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  1. 1. PRESS BULLETIN 26-5-2008 Proclaimed Offender arrested :- Chandni Chowk police arrested one Kamal Kishore, 38 year R/o Shahdara yesterday. According to DCP/North office, a local Court had declared him a P.O. in a N.I. Act. Auto-lifter arrested :- Civil Line police arrested three auto-lifters namely Deepak, Puran and Sikender, in their early twenty on the charge of committing theft. According to DCP/North office, one Lakshman R/o Majnu-ka-Tilla had lodged an FIR reg. theft of his motor-cycle(Hero Honda) on 20-5-08. Acting on a tip off, the local police intercepted the trio while riding on the said motorcycle in the area of Roop Nagar. During interrogation they confessed to having stolen the same on intervening night of 20/21-5-08. Further investigation is in progress. Public help is sought in identifying the body :- Old Delhi Railway police have sought public help in identifying the body of a male, Ht. around 5’6”, sallow complexion, thin built, long face, wearing white kurta & payjama, found on 22.5.08. ******* OFFICE OF THE ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONER OF POLICE: CRIME, DELHI. PRESS RELEASE DATED:26.05.08 100 Gm Charas & 13 Gm LSD (Lysergide Diethylamide) Acid seized – One German National arrested With the arrest of one German National namely Christian Fell @ Joy @ Prem Sharma, Delhi Police Narcotics Branch has succeeded in busting a transnational network involved in the supply of LSD (Acid) throughout India. Inputs were being received from the secret sources that a German National is involved in supply of LSD (Acid) & of Charas in various parts of India like Delhi, Goa, Manali etc. The information was developed and a watch on the activities of German Nationals staying in the area of Paharganj was maintained. It resulted in the apprehension of Christian Fell @ Joy. In the night of 19/20-05-08, concrete information was received that the Christian Fell will be making a delivery of LSD to someone in the mid night in the area of Nehru Bazar, Paharganj. A raiding team headed by SI Sunil Jain was constituted under the close supervision of Inspector M.C. Katoch, S.H.O./P.S. Narcotics Branch. The raiding team apprehended one Chritian Fell @ Joy @ Prem Sharma at 12.35 AM (20.5.08) and the recovered 100 Gm Charas and 13 Gm LSD from his possession. The contraband was seized and a case FIR No. 56/08, u/s 20/22 NDPS Act, P.S. Narcotics Branch was got registered and the accused was arrested. The address and other details of the accused is as under: - Christian Fell @ Joy @ Prem Sharma s/o Shri Matthias r/o Laxmi Villas, Kore Gaon, Pune, Maharashtra (Age-37 yrs). Christian Fell came to India in 1998 to seek peace. He had been a rebel through his adolescence years and had left his home at the age of sixteen. In Hamburg, Germany, he had played ‘extra’ parts in movies and also underwent a course to learn direction, but the big break eluded him. He did several jobs and accumulated some money. With his savings he arrived in Pune and was rechristened Prem Sharma. But soon he was disillusioned with the atmosphere and the high cost of living at the Ashram He moved on to Hampi and stayed there for about 9 months and had ‘the best time of his life’ living in the lap of nature by the side of a river. From here he went to Goa and then on to endless wandering from Goa to Pushkar to Kathmandu, to Manali and several other tourist places frequented by the ‘back pack’ tourist.
  2. 2. Along the way he got hooked to drugs and was soon running out of money. In order to support himself, he began buying and selling ‘Charas’ on his various visits to Manali and to Kathmandu. During one of his trips to Goa, he befriended another German National and started buying LSD from him. His frequent travels had helped him to forge contacts with high society kids in major metropolitan cities and he found a ready market to sell the LSD. He does not carry a mobile and prefers to ‘deal’ by emails to his trusted friends. He has never gone back to Germany since 2001 and in order to avoid the registration requirement for stay exceeding 180 days, he frequents Nepal and reenters India, replenishing his supply of Charas in the process. He is a science fiction fan and writes poetry. But luck ran out for ‘Captain Universe’, as he likes to call himself, and the ‘joyfromsky’ (his email id) crash landed in the police net. This is the first seizure of LSD by Narcotics Branch of Delhi Police. The seized LSD (13 Gms) is commercial quantity in terms of the NDPS Act and is enough for approximately 1000 dosages for those seeking a ‘trip’ on this psychedelic drug, which saw its highest use in ‘flower children’ culture among the ‘hippis’ in the late sixties and early seventies, immortalised in a few Bollywood superhits in the 1970’s. The drug is almost tasteless and can be easily slipped into cold drinks, taken straight on the tongue, or through ‘blotters’. (SATYENDRA GARG) IPS ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONER OF POLICE: CRIME: DELHI. SPECIAL CELL DATED 26.5.2008 A GANG OF CONTRACT KILLERS ARRESTED A team of officers of Special Cell led by Inspr. Mohan Chand Sharma and Inspr. Sanjay Dutt under the supervision of Sh L.N.Rao, ACP has busted a notorious, desperate interstate gang of contract killers and has arrested leader of the gang Naresh Yadav @ Pappu @ Sarpanch ( aged-38 years ) and his associate Rajender Singh (aged 40 years) both residents of Distt. Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, Delhi. The gang was planning a contract killing of a Bangalore based businessman. Arms and ammunition have been recovered from their possession. Information was received in the Special Cell that a notorious criminal Naresh Yadav active in Haryana and Rajasthan, is moving in Delhi and Gurgaon to commit a sensational crime. Sources were deployed to develop this information.On 24.5.08, specific information was received by Insp. Sanjay Dut that Naresh and his gang would assemble near Shiv Murti on National Highway No. 8 near Mahipalpur in the afternoon for planning and execution of a sensational crime. A trap was laid near Shiv Murti on National Highway No. 8 near Mahipalpur. The two gangsters were apprehended and two country made pistols alongwith seven live cartridges were recovered from their possession. Cases under appropriate sections of law has been registered at P.S. Special Cell, Lodhi Colony Delhi. Naresh Yadav was subjected to sustained interrogation wherein revealed that he is an Ex-Sarpanch of his village in Distt. Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. He remained Sarpanch of his village during the period 2000-05, during this period he exploited his position and indulged in drug trafficking. He procured Ganja from Assam and then supplied it to distant places in Jhunjhunu and adjoining areas in Rajasthan. He was first apprehended with 170 Kgs of Ganja in year 2001 by Rajasthan Police in PS Buhana area. Second time he was again apprehended with 98 Kgs of Ganja in the year 2002 in Jhunjhunu district.
  3. 3. But he continued smuggling Ganjas and again was apprehended with 287 Kgs of Ganja in the year 2005 in Narnaul, Haryana. While he was in jail for NDPS cases, accused Naresh Sarpanch developed contacts with hard core criminals and contract killers and he formed his own gang of contract killers. He suspected that Dharam Singh Bhalothia a property dealer in Jaipur and a ward member of Panchayat Samiti of his village was responsible for his apprehension in NDPS cases. He alongwith Hoshiar Singh, Billu @ Dilwar Ram Niwas, Surender @ Chiku, Narender @ Jhutharia and Sunil @ Pandit hatched conspiracy to eliminate Dharam Singh Bhalothia. On 8.5.07, Sh. Dharam Singh Bhalothia was sitting in his house in the night when two strangers came to his house and rang the door bell. His daughter opened the door and asked about their identification, both the strangers told that they were from village Chindaliya Distt. Mahender Garh and wanted to meet Sh. Dharam Singh. Sh. Dharam Singh when asked them the purpose of their visit they replied that they were from Reliance Company in Jaipur and requested for a permanent job in the company. Dharam Singh told them that he did not know anybody in the Reliance but offered them tea. After taking tea both the persons whipped out their weapons and one of them fired at Dharam Singh, the bullet however missed its mark. Meanwhile the other person fired at Dharam Singh from the back and the bullet hit his right shoulder. When the Dharam Singh shouted for help, both the killers ran away. A case FIR No. 157/07 dated 08.05.07 u/s 307/452/34/120B-IPC, PS Shyam Nagar, Jaipur City (South), Rajasthan was registered in this regard. While the other accused persons were arrested in this, Naresh Yadav was evading his arrest. On 18.10.07, one Chiman r/o Distt. Jhunjhunu was shot dead in the night when he was sleeping in his Pick Up Jeep. A Case FIR No. 230/07 u/s 302/34/120B-IPC, was registered at PS Narnaul Sadar, Haryana. Surender @ Chiku and Sunil @ Pandit were named in the FIR Chiku was subsequently arrested in this case, he disclosed that accused Naresh Sarpanch and his associates had given them contract to kill Chiman. Accused Naresh Sarpanch was also wanted in this case of murder. Accused Rajender Singh is a Security Guard in Private security in DLF, Gurgaon. He is a close friend and neighbour of accused Naresh Yadav @ Sarpanch @ Pappu. He is involved in two cases of quarrel in his native village. Further interrogation of accused persons revealed that one person from their adjacent village was residing in Bangalore, Karnataka and has a business of Plywood in Bangalore. He wanted to eliminate his competitor. In November – December when Naresh Sarpanch and Rajender Singh went to meet him, he expressed his desire to eliminate his competitor. The duo agreed to eliminate the said businessman and they came back from Bangalore with an assurance that they would be back shortly after arranging weapons. Raj Kumar had offered them a substantial amount for the contract killing. Finally the duo arranged arms and ammunition and were heading towards Bangalore when they were caught by Special Cell. Bangalore Police is being informed about the planning of accused persons. Further investigation is in progress. (ALOK KUMAR) DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, SPECIAL CELL, DELHI 26-5-2008 SOUTH-WEST DISTT. INTERSTATE GANG OF CARJACKERS ARRESTED TWO LOADED DESI KATTA AND ONE STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED
  4. 4. On 19/05/2008 an information was received in the office of Special Staff South West District from an informer that the gang of Sandeep Hudda comprising of 5-6 members involved in robberies and car jacking will be meeting near Dabri Mor to commit another crime. On this information a team was constituted, headed by Sub Inspector Ashok Kumar comprising H/Ct Mahavir Singh, H/Ct Rambir Singh, H/C t Randhawa, Ct Radhey Shyam, Ct Mahesh Tyagi, Ct Vijay, Ct Satish, Ct Mahesh and Ct Manoj under the supervision of Inspector Special Staff Sh K P Malik. The team reached at MTNL office Dabri and found the gang of Sandeep Hudda consisting of 6 persons gathered in a park near MTNL office. They all tried to escape by pushing the police party but all of them namely Sandeep Hudda, Jitender @ Jitu, Satpal @ Sonu, Vijay @ Jony, Sumit, Kapil @ Hakla and Dalbir @ Bulli were apprehended after a minor scuffle. On physical search one loaded Desi katta was recovered from the possession of accused Sandeep Hudda and another loaded Desi Katta was recovered from the possession of accused Jitender @ Jitu. On this a case FIR No. 284/08 u/s 399/402/186/353 IPC registered at PS Dabri and two separate cases of arms acts were also registered against both the above mentioned accused. On sustained interrogation the above mentioned accused were found to be involved in four cases of attempt to murder, robberies, car jackings and vehicle thefts in different police stations at Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. They also disclosed that they sold jacked vehicles to one Shahid of Meerut. On this information Shahid was also apprehended and one vehicle recovered from his possession, which was found to be stolen from the area of PS Mangol Puri New Delhi. Raids were conducted by the team of SI Ashok Kumar and SI Ranjeet Dhaka at various places of Meerut and Sirsa to recover the other stolen vehicles. Further investigation is in progress. (SHALINI SINGH) DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE SOUTH WEST DISTT., DELHI PRESS RELEASE OUTER DISTRICT; DELHI POLICE DATED 26 May 2008 MURDER CASE SOLVED BY STAFF OF PS NARELA INTRODUCTION With the arrest of a Bangladeshi couple i.e. two accused persons namely (i) Kudesh @ Vicky aged 24 years, s/o Mohteen @ Mati and (ii) Smt. Heena @ Hilona aged 22 years, w/o Kudesh both the resident of H.No. 235, Pocket-13, Sector B-4, PS/Alipur, Delhi and permanent resident of Village Dhanasagore, Distt. Bhgirhat, Bangladesh, Narela Police has solved a gruesome murder of MCD Retired Driver Sh. Lal Singh aged 63 years, s/o Chunni Lal, r/o Flat No.120, Pocket-11, Sector A-6, Narela, Delhi and recovered one Knife and stone used in the commission of crime. INCIDENT, TEAM & INVESTIGATION On 16.05.2008, an information was received at PS/Narela vide DD No. 16-A, that bad smell was coming out from Flat No. 120, Pocket-11, Sector-6, Narela, Delhi. On
  5. 5. reaching the spot, the said flat was found locked and smell was originating from inside the flat. The locked was broken by the police. Inside the flat a decomposed dead body of an old man was found laying in a bed, who was later on identified as Sh. Lal Singh aged 63 years, s/o Chunni Lal, an MCD Retired Driver. A case vide FIR No 237/08 dated 16.05.2008 u/s 302/202 IPC was registered at PS/Narela in this regard and investigation was taken up by Insp. Bakshi Ram, SHO/PS Narela, Delhi. From the spot, One Sony Colour TV 21”, one Maruti Car No. DL-8C-8335 (White Colour) and one LPG Gas Stove & Cylinder were also found stolen. On the autopsy of a dead body it revealed that the deceased was assaulted by some blunt objects on his head and by some sharp weapon on the chest. During the course of investigation, it revealed that a couple namely Kudesh @ Vicky and Heena @ Hilona were staying with the deceased as his servants for last some time and who were missing since the incident. Hence, search for both of them was started. In this course, a team was constituted consisting of Inspr. Bakshi Ram, SHO/Narela, SI Mahender Singh, HC Hamid Singh, Ct. Amarjeet, Ct. Chaman Lal and Ct. Raghunath under the supervision of ACP/Narela. On receiving secret information, both the accused persons i.e. Kudesh @ Vicky and Smt. Heena @ Hilona were apprehended from Sector B-4, PS/Alipur, Delhi. On sustained interrogation, both the accused persons confessed the commission of the murder of the deceased with the help of stone and knife. On the instance of both the accused persons, the stone and knife used in the commission of crime were recovered. The stolen articles i.e. One Sony Colour TV 21”, one Maruti Car No. DL-8C-8335 (White Colour) and one LPG Gas Stove & Cylinder were also recovered from their possession. CASE WORKED OUT FIR No 237/08 dated 16.05.2008 u/s 302/202 IPC, PS/Narela, Delhi. ACCUSED ARRESTED 1. Kudesh @ Vicky aged 24 years, s/o Mohteen @ Mati, r/o H.No. 235, Pocket-13, Sector B-4, PS/Alipur, Delhi and permanent resident of Village Dhanasagore, Distt. Bhagirhat, Bangladesh. 2. Heena @ Hilona aged 22 years, w/o Kudesh @ Vicky, r/o H.No. 235, Pocket-13, Sector B-4, PS/Alipur, Delhi and permanent resident of Village Dhanasagore, Distt. Bhagirhat, Bangladesh. Both the accused are illiterate and just came to India two months back. They were not having valid visa to stay in India, hence Section 14 Foreigners Act has also been added in the case. RECOVERY 1. One Sony Colour TV 21” 2. One Maruti Car No. DL-8C-8335 (White Colour) 3. One LPG Gas Store & Cylinder. 4. One Knife and one large stone used in the commission of crime. (DR. SAGAR PREET) DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE OUTER DISTT. DELHI.
  6. 6. TRAFFIC PRESS RELEASE DELHI POLICE DATED: 26.5.2008 The pedestrians, two-wheelers and cyclists constitute victim in 83% of the road side accidents. The Cyclists are the third largest vulnerable road users which are involved in road accidents. Out of the total victims of fatal accidents, about 8% are the cyclists. In many cases it is the non-visibility of the cycle during night which becomes the cause of the accident. These accidents are caused because the reflector paint/tape used by the manufacturers do not last long and in most of the cycles nowadays only white paint is being provided by the manufacturer. The mudguards of the cycles are also multi- coloured and thus have poor visibility especially during night. In order to prevent accidents of such nature and ensure the visibility of cyclists during night, a special drive has been launched by Delhi Traffic Police w.e.f. 19.05.2008 wherein three teams consisting of 2 Sub-Inspectors and 10 Head Constables/Constables each from Road Safety Cell and Traffic Circles are affixing reflective tapes on the mudguards of the cycles. These tapes are durable and would ensure the safety of the cyclists to a great extent. Reflective tapes on about 33000 (thirty three thousand) cycles have been fixed till date. In addition, cyclists are also being briefed regarding road safety norms and safe cycling tactics.