BSB 1547 BARBARA ANN By Beach Boys 956 AS SURE AS I'M STANDING B Manilow 4296 BARBIE GIRL Aqua 2538 AS TEARS GO BY ROLLING STONES 3769 Barcarolle Op.60 1320 AS TIME GOES BY Carly Simon 3333 Bare Necessities 5414 At The Beginning 440 Be Bop a Lula Bobby Vincent 848 At the hop Danny and Jrs. 3339 Be My Baby Tonight 5514 At Your Side The Corrs 3770 Be My Lady 610 AUBREY Bread 3025 BE MY LOVE 1642 Auld Lang Syne Guy Lombardo 854 Be still my beating heart 3758 Automne Op.35 No2 (Etude de Cncrt) 3771 Be still my beating heart 2539 AUTUMN LEAVES ANDY WILLIAMS 2790 BEAT IT M. JACKSON 4416 AUTUMN LEAVES 4365 BEAT IT Michael Jackson 4417 AUTUMN LEAVES 2540 BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES 3759 Ave Maria 781 BEAUTIFUL GIRL Jose Mari Chan 6051 Ave Maria 3336 Beautiful Goodbey 3359 B BODY 1472 BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES Josh Kadison 1321 BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP 3065 Beautiful Life ACE OF BASE 1625 BABE Styx 4302 BEAUTIFUL LIFE ACE OF BASE 853 Baby Baby 4423 BEAUTIFUL STRANGER 3328 Baby Baby 166 Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone 4283 BABY CAN I HOLD YOU Boyzone 2541 BEAUTIFULL SUNDAY D BOONE 3329 BABY COME BACK PLAYER 1548 BEAUTY AND MADNESS Fra Lippo Lippi 712 Baby Come To Me Patti Austin 2543 BEAUTY & THE BEAST DION & BRYNSON 3012 BABY DON'T GET HOOKED ON ME 4424 BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT 635 BABY I DON'T CARE Elvis Presley 2701 BECAUSE D CLARK FIVE 5812 Baby I Love You J Brothers 3772 Because Beatles 597 BABY I LOVE YOUR WAY Big Mountain 2652 BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SHAKIN' STEVENS 1640 Baby I Need Your Loving Four Tops 267 BECAUSE OF LOVE Menudo 2861 BABY I'M A WANT YOU BREAD 1407 BECAUSE OF YOU Tony Bennet 4185 BABY LET ME HOLD UR HAND R Charles 4374 BECAUSE OF YOU 98 Degrees 4277 BABY ONE MORE TIME Britney Spears 994 BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME Celine Dion 4418 BABY ONE MORE TIME 4186 BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME CELINE DION 4927 Baby One More Time Britney Spears 463 BED OF ROSES Jon Bon Jovi 3760 BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL GLEN YARB 3337 Bedtime Story MADONNA 17 Baby You're a Rich Man Beatles 3532 Bedtime Story MADONNA 993 BABY NOW THAT I FOUND U Alison K 1730 BEEN AROUND THE WORLD Lisa S 4419 BABY, WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME 3066 BEEN TOO LONG ON THE ROAD BREAD 976 BABYFACE U2 5230 Before I Fall In love COCO Lee 4917 Back At One brian Mcknight 6098 Before I Let You Go Freestyle 4992 Back At One Brian Mcknight 390 Before the dawn Judas Priest 738 BACK FOR GOOD Take That 2807 B4 THE NEXT TEARDROP FALLS Freddy Fender 3761 BACK HOME 4425 BEFORE THE PARADE PASSES 822 Back in the USA Chuck Berry 995 BEGIN THE BEGUINE Various Artists 237 Back in the USSR Beatles 1101 BEGINNING TODAY 5343 BACK TO YOU Bryan Adams 5421 Behind Blue Eyes 1689 BAD Michael Jackson 3338 Behind Closed Doors 783 Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce 3334 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite 4420 BAD BLOOD 1704 BEING GREEN 3762 BAD BOY 4255 BELIEVE 375 Bad case of loving u Robert Palmer 5334 Belinda Bye Bye Barbie's Cradle 50 Bad Girls 3067 BELL BOTTOM BLUES Eric Clapton 3330 BAD LOVE 376 Ben Michael Jackson 819 Bad moon rising C.C.R. 3068 Best Of My Love EAGLES 3058 BAD MOON RISING J. C. Fogerty 5348 BEST THAT YOU CAN DO 3763 Bagatell Op.33 No.1 677 Best Thing That Ever Hap..Gladys K 3764 Bagatell Op.33 No.4 5529 Betcha By Golly Wow Tafkap Artist 810 Ballad of John & Yoko Beatles 5943 Betcha By Golly Wow Stylistics 12 Ballad of John.... Beatles 3341 BETTE DAVIS EYES 3765 Ballade in d Op.10 No.1 967 BETTER DAYS Dianne Reeves 3766 Ballade in g Op.118 No.3 4426 BETTER MAN BETTER OFF 3767 Ballade No.1 in g Op.23 5765 Better Off Alone Alice Deejay 3768 Ballet of the Unhatched Chickens 3069 BEWITCHED FRANK SINATRA 4422 BALLROOM DANCING 4304 BIG BIG WORLD Emilia 2162 BANANA GARIBALDI 4427 BIG BIG WORLD 3331 Banana Boat Song ( DAY-O ) 439 Big girls don't cry Four Seasons
  4. 4. 3344 Big in Japan 1408 BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS Tony B 674 Big Spender Shirley Bassey 3079 Boy DONNA CRUZ 3342 Big Yellow Taxi 1263 BOY 611 BILL BAILEY Mel and Lyr 793 Boy From NYCity Manhattan Transfer 2747 BILLIE JEAN MICHAEL JACKSON 2718 BOYS BOYS BOYS SABRINA 3773 BILLY BOY 1575 BOYS DON'T CRY The Cure 3774 BINGO 4438 BOYS OF SUMMER 4428 BIP BOP 3705 Brand New Life 811 Birthday Beatles 4439 BRANDY 5530 Bitch Meredith Brooks 511 BREAK IT DOWN AGAIN Tears 4 Fears 497 BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE Frente 377 Break it to me gently Juice Newton 3775 BLACK AND WHITE THREE DOG NIGHT 3300 Breakfast In America 3345 BLACK HOLE SUN 6100 Breaking My Heart Mike Learns2Rock 2659 BLACK IS BLACK JOY 30 Brakin Up Is hard 2 do neil sedaka 3071 BLACK MAGIC WOMAN SANTANA 1542 BREAKOUT Swing Out Sisters 4429 BLACK NIGHT 3352 BREATH OF LIFE 968 BLACK OR WHITE Michael Jackson 1327 BREATHE AGAIN Toni Braxton 5349 BLACK SUPERMAN Johnny Wakelin 5531 Breathless The Corrs 3347 Black Velvet 2542 BRIDGE OVR TROUBLED WATER SIM&GARF 3 Blackbird Beatles 3353 BRIGHT EYES ART GARFUNKEL 179 BLAME IT ON THE BOSSANOVA 639 BRING UR PROBLEMS 2 ME Jon Dunmore 4430 BLAME IT ON THE WEATHERMAN 5350 BROKEN HEARTED WOMAN Jessica Jay 3346 BLESSED 794 Broken Wings Mr. Mister 5422 Blister in the Sun 3355 BROTHER LOUIE 2736 BLOWIN' IN THE WIND 4440 BROTHERHOOD OF MAN 4431 BLOWING KISSES IN THE WIND 3356 BROWN EYED WOMAN 62 BLOWIN'IN THE WIND Peter,Paul,Mary 5945 Brown Eyes Destiny's Child 5134 Blue (da ba dee) 2000 EIFEL 65 3778 BUFFALO GALS 804 Blue bayou Linda Rondstadt 1731 Build Me Up Buttercup Foundations 29 Blue Christmas wyonna 4441 BURNIN' THE ROADHOUSE DOWN 2802 BLUE EYES ELTON JOHN 5423 Burning Down the House 3072 BLUE EYES Elton John 952 Burning love Elvis Presley 997 BLUE EYES CRYING IN THERAIN Dolly Parton 821 Bus stop Hollies 3776 BLUE HAWAII ELVIS PRESLEY 4322 BUSES AND TRAINS Bachelor Girl 2973 BLUE MONDAY FATS DOMINO 5573 BUT IF YOU LEAVE ME VON ARROYO 2941 BLUE MOON FRANK SINATRA 5351 BUTTERFLY Mariah Carey 3073 BLUE MOON FRANK SINATRA 5574 BY HEART LAURA CREAMER 4432 BLUE MOON 3779 By the Fireside Op.15 No.8 3777 BLUE MORNING BLUE DAY FOREIGNER 612 BY THE LITE OF THE SILVERY Mel&Lyr 1552 BLUE SUEDE SHOES By Carl Perkins 1476 BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON Mel & Lyr 2735 BLUE TANGO 157 By The Time I Get 2 Pho.Glen Camp’ 1643 Blue Velvet Bobby Vinton 2570 BY THE TIME I GET 2 PHOENIX GLEN C 1551 BLUEBERRY HILL By Fats Domino 509 BY THE TIME THISNIGHT IS.. Kenny G 2856 BLUEBIRD PAUL Mc CARTNEY 4442 BYE BYE 4433 BLUEBIRD 4968 Bye Bye Bye NSync 305 BLUER THAN BLUE Michael Johnson 2545 BYE BYE LOVE EVERLY BRO. 4924 Bluer Than Blue Regine Velasquez 3781 "BYE, BABY BUNTING " 5418 Boat On The River 3782 "BYE, BYE, BABY " 4434 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 3360 Cabaret 4435 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 5949 Cabaret Lina Minelli 4436 BOOGIE SHOES 3783 CAMPTOWN RACES 3075 BOOGIE WONDERLAND EWF 1692 CALENDAR GIRL Neil Sedaka 3358 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 2547 CALIFORNIA DREAMING MAMA & PAPA 4298 BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Vengaboys 3361 CALIFORNIA DREAMING 637 BOOM SHAK-A-LAK Apache Indian 3080 CALIFORNIA GIRLS BEACH BOYS 5944 Bop Bop Baby Westlife 3362 California Girls 638 BORDER LINE Madonna 5817 Call Me Various Artist T Hatch 3486 BORIS GARDNER 3784 Capriccio in b Op.76 No.2 5135 Born For You David Pomeranz 5575 CAN FIND NO REASON LOUIE HEREDIA 2758 BORN FREE ANDY WILLIAMS 528 CAN WE JUST STOP AND... J M Chan 3076 BORN ON THE BAYOU J. C. Fogerty 5053 CAN WE JUST STOP AND... J M Chan 1428 BORN TO BE ALIVE P.Hernandez 335 CAN WE TALK Code Red 3077 Born To Be My Baby BON JOVI 4443 CAN YOU FEEL IT 820 Born to be wild Steppenwolf 4328 CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE Elton John 3078 BORN TO LOSE RAY CHARIES 607 CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE Elton John 4437 BOSOM BUDDIES 1466 CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE Elton John 409 Both sides now Judy Collins 2897 CANDLE IN THE WIND ELTON JOHN 2693 BOULEVARD 3364 CANDLE IN THE WIND 115 BOULEVARD NG PAG-IBIG 5786 Candy Mandy Moore
  5. 5. 796 Candyman Sammy Davis Jr. 929 Cocaine Eric Clapton 1477 CAN'T BE WITH YOU TONIGHT Irene 3083 COCAINE ERIC CLAPTON 5874 Can't B With u 2night Irene Coloso 1409 "COLD, COLD HEART " Tony Bennet 2810 CAN'T BUY ME LOVE JOHN LENNON 3084 Colors of the Wind VANESSAWILLIAMS 1330 CAN'T CRY HARD ENOUGH W Brothers 855 Colour my world 55 Can't Fight This Feeling nymor Reo 4986 Come and Get It Good Guys 5950 Can't Get You Out Of My Head Kylie 2928 COME AND GET YOUR LOVE REDBONE 2550 CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE ELVIS 5486 Come As You Are Wild Orchids 4187 CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE ELVIS 3793 COME BACK J.GEILS BAND 411 Can't help falling in love Elvis 4444 COME ON OVER 3421 Can't help falling in love with u 5798 Come On Over Christina Aguilera 806 Can't help falling in... Elvis 3085 COME RAIN OR COME SHINE SINATRA 1478 CAN'T HELP WONDERIN' WHY Dessa 3385 COME RAIN OR COME SHINE 807 Can't smile without u Barry Manilo 3605 Come Sail Away 3081 CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT U BARRY MANLO 31 Come Softly To Me fleetwoods 3365 CAN'T STAND LOSING YOU 1675 COME SUMMER Fra Lippo Lippi 1427 CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF U Gloria G 3086 COME TO MAMA (POPPA) ISAAC HAYES 287 CAN'T WE TRY Dan Hill 2753 COME TOGETHER THE BEATLES 5818 Car Wash Andrew E 731 COME UNDONE Duran Duran 2546 CARELESS WHISPER WHAM 3087 Come What May AIR SUPPLY 4188 CARELESS WHISPER George Michael 436 Coming up Paul McCartney 3082 CAROLINA IN MY MIND James Taylor 1576 COMPLICATED HEART Mike Learns2Rock 381 Carrie Europe 3794 ConcertEtudeno.3inD-flat(UnSospro) 3368 Carry On 1779 CONDICION V. ITURBE 3785 CARRY ON TILL TOMORROW BAD FINGERS 1438 CONGRATULATIONS Cliff Richard 5480 Cartoon Heroes Aqua 3088 Constant Change JOSE MARI CHAN 5676 Cartoon Heroes Aqua 687 Constantly Cliff Richard 5481 Case Of The Ex Mya 1628 Constantly Cliff Richard 3369 Casper The Friendly Ghost 5024 Constantly 3786 Catch Me! Op.15 No.3 5487 Cool Change Little River Band 248 CATHY'S CLOWN Everly Brothers 566 COPACABANA Barry Manilow 3370 CATS IN THE CRADLE 3089 COPACABANA Barry Manilow 3371 Cecilia 3386 Cotton Eye Joe 151 CELEBRATION Kool & The Gang 63 COTTON FIELD C.C.R 380 C'est la vie Emerson Lake & Palmer 2551 COTTON FIELDS CCR 5084 C'est la vie 1711 COULD IT BE MAGIC BARRY MANILOW 943 Chain of fools Aretha Franklin 3090 COULD IT BE MAGIC Barry Manilow 3373 CHAINS OF LOVE 27 Could This Be Magic barry manilow 3787 CHAIRS TO MEND 4189 COULD YOU BE LOVED Bob Marley 3374 Champagne Supernova 999 COULD'VE BEEN Tiffany 334 CHANGE THE WORLD Eric Clapton 6105 Count On Me Whitney H & Cc Winams 3788 CHANGES BLACK SABBATH 3795 Country Gardens 2549 CHANGING PARTNERS SKEETER DAVIS 4190 COUNTRY ROAD James Taylor 3375 Chapel of Love 4256 CRASH! BOOM! BANG! 2759 CHARADE ANDY WILLIAMS 688 Crazy Julio Iglesias 1732 Cheek to Cheek Fred Astaire 3387 CRAZY 3378 CHERI CHERI LADY 4445 CRAZY 2977 CHERISH THE ASSOCIATIONS 938 Crazy for you Madonna 3379 CHERISH 4375 CRAZY FOR YOU Madonna 940 Cherry Cherry Neil Diamond 1694 CRAZY IN LOVE Kim Carnes 3789 Child Falling Asleep Op.15 No.12 5288 Crazy Little Party Girl A Carter 5804 Children Need a Helpin Hand N`Sync 3388 CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE 3381 CHINA GROVE 2552 CRAZY LOVE PAUL ANKA 3790 Chinese Dance (Nutcracker) 3389 Cream 1437 CHIQUITITA Abba 513 CREEP Radiohead 2902 CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP M.O.T.R 856 Crimson and clover 1462 CHRISTMAS CARD Timmy Cruz 2843 CROCODILE ROCK ELTON JOHN 4935 Christmas In Our Hearts J M Chan 5951 Cross My Heart Sammy Cheng 48 Christmas Song Carpenters 6106 Cross My Heart Sharon Cuneta 4936 Xmas Won't b The Same Without u MN 4303 CRUSH Jennifer Paige 969 CINDERELLA EXPRESS A.S.A.P. 5952 Crush Mandy Moore 4257 CINNAMON GIRL 5710 Crush Kita 4258 Circle of Life 6107 Crush Kita Sex Bomb Girls 1718 Climb Every Mountain Peggy Wood 5289 Crush On You Aaron Carter 3395 Cloning Dolly Parton. 6108 Cry Mandy Moore 606 CLOSE TO HEAVEN Color Me Badd 1173 CRY MARISSA 1451 CLOSE TO YOU Carpenters 722 CRY FOR HELP Rick Ashley 1120 CLOSER YOU AND I 4358 CRY FOR HELP Rick Astley 6104 Closing Time SemiSonic 5136 Cry In The Rain Orient Pearl
  6. 6. 2888 CRY ME A RIVER JOE COCKER 5101 DO THEY KNOW IT'S XMAS Band-Aid 799 Crying In The Chapel Elvis 5352 DO THEY KNOW IT'S XMAS Band-Aid 2702 CRYING IN THE RAIN EVERLY BROS 800 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart 5233 Crying Time Victor Wood 3463 Do You Hear What I Hear 3796 Curious Story Op.15 No.2 43 Do u no The Way 2 SanJose DWarwick 5399 Cuts Like a Knife 1633 Do u no Where u're Going 2 D Ross 3091 CYCLES FRANK SINATRA 692 Do You Know Where u're..Diana Ross 2656 DADDY COOL BONEY M. 2938 DO U REALLY WANT 2 HURT ME C CLUB 2985 DADDY'S HAND HOLLY DUNN 3402 DO YOU REMEMBER 2804 DADDY'S HOME CLIFF RICHARD 432 Do you wanna dance? Mamas & Papas 1153 DAMDAMIN 3403 DO YOU WANNA? 3797 Dance of the Reed Flutes Nutcrcker 52 Do You Want To Know A Secret 3798 Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy Nut 4295 DOCTOR JONES Aqua 3092 DANCE ON LITTLE GIRL Paul Anka 5353 DOES ANYBODY REALLY KNOW Chicago 3799 DANCE TO YOUR DADDY 3098 DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW ABBA 3093 "DANCE, DANCE, DANCE " BEACH BOYS 5102 Doin' The Best I Can Elvis 2867 DANCIN' IN THE MOONLIGHT K HARVEST 1241 DOON RICHARD REYNOS 828 Dancing in the dark B. Sprinsteen 1558 DOON LANG Nonoy Zuniga 2696 DANCING QUEEN ABBA 182 DONNA DONNA Joan Baes 4191 DANCING QUEEN ABBA 1659 DON'T Elvis Presley 4446 DANCING QUEEN 3099 DON'T ELVIS PRESLEY 1664 DANDANSOY Cebuano Folk Song 3100 DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR BB KING 1553 DANGEROUS M. Jackson 5124 DONT B AFRAID 2 LUV WILL.CN.ZUNIGA 2839 DANIEL ELTON JOHN 438 Don't be cruel Elvis Presley 2556 DANNY BOY CONWAY TWITTY 3101 DON'T BE CRUEL Elvis Presley 5093 DANNY BOY CONWAY TWITTY 2956 DON'T BLAME ME 703 Danny's Song Kenny Loggins 5754 Don't Call Me Baby Madison Avenue 5712 Darna Jenine Desiderio 857 Don't cry 4 me Argentina O.N.John 3801 DARKTOWN STRUTTERS BALL FATSdomino 3323 Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Remix) 5577 DATING DAMDAMIN JAYA 5800 Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna 1332 DAUGHTERS OF TRITON 181 DON'T CRY JONI 437 Day dream believer Monkeys 5354 DON'T CRY OUT LOUD Nuntida Kaewb 2998 DAY TRIPPER The Beatles 5355 DON'T DREAM IT'S OVR Cristal Gayle 1555 DAY-O Harry Belafonte 5578 DON'T EVER GO EDDIE PEREGRINA 1480 DAYS OF WINE & ROSES Chris Connors 739 DON'T EVER LEAVE ME Paul Anka 1333 DE DO DO DO DE DA DA DA The Police 1448 DON'T EVER MAKE ME CRY Sharon C 3802 DE DO DO DO DE DA DA DA The Police 1577 DON'T FADE AWAY Acosta-Rusell 4259 Deacon Blues 3805 DON'T FALL IN LUV WITH A DREAMER 5138 Dear Heart 2553 DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER BEE GEES 5290 Dear Heart Matt Monro 3397 DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 3391 Debbie Rowe ( is not my mother ) 412 Don't make my brwn eyes blu CGayle 2914 DEDICATED 2 THE 1 I LUV SHIRELLES 161 Don't it make my br..Crystal Gayle 1334 DEEP IN MY HEART Jose Mari Chan 2793 DON'T IT MAKES MY BROWN EYES BLUE 1452 DEEP IN MY SOUL Acosta & Russell 1338 DON'T KNOW MUCH Linda Ronstadt 4192 DEEP IN THE HART OF TXAS R CHARIES 1420 DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY Ric Segreto 2674 DELILAH TOM JONES 3398 DON'T LEAVE ME THIS WAY T HOUSTON 2979 DELTA DAWN HELEN REDDY 2900 DN'T LET ME B LONELY 2NITE JTAYLOR 817 Desperado Eagles 4193 DON'T LET ME BE... James Taylor 3094 DESIRE U2 2555 DN'T LETmeB MSNDERSTOOD SHOCKINBLU 5139 Destiny Jim Brickman 3806 DON'T LET ME DOWN The Beatles 944 Devil with blue dress on M Ryder 2789 DON'T LET THE SUN... ELTON JOHN 1539 DEVOTED TO YOU Everly Brothers 4194 DON'T LET THE SUN GO DWN ON ME E.J 2554 DIANA PAUL ANKA 5393 DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER 3096 DIANA Paul Anka 641 DON'T LOOK IN MY EYES Sam Harris 2955 DIARY 933 Don't lose my number Phil Collins 3097 DIARY BREAD 4940 Don't Love Me Lani Misalucha 4351 DIARY Bread 32 Don't Make Me Over Dionne Warwick 3803 DICK AND JANE BOBBY VINTON 1260 DON'T SAY GOODBYE 3804 DID YOU EVER SEE A LASSIE? 3102 Don't Say Goodbye Pops Fernandez 5957 Didn't We Matt Monro 4316 DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME The Corrs 1652 Didn't We Almost Hav It All Witney 5141 Don't Say you Love Me M2M 2972 DIFFERENT DRUM STONE PONEY'S 3103 DON'T SPEAK NO DOUBT 3357 Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms 3399 Don't Stand so Close to Me 1695 DISAPPOINTMENT The Cranberries 1557 DON'T TAKE AWAY THAT LITE Fra L L 2894 DIZZY TOMMY ROE 289 DON'T TALK TO HIM Cliff Richard 288 DO I HAV 2 SAY THE WORDS BRY ADAMS 5440 Don't Tell Me Madonna 2916 DO IT AGAIN STEELY DAN 3677 "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright " 431 Do Re Mi Julie Andrews 5532 Don't Touch My Birdie P Ni Edgar 2745 DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME 3400 DON'T TURN AROUND
  7. 7. 3152 DON'T WANNA GO ON WIT U LIK THAT E. JOHN 685 Especially For You Kylie Minogue 1481 DON'T WANNA LOSE U Gloria Estefan 2749 ETERNAL FLAME BANGLES 858 "Don't worry, Be happy " 4297 ETERNAL FLAME Bangle-Human Nature 5760 Don't u 4get About Me Simple Minds 1003 ETERNALLY Various Artists 51 Don't You Want Me 3108 Eternally VICTOR WOOD 930 Dont't let me b misunders Animals 3819 Etude in a Op.25 No.11 3807 DOREMI 3818 Etude in A-flat Op.25 No.1 1482 DOORS Michael Johnson 3820 Etude in c Op.10 No.12 (Revolutionary) 613 DOWN BY THE RIVER SIDE Mel and Lyr 3821 Etude in c-sharp Op.2 No.11 3808 DOWN BY THE STATION 3822 Etude in c-sharp Op.25 No.7 (Cello) 998 DOWN IN BRAZIL Michael Franks 3823 Etude in E Op.10 No.3 3809 DOWN IN THE VALLEY 3824 Etude in G-flat Op.10 No.5 (Black Key) 4195 DOWN ON THE CORNER J. C. Fogerty 3825 Etude in g-sharp Op.25 No.6 3401 Down Under 1560 EVEN IF Jam Morales 1001 DOWNTOWN Tony Hatch 1641 Even Now Barry Manilow 3810 Dr. Gradys ad Parnassum 4197 EVEN NOW Barry Manilow 3038 Dreadlock Holiday 10CC 5357 EVEN THOUGH U BROKE MY HART Gimini 3405 Dream a Little Dream 2562 EVER GREEN S JACKSON 3407 DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME 681 Evergreen Barbra Streisand 1002 DREAM ABOUT YOU Stevie B. 3826 EVERGREEN TREE CLIFF RICHARD 2929 DREAM BABY GLENN CAMPBELL 3109 Everlasting Love THE COMPANY 1341 DREAM LOVER Mariah Carey 5142 Everlasting Love The Company 336 DREAM ON Nazareth 410 Every breath you take Police 3811 DREAM POLICE CHEAP TRICK 3110 Evry Little Ting She Does Is Magic 1340 DREAMIN' The Cascades 2756 EVERY TIME YOU GO AWAY PAUL YOUNG 3406 DREAMING OF YOU 3111 Evry Woman In The World AIR SUPPLY 4330 DREAMING OF YOU Selena 3112 Evry Woman In The World AIR SUPPLY 3408 DREAMS 1004 EVERYBODY Madonna 3812 Dreams Of The Every Day Housewife Glen Cambell 4309 EVERYBODY Backstreet Boys 590 DRESS YOU UP Madonna 4450 EVERYBODY 1342 DRIVE The Cars 4451 EVERYBODY 419 Drive my car Beatles 671 EVRYBODY KNOWS WE'RE E.Humperdinck 4323 DRIVE MYSELF CRAZY N'sync 1615 EVRYBODY KNOWS WE'RE E.Humperdinck 2981 DRIVIN' MY LIFE AWAY EDDIE RABBIT 19 Evrybody Loves Sombody Dean Martin 859 Dude looks like a lady 5358 EVRYBDY NEED A FRIEND Wishbone Ash 2557 DUST IN THE WIND KANSAS 539 EVRYBODY WANTS 2 RULE..Tears4Fears 3409 D'yer Mak'er 3113 EVERYBODY'S EVERYTHING SANTANA 504 DYING INSIDE 2 HOLD U Timmy Thomas 3415 Everybody's Talking 1661 EACH DAY WITH YOU Martin Nievera 1483 EVERYDAY Agot Isidro 2903 EARTH ANGEL PENQUINS 5441 Everyday I Love You Boyzone 624 EASY Lionel Richie 3277 EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL 4196 EASY Lionel Richie 518 EVERYTHING COUNTS Depeche Mode 2911 EASY LUVR P COLINS & PHILIP BAILEY 2769 EVERYTHING I DO BRYAN ADAMS 2723 EBB TIDE PAT BOONE 4373 EVERYTHING I DO Bryan Adams 2852 EBONY AND IVORY P.Mc CARTNEY 3416 Everything I Do) I Do It For You 2558 EDELWEISS JULIE ANDREWS 2851 EVERYTHING I OWN BREAD 2999 EIGHT DAYS A WEEK The Beatles 5540 Everything u Want Vertical Horizon 3411 EIGHT MILES HIGH 3489 Everything's Alright 2559 EL CONDOR PASA SIMON & GARF. 5488 Everytime A1 5083 El condor pasa P.S & A Garfunkel 5359 EVRYTIME I CLOSE MY EYES Baby Face 3414 EL PASO 1561 EVERYTIME I SEE U Fra Lippo Lippi 6059 EL PASO 3114 Everytime You Go Away PAUL YOUNG 4260 Elaine - CP000025 861 Evil ways 420 Eleanor Rigby Beatles 3115 EVIL WAYS SANTANA 3413 ELEANOR RIGBY 5819 Ewan Apo Hiking Society 3816 Elfin Dance 3417 EXHALE (Shoop Shoop) 6061 Elfin Dance 3116 EXODUS Bob Marley 4928 Email My Heart Britney Spears 5958 Exodus Matt Monro 686 EMOTION Bee Gees 1005 EXPLOSION Menudo 3104 EMPTY GARDEN (HEY HEY JOHNNY)EJohn 3418 EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART 860 Empty rooms 1484 EYE IN THE SKY Alan Parson Project 5356 END OF THE ROAD Boyz II Men 805 Eye of the tiger Survivor 2560 END OF THE WORLD SKEETER DAVIS 4452 FACE TO FACE 2561 ENDLESS LOVE ROSS & RICHIE 3419 FADED LOVE 595 ENGLISH MAN IN NEW YORK Sting 3427 FADING LIKE A FLOWER 3105 ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK Sting 862 Faith 3106 Enter Sandman METALLICA 466 FAITHFUL Go West 6062 Enter Sandman METALLICA 5239 Faithful & True Dennis Jernigan 1344 ENVELOPED IDEAS The Dawn 3420 FAITHFULLY
  8. 8. 1486 FALLEN Lauren Wood 331 FOR THE FIRST TIME Kenny Loggins 467 FALLING 2566 FOR THE GOOD TIMES KRISTOFERSON 4454 FALLING INTO YOU 864 For the peace of all mankind 3009 FAME 1007 FOR YOU Takahashi Mariko 729 FAME AND FORTUNE Elvis Presley 332 FOR YOU I WILL Monica 1439 FANTASY 4463 FOR YOUR BABIES 4198 FANTASY EWF 2957 FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 3828 Fantasy in c K.475 2974 FOR YOUR LOVE ED TOWNSEND 3829 Fantasy in d K.397 1543 FOREVER Martin N.&Regine V. 3827 Fantaisie-Impromtu in c-sharp Op.66 6112 Forever As One Vengaboys 238 FAREWELL R. Lauchengco 308 FOREVER BLUE Cacai Velasquez 2724 FASCINATION JANE MORGAN 4201 FOREVER MAN ERIC CLAPTON 5579 FAST CAR TRACY CHAPMAN 1565 FOREVER YOUNG Alphaville 5791 Fast Car Tracy Chapman 1429 FOREVERMORE Paul Bennet 243 FATHER AND SON Cat Stevens 1160 FORGIVE AND FORGET 4312 FATHER AND SON Boyzone 3122 FORTRESS AROUND YOUR HEART Sting 4199 FATHER FIGURE George Michael 3429 FORTUNATE SON 5959 Fax Me Andrew E 3153 FOUND THAT GIRL JACKSON 5 4455 FEED THE WORLD 4942 Four Season Vina Morales 225 FEEL LIKE MAKING LUV Roberta Flack 3833 FOUR STRONG WINDS NEIL YOUNG 949 Feeling alright Joe Cocker 3430 FOX ON THE RU TONY HAZZAR 2563 FEELINGS MORRIS ALBERT 3431 Fragile 3423 FEELINGS 3123 Free As A Bird THE BEATLES 823 Fernando Abba 2567 FREE AS THE WIND 3117 Fernando ABBA 4464 FREED FROM DESIRE 3424 Ferry Cross The Mercy 1487 FRIEND OF MINE Odette Quesada 1006 FEVER Elvis Presley 1540 FRIENDS Nonoy Zuniga 3830 FIDDLE-DE-DEE 3432 Friends In Low Places 1346 FIELDS OF GOLD Sting 3433 Friends will be friends 3118 FIELDS OF GOLD Sting 600 "FRIENDSHIP, PEACE " Traditional 4456 FIGURE OF EIGHT 1460 FRIENDSHIP, PEACE (A Holy Treat)Traditional 3119 Final Countdown EUROPE 3834 Frightening Op.15 No.11 4457 FINALLY FOUND 3835 FROG ROUND 642 FINDIN OUT THE HARD WAY Cyn Rhodes 1697 FROM A DISTANCE Bette Midler 2883 FIRE AND RAIN JAMES TAYLOR 4466 FROM HERE TO ETERNITY 1253 FIRST LOVE 5361 FROM ME TO YOU THE BEATLES 549 FIRST OF MAY The Bee Gees 348 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Matt Monro 727 FIRST TIME Styx 3124 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE MATT MONRO 2564 FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE Roberta Flack 4467 FROM THE HEART 5753 Five Candles Jars Of Clay 4289 FROM THIS MOMENT ON Shania Twain 3831 500 MILES PETER,PAUL & MARY 3125 From This Moment On SHANIA TWAIN 1348 FIXIN A BROKN HART Indcent Obsesn 22 Frosty the Snowman Bing Crosby 3425 Fixing A Hole 5103 FROZEN Madonna 317 FLAMES Jeffrey Hidalgo 5362 FROZEN Madonna 2685 FLASH DNCE WAT A FEELIN IRENE CARA 829 Fun Fun Fun Beach Boys 3832 Flight of the Bumblebee 3126 "FUN, FUN, FUN " BEACH BOYS 4458 FLY AWAY 942 Funky Broadway Wilson Pickett 4459 FLY LIKE AN EAGLE 571 FUNKY TOWN Lipps Inc. 2565 FLY ME TO THE MOON BRENDA LEE 5960 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings Tom Jones 4977 Flying Without Wings Westlife 4469 FUNNY HOW TIM FLYS WEN UR HAVN FUN 3428 FM (NO STATIC AT ALL) 3836 Fuer Elise 1563 FOJ IS HERE TO ROCK YOU FOJ 3837 Fugue (WTC Bk. 1 No.21) 5400 FOOL - Chris Rea (1978) 3838 Fugue (WTC Bk.1 No.3) 4982 Fool Again Westlife 3839 Fugue (WTC Bk.1 No.5) 2742 FOOLISH BEAT DEBBIE GIBSON 3840 Fugue (WTC Bk.1 No.7) 226 FOOLISH HEART Steve Perry 1613 GAMBLER Kenny Rogers 4460 FOOL'S PARADISE 4262 GANGSTA'S PARADISE 669 FOOTLOOSE Kenny Loggins 845 Garden party Ricky Nelson 5292 For All Of My Life For Real 3841 Gavotte (French Suite No. 5) 501 FOR ALL WE KNOW Carpenters 3842 Gavotte (Holberg) 3120 FOR ALL WE KNOW CARPENTERS 4339 GENIE IN A BOTTLE ChristinAguilera 4941 For Baby Donna Cruz 4934 Genie In A Bottle ChristinAguilera 5360 For Baby Donna Cruz 3843 Gentle On My Mind Glenn Campbell 996 FOR BETTER OR WORSE Debbie Gibson 3434 Geordie 4461 FOR EVERY MAN THERE'S A WOMAN 442 Georgia on my mind Ray Charles 3121 FOR MAMA MATT MONRO 4202 GEORGIA ON MY MIND RAY CHARIES 4462 FOR ME AND MY GAL 3844 GEORGIE PORGIE 863 For my lady 3435 Georgy Girl 865 For once in my life 421 Get back Beatles
  9. 9. 4943 Get Down Backstreet Boys 9 Good Vibrations Beach Boys 4471 "GET DOWN, MAKE LOVE " 4203 GOOD VIBRATIONS BEACH BOYS 668 GET HERE Brenda Russel 15 Goodbye 3332 Get It On ( Bang a Gong ) 4308 GOODBYE Spice Girls 713 Get Me to the Church on Time Stanley Holloway 1051 GOODBYE IS NOT FOREVER 3127 GET OFF MY BACK WOMAN 866 Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye Jack Vanghn 3128 GET OFF MY BACK WOMAN 3847 GOODBYE MY LOVE 5143 Get On ur Feet Miami Sound Machine 1651 GOODBYE TO LOVE The Carpenters 4472 GET OUTTA MY DREAMS GET IN2 MY CAR 2844 GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK RD ELTON JOHN 640 GET UP Technotronic 1512 GOODNIGHT GIRL Wet Wet Wet 3490 Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) 4481 GOODNIGHT MY LOVE 3436 Getting Better 4482 GOODNIGHT TONIGHT 4473 GETTING CLOSER 868 Got my mind set on you 3129 Geting 2 no EachOther GERARD KENNY 5241 Got 2 Blieve In Magic Dav Pomeranz 1370 GETTING TO KNOW YOU 423 Got 2 get u into my life Beatles 5582 GHOST FIGHTER JAPANESE THEME 4483 GOTTA SING GOTTA DANCE 5782 Ghost Fighter Theme (Japanese) 867 Graduation tears 3437 Ghostbusters! 3448 Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer 2712 GIMME GIMME GIMME ABBA 443 Great balls of fire Jerry Le Lewis 847 Gimme shelter Rolling Stones 3449 Greatest Love of All 824 Gimme some lovin' Spencer Davis 2571 GREEN FIELDS BROTHERS FOUR 3438 GIMMIE' THREE STEPS 382 Green green grass of home TomJones 1009 GIRL Immaculate 3450 Green Vest In the Sky (PARODY) 5584 GIRL MIKE LUISE 8 Groovin' Rascals 2568 GIRL FROM IPANEMA 1352 GROOVY KIND OF LUV Phil Collins 5585 GIRL IN THE MIRROR BRITNEY SPEARS 4484 GUILTY 5541 Girl On Tv LFO 3451 GUITAR MAN 2658 GIRL YOU ARE MY LOVE PINK BOYS 3452 Gump by Wierd Al 398 Girl u'll b a woman soon N Diamond 4486 GUYS AND DOLLS 4474 GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN 3454 GYPSY 1656 GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Elvis 3455 Gypsy Rover 3304 Give a little bit 3848 Gymnopedie No.1 1196 GIVE ME A CHANCE RIC SEGRETO 3849 Gymnopedie No.2 3440 GIVE ME JUST ONE MORE LAST CHANCE 3850 Gymnopedie No.3 487 GIVE ME THE NIGHT The Dawn 3135 Ha ha ha ERASERHEADS 1475 GIV MY REGARDS 2 BROADWAY LMinelli 1645 HALF CRAZY Johnny Gill 831 Give peace a chance John Lennon 1123 HALLMARK MEMORIES 844 Glory days B.Sprinsteen 1012 HAND IN MY POCKET Alanis Morissett 215 GLORY OF LOVE Peter Cetera 3137 Handog FLORANTE 4475 GO AWAY 2853 HANDY MAN JAMES TAYLOR 705 Go Away Little Girl Donny Osmond 3138 HANDY MAN JAMES TAYLOR 4476 GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN 224 HANDYMAN James Taylor 3447 GO WEST 5294 Hang On Gary Valenciano 159 God bless USA Lee Greenwood 396 Hang on Sloopy McCoys 2569 GOD FATHER ANDY WILLIAMS 1676 HAPPY B’DAY SWEET 16 Neil Sedaka 3131 GOD ONLY KNOWS BEACH BOYS 2651 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 4477 "GOD REST YOU MERRY, GENTLEMEN " 3456 Happy Days 3132 GOIN' BACK TO INDIANA JACKSON 5 3010 HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN 3133 GOIN' OUT OF MY HEAD FRANK SINATRA 4493 HAPPY GIRL 2881 GOIN' OUT OF MY HEAD FRANK SINATRA 2666 HAPPY NEW YEAR ABBA 4478 GOING TO MEXICO 869 Happy song 4479 GOING TO THE COUNTRY 1354 HAPPY TALK 1010 GOLD SPANDAU BALLET 405 Happy together The Turtles 3441 GOLD DUST WOMAN 3457 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 3846 Golliwog's Cake Walk Childrens Cnr 5145 Happy,Happy B’day Beerhouse Gang 3543 Gona Make you Sweat (everybody dance now) 3458 Hard Day's Night 3442 GOOD 1566 HARD HEADED WOMAN Elvis Presley 422 Good day sunshine Beatles 3140 HARD HEADED WOMAN ELVIS PRESLEY 1433 GOOD ENOUGH 3141 Hard To Believe ERASERHEADS 397 Good golly Miss Molly Li’l Richard 2574 HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY CHICAGO 3695 Good King Wenceslas 4353 HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY Az yet 3444 GOOD LOVIN' 21 Hark The Herald Angels Sing 2983 GOOD LOVIN' MKES IT RITE TAMMY WYN 1355 HASTA MANANA Abba 643 GOOD LUCK CHARM Elvis Presley 5027 HASTA MANANA Abba 4480 GOOD LUCK CHARM 169 HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY Rod Stewart 3134 GOOD LUCK CHARM ELVIS PRESLEY 1657 HAV I TOLD U LATELY THAT I LOVE U Elvis 3445 "Good Morning, Good Morning " 4204 HAV U EVR SEEN THE RAIN JC.Fogerty 3443 GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES 2575 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN? C C R 1011 GOOD TO BE BACK Natalie Cole 924 Have u never been mellow O N John
  10. 10. 3142 Have You Really Loved A Woman BRYAN ADAMS 3144 Hey Julio Iglesias 2967 HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE XMAS 5964 Hey Fatima Rainey 2732 HAVING YOU NEAR ME 5297 Hey Boy Judy Ann Santos 2976 HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT AMES BROTHERS 3853 HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE 2704 HAWAIAN WEDDING SONG ANDY WILLIAMS 3465 HEY GOOD LOOKIN' 5364 HAZARD Richard Marx 2662 HEY HELLO JOY 64 HE AIN'T HEAVY...The Hollies 1053 Hey It's Me 2827 HE AIN'T HEAVY HE’S MY BROTHER 2579 HEY JUDE BEATLES 5412 He Knows You Know 3854 HEY LITTLE GIRL 4494 HE THINKS I STILL CARE 536 HEY MISTER Vernie Varga 3851 He Was a Beautiful 644 HEY MR. DJ Zhane 3461 HEAD OVER FEET 3466 Hey Tonight 4362 HEAD OVER FEET Alanis Morisette 4275 "HEY, TONIGHT " 541 HEAD OVER HEELS Tears for Fears 3855 "HICKETY, PICKETY, MY BLACK HEN " 5820 Head 2 Toe Liza Liza& The Cult Jam 3856 HICKORY DICKORY DOCK 2748 HEAL THE WORLD MICHAEL JACKSON 4499 HI-DE-HO (THAT OLD SWEET ROLL) 970 HEART AND SOUL Huey Lewis 5105 High Lighthouse Family 5821 Heart Attack Olivia Newton John 4500 HIGH COTTON 4495 HEART FULL OF SOUL 1629 HIGH HOPES Frank Sinatra 3459 HEART OF GLASS 1357 HIGH SCHOOL Sharon Cuneta 2720 HEART OF GOLD NEIL YOUNG 4501 HILLBILLY SHOES 567 HEART OF MINE Bobby Caldwell 5686 Himala Rivermaya 934 Heart of rock n roll Hewy Lewis 5965 Himala Rivermaya 4496 HEART OF THE COUNTRY 1715 HIP TO B SQUARE HueyLewis&The News 5424 Heart Of The Sunrise 647 HIT BY LOVE Ce Ce Peniston 3462 HEART SHAPED BOX 3145 HITCH HIKE MARVIN GAYE 5878 Heart To Heart Kenny Loggins 5776 Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Crash Test Dummies 843 Heartache tonight Eagles 1673 HOLD ME Menudo 4949 Heartache Tonight Lani Misalucha 4502 HOLD ME NOW 395 Heartbreak hotel Elvis Presley 1230 HOLD ME ONCE AGAIN CHRISTIE GATCH 1489 HEAVEN Bryan Adams 2924 HOLD ME THRILL ME KISS ME J MATHIS 5586 Heaven By Your Side A1 4503 HOLD MY HAND 4497 HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH 118 HOLD ON 673 Heaven Knows Rick Price 393 Hold on I'm coming Sam and Davis 4344 HEAVEN KNOWS Rick Price 216 HOLD THE LINE Toto 3491 Heaven on Their Minds 4504 HOLDIN 1672 HEAVENLY ANGEL Menudo 972 HOLDING BACK THE YEARS Simply Red 2576 HE'LL HAVE TO GO JIM REEVES 870 Holiday 2668 HELLO 407 Homeward bound Simon & Garfunkel 4205 HELLO Lionel Richie 2573 HONESTY BILLY JOEL 2577 HELLO DOLLY! L ARMSTRONG 711 Honey Bobby Goldsboro 813 Hello goodbye Beatles 3467 Honey Pie 394 Hello I love you Doors 6068 Honey Pie 710 Hello Mary Lou Ricky Nelson 4505 "HONEY, I'M HOME " 3001 "HELLO, GOODBYE " The Beatles 309 "HONEY, MY LOVE " April Boys 814 Help Beatles 441 Honky tonk woman Rolling Stones 383 Help me make it through the night 3011 HOOKED ON A FEELING 167 Help me make i..Kris Kristofferson 4206 HOPE YOU'RE FEELING BETTER SANTANA 2578 HELP ME MAKE IT THRU THE NIGHT 3146 Hopelessly Devoted To You O N JOHN 971 HELP ME RHONDA Beach Boys 4506 "HOPP, HOPP, HOPP! " 5086 HELP ME RHONDA Beach Boys 4507 HORNY 3143 HELP ME RHONDA BEACH BOYS 3493 Hosanna 1616 Help Yourself Tom Jones 4264 Hosanna 2946 HELP! The Beatles 6069 Hosanna 1170 HERE AND NOW JOSE MARI CHAN 3857 HOT CHILD IN THE CITY NICK GILDER 3464 Here Comes Santa Claus 4508 HOT CHILD IN THE CITY 3468 HERE COMES THE HOTSTEPPER 2986 HOT GIRLS IN LOVE LOVERBOY 1013 HERE CUMS THE RAIN AGAIN Erythmics 5394 Hot Legs 424 Here comes the sun Beatles 3858 HOT STUFF DONNA SUMMER 5104 HERE FOR YOU Firehouse 3859 HOT SUMMER 4498 HERE I AM 2581 HOTEL CALIFORNIA EAGLES 842 Here I go again Whitesnake 832 Hound dog Elvis Presley 5296 Here In My Life Zsa Zsa Padilla 3147 HOUND DOG ELVIS PRESLEY 3002 HERE THERE & EVRYWHERE THE BEATLES 414 House of the rising sun Animals 1491 HERE WE ARE Gloria Estefan 3469 House of the Rising Sun 2821 HERE YOU COME AGAIN JUDY COLLINS 4325 HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO Michael Bolton 1356 HERO Mariah Carey 2848 HOW AM I SUPPOSED 2 LIVE WITHOUT U 5962 Hero Enrique Iglesias 153 HOW AM I SUPOSD 2 LIVE.. Laura Bra 3852 HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD 3470 HOW BEAUTIFUL
  11. 11. 797 How Can I Be Sure Patti Austin 1209 I DO LOVE YOU 2654 HOW CAN I TELL HER LOBO 4521 I DON'T CARE IF YOU LOVE ME... 239 HOW CAN I TELL YOU Wency Cornejo 704 I Don't Hav The Heart James Ingram 147 HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN Bee Gees 2808 I DNT NO HOW 2 LUV HIM HELEN REDDY 2869 HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART 2690 I DNT LIKE 2 SLEEP ALONE PAUL ANKA 5245 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 465 I DNT MEAN A THI... Sharon Cuneta 338 HOW CULD AN ANGL BREAK...TBraxton 1339 I DON'T MEAN A THING 2 YOU ANYMORE 2840 HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE BEE GEES 2837 I DN'T WANA GO ON WITH U LIKE THAT 1465 HOW DID YOU KNOW Chiqui Pineda 4522 I DON'T WANNA PLAY HOUSE 4509 HOW DO I GET THERE 4523 I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING 339 HOW DO I LIVE Trisha Yearwood 3864 I DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE PARTY The Beatles 4294 HOW DO I LIVE Trisha Yearwood 2815 I DNT WANT 2 TALK BOUT IT RSTEWARD 4510 HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT YOU 5443 I Don't Want To Wait Paula Cole 4511 HOW DO YOU DO! 5593 I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO LANI HALL 4512 HOW DO YOU FALL IN LOVE 5299 I Ever You're In My Arms Again Peabo Bryson 676 How Do u Heal A Broken Cris Walken 3865 I FEEL BLUE 1014 HOW DO U KEEP THE MUSICPattiAustin 2944 I FEEL FINE The Beatles 6113 How Do You Want Me To Love You 911 5917 I Feel For You Kyla 33 How High The Moon Jerry Vale 3473 I FEEL LOVE 4513 HOW LONG GONE 709 I Feel The Earth Move Carole King 345 HOW MANY HOURS Michael Learns 3474 I Feel the Earth Move 4514 HOW MANY PEOPLE 5751 I Finally Found Some1 Bryan Adams 1665 HOW MUCH IS THAT DOG IN THE WINDOW 4524 I FOUND SOMEONE 706 How Sweet It Is James Taylor 3488 I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU 3148 How sweet it is to be loved by you 4208 I get a kick out of you FRANK SINATRA 3154 HOW SWEET IT IS 2 B LOVED..F SIN 392 I get around Beach Boys 4515 HOW WAS I TO KNOW 3155 I GET AROUND BEACH BOYS 4207 HOW WILL I KNOW WHITNEY HOUSTON 4525 I GET THE SWEETEST FEELING 476 HOWEVER WHICH WAY Introvoys 341 I GO CRAZY Barry Manilow 3860 HOWEVER WHICH WAY Introvoys 5968 I Got A Girl Lou Bega 269 HUMAN Human League 4526 I GOT YOU 3149 Human HUMAN LEAGUE 2862 I GUESS THAT'S WHY... ELTON JOHN 3861 HUMPTY DUMPTY 3156 I GUESS THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT 3862 Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 6070 I GUESS...THEY CALL IT THE BLUES 5542 Hungry Like A Wolf Duran Duran 3866 I HAD A LITTLE NUT TREE 4516 HURRY HURRY DRIVE THE FIRE TRUCK 2831 I HATE MYSELF 4 LOVING U JOAN JETT 589 HURTING EACH OTHER Carpenters 3404 I HAVE A DREAM 3150 HURTING EACH OTHER CARPENTERS 680 I HAVE NOTHING Whitey Houston 5298 Hurting Inside FOJ 3475 I Hear You Knocking 4517 HUSBANDS AND WIVES 785 I Heard It Thru The Grapevine 4518 "HUSH, LITTLE BABY " 3157 I HEARD IT THRU TH... MARVIN GAYE 3863 I (WHO HAVE NOTHING) TOM JONES 6115 I Honestly Love You Olivia N John 4519 I AM WHAT I AM 2589 I JUST CALLED 2 SAY I LUV U STEVIE 707 I Am Woman Helen Reddy 4376 I JUST CAN'T STOP Michael Jackson 5591 I BELIEVE TOM JONES 2850 I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU MJ 4345 I BELIEVE I CAN FLY R. Kelly 170 I JUST CAN'T STOP..Michael Jackson 1325 I BELIEVE IN DREAMS Janno Gibbs 3366 I Just Can't Wait to be King 1124 I BELIEVE IN YOU 5880 I Jst Dnt no Wat 2 Do WitMyslf N H 5003 I Can "Regine, Donna & Mikee" 2824 I JST DIED IN UR ARMS CUTTING CREW 871 I can dream about you 6116 I Jst Dnt Wana B Lonly R Velasquez 1015 I CAN LUV U LIKE THAT All-4-One 2682 I JST FALL IN LUV AGAIN ANN MURRAY 708 I Can C Clearly Now The Brazil 66 4527 I JUST WANNA BE LOVED 4520 I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES 3158 I KEPT ON LOVING YOU CARPENTERS 1700 I CAN'T BE WITH YOU Cranberries 4317 I KNEW I LOVED YOU Savage Garden 3471 I CAN'T DANCE 4528 I KNOW HIM SO WELL 5967 I Cnt Find The Words 2 Say Goodbye 5491 I Lay My Love On You Westlife 550 I CAN'T SEE NOBODY The Bee Gees 2787 I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO 2582 I CAN'T STOP LOVING U RAY CHARLES 146 I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN.Tony Bennet 5592 I CAN'T TELL U GOODBYE HELEN REDDY 2583 I LIKE CHOPIN GAZEBO 2830 I CAN'T TELL YOU WHY THE EAGLES 5883 I Live My Life For You Firehouse 689 I Could Easily Fall In Luv Cliff R 2930 I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT EDDIE RABBIT 340 I COULD FALL IN LOVE WITH U Selena 4529 I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT 20 I Could Have Danced All Night Julie Andrews 2942 I LOVE HOW YOU LUV ME BOBBY VINTON 715 I Cud Hav Danced AllNight JAndrews 3867 I LOVE LITTLE PUSSY 5823 I Cross My Heart George Strait 2988 I LOVE MY FRIEND CHARLIE RICH 3472 I Dig Rock and Roll 4 I Love Rock And Roll Joan Jett 5147 I Do 98 Degrees 1587 I LOVE ROCK 'N ROLL JJ&Blackhearts 2943 I DO I DO I DO ABBA 3163 I Luv The Nite Life ALICIA BRIDGES 6114 I Do Love You Eddie Peregrina 3159 I Luv The Nite Life ALICIA BRIDGES
  12. 12. 4326 I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE Boyzone 4211 I WANT U I NEED U I LOVE U ELVIS 3868 I Love Thee 5885 I Was Born To Love You Eric Carmen 3869 I LOVE YOU 5446 I Was Looking 4 Some1 Leif Garret 5300 I Love You Celine Dion 3487 I was Made for Lovin You 35 I Luv u 4 SntimntalReasonsRONSTADT 2873 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING PATTI PAGE 5444 I Love u All The Way Janie Frickie 3873 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING PATTI PAGE 1569 I LUV U & I ALWAYS WILLJam Morales 1421 I WHISTLE A HAPPY TUNE 5594 I LOVE YOU BABE JOLINA MAGDANGAL 2905 I WHO HAVE NOTHING TOM JONES 5671 I LOVE YOU O K ?? 2947 I WILL The Beatles 3870 I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME KOREANA 3168 I Will Always Luv u WHITNEYHOUSTON 979 I MADE IT THRU THE RAIN B Manilow 342 I WILL BE HERE Steven C.Chapman 278 I MISS YOU Klymaxx 508 I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU Michael W.S 1510 I NEED TO BE IN LOVE TheCarpenters 4536 I WILL BE WAITING 1309 I NEED TO BEIN LOVE The Carpenters 5784 I Will Call Upon The Lord 4209 I need you AMERICA 184 I WILL FOLLOW HIM 561 I NEED YOU America 4273 I WILL SURVIVE 3160 I NEED YOU AMERICA 4537 "I WILL, IF YOU WILL " 3164 I NEED YOU AMERICA 471 I WISH THE PHONE WOULD RING Expose 1229 I NEED YOU BACK RAYMOND LAUCHENGCO 3874 I WOKE UP IN LOVE THIS MORNING 5253 I Never Cry Alice Cooper 1538 I WON'T HOLD YOU BACK Toto 4530 I NEVER LUVD A MAN THE WAY I LUV U 925 I wont last a day without RNichols 46 I Only Have Eyes 4 u Art Garfunkle 65 I WONT LAST ADAY WITHOUTuCarpnters 2846 I ONLY WNT 2 B WITH U DSPRINGFIELD 3169 I WON'T LAST A DAY... Carpenters 2863 I PUT A SPELL ON YOU C.C.R. 4538 I WON'T SEND ROSES 2584 I REALLY DON'T WANT 2 NO ELVIS 1533 I WON'T SHED A TEAR Introvoys 537 I REMEMBER THE BOY Joey Albert 343 I WULDNT B HERE IF I DIDNT LUV U 4531 I SAID A PRAYER 4539 I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU 4532 I SAW HER AGAIN LAST NIGHT 415 I write the songs Barry Manillow 2771 I SAW HER STANDING THERE J LENNON 3170 I WRITE THE SONGS BARRY MANILOW 3483 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 3560 I'am Not Saying A Word 4360 I SAW THE SIGN Ace of Base 645 ICE ICE BABY Vanilla Ice 3482 I Saw Three Ships 5067 ICE ICE BABY Vanilla Ice 873 I second that emotion 34 Id Like 2 Teach The World 2 Sing 391 I shot the sheriff Eric Clapton 2655 I'D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME LOBO 3161 I SHOT THE SHERIFF Bob Marley 2688 IF BREAD 3003 I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER BEATLES 4212 IF BREAD 2699 I STARTED A JOKE BEEGEES 4350 IF Bread 5119 I STILL BELIEVE MARIAH CAREY 5004 IF Nelson Castilo 5595 I STILL BELIVE IN LOVE LEA SALONGA 4549 IF ALL THE RAINDROPS 4210 I STIL HAVNT FOUND WAT IM LOOKIN 4 5425 If I Can't Have You 596 I SWEAR All for One 5303 If I Could Llyod Umali 3162 I Swear ALL 4 ONE 570 IF I EVER LOSE MY FAITH.. Sting 3165 I THANK YOU Isaac Hayes 3004 IF I FELL THE BEATLES 3382 I Think I'm a Clone Now 425 If I fell in love with you 5148 I Think Im In Luv With u J Simpson 4550 IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU 3316 I Think We're a-lone Now 4551 IF I LET YOU GO 4933 I Turn To You Christina Aguilera 876 If I needed you 872 I understand 5448 If I Nevr Sing Another Song Matt M 3871 I UNDERSTAND G. CLEFS 4552 IF I SAID YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL.. 4327 I WANNA BE WITH YOU Fun Factory 1579 IF I SING U A LUV SONGBonnie Tyler 5149 I Wanna Be With You Mandy Moore 1030 IF I'M NOT IN LOVE Kathy Trocolli 1363 I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER Cascades 1493 IF LOOKS COULD KILL Heart 1668 I WANNA DANCE Michael Learns2Rock 16 If Love Is Blind 5 I Wana Dance With Sombody Whitney 877 If not for you 3166 I WANA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY WHITENY 1050 IF THE FEELING IS GONE 271 I WANNA DO IT WITH U Barry Manilow 2891 IF THERE WAS ANY OTHER WAY C DION 406 I wanna hold your hand Beatles 973 IF THIS IS IT Huey Lewis 4533 I WANNA REMEMBER THIS 560 IF THIS IS LOVE Melissa Manchester 4280 I WANT IT THAT WAY Backstreet Boys 953 If tomorrow nevr comes GarthBrooks 4534 I WANT IT THAT WAY 6117 If Tomorrow Nevr Comes R Keating 573 I WANT TO BREAK FREE Queen 1172 IF WE CAN HAV MORETIME 2GETHER JMC 5445 I Want To Give Perry Como 559 IF WE HOLD ON TOGETHER Diana Ross 1350 I WANT TO GIVE IT ALL Air Supply 5596 IF WE TRY AIZA SEGUERRA 874 I want to know what love is 252 IF YOU ASKED ME TO 5301 I Want 2 spend My Lifetime Lovin U 4213 IF YOU ASKED ME TO CELINE DION 3872 I WANT TO WALK U HOME FATS DOMINO 4553 IF YOU CAN'T BE GOOD... 3167 I WANT YOU BACK JACKSON 5 678 If You Go John Secada 4535 I WANT YOU FOR MYSELF 2729 IF YOU GO AWAY 775 I WANT YOU I NEED YOU I LOVE YOU Elvis 4306 IF YOU HAD MY LOVE J.Lo
  13. 13. 926 If you leave me now Chicago 2587 IMAGINE J LENNON 4347 IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW Chicago 3476 IMMIGRANT SONG 3878 IF YOU LOVE ME BRENDA LEE 4559 IMMORTALITY 2939 IF U LUV ME LET ME KNOW O.N.JOHN 5106 IMMORTALITY Celine Dion 4214 IF U LUV SOMBODY SET THEM FREE 3881 Impromptu in A-flat minor Op90 No4 1016 IF YOU REMEMBER ME Barry Manilow 3882 Impromptu in E-flat Op.90 No.2 553 IF YOU WALK AWAY David Pomeranz 3883 Impromptu in F minor Op.31 No.2 5449 If You're Gone Matchbox 3884 Impromptu in G-flat Op.90 No.3 1469 I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Mike Johnson 3889 Intermezzo in A Op.118 No.2 3005 I'LL BE BACK THE BEATLES 3890 Intermezzo in B-flat Op.117 No.2 4540 I'LL BE OVER YOU 3891 Intermezzo in c-sharp Op.117 No.3 264 I'LL BE SEEING YOU Barry Manilow 3892 Intermezzo in E-flat Op.117 No.1 875 I'll be there 3893 Intermezzo in e-flat Op.118 No.6 4215 I'LL BE THERE JACKSON 5 3880 Important Event Op.15 No.6 5450 I'll Be There Solid Harmonie 5451 Impossible Dream Matt Monro 1550 I'LL BE THERE (4 U) Martin Nievera 3885 In a Monastery Garden 4953 I'll Be There for u The Moffatts 5601 INAMORATA VICTOR WOOD 4954 I'll Do Anything Lani Misalucha 5153 In Love With You Regine Velasquez 1105 I'LL FACE TOMORROW 5366 IN MY DREAMS Reo Speedwagon 2948 I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN The Beatles 2950 IN MY LIFE The Beatles 1504 I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU Boys II Men 3480 In my life 3875 I'LL MEET YOU AT MIDNIGHT SMOKIE 5600 IN MY LIFE MEDLEY AIZA SEGUERRA 347 I'LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART BSB 3324 IN THE ARMY NOW 672 I'll Never Fall In Luv..Di Warwick 5972 In The End Linkin Park 5247 Ill Nevr Fall Inlove Again T.Jones 3886 In the Evening Op.12 No.1 470 I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU....Expose' 460 In the ghetto Elvis Presley 5822 I'll Never Go Nexxus 4218 IN THE GHETTO ELVIS PRESLEY 616 I'LL NEVR LET U GO JoanneLorenzana 3887 In the Hall ofthe Mt.King PeerGynt 57 I'll Never Love This Way Again Dionne Warwick 2878 IN THE MIDNITE HOUR WILSON PICKETT 698 I'll Remember You Atlantic Star 563 IN THE MORNING The Bee Gees 5599 I'll Say Goodbye For Two Of Us Expose 5792 In The Navy Village People 697 I'll Stand By You The Pretenders 3888 In the Night Op.12 No.5 974 I'LL SUPPLY THE LOVE Toto 1655 IN THE STILL OF THE NITE 5 Satins 185 I'M A BELIEVER Neil Diamond 5402 "In The Stone/Earth,Wind & Fire " 4216 I'M A FOOL TO CARE RAY CHARIES 3479 In the Summertime 5970 I'm A Slave For You Britney Spears 959 IN THESE ARMS BON JOVI 6118 I'm All About You Aaron Carter 3481 IN TOO DEEP 679 I'm Coming Home Tom Jones 6119 In Your Eyes Kylie Minogue 4541 I'M FROM THE COUNTRY 4263 IN YOUR EYES (1983) George Benson 3021 I'M GETTING SENTIMENTAL OVER YOU 5777 Independant Woman Destinys Child 4542 I'M GLAD THERE IS U (In This Wo..) 5602 INDEPENDENT WOMAN DESTINY'S CHILD 3876 I'M GONA B A WHEEL SOMDAY FATS DOM 187 INDIAN RESERVATION Paul Revere 337 I'M GONNA BE AROUND Michael Learns 4219 INNER CITY BLUES MARVIN GAYE 1693 I'M GONNA COME BACK Michael Learns 5494 Intimacy The Corrs 4543 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU TOO 3453 INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN 3877 I'M HAPPY JUST TO DANCE WITH YOU Beatles 1017 INTO THE GROOVE Madonna 2971 IM HENRY VIII I AM HERMANS HERMITS 4220 INTO THE NIGHT BB KING 4544 I'M IN LOVE AGAIN 945 Invisible touch Phil Collins 736 I'M IN THE MOOD Ce Ce Peniston 740 INVISIBLE WAR Julia Fordham 2908 I'M LEAVING IT UP TO YOU OSMONDS 4319 IRIS Goo goo dolls 5533 I'm Like A Bird Nelly Furtado 3894 Irish tune from Country Derry 4545 I'M LOOKIN' FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE 1018 IRONIC Alanis Morissette 2949 I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU Beatles 1855 IRRESISTIBLE M. A. MUIZ 1568 I'M NOT A FOOL ANYMORE Fred Fender 5974 Irresistible The Corrs 5971 I'm NotA Girl NotYetA Woman Spears 5305 Is It Ok If I Call u MineP McCrane 217 I'M NOT IN LOVE 10cc 4221 IS THIS LOVE Bob Marley 461 I'm not ur stepping stone Monkees 459 Is this love? Whitesnake 416 I'm on fire B.Springsteen 2791 ISLAND GIRL ELTON JOHN 2990 I'M SO EXCITED POINTER SISTERS 4223 ISLAND GIRL ELTON JOHN 186 I'M SORRY Brenda Lee 53 Islands In The Stream 5492 I'm Sorry Jamie Rivera 3484 ISN'T SHE LOVELY STEVIE WONDER 3172 "I'm Sorry, My Love " ROCKSTAR 2 3896 Italian Concerto Mvt.1 1650 IM STILL NOT OVR U Rich Carpenter 3897 Italian Concerto Mvt.2 2820 I'M STILL STANDING ELTON JOHN 3898 Italian Concerto Mvt.3 3173 I'M STILL STANDING ELTON JOHN 5604 IT CAME UPON A MIDNITE CLEAR (VAR) 478 I'M TOO SEXY RIGHT SAID FRED 3177 IT DON'T MATTER TO ME BREAD 4546 I'M WALKIN' 310 IT HURTS ME MORE Rockstar 2 5152 I'm ur Angel Celine Dion & R Kelly 2788 IT MIGHT BE YOU STEPHEN BISHOP 4217 I'M UR BABY 2NITE WHITNEY HOUSTON 636 IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE Roxette
  14. 14. 3363 IT NEVR RAINS IN SOUTHRN CALIFO... 4200 James Taylor 506 IT ONLY REMINDS ME OF U Rick Price 3184 JAMMIN' Bob Marley 5975 It Seems Only Yest.. Sharon Cuneta 384 Jane George B. Selection 3178 IT TAKES TWO MARVIN GAYE 280 JEALOUS GUY John Lennon 5543 It Wasn't Me Shaggy 373 Jeanie with the light brown hair 4566 ITCHYCOO PARK 3185 Jeepney Driver APRIL BOYS 1580 IT'S A HEARTACHE Bonnie Tyler 4574 JENNIFER JUNIPER 3179 IT'S A MIRACLE BARRY MANILOW 3901 Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring 4561 IT'S A MISTAKE 3496 Jesus Christ Superstar 3586 It's A Real World After All 826 Jet Paul McCartney 2796 IT'S A SIN P. SHOP BOYS 4575 JET AIRLINER 3623 It's A Small World 5454 Jet Plane Jet Pangan Group 4562 IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW 3903 Jimbo's Lullaby Children's Corner 4563 IT'S ALRIGHT (BABY'S COMING BACK) 58 Jingle Bell Rock 37 Its Begining 2 Look A Lot LikeXmas 2667 JINGLE BELLS 3180 ITS GOIN 2 TAK SOM TIME CARPENTERS 3186 JINGO SANTANA 4969 It's Gonna Be Me NSync 6072 JINGO SANTANA 36 It's Impossible Perry Como 777 J-JUMP Sesame Street 3485 ITS IN HIS KISS (SHOOP SHOOP SONG) 6073 J-JUMP Sesame Street 4926 It's My Life Bon Jovi 188 JOHNNY ANGEL Shelly Fabaraes 3554 It's My Party 935 Johnny B. goodie Chuck Berry 718 It's My Turn Diana Ross 2705 JOHNNY GUITAR PEGGY LEE 659 IT'S NOT UNUSUAL Tom Jones 5500 JOSIE 2806 IT'S NOW OR NEVER ELVIS PRESLEY 6074 JOSIE 4224 IT'S NOW OR NEVER ELVIS PRESLEY 59 Joy To The World 5403 Its Only A Papr Moon Frank Sinatra 936 Judy in disguise John Fred 458 It's only love Bryan Adams 4577 JUKEBOX IN MY MIND 5452 It's Over Now Joey Albert 1859 JULIA VICENTE FDEZ. 3302 It's Raining Again 3904 JULY MORNING URIAH HEEP 5390 It's raining in my heart 5689 Jumbo Ruffa Mae Quinto 4564 "IT'S RAINING, IT'S POURING " 218 JUMP Van Halen 1529 IT'S SAD TO BELONG Dan & Coley 648 JUMP THEY SAY DAVID BOWIE 2750 IT'S SO EASY LINDA RONSTADT 14 Jumping Jack flash Rolling Stones 1019 IT'S THE LOVER Tiffany 3905 June (Barcarolle) Op.37 No.6 5453 It's Time To Cry Paul Anka 4578 JUNIOR'S FARM 977 IT'S TOO LATE C. King 4579 JUST A LITTLE BIT 4565 IT'S YOUR LOVE 5367 JUST A SONG B4 I GO C.Still & Nash 4567 ITSY BITSY SPIDER 765 JUST A TUCH OF LUV C&C Music Fact. 2588 ITSY BITSY TEENIE WE..BRIAN HYLAND 5977 Jst Anothr Day Without u JonSecada 3899 ITSY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE..Brian 282 JST ANOTHR WOMAN IN LUV Ann Murray 38 Itsy Bitsy Teeny.... Bryan Hyland 5154 Jst Anothr Woman In luv Ann Murray 1690 I'VE BEEN AWAY Oliver 1680 JUST AS I AM AIR SUPPLY 2585 I'VE BEEN AWAY TOO LONG G BAKER 4580 JUST CAME BACK 5094 I'VE BEEN AWAY TOO LONG G BAKER 5752 Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode 3181 IVE BEEN LOVING U 2 LONG ISAC HAYS 3906 JUST FOR YOU 283 IVE BEEN WAITING 4 U Guys Nxt Door 6075 JUST FOR YOU 5090 IVE BEEN WAITING 4 U Guys Nxt Door 1710 JUST ONCE James Ingram 1351 IVE GOT A CRUSH ON U Frank Sinatra 3565 JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS 5051 IVE GOT A CRUSH ON U Frank Sinatra 3222 JUST SMILE FOR ME MARTIN NIEVERA 2921 IVE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME KIKI DEE B 690 Just The Way You Are Billy Joel 4547 I'VE GOT YOU 2590 JST WEN I NEEDED U MOST RVANWARMER 3182 IVE GOT U UNDER MY SKIN F SINATRA 3501 KANSAS CITY 2886 I'VE GOT U UNDER MY SKIN 4 SEASONS 1020 KEEP ON LOVING YOU Reo Speedwagon 5049 I'VE GOT U UNDER MY SKIN 4 SEASONS 649 KEEP ON WALKIN' Ce Ce Peniston 77 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE Bee Gees 473 KEEP THIS LOVE ALIVE Tom Scott 148 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE Bee Gees 2931 Kids (say the darndest things) Tammy Wynette 557 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE Bee Gees 3504 Killer Queen 5054 I'VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE Bee Gees 3505 Killing me softly 5801 I’ve Had The Time Of My Life 189 KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH .. Flack 5976 I've Just Seen A Face Beatles 2592 KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG R.Flack 1598 I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME Various 3506 Kind of a Hush 5071 I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ME Various 5161 King &Queen Of Hearts Dav Pomeranz 4572 JACK AND DIANE 3492 King Herod's Song 4573 JACK AND JILL 2814 KING OF THE ROAD ROGER MILLER 3900 JACK SPRAT 3907 King of the RockingHorse Op15 No9 5772 Jaded Aerosmith 544 KISS Tom Jones 399 Jail house rock Elvis Presley 2591 KISS AND SAY GOODBYE MANHATTANS 3183 JAILHOUSE ROCK ELVIS PRESLEY 4281 KISS ME Sixpence none the richer 2717 JAMBALAYA CARPENTERS 2816 KISS ME GOODBYE PETULA CLARK
  15. 15. 5257 Kiss Me GoodBye R.Conniff Singers 41 Let It Snow Bing Crosby 5609 KISS ME GOODBYE JANET BASCO 1372 LET ME BE The Cascades 1571 KISS ME QUICK By Elvis Presley 6076 LET ME BE The Cascades 5455 Kiss Of Life Bee Gees 4226 LET ME BE THE ONE CARPENTERS 4581 KISS THE GIRL 2597 LET ME BE THERE OLIVIA NEWTON J 878 Knife 40 Let Me Cal U Sweetheart Joni James 714 Knock On Wood Michael Bolton 4597 LET ME ROLL IT 2679 KNOCK THREE TIMES DAWN 39 Let Me Try Again Frank Sinatra 879 Knocking on heaven's door 4227 LET THE GOOD TIMES RAY CHARLES 2960 KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU 1128 LET THE LOVE BEGIN 372 Kokomo Beach Boys 3191 LET YOUR LOVE GO BREAD 3908 KOOKABURRA 5261 Let's Dance Vina Morales 5107 KUNGFU FIGHTING Carl Douglas 5167 Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez 3910 LA BAMBA LOS LOBOS 3192 LET'S GROOVE EWF 5029 LA BAMBA Los Lobos 4598 LETS HEAR IT 4 THE BOY Footloose 1500 LA ISLA BONITA Madonna 5456 Let's Make A Night To Remember Bryan Adams 3507 La Isla Bonita 1021 LET'S TAKE ALL NIGHT Barry Manilow 3913 LA ISLA BONITA MADONNA 2691 LET'S TWIST AGAIN CHUBBY CHECKER 5079 LA ISLA BONITA Madonna 3923 LETTER BOX TOPS 577 LA LA LA MEANS I LUV U Sw.OutSista 4599 LETTING GO 3914 LA LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU 5262 Life Des'ree 5055 LA LA LA MEANS I LOVE YOU 5457 Life In Mono Mono 615 LADY Kenny Rogers 6124 Life In Mono Mono 3918 LADY KENNY ROGERS 4600 LIFE IS A FLOWER 4585 LADY DOWN ON LOVE 4975 Life’s A Rollercoaster Ronan K 1582 LADY IN RED Chris de Burg 3926 LIFE ITSELF WIL LET U NO ANT.QUIAN 3508 Lady Jane 3193 LIFT IS NOT AT ALL 2432 LADY LAURA ROBERTO CARLOS 4336 LIFT UP YOUR HANDS Basil Valdez 231 Lady Love Lou Rawls 5982 Lift Up Your Hands Basil Valdez 426 Lady Madonna Beatles 4601 LIFTED 5766 Lady Marmalade All Saints 552 LIGHT AND SHADE Fra Lippo Lippi 3511 LAKE OF FIRE 809 Light my fire Doors 3512 LANDSLIDE 4261 Like a fox on the run 3919 Lare's Theme from Doctor Zhivago 5886 Like A Rose A1 4321 LARGER THAN LIFE Backstreet Boys 4265 Like A Surgeon 5795 Larger Than Life Backstreet Boys 2598 LIKE A VIRGIN MADONNA 881 Last Christmas Wham! 2912 LIMBO ROCK CHUBBY CHECKER 841 Last train to Clarksville Monkees 4602 LIMELIGHT 883 Last waltz E.Humperdinck 2099 LINDA MIGUEL BOSE 5260 Lately Stevie Wonder 223 LINE TO HEAVEN Introvoys 4587 LAUGHING 2770 LIPSTICK ON UR COLLAR CONIEFRANCIS 2940 LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN NEIL SEDAKA 5031 LIPSTICK ON UR COLLAR ConieFrancis 2961 LAURA 5497 Liquid Dreams 0 Town 3920 LAVENDER'S BLUE 4603 LISTEN TO ME 3384 Laverne and Shirley Theme 192 LISTEN 2 THE MUSIC Doobie Brothers 3190 LAY DOWN SALLY ERIC CLAPTON 827 Listen2what the man said McCartney 11 Lay lady lay Bob Dylan 1705 LISTEN TO YOUR HEART Sonia 812 Layla Eric Clapton 3517 LITHIUM 3921 LAZY MARY 4604 LITTLE BO-PEEP 191 LE FREAK Chic 193 LITTLE DARLING The Diamonds 5030 LE FREAK Chic 3195 LITTLE DEUCE COUPE BEACH BOYS 1150 LEAD ME LORD 1699 LITTLE DEVIL Neil Sedaka 385 Lead me on Al Green 5983 Little Green Apples Tom Jones 741 LEADER OF THE BAND Dan fogelberg 6125 Little Honda Beach Boys 4590 LEADER OF THE GANG 5619 LITTLE INDIAN FIVE SIX ROY GEORGE 4591 LEADER OF THE PACK 5026 Little Old Lady From Pasadena Jan & Dean 474 LEAN ON ME Michael Bolton 3927 LITTLE TOMMY TUCKER 3498 Leaving On A Jet Plane 884 Little wing Sting 5496 Leaving Yesterday Behind Keno 3518 LIVE AND LET DIE 937 Leggs ZZ Tops 732 LIVE TO TELL Madonna 3513 LEMON TREE Fool's Garden 4276 LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA Ricky Martin 4592 LESSON IN LEAVIN' 4605 LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA 4593 LET 'EM IN 2757 LIVIN' ON A PRAYER BON JOVI 4594 LET HER CRY 4606 LIVING IN A WORLD THEY DIDN'T MAKE 4595 LET HER CRY 3318 LIVING IN AMERICA 2595 LET IT BE BEATLES 4607 LIVING IN AMERICA 2596 LET IT BE ME EVERLY BRO. 885 Living in the past Jethro Tull 389 Let it grow Eric Clapton 4608 LIVING IN THE U.S.A. 4596 LET IT SHINE 882 Living next door to Alice Smokie