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2009 Committee Reports


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2009 Committee Reports

  1. 1. NOCALL COMMITTEE REPORTS FOR 2009 COMMITTEE CLUSTERS 2008-2009 ADMINISTRATION Title of Committee: AALL Liaison Charge: To take care of the arrangements for hosting our AALL Representative Duties: Made all the arrangements Chair: Donna Williams Members: Me Accomplishments: Hosted AALL Treasurer David Mao at the Spring Institute. Arranged for library tours of the California Attorney General’s Office and of Hastings Law Library. Took David to lunch with Mark Mackler & Linda Weir. Made sure David met NOCALL members and bought him gifts on behalf of NOCALL. (1 book on California, 1 book on San Francisco and an assortment of chocolates.) David thought “The programs were terrific and I learned quite a few new things.” Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $100 Expenditures for Current Year : $103.62 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): To make sure that the AALL representative has a fabulous time! Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $100 Title of Committee: Archives Charge: The Archivist collects and makes available NOCALL historical information and materials. The Archives committee assists members and other committees in compiling, verifying and researching NOCALL information. Duties:The Archivist serves the Associations, collects and organizes NOCALL documents and publications, maintains and makes available the archival collection, and performs historical research as requested. Chair: Kathleen M. Wilko Members: No other members. Accomplishments: Donations: The Archives received and processed two donations this year. The first was a box of Public Relations Committee materials from Kurt Shuck. The second was a large number of Treasurer related materials from Julie Horst. Inquiries: Several questions arose this year that were referred to the Archives. Most notably, the Archives were referenced several times during a project by Mary Hood to track changes to the bylaws of NOCALL. The Archives were also contacted to find budget information for the 2006 Joint Institute. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $50 Expenditures for Current Year : $0 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Revisit the description of the Archives and determine, with the Board, what types of items we would like to continue to retain and how/where to retain them. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $50 (additional archival boxes will
  2. 2. need to be purchased this year) Title of Committee: Nominations Charge: To develop a slate of worthy candidates for election to the various offices of NOCALL. The committee shall present a slate that, if needed, would maintain a balance on the Executive Board of members by library type to the extent possible. The committee shall solicit names of possible nominees from the membership and propose possible nominees itself. The committee shall select from those names viable candidates to provide leadership to NOCALL. Duties: • Obtain a list of current active members from the Membership Committee Chair. • Solicit the membership, committee chairs, and Executive Board for names of interested members for open positions. • Review and consider the individuals suggested for candidacy and submit a list of nominees to the Executive Board and membership. • The committee is responsible for finding two candidates per open office. • The committee must contact all individuals nominated and provide them with the duties and responsibilities of the nominated office. • Since the office of Vice President/President-Elect is critical, the following desirable qualifications for this office should be sought: - The candidate should possess inherent leadership characteristics and should be situated economically and personally to devote considerable time during the term of office to the business of NOCALL. (The latter implies favorable employment conditions for handling the responsibilities and correspondence of the office.) - Other qualifications for candidacy include active committee participation, prior committee chair-ships, or Executive Board experience and NOCALL meeting attendance. • The committee will submit a slate of candidates to the Executive Board by December 15th. • The Executive Board will notify the membership of the slate by January 20th. • Additional candidates may be added by petition in accordance with guidelines set for in the NOCALL Bylaws (Article IV, Section 3). Chair: Holly Riccio, O’Melveny & Myers LLP Members: Ellen Platt, Santa Clara University Liza MacMorris, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati LLP Erin Murphy, UC Davis Accomplishments: • Assembled an excellent slate of candidates to lead NOCALL forward in the coming year. • Elected a special one year term for the vacated Treasurer position. • Updated list of all past officers and committee chairs with information from the committee about past contacts with them. • Created a short list of likely candidates for the coming year. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $0
  3. 3. Expenditures for Current Year : $0 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): • Continue to update list of all past officers and committee chairs. • Consider writing an article for NOCALL News similar to the one that was done for AALL Spectrum about what it’s like to be NOCALL President. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $0 COMMUNICATION Title of Committee: Listserv Charge: Maintain nocall-list Duties: Add and delete users Chair: Joan Loftus Members: none Accomplishments: successfully maintained the listserv this year Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): none Expenditures for Current Year : none Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): continue to maintain the lsitserv Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): none Title of Committee: Newsletter Charge: To coordinate the production and distribution of the Association newsletter Duties: • Design, print and distribute the newsletter. • Coordinate and maintain communication with all committee chairs and the Executive Board for the solicitation and receipt of news for inclusion in the newsletter. • Create and establish policies for the protection of NOCALL regarding the publications and opinions put forth by the various authors included in the newsletter. • Maintain, distribute and review annually the guidelines for article submission. • Be cognizant of all copyrights laws regarding liability and infringement issues. • Draft all correspondence relating to the newsletter including but not limited to reprint permission, copyright infringement, etc. • Attend Council of Chapter Newsletter Editors meetings at the AALL Annual Meeting. • Obtain the approval of the members of the Executive Board before making changes that may affect the financial status of NOCALL. Chair: Mary Pinard Members: Mark Mackler, Nora Levine, Elisabeth McKechnie, Susan Llano Accomplishments: The Newsletter Committee published five issues of the NOCALL News. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009):$0? (I don’t think we requested any) Expenditures for Current Year : $0 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): In the coming year, the committee plans publish five issues of the NOCALL News. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010):
  4. 4. Title of Committee: Web Site Charge: To maintain an active and timely web presence. Duties: Maintain currency of information on the web site. Keep site technically up- to-date and fresh. Chair: Janet Fischer Members: Just me. Accomplishments: During the past year I have continued to keep the web site up to date. Last year we purchased Dreamweaver CS3, which allowed me to manage the many pages in the site more effectively. I will be turning over the web maintenance to Jessica Corcoran, who will take over when she returns from a trip in June. The site does need to be given a fresh look, and that requires fresh eyes. I have been very happy and proud of the work I have done to maintain the site and keep it up to date, but it is time for someone new to take it over. Before turning the files over to Jessica I will make sure that the email forwards. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): Same as last year Expenditures for Current Year : I don’t remember Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): Same as last year EDUCATION Title of Committee: Education Charge: To create an educational event that supports and encourages the professional development of the membership. Duties: • To work with the President, Committee Chairs, and members to identify important topics or skills which should be explored during the Fall Workshop. • To organize a Fall Workshop for association members. • To keep members informed of any additional opportunities to develop valuable skills and reinforce professional competencies. Out-going Chair: Tibisay A. Boggio-Turner, Akin Gump Out-going Members: Coral Henning, Sacramento Public Law Library Emily Bergfeld, Alameda County Law Library Cynthia Palmer, Greenberg Traurig LLP Accomplishments: Presentation, "Romancing the Room," Preservation Park, Oakland, CA October 21, 2008 Budget Requested for Current Year (2008-2009): $3,000.00 Financials for the Current Year : Speaker- Courtesy of West Thomson Reuters Hall Rental- $465.00 Food and Beverages- $489.37 Total Expenditures: $954.37 Total Sales: $2,000 (Registration fees) Total Revenue: $1045.63 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Create and organize the Fall Workshop. Explore
  5. 5. ways in which the Education Committee can facilitate more educational opportunities for members. Implement one new idea. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $3,000 Title of Committee: Networking Charge: To plan a variety of events to promote the development of networking relationships and offer opportunity for the growth of formal and informal mentoring relationships among members. Duties: To plan at least four annual events that offer a variety of interesting and enjoyable gatherings that present networking opportunities to NOCALL members and potential members. These activities may be planned in conjunction with other NOCALL meetings or educational events. To maintain contact with the Board and the Academic Relations, Education, Membership, Public Relations and Spring Institute Committees to identify opportunities for collaboration on events and initiatives that support the missions of all committees involved. Chair: Ellen Platt Members: Donna Williams, Coral Henning, Les Forrester, Carolina Rose, Diane Rodriguez, Holly Riccio and Tina Dumas Accomplishments: Although we didn’t hit our target of 4 events for the year, we did plan 3 activities: - A networking and bocce event at the AALL Meeting in Portland, July 2008 - Coordinated a luncheon in Oakland following the Fall Educational workshop, and invited library students to be our guests at the lunch - An evening bowling and social event at the 2009 Spring Institute Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $1600.00 Expenditures for Current Year : $626.56 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Try to organize and publicize more events or social opportunities that aren’t necessarily connected to another NOCALL event, but keep organizing lunches and social events at the Spring Institute, AALL Meeting and Fall Workshop (and any other regional professional meetings or educational events that come to our attention). Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $1500.00 (we’re still figuring out how to make the networking effort most effective) Title of Committee: Spring Institute Charge: To organize a Spring Institute of educational value to the association members. Duties: • Assemble Committee and assign/divide tasks. • Determine location with consideration given to accessibility (public transportation, out of town/area access, etc.) and affordability. • Select date. Consideration must be given not to conflict with SCALL, SANDALL, WESTPAC Institutes and AALL Spring Board Meeting events. (It is also good to avoid National Library Week if possible). • Determine and coordinate budget.
  6. 6. • Confirm event insurance is current with NOCALL Treasurer. • Select and secure venue. • Determine topic and theme. (Consult with the Education Committee to avoid redundancy). • Develop educational programming and acquire speakers. • Consider applying for a AALL/BNA Continuing Education Program grant for cutting-edge programs. • Coordinate vendor sponsorships and exhibitors. • Arrange for all aspects of Institute including room block, meals, audio/visual needs, handouts, etc. • Coordinate registration. • Coordinate advertising and create brochure. • Coordinate AALL liaison with AALL Liaison Committee. • Coordinate networking opportunities with Networking Committee. • Create Institute web page with the Web Page Committee. • Coordinate with Grants Committee to arrange for grants. • Coordinate President’s Dinner with President. • Attend and oversee the Spring Institute. • Spring Institute Committee members’ registration fees are waived. • Report final budget, attendance, and outcome to the Board. Chair: Diane Rodriguez Members: Shannon Burchard, Jessica Corcoran, Leslie Ann Forrester, Lisa Hampton, Susan Nevelow Mart, Ellen Platt, Holly Riccio, Donna Williams Accomplishments: Successfully planed and executed the 2009 NOCALL Spring Institute, Clearing the Economic Fog, Understanding the Issues & Moving Forward in the Economic Crisis, April 24-25, 2009 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $20,000 Expenditures for Current Year : $14984.40 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Plan the 2010 NOCALL Spring Institute, including the NOCALL 30th anniversary celebration. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $20,000 MEMBERSHIP Title of Committee: Academic Relations Chair: Susan Nevelow Mart Members: Jessica Corcoran, Hilary Hardcastle, Jocelyn Stillwell The committee met with Jane Fisher, the new communications person at San Jose State, and she is excited about adding law librarianship as a subset of all their pages on pages that are to be newly created on academic, public, and corporate libraries as careers. Ms. Fiisher would like these pages to be more interactive, and committee members have offered to add content and to list people who can be contacted. Jane Fisher has not actually done much yet except add the committee members as contacts on the SLIS listserv, and we have answered a few questions, but she assures me that law librarianship is still a priority. Jocelyn Stilwel is setting up a list of librarians that SLIS students can shadow as part of their reference classes. And the whole committee is promoting internships, which can now be offered for both
  7. 7. credit and pay. Title of Committee: Membership Chair: Greg Fite Accomplishments: Recent Activities We’ve updated our procedural manual so future committee members will have up to date, useful instructions for managing the membership database and preparation of the annual membership directory for publication. The manual includes a timeline for directory production and membership renewal deadlines. Recruitment The NOCALL Academic Liaison is doing excellent work with the California State University San Jose (SJSU) School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) encouraging students to join NOCALL. We don’t have exact numbers, but our student recruitment is increasing. Membership Renewals We will be mailing them soon [after the meeting]. Greg reminded everyone to renew as soon as possible. He reminded everyone that they may renew at much lower rates if their work status has changed. For example, we offer currently unemployed members the $15 annual rate. He also noted that members who join in the last quarter of the membership year (March-June) are automatically enrolled for the following membership year. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): Expenditures for Current Year : The Membership Committee is staying within its budget. This includes mass mailing of membership directories and renewal notices. Title of Committee: Placement Charge: Match job hunters with jobs. Promote a law librarian career. Encourage and counsel applicants. Make employers aware of the wonders NOCALL performs. Duties: Post positions on the NOCALL listserv, the NOCALL website and the San Jose State University jobs website. Talk to employers about NOCALL and law librarians’ qualifications; talk to job seekers about job situation. Chair: Mary Staats Members: Robyn Moltzen Accomplishments: Posted positions quickly, notified job seekers of available postitions; kept everything rolling smoothly. Did some follow up on listed positions to ensure they were still available. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $100 Expenditures for Current Year : 0 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Continue to improve follow-up procedure. Hope more jobs will open up. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $100 OUTREACH Title of Committee: Government Relations Charge: The NOCALL GRC shall monitor all federal and state legislative, regulatory and
  8. 8. judicial development that would affect NOCALL, the practice of law librarianship, or the dissemination of information. For those matters which the Committee deem sufficiently important, it shall inform the membership about the issue through the newsletter or other means. The Committee shall coordinate efforts to communicate NOCALL views on information policy issues, and these will be consistent with the AALL Government Relations Policy Statement as applicable to the NOCALL Chapter. The Committee may, on its own initiative, communicate NOCALL views to appropriate government bodies and other interest groups and shall keep the Executive Board informed of all such efforts. The Committee shall also keep the AALL GRC informed of such efforts as appropriate. The Chair of NOCALL’s GRC shall be the official liaison to the AALL GRC. Duties: Monitor legislation and legislative issues; report to NOCALL members via NOCALL listserv; advocate and represent NOCALL member concerns before elected officials; liaison with the AALL GRC and other professional groups, e.g., CLA-GRC, SLA-GRC, the NOCALL Board, and other special bodies, including State Library committees. Chair: Michele Finerty, Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Gordon D. Schaber Law Library Members: Greg Fite, Bernard E. Witkin Alameda County Law Library Susan Nevelow Mart, Hastings College of Law Library Accomplishments: 2009 Sunshine Week Program: The 2009 program, co-sponsored with the Special Libraries Association Sierra-Nevada Region, was held on Wednesday, March 25, at the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. The national Sunshine Week web cast highlighted the first part of the program. “Opening Doors: Finding the Keys to Open Government” featured a panel of experts from around the country discussing government and secrecy – the problems, the impact on communities, and what the public can do. The second part of the program featured guest experts in FOIA concerns. They were: • Terry Francke, General Counsel and Founder, Californians Aware. Mr. Francke served as legal counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association and general counsel to the California First Amendment Coalition. He taught journalism law at Stanford University’s Department of Communications, served as expert contributor to the 1994 major revisions to the Brown Act, and to the 2004 ballot proposition making open government a basic right of citizens under the California Constitution. • Andrew McIntosh is an award-winning senior writer at the Sacramento Bee, where he serves as a public records and FOIA specialist. His five-part series on defects in the state’s licensing for paramedics earned him the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Investigative Reporting, and it led to the passage of a new state law in 2008. Last week it was announced that Mr. McIntosh was awarded the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Best in Business Award for his series on nail gun design flaws. Advocacy Letters signed by Kelly Browne, NOCALL President, and Michele Finerty were sent to Barbara Lee and Mike Honda, members of the United States House of Representatives Legislative Branch Subcommittee, in support of H.R. 6589, the Charles H.W. Meehan Law Library Improvement and Modernization Act. The bill authorizes appropriations to the Librarian of Congress, in addition to any other amounts made available, for maintaining and administering the operations of the law library of the Library of Congress, including the cataloguing of its collections. Posting developments in Federal and California State Legislative actions Greg Fite routinely posts to the NOCALL membership ongoing developments that are of
  9. 9. concern to law librarians. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $1,500 Expenditures for Current Year : $230.43 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): 1. It is recommended that NOCALL support two Sunshine Week programs in 2010, one in Sacramento and one in San Francisco. Our co-sponsorship with Bay Area and Sierra/Nevada chapters of the Special Library Association made for interesting and highly successful programs in 2008 (San Francisco) and 2009 (Sacramento). The cost to both NOCALL and SLA has been minimal for the last two years. NOCALL members in San Francisco and Sacramento are hard pressed to make the drive from one city to the other for a half day program, and co-sponsorship with SLA keeps the cost down. I would also recommend that planning for the Sunshine Week program begin before the beginning of the New Year, in order to promote active co-sponsorship with additional groups that present Sunshine Week programs, e.g., League of Women Voters, local CLA groups. 2. Continuing interaction with the AALL GRC and AALL Washington Affairs Representative, to support initiatives of concern to law librarianship or the dissemination of information. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $1,500 Title of Committee: Public Relations Charge: • To promote NOCALL to the legal community and the local community. • To promote librarianship to the legal community and the local community. • To promote NOCALL to law librarians. To assist members in promoting themselves and their services within their institutions. Duties: • Promote NOCALL’s activities and achievements to its members and the community at large. • Write a column for each NOCALL newsletter. • Create and maintain the NOCALL brochure and other promotional materials. • Act as liaison for NOCALL to the San Francisco Daily Journal, the Recorder, and the AALL Newsletter and other news media. • Work with other committee chairs to promote their activities. • Communicate with the Board through the designated liaison. • Arrange for transportation of materials to and from regional meetings, annual meetings, conferences and programs. • Identify and investigate potential promotional opportunities and recommend appropriate activities to the Board. Inform AALL Chapter news editor about NOCALL activities; inform AALL Educational coordinator about continuing education activities; inform the AALL newsletter editor about changes in offices and/or committee chairs during the year. Chair: Shannon S Burchard Members: Leslie Ann Forrester Accomplishments: • Solicited and facilitated publication of monthly columns by NOCALL authors in the Daily Journal.
  10. 10. • Solicited and facilitated publication of quarterly article for the Recorder Legal Pro publication. • Solicited and facilitated publication monthly column with the Bar Association of San Francisco’s BASF Bulletin. • Organized and presented NOCALL promotional table at the AALL conference in Portland Budget Current Year (2008-2009): 800.00 Expenditures for Current Year: 456.23 RECOGNITION Title of Committee: Awards Charge: The purpose of the Award is to recognize a member for notable and enduring contributions to the Chapter and the profession. The Award represents a cumulative evaluation of an individual’s career and emphasizes local activity and leadership of an exemplary nature. The award is named “The NOCALL Award for Professional Achievement.” Duties: The past president puts together a committee and sends out an email to the list asking for nominations. The committee then reviews the nominations and using the stated criteria makes a selection. The chair then contacts the person chosen and invites them to the May business meeting where a plaque is presented. The chair also orders the plaque for this award AND the president’s recognition. Chair: Coral Henning Members: Mary Staats and Donna Williams Accomplishments: Mission accomplished! Todd Bennett is this year’s recipient. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): Expenditures for Current Year : 279.01 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): Kelly will be in charge of this next time! Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): cost of plaques. $300.00 Title of Committee: Grants Charge: To administer all NOCALL grants given out during the year. Duties: • Manages distribution of NOCALL grants for the AALL Annual Meeting, the NOCALL Annual Workshop, the NOCALL Annual Institute, and other non-AALL and non-NOCALL sponsored programs. • Establishes the number and dollar amount of the grants. • Sends a copy of the grant application form to NOCALL members by arranging for the form's inclusion as a link in the listserv announcement of the grant opportunity, and in the NOCALL newsletter. • Reviews and evaluates the submitted applications according to pre- established criteria. • Selects the candidate(s), notifies the successful candidate(s) and announces the recipient(s) of the grants. The recipients are notified and a message is sent to all applicants thanking them for their participation and encouraging
  11. 11. them to apply again. • Successful candidates are announced at the next meeting and newsletter. • Sends list of successful candidates along with award amount to Treasurer, using the Treasurer’s reimbursement form. • All grants that are not used revert to the Board for disposition. • Maintains file of application forms, completed applications, list of recipients, resolutions and letters. Chair: Teresa Dippery Members: Teresa Dippery, Cathy Hardy, Sherry Takacs Accomplishments: It was a busy year for the Grants Committee. Interest in and applications for NOCALL grants grew, due to the following factors: • National economic crisis • State budget stalemate and subsequent delay in awarding funding to our government library members • Private law firm reduction in both library staff and funding for outside professional development The Grants Committee did their best to field questions from NOCALL members unsure of their need for assistance, and we dealt with the fluctuating state of the economy by being more flexible in our criteria for grants. Highlights of our year include: • Being able to provide full funding to AALL Annual Meeting for two of our NOCALL members, and to assist with registration costs for others • Providing funds to allow one of our long-distance NOCALL members to attend our Spring Institute and reconnect in person with her peers Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $5,100 Expenditures for Current Year : $5,100 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): • To continue to provide as much financial assistance as possible to all our members as we weather the economic storms • To promote NOCALL events including the Fall Workshop and Spring Institute by providing funds to all applicants • Encouraging members from long-distance locales to attend NOCALL events • To anticipate, as much as possible, the financial needs of our members, and provide funds in as timely a manner as possible Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $7,000 Title of Committee: MEMORIALS Charge: To recommend courses of action to memorialize deceased NOCALL members in a manner that is accessible to all members. To implement such courses of action as the Executive Board approves. Duties: Through the NOCALL News, to highlight the achievements of deceased members. In conjunction with the Grants Committee, to name NOCALL grants in memory of deceased members. To make donations in memory of deceased
  12. 12. members. To coordinate obituaries in NOCALL News and Law Library Journal. Chair: Mark Mackler Members: Nina Porcella, Linda Spath Accomplishments: We made a donation in NOCALL's name to the Women's Cancer Resource Center. This donation was in memory of Leigh Donley, wife of Greg Fite. Budget Request for Current Year (2008-2009): $200 Expenditures for Current Year : $25 Goals for Next Year (2009-2010): To develop and publicize suggested communications procedures to be followed in the event a library staff member passes away. Budget Request for Next Year (2009-2010): $200